Welcome to London Mottingham

Prefabs in Mottingham Next to Cricket Ground

Hi looking for anyone who lived in Houseland Road Motting ham in 1945-1960 Peacock Family Thanks

Sat Oct 06


Are you available in August - Host Families needed for a French Student studying English in Bromley

From 13th August to 27th August 2011, the student will arrive on 13th August during the afternoon and will have English tuition during the morning starting 15th August at 9.30 am he will have activates during the afternoon and will be back to you home around 5.30 pm.

To cover your expenses payment of £119.00 per week X 2 = £238 payable at the end of the stay.

Sun Jun 05

You obviously haven't read my e-mail to you sent on the 4th July !!

Could you, PLEASE, add 'The Secretary'against the telephone number and also quote our web address:


Our Site does have the facility of applying for membership.

PS We are not at no 127, only 'Adjacent to 127....)

Please note that our Clubhouse post code is 4HY

Tue Aug 17


Please visit our Web site~


Tue Aug 17

Re Duke of Kent Court Bowls club

Thankyou for including our Club on your Site.

Is it possible to add 'The Secretary' against the telephone no and include our URL address too ?:


(Our site has the means of applying for membership etc)

We have a Banner if that could be included!

Thankyou for your attention

Fri Jul 02

The Links Medical Practice, Court Farm Road

Ring 020 8851 8779 for info

Sun Jun 20

Yes .

Ring ****51 9911 for info

Sun Jun 20

Fri Feb 05

looking for the wright family

does anyone who has lived in Mottingham for a long time remember the Wright family Jesse and Naomi who lived in Beaconsfield Road in the 60's they had 4 grown up sons. Jesse lived with them and George lived round the corner with his family. It's a very long shot but I am trying anything to find my father Jesse junior.

Fri Nov 07

looking for the wright family

does anyone who has lived in Mottingham for a long time remember the Wright family Jesse and Naomi who lived in Beaconsfield Road in the 60's they had 4 grown up sons. Jesse lived with them and George lived round the corner with his family. It's a very long shot but I am trying anything to find my father Jesse junior.

Fri Nov 07

Hi I lived in Mottingham Road for over 10 years and my mother still lives there. On the whole it is ok. Only trouble is at night sometimes when you get the turn out of the pubs. I now live near Eltham High Street and could say the same for this area.

I might be moving to se3 and was worried about living there, but have not heard much neg yet, so hoping its ok.

Sat Sep 27

Hello how is your mother and father

Want to get in touch to see if all is well,this is Bridie your mums goddaughter in Texas,would like to get email address so i can write to your mother and father.

Hope all is well with them and family. It has been a long time since i have been in touch.

Great that you found my message.

Contact me at the email address

Wed Sep 10


i am katherine rings daughter please e mail back

Tue Sep 09

yes it is open to the public,but you have to pay and join the club.

Fri Sep 05


Hi there, I am an 18 yr old female, & am looking for a bedsit in Mottingham area. I am not working at the moment, so am looking for someone who will except housing benefit. If you are able to help please email me at:

Wed Aug 20

DOES any one know of the Rings on widecombe road

my godmother kathleen ring,lives at widecombe road SE9 4 HH.

would live to find email address if possible,i need to write but email is so fast.

My gmother has son THOMAS.




Wed Jul 30

run around

i would quite like to go running after work, similar distances of 3-5 miles and of course get fitter.

How fit are you?! as there could be a fitness mismatch which would spoil the whole joint running thing!

Thu May 29

Duke of Kent Bowls Club

Duke of Kent Bowls Club

Mottingham Playing Fields

127 Dunkery Road




Tel: (020) 8467 0101

New members required.

Wed May 07


I'm interested, I love to play tennis, but my tennis partner recently moved to another area. let me know if you're still looking for a partner.

Tue Apr 15

Child Day Care

Really dificult to go on anyone else's experience of a nursery - what suits some families might no suit others. You need to take enough time to call round, with your child, to all the various options and just see wha FEELS right for you. Get the guidance booklet free from the Day Care Trust - go to their website - so you know what to look for and what sort of questions to ask when you call.

Also don't dismiss the other options such as a child-minder or nanny share - they can be more flexible. YOu have to pick your child up on time from a nursery!

Sat Apr 12

Montessori nursery


does anyone know about this nursery? I am thinking of sending my one year old baby there...

Thu Apr 10


mottingham is good but for young people.. there are alot of youths and the police make it look like its really bad but the youth there just like to have a laught they arent holligans..and dont move into the heart of mottingham because you could have the trouble of youths hanging about

Tue Mar 18

Yes i joined up at eric lidell centre for 20 pound a year the time is limited because of the students using it alot although is fairly good to use.

Mon Jan 21

renting out rooms

Hello. I'm thinking of buying a house in Mottingham. What are my chances of finding lodgers, do you think? Is there any demand? It would be a nice home, with me living in it (I'm 43, so it probably wouldn't attract very young students - but possibly post-grads or other mature people?). Any opinions very welcome!

Wed Jan 16

pool eltham college

yes it is open to the public, you just need to join eric liddle gym which is part of eltham college.

Mon Oct 15

Hi My nan lived in Beaconsfield rd, not sure of the number,but i know the house. My Mum was born there too, although both not here any more.

They were the Marshes Hilda, George, Robert and Olive

Mon Oct 08

Tennis partner


I am looking for a Tennis partner in Mottingham/area.

Anybody interested?

Fri Oct 05


Any body remember the Savill's at 33, Widecombe Rd, e-mail

Sun Sep 09

Good news for route 161

Good news as of the 1st September 2007 Route 161 Chislehurst to North Greenwich Station (02 Arena) frequency is to be increased to every 12 minutes (5 buses an hour) on Monday to Saturday evenings and Sundays. This is excellent news for bus users.

Sun Aug 19

Moving To Mottingham.

I have just bought a one bed flat in Mottingham...can anyone tell me a bit about the area. Is it safe, friendly, etc. I live in Blackheath now but cant afford to buy in SE3. My vibe when going to Mottingham was positive.

It was either Plumstead, Charlton, Eltham or Mottingham. Mottingham seemed the best buy.

Any advise would be great.



Tue Aug 07

I've fallen asleep on the train and ended up in New Eltham several times late at night and it seems safe enough. Our handy man Len has lived there all his life and seems to like it.

Fri Jul 06

Yep, you have to join, it is called the Eric Liddel sports centre and is pretty reasonable.

Fri Jul 06

Can anyone tell me if the swimming pool in Eltham college is open to the public??

Wed May 09

Hall for Hire in Mottingham

I'm looking for a hall in Mottingham to run a Pilates Class. Beside The Links Surgery there is a hall - can someone please advise if it's possible to rent and if so please advise a contact number. Many thanks.

Mon Jan 15

moving to new eltham

We (professional Black Couple) are looking to move to eltham (new eltham) as we've seend a fantastic property we love. Is the area safe? Is it safe to walk from new eltham station along southwood road late at night?

Sun Jan 07

hello Justine here

there are 2 toddler groups as well 1 at the course on mondays and wednesdays 10am - 11.30 am

so come along and meet other mums

Thu Nov 23

Hello Nicole 9

Hi there! I'm a mom of a 10-month old baby and just moved here in Mottingham as well. In what part of Mottingham are you at? There is a surgery here The Links Medical Practice in Court Farm Road and they usually have mommy and baby day every Monday or Thursday.

Fri Sep 29

I used to live there and it was a bit quite for me but it depends were you are going on the estate don`t bother its going downhill in the village thats nice best place to eat and drink I would say Chislehurst.

Thu Jul 20

Looking for Mums with Babies

We just moved to the area with our 1 year old. We are looking to meet new friends in the area for tea, play dates, etc. If you also know of any local playgroups, please let me know!

Sun Jul 09

Who now lives at 56 Beaconsfield Road?

I was three when the above property was built. Then it was all fields but I nowgather it is a concrete jungle.

Like to hear from anyone that know of old residents in 28-60 in Beaconsfield

Tue Mar 21

Sports Centre in Mottingham

I too can recommend the Eric Lydell sports centre at the far end of Mottingham Lane. A friendly welcoming atmosphere combined with state of the art equipment and relaxed surroundings make for a really good day out.

Wed Feb 15

There is a very nice sports centre in Mottingham Lane -its in Eltham College and the facilities are very good, nice swimming pool and people friendly.

Sat Feb 11

hi ya my name is lee i was just woundering if there is any jobs going in the co-op.

Mon Sep 12

running partner

looking at getting a bit fitter? I am running 3-5 miles each evening after work anybody interested? Mottingham based

Tue Sep 06

Hi Linda, my mum is moving to Mottingham soon and she will need a doctor, dentist, chiropidist, etc., do you know of any? She will be quite close to the Co-op. My son and daughter in law are also moving to Mottingham, (Margaret Gardner Drive) they are expecting a baby and will need a hospital for the delivery, would you be able to advise?


Wed Aug 17

I was born in Clarence Road Mottingham in 1930 and then moved to Beaconsfield Road in 1933. Remained there until 1955 and eventually moved to Chestfield, Nr Canterbury.

I was a founder member of the Mottingam North Cricket Club in 1943/4. The club is alsas no more.

I have just found a photo of the VE Party held in Beasonsfield Road. I have posted this photo on my web site www.rhuntphotography.co.uk.

I would like to hear from anyone who can recognise themselves 60 years ago! My emaiil address in available on the above web site.

Tue May 31

Thanks for the reply

Just thought I'd look this site up again, most of the time now I stay around Charing cross with work colleagues and then usually fall asleep on my way back and miss the stop. We have been to Black Heath during the day to eat but not tried it at night for a beer. We'll give it a go thanks.

Mon Nov 29

Maybe u should try the bromley teams or down da playing fields in mottingham {foxes field} and how old r u email me bac love Donna x-x-x

Thu Jul 29

Any saturday league teams looking for a striker?

i am a student and will be moving to mottingham from portsmouth and would love to find a local team to play for can anyone tell me of any local leagues or teams cheers football this is.

Fri Jul 09

yes there are two

There is one in eltham college just past mottingham village and also one in eltham past the bottom of the high street

Wed Jun 23

Well on kimmeridge road ther is a favourite chicken shop kebab shop the best kebab ever chinese shop fich and chip shop indian shop but for all the nice big food places try eltham very nice food up there or chilshurst

Tue Jun 22

Not sure your'll have to look on the internet but ive lived in mottingham for 10 yrs and the planes are not that loud and i dont here any at night.

Tue Jun 22

ive lived here for 10 yrs and it wonderful people who say its not safe are going by what they have heard i bet you. Nowhere is safe safe but its beautiful try and visit the top woods near castlecombe road near the primary school. I can remember my mum saying the trains aint that bad unless grove park station is shut.

Tue Jun 22

depending how old you are there is a kiddies footie training down the foxes field park every sunday i think but if u r older then take a walk down there on a saturday to see the older men play and ask the coaches if u can join that is what my friend did and he's now playing.

Tue Jun 22

Well the upper woods are fantastic for walking the dog or there are a few crossers in there doing a few jumps but they will stop if asked. There is a golf course up there as well which is very pretty.

Tue Jun 22

Yeah there is its called eric lydell's or u could go to the Eltham swimming pool.

Tue Jun 22

There is a nhs dentist on kimmeridge road and its very nice in there

Tue Jun 22

Mottingham going down the drain

I lived in mottingham for 15yrs in portland ave to be quite honest it was great back then!! but now!!! well we had our car broke in to about three times , and the area is going down hill .

To get on a train and get a seat you will have to get up at the crack of dawn !!! The train get,s full at sidcup when its get to new eltham thats your lot !!and as to eating place there is only one which is good but the pubs are rubbish !! you would have to go to chistlehurst...

Wed Mar 31


Looking at property in mottingham lane (eltham college end) is this under the flight path?

Sun Mar 21

Thanks Gwen for replying to my text I would plan to leave at 7.00am

Can you tell me a bit more about Mottingham

What is the area like to live in I am hoping to move there in the summer. It is a safe area.

Thu Feb 26

Hi try Unicorn: 0208 8851 2222 or Station Cabs: 0208 850 0303.

Good luck.

Tue Feb 24

Hi Steve, no bars to recommend in Mottingham but many just a mile up the road in Chislehurst, worth the extra crawl!

The Bull, Queens Head, Tigers Head, Cafe Uno, Cafe Rouge.

Tue Feb 24

Hi, I have a good GP practice but not sure if they are taking people on at the moment: The Lynx Practice, Court Farm Road: 0208 8851 8779

Tue Feb 24

Hi Jo, depends on what time you are travelling. I travel on the 9.20 and always get a seat but before that I am not sure. The Mottingham trains pick up from many stations before they get to Mottingham.

Tue Feb 24

Hi, thre is the Eric Lidell centre in Motingham Lane, it is part of Eltham College but outsiders can join.

Tue Feb 24

There is a Lo-Cost (Co-op) in Kimmeridge Road, see you there!!

Tue Feb 24

Hi, try Mr Malek in William Barefoot Drive, I have been going to him for about 7 years. 0208 857 0711

Tue Feb 24

Does anyone actually live in mottingham

On looking in London My Mottingham cant beleive no one replys to any of the answers asked.

I am looking to live in this area and would like to know what the trains are like in the morning and where are the best places to eat and be seen in?

Is it safe? please reply.

Thu Feb 19

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