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ted percival

I am trying to contact ted Percival.we did our apprenticeship together at dorman long,nine elms 1955-1960.at that time ted lived in Grasmere avenue,in morden.if anyone knows ted,i would be grateful if you could draw his attention to this web site.thanks

Thu Nov 17


hi,i'm trying to trace an old work mate from the 1950's his name is ted Percival,and he lived in the merton/morden area. we did oyr apprenticeship together[1955-1960] with dorman long engineering at nine elms in Battersea.

Wed Oct 12


hi i'mtrying to contact ted Percival,an old work mate from the 1950's.we did our apprenticeship together 1955-1960.this was at dorman long,nine elms,in Battersea.

Tue Oct 11

ted percival -merton/morden

hi, i'mlooking for an old work mate from the 1950's.we did our apprenticeship together 1955-1960.this as at dorman long at nine elms in Battersea.

Tue Oct 11

ted percival

hi,i'm looking for ted Percival,an old workmate.we did our apprenticeship together 1955-1960.it was at dorman long at nine elms,battersea .I think ted lived in morden/merton at that time...in 1957 six of us had a lively holiday in Littlehampton,sussex

Sun Oct 09

old photos morden park

Im trying to find out about the history of lower morden lane mainly where the garden center is. would love to get some old photos of the area


Tue Jul 21

it all sounds like a good idea. maybe you should go to lower morden lane garden center as its much nicer and the staff there are great plus its bigger than morden hall. Ive been going there for years but over the last two years its got even better. if they haven't got what you wanted on the menu they will always make something up for you. so go on give them a try

Tue Jul 21

Cleaning service and ironing .

Looking for someone with good references ( more than 3 years ) , to help with cleaning and ironing , i would like to help you .

Wed Aug 06

Local club needs players

Friendly south london amateur club seeks adult male footballers for competitive saturday afternoon football. You must be reliable, capable and possess the right attitude. There are good opportunities to progress for the right players.

Training is underway. If you are interested reply with appropriate contact details.

Timewasters need not bother.


Wed Jul 30

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Offered at The Awareness Centre, Clapham. I work with adults, couples, children & adolescents. Fees slide from £35-50. Spaces available Mon & Tue evenings. Call/email for free consultation. **** 253 159

Wed Mar 26

Coffee Club Anyone?

I am looking to start a Coffee Morning at weekends for 30-40s, possibly at Morden Hall Riverside Cafe first, then at different venues. All would be welcome, so if you would like to widen your circle of friends, have good conversation and a great coffee, please get in touch

Mon Jan 07

local plumbers offering a genuine 24/7 affordable service

small jobs welcome

Freephone 0800-****59 bookings

mobile ********0 = =

office 020 8715 0205


Thu Jun 28

its not that bad phipps bridge is bad the other parts of mitcham are ok you must live in the bad bit of mitcham

Thu Jun 07

French groups


I am studying French at uni and really need to practice my speaking and listening skills. Does anyone know of any French clubs in this area for a busy mum to attend?

Mon Mar 05

Hall hire in the South

Saw the advert for hall hire for a birthday party. And thats exactly what I'm looking for. Its my 21st, and I want to hire out a hall in south london for 100 people. If you here of anything please let me know. thanks

Tue Jan 23

in morden next to the crown pub

Wed Oct 18

Life drawing /Perspective Drawing

Hi, im just seeing who may be keen on life drawing and some landscape drawing around london. I am a designer and need to get back into Life drawing but can't really afford it. Please be in touch if anyone want to share a casual weekly drawing session and doesnt mind working to interesting music and geeking-about art and photography too!

Tue Apr 18

Do you care about your environment?

Is there anyone in Mitcham who is aware and concerned about the polution to our environment and to our own bodies. If you are and care enough to make changes. Tell us about it or mail me. Gem

Thu Mar 23



Was just wondering if anyone knows of babysitting circles in Mitcham?

Sun Mar 05

perfect venue

The Hub, at tooting and mitcham stadium complex has a brand new large function room with two bars situated in the

Sun Feb 12

Sat Nov 19

looking for flat mate female 18-25

Hi im 19 and looking to move out. i have found some great new furnished apartments/houses in the merton area next to the tube station. It has 2 double rooms, bathroom with shower, fitted kitchen, dining area and lounge. it also has a parking space. This is all between £675-£895 per month (£350-£500 each).

I would be interested in sharing with another female aged 18-25 from any back ground.

I work fulltime, i like to go to restaurants, the cinema, theater etc. I am actually converting to islam so it would be great if there was any sisters interested. if your interested then contact me via email.

Mon Sep 19

Your text speaks for itself and indeed speaks volumes about its author. Since offensive comments are inappropriate for this site I trust your posting will be removed by the moderators. Political bias and homophobia have no place here. Oh and by the way the word is spelled "exists" with no apostrophe.

Thu Jul 14

Mitcham is horrible but much of Merton is great!

Some of the postings here are rubbishing Mitcham (rightly, I imagine) but it kind of paints an unfair picture of Merton in general. Lots of areas in Merton are lovely, especially between Morden and Wimbledon stations. Merton is the nicest place I've lived in London (and I've moved a lot). It's safe and green and convenient. I regularly leave my door open and would not hesitate going outside in the middle of the night. Just research the part of Merton you're interested in... every borough has some unsavoury bits!

Wed Jun 22


I've seen this post in other area notice boards. All of the NHS GPs now provide appointments in 24 hours. They have to. Didn't you see the election coverage of this issue? If you are going to have a go at the NHS, at least make your criticism accurate and up to date.

Mon Jun 20

Mitcham Smitcham

Mitcham seems much worse than many places in London without any of the redeeming features. As someone who lived there as a child from the mid fifties until the mid seventies, and who escaped to so-called "worse" parts of inner London, all I can say is that I agree with the above comments. I still have family in Mitcham and live relatively near again so I have seen the place get worse and worse. I wonder why it is so bad.

Mon Jun 20

Very helpful information

I was just about to make an offer on a flat in Merton, Summer Hill Way. It looked good. Thank God I found this site first! I am now seriously considering withdrawing my offer I think the information is helpful and there was no need to call Tim Henman a prat. He does not behave stupidly and he does not lack ability - put yourself in his shoes, don't you agree that your comments are quite unnecessary.

Mon Jun 20

let us in on it

please enlighten the rest of us as to the location of the utopia you intend moving to , mitcham is like any other

british city suburb, some are better then others, eg

camden , islington , notting hill have some of the most

expensive property in the uk , yet the violent crime

statistics within in these bro's make mitcham 's crime

stats pale in to insignificanse ,

Tue Jun 14

Try Old Wimbledonians down at Coombe Lane Raynes Park training will start soon and new players welcome check out the website for news

Wed Jun 08

Hall Hire with a bar

The North Cheam Sports & Social Club hire out for private parties Tel 020 8644 8469 Its not to far from Morden and is on the 93 bus route wich connects North Cheam to Putney via Wimbledon

Wed Mar 09


I live in south norwood and I need to get to the collge and I don't have a clue, sonna81" can you help me please?

Tue Feb 08

<b>Hall hire</b>

We're looking for a venue with a bar to rent out for a birthday party for about 100 people. Does anyone have ideas as to where we could look? Thanks!

Sat Feb 07

life drawing classes

are there any life drawing classes in the merton area? prefeably classes on a casual basis, rather than courses as I'm a student, so away at uni for much of the year. so also, cheap clasees too!

Mon Nov 17

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