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As members of the Leasehold Advisory Group we are specialists in assisting tenants of flats or houses to extend their leases or collectively acquire the freehold of blocks of flats they occupy.

You are entitled by law to extend your lease [assuming qualification] by 90 years over and above your existing lease. The costs can be greatly reduced by appointing the market leaders in the field the Leasehold Advisory Group.

Why not give us a call and learn more.


Tue Sep 13



Tue Jan 04


Give a try if you always wanted to learn it or to start learning it again.

I am a Postgraduate professional who will be happy to help you with your French according your personal goals, interest or needs. I am a 28 year-old dynamic person who does not make the lessons boring. You have to work hard but the most important thing is that you have to enjoy the lesson in order to improve faster.

You could choose one of the following option for your lessons with me.

- Quick French

- General Daily French

- Business French

- Role-Plays

- Preparation of exams GCSE / DELF..

- Spoken French

- French Writing

- French interview preparation

I am very flexible and could meet you at your home, your office, in a cafe, wherever you feel comfortable(zone-1/2)

I charge £19 /hour and photocopies when needed.

Don't hesitate to ask me questions if you need to.


Tue Jan 04

London Piano & Music Classes

Hi I'm setting up the Central London Branch of my music school Grade Music Tutors and will host my first workshop & seminar for those looking to learn piano, Clarinet, Flute or Saxophone


020 8886 0684

Mon Feb 22


Best place would be Seymour Leisure centre where they have badminton courts. If you are looking for a partner, email me at

Fri Dec 18

bubbly frenchy


i shall be in london for end of november 2008 to start a new job.

so i'am looking to found a flatshare in mayfair a fell in love with the area few years ago when a was in london a use to live in mount street where i still have a friend there but elas he alwready has a lodger.

i'am a very honest and responsable person with good education also very clean and tidy with a good sens of humour i love british humour.so if you'll enjoy a frogy housemate please do keep in touch with me.


Wed Nov 12

tai chi

does anyone know about tai chin in hyde park?

Fri Sep 05

Fri Jul 04

home swap in Mayfair

Hi I live in Shoreditch. I've got 2 bed flat .Very good area, buses, schools, college and gp's near. I would like to swap with 2 bed flat or house in Mayfair area. If someone is interested please let me know

Sat Apr 05

Wed Aug 29

Mobile Hairdresser London

Unisex Hairdresser Mobile & Bridal

Call Bryn on **** 211 901 anytime


Mon Aug 27


Flat available near Green Park £475 ********2

Thu Jun 07

Dalfinos - Great pizzas ,highly recommended

Tue Oct 03

Wanted an electric/adjustable double bed. Must be clean and in good condition. Doing this add on behalf of my elderly neighbour. Hasn't said what she can afford but I suspect not a lot. Know these beds are not cheap - don't think she quite realises. She's quite deaf and I don't think she took in what I said in terms of how much even a secondhand one would set her back. Anyway, have listed for her as mentioned this site to her and promised her I would. If there are any extremely kind people out there that have one and dear old sole. She suffers with her back and arthritis and has heart problems too. She can't sleepat night as in pain and her bed not good I have to admit. bless her! What it is to get old hey - poor old bugger! Help the aged I say! Contact me on

Tue May 30

Any Luck

My girlfriend is also after a friendly GP - did you get any good responses?


Thu Jan 19

the computer says no

Tue Jan 17


Does anyone know of a place in Mayfair to play badminton?

Mon Jul 04

Fitness First in Berkley Square House

It's not a huge gym, but does the job.

Tue May 03


Myself and group of friends are going to the Funky Buddha Club in Mayfair, but we would like to go for something to eat first. Can anyone recommend anywhere thats nice but not too expensive. Many thanks Lu

Wed Nov 03

Mayfair Beginner Yoga Class

Does anyone know of beginner Yoga classes starting in July 04?

Tue Jun 29


Wed Apr 28

Tai Chi in Earls Court Beginners Courses

TAI CHI. New 12 week Beginners Courses Start Soon. Check www.taichiclasses.com for details. Or call jackie on **** 350 605 or E-mail enquires@taichiclasses.com

Looking to get fit and do something different. Then try Tai Chi, Self Defence, Qi gong or Tai Chi Sword in a friendly atmosphere.

Thu Jul 10

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