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Tue May 20

Just joined mile end

Hi Helen

Not sure if u are still looking but I have just joined the Tuesday night league at mile end leisure club starting on jan 21st 2014. I've just moved to the area so wanted to make some friends and play some netball! Be great if u could join too?! The website is gomammoth.com and it's £65 for 8 weeks.

Let me know if u join!



Thu Jan 02

Come And Support The Newest Team In The Ryman North League

Come and support Barkingside Fc next season

Barkingside Fc finished runners up in the Essex Senior League and won the Essex Senior League league cup.

The team play there homes games at

The Oakside Stadium,

Station Road




literally behind Barkingside tube station

The Club are always looking for new supporters and sponsors.

Wed Jun 05

mile end admirals arms

is full of vampires. i know i am one. bo . it is thy time to rise from the shadows of darkness

Thu Nov 22

mile end vampires

to all whom say mile end isnt got vampires it has so be care full of a night time as im watching you

Thu Nov 22

hello the admirals arms hm

yes it is a hgv bar hemophagelic voirous bar vampire inotherwords. whom ever knows about this stop every one as im a vampire my self and if a hunter comes in im going to make friends whith whom put this on i live in newcastle upon tyne i drink in the gotham club search it

hears my adrees

Tue Aug 07

32 year old professional female, seeks 2 or 3 others to find place to rent together


Id like to find few others who'd like,to find place to rent, preferable similar age and professionals.

Id like to find place in east zone 2 or north east.

My budget is 500/550 all in.

Would like sociable people to live with.

Get in touch if youre interested.


Thu Jun 07



Thu May 31

Mile End - Are there any Pet Friendly House/Flat shares or bedsits out there?!

I am a 20 year old non-smoking male attending QMUL in September later this year. I have been given an offer on the conditions that I achieve an overall of 65% in my foundation year. I have already averaged a 71% and will therefore definitely be attending this university. I can hold a conversation will almost anyone and find it easy to get on with 99% of people, and would be more than willing to pull my own weight around the house i.e. cleaning duties etc. Only problem is that I have a cat that I MUST bring with me. She is a fully trained house cat who never goes outside (only in the summer to roll around). She is extremely content and compassionate and I have had no problems with her!! I would prefer someone who loves cats, but she would not pose a problem if you were unsure as she does enjoy her own company. Any information whatsoever would be valued highly, so please contact me here

Thu Mar 22



I am moving to Mile End. So, I would like to do a trial with your best senior team.

I have a good sense of anticipation and have a good view of the game. I can play in central defense or midfield.

What's the level of your best team senior, please?

If your roster is already full, I am agree to participate only at the trainings.

If you are interested, can you give me the days, hours and adresses of the weekly trainings?

You can answer at this adress:

Wed Sep 28

Brought up in Mile End - Tredegar Terrace

I lived in Mile End

This was from 1955 to 1965 though. It's changed a great deal since then so I'm told. You can look at it on the online maps and it will show you the street now. I think where my grandad had his soft drinks factory is now called Tredegar Mews.

Thu May 26

Mon May 23


Hi Laura,

Interesting choice of pets! You could try me when you know if you've got in. I rent a room each year to a QMUL student for £360 a month inc. bills. I've had 3 guys in a row so a girl would be a pleasant change. I live in Walter Besant House, Bancroft Road (right next to QMUL, same road as Uni bar).

If you're interested e-mail

Tue Aug 03

Any pet friendly flats/house-shares?

Hi, I will find out in mid-August if I have got into QMUL and will be looking for either a one bedroom flat or some form of house-share in the area. I come with 6 ferrets who are all lovely animals, and contrary to popular belief don't smell (mine don't anyway...I have a sensitive nose so keep them smelling nice!). They are only allowed out under my supervision, sleep for around 20 hours a day and are in a very secure cage when I'm not around. If anybody out there knows of anything going please let me know! I'll be ready to move in from mid-September.

Tue Aug 03


hi my dad last seen him 25 years ago he last known to stay near the tube station there and used to work or drink in the blind begger pub his brother ian would love to get in contact so would his brother robert

Tue Jan 12


hi am looking for my uncle francis known as frank hamilton also who stays in mileend used to live in ayrshire scotland could any one help with my search ? he is age 59??or 58? has brothers who still live in ayshire we would love to find him

jackie hamilton

Tue Jan 12

Fri Jan 08

Football inn Mile end

Hi! I'm an Italian student and I'm looking for a football or football 5 team in Mile End (near Mile End tube station).

Please contact me at

Thu Nov 26

Volunteers required- Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf Supplementary School ("CWSS") aims to help children aged between 11 and 16 in the core curriculum subjects of Maths, English and Science. Classes will be held at the Idea Store Canary Wharf every Saturday during term time from 1000 - 1230 hrs.

As we are entirely voluntary run, we require assistance from anyone willing to teach!. No previous teaching experience is necessary. If you live or work around Canary Wharf, please come forward to volunteer at the school. Giving up a few hours of your time mentoring, could change the life of a kid forever.

If you are interested in volunteering or require any further information, please contact Faruk Kanamia ( Mail-me /********2) or Sharlin Ahmed (Mail Me/********7)

Tue Sep 15

my grandparents lived in Burdett Rd for years ,but I was

under the Impression that it was demolished to make way for a huge park,I havent been back since my grand

parents passed away so maybe Ive been misinformed.

Thu Jun 18

Tredegar Road reply

Tredegar Road is ok. Tredegar Terrace would be better though. There's a lovely square right nearby, its safe and has a good vibe.

Mon Apr 13

Life Drawing in Mile End on Thursday nights

60 yards from Stepney green station there is a place where you can Draw, Draw and draw for about £5 a head for 3 hours. As long as I bring a few friends sometime and nothing else because we share the cost. Yesterday the model was a formidable Arabic curvy and flexible model, the music was so relaxing, tony and Steve so attentive and helpful, people so friendly, poses amazing and beer on the tap, I simply wonder if It wasn't a dream. Today I went to meetup.com/lifedrawingsociety and it wasn't they do it everywhere in London in absolutely perfect locations.

I had to let you know, let's bring our pencils and change the world to a better one.

Mon Jan 19

Fri Nov 21

St Barnabas Church, Grove Road,

St Barnabas Church, Grove Road.

Not sure about the pre-christian thing.. I have walked past this church many times in recent weeks. The pentagram looks like a later edition to an existing round window, the stones around the window appear to be a different colour to the existing masonary.

I doubt you'll ever see this response.. I can't tell how long ago you posted it. Hope this helps anyway. I found your post searching google for similar answers to yourself. scribla_ AT hotmail.com

Tue Nov 18


Thinking of vewing a flat in Tredegar Rd

is this a nice area? im living in Fulham at the moment but it would be a lot easier to move here for work.

just need to know if its an ok area safe and has some nice places to walk dogs.

Thank you

Thu Oct 09

Tue Sep 30

i went there the other night. quite possibly the most tasteless, horrible food i've ever had.

Sun Sep 28


Hi Everyone

Dose anyone remember the Hart Family they lived in Moody Street The names i know are Sarah my nan, James and Alfred Anna ggrandmother. My nan and granddad lived in Moody Street for a number of years my grandfarthers name was Henry Oakley any infomation will help.

Thank's a lot

From Susan

Sun Sep 28


I am daryl Bryant, not sure if im the one your after, im a new zealander yeah?

Sun Sep 21

Mile End is OK for safety

I lived there for 10 years without any problems. As far as the East End goes it's quieter and safer than most areas.

Sun Jun 29

You could try the School of Everything? www.schoolofeverything.co.uk

Mon Jun 23

There are loads of well known places for going running. Mile End Park, the canals and Victoria Park are all within a minute or three. All are great places to run. Maybe have a think about joiniing the Victoria Park Harriers running club?

Mon Jun 23

Mile End is perfectly safe. Certainly no worse than anywhere else.

Mon Jun 23

I'd love to see all these runners in Mile End with transvestites on their back - is it a new form of resistance training?

Fri Jun 20

Primary school

There's a primary school on Ben Jonson Road. I think it's called Halley primary school

Thu Jun 19


I've seen loads of runners around but most are carrying TVs

Thu Jun 19

Cleaning and ironing

I'm looking for cleaner work.

If you need, please let me know.

Very good cleaning of home, office and ironing.

100% honest, reliable and always on time.

I have cleaning experience.

Good references.

Thank you!



Tue May 20


Are you still looking for a Netball Coach, we Currently have a coach availabe in your area?

Many Thanks

Cara Gallacher

VICA Sports

Thu Apr 17


Tue Mar 25



I ordered the "sashimi bento" and got four slivers of dried up crusty fish, some brown lettuce, a mound of rice and a quarter of an orange. I said immediately that I wasn't going to eat this - they maintained the fish was fresh and made me pay anyway. I repeat, ONLY A FOOL WOULD CONTEMPLATE EATING HERE.

Tue Mar 25

Try Ideas Store

Not sure if they do mechanics though!

Mon Mar 17

Hi, I too have been looking for a netball club. There aren't many many in the Borough. Apparently there is only one remaining. Arbour Netball Club, mulberry sports centre, it's off commercial road, not far from watney market, 339 bus from mile end or D3 from bethnal green both a short walk away or the 115 0r 15 buses from commercial road takes you right there. Call them on ********2.

Tue Mar 11

Essex Street

It rings a bell, but I can't quite place it - I think it still exists but has been re-named.

Mon Mar 10

Essex Street


I am trying to get my Family Tree together, and I was wondering if anyone can tell me if the houses at No. 19 and 53 are still there?

My father was born in No. 53 in 1901, and my Mother born in No. 19 in 1902.

It was Mile End Old Town then, and I believe that it is now called Stepney.

My email address is:

Mon Mar 10

hi i am a single mother of two don't know this area,will be moving to joseph street ,off bow common lane e3 would like to know as a mother of a teenage son are there many gangs or muggins there?thankyou dawn

Mon Jan 28

Evening Courses

Hi all,

Is there anywhere in Mile End that does evening courses? Back home in Dublin the local school would do courses on things like guitar, yoga, etc. and I thought there might be something like that here.

I was hoping to find a car mechanics course. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :)


Fri Jan 11

I liked your add, but I have just found a cab service in the same area that tops ACE believe or not there prices are very decent especailly for Air Port bookings, not taking anything away from ACE, try this one and see...

Golani Gold Cars- 0208 983 6416

Wed Nov 21

Don't go! Mile End is really unsafe. I was mugged on campus! Almost everyone I know has had problems.

Fri Aug 31

nope, the symbol of king david has six points, comprising two intersecting triangles.

Sat Aug 18

Running around Mile End

Hi. Im moving to Mile end in about a month from abroad where i have really good running trails. DOes anyone know is there places suitable for running around Queen Mary University? ANd secondly is it safe(comparatively of course) to run around there?thanks a million for any replies

Thu Aug 16

mile end worries

if you have any probs with worries about an area just ask the local; police about an area. they have to say if its good bad or indifferent. vincent

Wed Jul 11

19yr old female possibley moving to mile end?

I'm 19 yeah but i got a wise head on me shoulders... I'd be ok round that area wouldn't i?

Tue Jul 10

Ceramics / Pottery

Do you know of anyceramics or pottery courses or private lessons in the Mile end area or anywhere not too far please? Have searched high and low....

Mon Jul 09

mile end park has a new gym, which opened last year. there is also a fitness first in Bow Wharf....which aint great. However, there are 2 great yoga studios - one on Roman Road (BODYWISE) and one on Bethnal Green Road (YOGA PLACE)

Mon Jun 04


It is not a pleasant place to live - people, be honest...Statistics ? I would not rely on it...To close to a junky place of London. My employee was seriously beaten there - his vehicle trashed and his vitness ( a girl) scared veeery badly... And I am scared of this place too. Daytime all London is pretty, but nights. ..Not Tower of Hamlets , not Mile End...

Thu May 10

Burdett Road Schools

stepney greencoat c of e

our lady's catholic

william davis


are all very close to end of burdett road (lidl end)

st paul and st luke c of e half way up

marion richardson is along commercial road towards city and thats a lovely school (i used to work there!)

also ring children's services in roman road for more info

good luck

Mon Mar 19

Burdett Road Infant School

Is there an infant school at the end of Burdett Road, or in a nearby street?

Mon Mar 19

Turkish Bath

Where is the turkish bath, and how much is it, and for how long. Are towels supplied, thanks.

Thu Mar 01

You can't miss the Mile End Leisure Centre, which is on Burdett Road, ie. go south from the big Mile End crossroads towards Canary Wharf. It's a one-yr old council run centre with brand new facilities. For yoga there are several places. Google Bodywise, The yoga place on the Roman, or there are the quiet space and the more expensive but worth-it Canary Riverside Holmes Place and the Reebok Gym, both in Canary Wharf.

Sat Jan 27

But Matsu has always seemed v. unauthentic to me compared to other Japanese food places. I'm Chinese and the food tastes more Chinese than Japanese - esp. since the kitchen staff are Chinese - it hasn't convinced me. I've been quite a few times, every time thinking that I should never go back, though I ended up giving in because of my Japanese food cravings. Not any more!

Sat Jan 27

bethnal green dojo


Fri Jan 26

Do you mean SOMA bar? If, so its a bar that does live music. Never been in there though.

Mon Dec 11


who is mahmud??

Fri Dec 01

Admirals Arms

So the Admirals Arms is on Mile End? Contact me with information at

Wed Nov 22


New to London, keen to get into something... did you manage to sort a netball team?? I'd be interested in joining

Mon Nov 13

pet shop

there is one in roman road , if you coming from grove road you need to turn left to bethnal green tube station , the shop would be right hand side opposite of Natwest bank and next to Tote bookmakers .


Wed Nov 08


Hi . I'm interested in Yoga classes. Could You send me details please. my contact

Wed Oct 18


Does anyone know a bar called "So" Bar in Mile End. If so, what is it like?

Thu Oct 12

There is a netball league close to Mile End

The league has many teams and they meet up in Lagdon park School. Unfortunately you will have to have a team or if your lucky join one!

Sat Aug 26

Transport links to town are good, with Mile End and Stepney Green stations within 5 minutes of QM. The #25 bus (a 24-hour bus) takes you straight into town via Liverpool St. and a 10 min walk up to Bethnal Green will allow you to catch the #8 bus (also a nightbus), which goes via Shoreditch/Brick Lane... Shoreditch, Hoxton and Old Street are within easy travelling distance. For live music, there are bars/clubs in Shoreditch, Bethnal Green and on Whitechapel Rd that are pretty handy.

The area as a whole is a mixture of some nice bits and some not quite so nice bits, but in my experience, I haven't had any problems... I have numerous friends in the same postal area who similarly have not had any security/safety problems either, except one or two in Hackney...! Mile End Park/Regent's Canal make for a pleasant atmosphere during the day, but it's generally a good idea to avoid it at night. But the streets around Mile End Road and Bethnal Green are busy 24/7, and are generally safe.

Mon Aug 14


I work at QM and have lived in Mile End for 4 years. Around the Uni, there are alot of bars, pretty much to suit any taste - ranging from expensive gastropubs (like 'The Morgan Arms' to the comfy boozer 'The Coborn Arms', to the student favourites 'La Luna' and 'The Hayfield' (the local 'Scream' bar...), to proper East End pubs, as well as the famous 'Palm Tree' bar in Mile End Park...) The QM Student's Union is usually a hive of activity during term time, with it's own nightclub which is open every weeknight... Some nicer/trendier bars can also be found around Victoria Park (which is 15 mins walk away from Mile End tube, 20 mins from QM), and also a couple in Bethnal Green. A walk up Regent's Canal will also lead you to Islington... the #277 bus also goes there from Mile End, where there are numerous bars/clubs etc....

Mon Aug 14

University Students.....

...hello Mile Endians......about to move to Mile End to Study at Queen Mary and just wondered what the area is like for things like safety, comfort, atmosphere, nightlife, music scene, transport?

any help would be massively appreciated!

Many thanks.

Matthew (

Mon Aug 14

Mon Aug 07

I recommend a walk down Roman Road, or The Gentry in Canary Wharf £35.00 for women.

Thu Jul 20



The chucrch was St Barnabas Bethnal green on the corner or grove road. The pentagram the "right" way up is a symbol of King David. It is not a secrect sign or satanism in the church and there is no hawksmore relation... Just a victorian revival or early christian symbolism.

Sun Jul 02

Help finding church with pentagram

Hello fellow people of Mile End. I saw a church place in a gardening show called the city gardener, show was shot at Mile End, Now this church had a pentagram etched in stone and quite big. Can someone help me by naming this place and where I might find some information on it in regards to history and the point why there is a pentagram there, I guees it goes back before the christain faith as I have heard that it was a symbol used before this time amonst believers of God ??? I would like to extend my knowledge to the truth and what is this on this churh place???

Fri Jun 30

Mile End - new view

Many views on Mile End are based on the grotty view that greets you as you leave the tube station. However, take a stroll up Grove Road, past the beautiful Ecology Park and Gardens, go via the legendary Pineapple Pub where the locals gather for late night jazz sessions and everyone is welcome, stop off for Londons best fish and chips and The Britiannia then on to modern Bow Wharf development which includes a gym, shops and bars - not forgetting the great nights to be had at Jonguleurs comedy club.

If you still aren't convinced a short stroll will bring you to the stunning Victoria Park - make sure you walk round the fountains.

Mile End may not be Chelsea, but it is a world away from the hustle and bustle of most of London - plenty of well kept parks, canals and wide open spaces - and all just 5 minutes into Bank. Enjoy!

Mon Jun 26

mile end safety

Mile end is not the nicest area when you look at it it is quite grey but I lived for more than a year and never had any problem even if I used to have to come home after midnight or go to work very ealy in th morning I thinkit is a really safe area, well better than Elephant and castle where I used to live before and someone had been shot dead the very week end I moved in my flat there!!

Lots of student and young peolple live in mile end and it is really easy to go to stratford or central london from there I am sure you'll love it

Sun Jun 18

i want to play for a team in mile end and i would like to find out how that i could be able to get into a team.

Wed Jun 14

Mile End Safety:Reply

I live in Mile End, and although it can be really dodgy sometimes, as long as your careful it should be ok. i havent had any major problems here and i've lived here for about 8 years. I dont think it will be that bad to be honest.

Mon Jun 12

Fri Jun 09

Mile End Safety

Is Mile End safe? I am a female student and have an internship and will live in Queen Mary's student halls. I might have to come back home late. I've never lived in London before, nor am I British. Would you live there if you were me? Thanks!

Wed May 31

hairdressers in mile end

I recommend 'Hair.com' in Bow Wharf (behind the Fat Cat and Jongleurs and the gym) - good and friendly.

Tue May 16

I love this place!! - Admirals Arms

Sat Mar 18

Palm Tree phone number request

For the singer looking for the palm tree's number. It's rerally hard to find and not in directory enquiries, but I finally dug it out:

****80 2918

Sat Mar 11

Hairdresser Recommendations

Anyone know a good hairdresser for women? I need to get highlights / haircut and don't know of any in the area..

Fri Mar 03

new health club which is opened last month,near mileend park is one with excellent facilities.

Fri Mar 03


There is The Yoga Place on Bethnal Green Road or Bodywise on Roman Road

Wed Mar 01

Sun Feb 26


I live in Mile End and i bought a kitten in my local pet shop in Hamlets Way, i would like to say if anyone need any pets or pet foods they are very helpful and the staff are very nice.

Sat Feb 11

Admirals Arms reference

This is from Queen of the Damned. It's a Vampire bar. "Give your life to my charms at the Admiral's Arms"

Wed Feb 08

What do londoners refer mile end to. what is the atmosphere

Mon Jan 23

Health and fitness... yoga too

Hi I am an american living in mile end. I would like to know if anyone could recommend a gym/health club/yoga studio in or nearby Mile End.


Sat Jan 07

Net ball Team Near Mile End

I am looking for a good netball team to join near Mile End.

Can anyone help?

Tue Jan 03

Internet and Cable

Hi, I have just moved to Mile End and I would like to instal internet and cable. I would like to know what companies have coverage here.


Thu Dec 08

Netball Coach Needed.

Looking for someone to coach our university netball team/club. Please get in contact. You will be paid.

Thu Dec 01

Harley Grove Medical Centre E3

It's in Bow but It covers Mile End and I think one of the doctors is female.

Wed Nov 16

Try Mr Russos

Try Mr Russo's on Roman Rd it's about a 10 minute walk from Mile End. They're good.

Wed Nov 16

Its ok

I've been living there for nearly 3 years & I've never had any trouble. There is a tube and several buses - two 24 hour buses pass. There are shops open late & it's always busy so it doesn't feel too scary coming home late at night. Just be aware & behave sensibly in the same way as u would in any urban area. It's absolutely fine during the day. The residents are a mix of students, middle class professionals and working class white and bengali people with a minority of other ethnic groups. Most people seem ok. I get on fine with my neighbours. Local shopkeepers are friendly & helpful. I've never had any problems living there, there are lots of shops and it's very easy to get to Canary Wharf, the City and the West End. The area is also well lit. The canal & park is great & you must visit the Palm Tree pub it's brilliant. The Morgan Arms is good too. They are building a new swimming pool/ sports centre in January too so there's plenty of things to do in the local area.

Wed Nov 16

is alright

AND parts of it are nice...I would not call it dodgy....

Thu Nov 10

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