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Thats strange

You were an 18 year old male youth when you were posting earlier today. Now you're a 42 year old woman.

Fri Dec 10

living in neasden

Every one seems to slag of neasden but do they realy know what it is like for us growing up here there is no where for us to go and nuffing for us to do but no one wants to change that....... its like they almost want us to get into trouble....... and this asbo thing is a waste of money instead of spending it on that why not make some where for us to go.... to ANDY the man that slaged dean of i thought you said kids in neasden dont go school make up your mind....well i like neasden and feel VERY SAFE

Fri Dec 10

Neasden lads

Neasden is full of feral boys some as young as 8 who roam the streets until middnight. As you can see from the letter that one of them has posted they are un-educated, and cannot even spell.

We in Neasden live in terror, balls are kicked at our windows, and if you say anything you get a string of abuse from these delinquents.

One man who said something to a group of boys was attacked by them and had to move. The police do nothing, the parents don't care, Neasden is hell to live in. I was born in Neasden, and it was a nice place before they abolished caning in schools.

Tue Nov 30

my 30 years in Neasden

I moved to Neasden about 1931 at age 2, and left London in 1961. At that time it was a good place to live, but from these remarks it seems I did a good thing leaving. I remember picking up shrapnell in Gladstone park after air raids, I remember the giant bomb behind the flats at the end of Dollis Hill Lane, Dudden Hill junction, the Foden steam lorries chuntering up Dudden Hill road sparks and smoke / steam everywhere, ther Saturday mornings at the Ritz, the Silver Horshoe restauant, and more! Did they ever get the West end of the church finished?

Sun Nov 07


Freedom of speach i believe every 1 is intilted of Freedom speach. In the past 2 to 3 weeks ther has been so much publicity about the press rd crew A.S.B.O. As i know members of these families and i know how strong they feel about this a.s.b.o and the reason they took it 2 the human right court is they believe along with there legal advisers thet there is human rights have been breasched. ASBO was the first case of its kind and the judge admitted himself of having little or no knowledge and every thing about the case in the high court and crown court was based on trial and error. I feel of the sake of the families of these young men a independent arbittraitor from the europerin court in strassbert should be appointed and looked indepentenly with out delay.

Sat Oct 23

none of this is true youths throwing stones at u and the pizza delivery people wont come it is a loads of rubbish and u know it so how come the pizza deliverycome 2 my door and i live very close 2 u and i know these kids are no angels but at the end of the day no body perfect and i bet u have been in a car with the music a bit loud and if u havent u must be be a angel it sounds 2 me that every thing get on ur nerves u proberly fight with ur self

Mon Oct 18

neasden youth

what ur syaing is not true i live near the college and i walk there every day so does my gramother and family and these kids have even helped her and she feels real safe in neasden i think there should be places 4 these kids to go in stead of u moaning and if u are that concerned about it why dont u help them

Mon Oct 18

victim of stop and search

As a young person growing up in neasden i have been a victim of stop and search while going about my buisness and i have not had a criminal record or been in trouble it a anoyes me to see because there is nothing for us to do and people persume that we are going to make trouble and draw attention to the police. the asbo on the seven young people that i know some of these lads and i know a hundred percente sure that most of it is rubbish. The police say that they knew that is was going on for 2 years so why didnt they do something about it at the time it was happenin. Asbos are all hearsay and should be looked at more carefully

Sat Oct 16

Neasden 1940s

Hello, where did you live?

Tue Oct 05

Neasden - 1940s/50s

Hello, where did you live? I was in Braemar Avenue 1942 - 1954 and would like to find out when that street/estate was built.

Tue Oct 05

B&B ok

Does anybody know the B&B of B.M Rohacz?

Would be happy about any experiences!

Thu Aug 26


Mon Aug 23

neasden gum and/or swimming pool?

I need to do some sport! Can someone tell me if there is a gum or a swimming pool near the neasden shoppin center?

Wed Aug 18

Neasden Youths

Its an area were u gta protect urself n b strong, im 18 n i been livin there all my life,i live near john kelly college n happen 2 kno all the thugs, funny thing si the reaosn there on the streets is coz of there parents throwin them out...

who's at fault u tell me...

neasden is the place 2 b...nadia's kebab house is live O still

neasden is my home n ive never felt more comfortable i a place b4,

u have 2 mke it comfortable 4 urself dnt look at the outer layer but look inside the plae n u'll c the qualities


Wed Jul 28

Neasden- My Family History

I am tracing my family tree and have discovered that at least 4 generations of my family lived in the Neasden area. The surname would be Long with a Charles Long in each generation. The last Robert James Long lived there until 1964 the two main addresses are 18 Verney Street and 51 Quainton street. I was jst wondering if anyone knew of the Longs or has ever heard anything about them?

Sat Jul 24

I remember the same things!

Frothy coffee at Demarco's and a flake 99 for a special treat; Saturday mornings at the Ritz; eating crisps (with a blue poke of salt!) in the garden at the Spotted Dog while Dad was having a drink; the regattas at the Welsh Harp (remember threats about the lady in a red coat who would abduct you, if you went to "the other side"?!); watching the Power Station be demolished; Mr Clark (I think) playing the piano for everyone coming in to assembly at Wykeham Primary. Jesu, joy of man's desiring and Drink to me only were his two favourites!! What about Slocombes motorcycles and Woolworths and Rees the Chemist and Jackmans for your comics every week. Etam and Dorothy Perkins for clothes and Freeman Hardy & Willis or Dolcis or Bata for shoes. Chips from Wimpy's, with a cocacola float. They killed Neasden when they put the underpass through. I live in Canada now.

Thu Jul 15



Tue Jun 22

Neasden...how do we save it?

Having lived in Neasden for the last 20 years, I have become totally disillusioned by the whole area. I used to be able to walk from the station to past John Kelly's School late at night safely, but with recent muggings and stabbings this is no longer an option. Further more because of resident only parking around the station it is now impossible to take the car there if you intend to come back late.

Day to day community life has totally disappeared with increased rented properties with various tenants coming and going with total disregard for the area or their neighbours.

There are even gangs of youths who deliberately block the roads/paths by hanging around street corners at all times of day and night causing a general nusiance or driving around quiet neighbourhoods at all hours with the loudest music thumping from their cars. Even some local pizza deliveries are now refusing to do home delivery because they get stones thrown at them by these youths. What can be done??

Mon Jun 14

cost of renting a 1 bed flat

I am considering moving to Neasden. I am a single professional female. Can you advise on average rents?

Wed Apr 07

in what sense is neasden cheap? maybe rent or something but i was looking at property prices they do not seem cheap even by london standards, maybe im missing something?

Fri Mar 26

Sadly, everything changes in time, I hardly recognised it, having grown up there in the 4O's - Was a village then, think its best not to go back, simply remember it in your own minds eye, I can walk around ther as it was and enjoy the memories. The shops, remember Demarco's Icecream ? The Ritz? The Spotted Dog? The Welsh Harp? The Feeder? The Power House? Wykham School....(sigh) Golden days!

Thu Mar 25

Its such a shame

I have to say Neasden holds such great memories for me, I lived in Quainton Street,the

LT houses,boy they were cold houses,but you got used to it.

Growing up in Neasden was great,the Welsh Harp Park was the place to be seen,till a friend drowned in the lake.Still remember all

my friends names .

Yes you might say boring place but it was

a village back then and everyone knew everyone

most worked for London Transport

I wish the place had stayed the same as it was back in the 70's . It was a great place to live, so please don't dis the place its the people that make the place.

Sat Feb 07

Safe for a female living alone?

I was considering this cos it's so cheap, but after reading some of this I'm thinking it's not worth it? Has anyone got anything to share? Will I be scared to come home after dark?

Wed Feb 04


0208 450 0990 they are a really good firm - hope this helps

Wed Jan 07

busiest bars

i would say diceys in the centre of neasden but it can be a bit dodgy - i personally drink in the blackbirds and love it - good company and great landlord/lady

Wed Jan 07



Wed Jan 07

J m looking for gym fitnes

Mon Nov 10

in praise of Neasden

A lovely local history museum - it's in the old Grange Farm buildings and is called the Grange Museum.It's very close to the shopping centre but if you're on foot, there's a long footbridge to cross.

Another good thing about Neasden is Gladstone Park which is the grounds of the one-time country home of William Gladstone.The house itself is being restored and will eventually be a fine sight. There are extensive views from the park.

Neasden has some rather nice houses,as well as some really seedy places,but at least there's something for most budgets.And it is well-connected with central London.

Tue Nov 04

Glad we left it long ago

Sat Sep 20

My Return to Neasden after 51 years

I had occasion to pay a visit to Neasden after 51 years. I moved there with my parents from Willesden in 1928 at the age of 4, and left there in 1951 after marriage. Moving to Hertfordshire. How a place can deterioate astonished me. Gone is the Ritz Cinema and the Spotted Dog, gone are those nice parades of shops, alongside and opposite the Ritz. What have we in their place. Night Clubs, and bars. And the state of those underpasses leave much to be desired, it looked like they have not been cleaned for months. Please do something about the decaying toilets adjacent to Jackmans Corner. I am sorry, My Neasden disappeared long ago and I have no wish to return.

Sun Aug 03

Neasden is cheap for a reason

as it has absolutely nothing going for it. The only place you want to be seen in is the tube which takes you out of there.

Sad place.

Tue Jul 01

Its not too far from central London so thats ok

But there's really nothing to recommend it.

Wed Feb 26

reply to "is neasden good or bad"?

neasden is cheap, however I wouldn't say that it is safe. I have lived near Brent Park (tesco/ikea) for 18 months and in that time have had two friends mugged on/near the tesco footbridge, a neighbour burgled, a drive by shooting 400 metres down the road and an abandoned car left burning in the road that wasn't removed by the authorities for 4 days..... make of this what you will and I don't intend to frighten anyone but personally I intend on moving the same week I get a payrise that will allow it!

Wed Feb 05


neasden is a safe place to live compearing other parts of London it is affordable and cheap so it is good!

Thu Jan 30

Thu Jan 23

tesco, saisbury, ikea in Neasden?

Yes there is a big tesco store in Neasden, Ikea, and a huge shopping complex in Brent Cross that takes 5mins. by bus from Neeasden

Thu Jan 23

bars, shops etc. in neasden?

there are no good bars etc. in Neasden but it is not far from central there are frequent night buses that you can rely on! (from oxford circus) Also Finchley road is 5mins. by tube, that you can find nice bars, shops, cinemas etc.

Thu Jan 23

for a 1 bedroom flat £50 inc. single person discount.

Fri Jan 17

You can normally get a seat on the Jubliee Line at Neasden in the mornings, heading into London.

Thu Jan 02

From Neasden you can catch the 245 or the 182 to Asda in Wembley Park (takes about 15 mins) and there is a large 24 hour Tescos a 10 minute walk from Neasden tube.

Thu Jan 02

There are some nice residential streets by Gladstone Park but the Neasden shops are dodgy and scungy and theres just not really anything there...

Thu Jan 02

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