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Wally (Walter) Scott & Millwall Football Club

Is anyone a bit of an historian on Millwall FC? Need some help. We have a story in our family that my grandfather, Walter Scott played for Millwall (goalkeeper), but I can't find any record. He was born 1892 and I am guessing he played between 1908-1914, or a year or two after WW1.

If anyone can help I'd be obliged.

Wed Jan 15

North Greenwich Bowls Club

North Greenwich Bowls Club

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Thu May 08

Still trying to find Diane

Im Trying to trace an old friend of mine by the name of Diane Wogan who lived in Millwall in the 70s

Diane worked for IPC Magazines in Southampton street of the Strand in London

anyone know where she is contact me at

Sun Apr 06

Diane wootten

Im trying to trace an old friend i worked with in the 70s Diane Wootten in I worked for IPC Magazines in Covent Garden in the early 70s ,, would love to hear how she is

Sat Mar 29

Diana Wootten

Looking for Diana Wootten She worked at IPC magazines in the 70s I worked with Diane and would love to here how shes doing

Sat Mar 29

Looking for Diane Woburn

Looking for Diane Woburn,she worked at I.P.C Mags in Tower House Covent Garden in the mid 70s

Wed Jan 30

Possibly Angela

My gr grandfather Charles Horne was a lot of things in his life but came to London from Ipswich in between 1869 & 1871 but spent a lot of years in various engineering works after that. If he may be your man feel free to contact me on

Sun Feb 04

Dudgeons Engineering Works, Millwall

I am looking for someone who may know info regarding Dudgeon's Engineering Works, Millwall in the 19C. I have reason to believe my great grendfather Charles Horne worked there around 1865 - 1870

Sat Mar 06

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