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Wazir restaurant in Ilford. Bit far, but yummy.

Mon Jun 29

Hello there. My grandfather had the tobacconist & confectioners in Church Road, opposite Morris Avenue. You must be older than me, as I cannot remember much about the war. I do remember that a Mrs Boyd was a customer in my grandad's shop, and I seem to remember she wore a fur coat at the time. My mother worked in the shop of the Advance Laundry and I worked in the factory for a year and a half when I left school in 1958. My Grandads name was Mr Allen and had the shop for about 18 years and left in the late fifties due to bad health. My parents lived at no.1 Morris Avenue in what was then a downstairs flat, and I lived with my grandparents at the shop, 123 Church Road.

Sun Sep 07

Legends gym

E12 5pp

Sixth avenue

Sun Nov 17

Gym in manor park

Legends gym

24-34 sixth avenue

Manor park e12 5pp

Sun Nov 17

Come And Support The Newest Team In The Ryman North League

Come and support Barkingside Fc next season

Barkingside Fc finished runners up in the Essex Senior League and won the Essex Senior League league cup.

The team play there homes games at

The Oakside Stadium,

Station Road




literally behind Barkingside tube station

The Club are always looking for new supporters and sponsors.

Fri Jun 07

Hi im desperatley looking for any semi retired / retired Bus drivers who either drove routmasters or conductered / conductressed them in the late 1960s..

My Birth mother was name Wendy Barson and she was a conductress poss working out of Stamford Hill bus depot., as she lived at Stoke Newington.. 1 Dunsmure Road. i do have a few photos of wendy,

She worked with a bus driver Bill not sure if Bill was his name or nickname..?

Also there was a driver called James or jimmy he was from malta and i think his wife may off been a conductress too.. ive photos of him in the late 60s.

Joseph ward or waud believe he was greek cypriot ..? but he did have olive skin and dark hair working or living in the area.

Anyone who thinks the names ring a bell or you think it could be you or family Please Please get intouch with me.

Sat Jan 21

The "Blitz Kid" tells of living in Manor Park

My Auto Niography has now been published it tell of my chaldhood and beyong, living in Manor parks during World War Two, though the blitz. Telling of all the schemes and scams we got up to to earn money, it tells of the way of life in those days. If you read Angela's Ashes you will Love the Bltz Kid. More details contact me on

Sun Dec 13

george bush

my grandfarthers brother was george bush who lived in manor park during the 2nd ww, he was a bus conductor on islington broadway, i know he had a sister called nelle but know nothing else of the family history!! any help would be very welcome.

Wed Sep 23

Are you talking about the laundry that is on church street.the building is still there as my mum used to work there in the early 70's so i know it well.

Sat Feb 14

Wed Jan 07

Fri May 30

manor park road

i like to receive a picture of the house at manor park road 59 , london nw


Sat May 24

Thu May 15

Thu May 15

looking for swan family

FAMILY TREE we are loking for the swan family in london manor/forist gate area my grandad said we have family there

he rembers one of them worked at a laundry in high st and drank in the pub burnell arms

his name was ron swan and my by age 60 now

Mon Mar 24

Newcomer looking for a good gymnasium

Hello I have just moved into the area and am looking for a good gym near to where I live. I live in Durham road. Can someone help me out please?

Many thanks


Wed Feb 27


Wed Nov 28

I take it you do not get the train before 10am in the morning, because that's probably the only time you can get a sit on a train from Manor Park.

Wed Sep 19


Sun Jul 01


pizza grove

Mon Feb 26

Chennai dosa place is quite nice with reasonable prices.

Thu Dec 14

Not quite Chelsea, but.....

Manor Park is not exactly where the rich people hang out so don't expect the wealthy crowd here. However that ain't all bad by any means (I have lived here for my 50 years!). But I'd say you do need to be careful at night - there is plenty of crime about, but I haven't suffered over the years. There is some great green area - Wanstead Park takes some beating (not far North-ish from Manor Park station) and Wanstead Flats is the inner-most part of Epping Forest where Henry 8th used to hunt his deer (some of them are still there but mainly further into the Forest!).

Sun Oct 22

Good Take Aways in East Ham/Manor Park/Little Ilford

Can anyone recommend any good Take Aways in East Ham/Manor Park/Little Ilford? Have just moved into the area and am hungry...


Fri Oct 13

My experience of trains at Manor Park is that they are often packed ( I usually get the the 0821 am train). Especially like today when they put on a 'short' train and lots of people could not even get on. The station is filthy I don't know if it is ever cleaned. At night there are often gangs of youths hanging around.

Wed Aug 30

Wed Jul 26



Does anyone have a one/two bed flat/house with kitchen diner to rent in Manor Park. I am looking for one close to High Street North - towards Romford Road end. I am aware of the adverts in the shop windows near the East Ham station.


Fri Mar 31

Advance Laundry

The building is still there but is now small units. The Aveue pub is still there but is derelict and some of the row of houses that were in between Morris Avenue and Browning Road is now a temple

Mon Feb 06

dyer family

im not too sure but my mother told me that my fathers family originally came from manor park my grandfathaers name was frederick john dyer he married my grandmother florrence dyer her maiden name was collins she originated from ireland trying to trace any brothers or sisters he may have had thankfully angela dyer email address

Sun Jan 29

Aussie needs help

Hi I was brought up in Manor Park, I lived in Morris Ave for over 20 years. I am in the middle of writing my life story. Called the Blitz Kid as I lived there right through the blitz.

(1) Could any one tell me if the Advance Laundry that backed onto the whole length of Morris Avenue is still there, if not, what has been built in its place?

(2) If anyone lives in, or near Morris Avenue. Could I ask a huge favour. If they own a digital camera, would they take a photo of number 9 and if possible a second shot from the corner showing a number of the houses which include number 9. The photos as jpegs, or any information could be emailed to me at

Sat Nov 19


I used to stay in Sheringham Avenue and Romford Road in 2002 and 2003.I am currently wrapping up my studies in America. I will return to Manor Park early '06 and I need a house to share with 2,3 or 4 decent tenants.Please contact me with any information and weekly or monthly rents.

Contact me on;-

Mon Nov 14


Fri Sep 30

safe? gym?

hello i've lived in manor park with a friend who owns her property for nearly a year now and i think the area is ok, i've never had any problems i think some of the best places are on the avenues such as 1st 2nd and 3rd ave etc.... in little ilford its about a 10min walk to the station (overground manor park). and im not so sure about good gyms i haven't seen any but if there are then they're most likely to be in ilford,

i hope i've helped you! and my best suggestion would be to take a walk around the area in the evening with a friend to check the safety aspect.

Thu Aug 18

chenai dosa is great!!!

Tue Jul 26

hi my name is hussain

i`m looking for a team and i`m good enough to with under 16 if you have some information

call to this nomber ********6

Tue Jul 12

its gud area long as u mind ur own. dont kno bouts gyms tho. Buy a house on the poetic estate (byron, shelly, tennyson ave etc) cos its next to E6 and tube station

Fri Jul 01

But you can only get appointments for the Day

As with many GP practices around the country, and as highlighted to Tony Blair in his TV Election panel meeting, Claremont clinic does not take appointments in advance. You must queue up at the door or try to book an appointment for the SAME day, on the phone when the office opens at 9AM.

And they are very busy already. Very busy.

Wed May 04


Sun Apr 03


I am 22yrs old Nigerian and need to find a plce to train.I am a defender and wish to turn pro. soon.

Thu Mar 10

safe? gym?

Hi I am planning to move to Manor Park area. Would you guys recomend this area ? I mean is it safe? Is there any safe, nice green area? and one more - is there any gym??? thanks so much! where eles would you recomend - East ,zone 3/4 area???

Wed Mar 02


I realise this website doesn't include these, but does anyone have any knowledge or information about the Goodmayes/Chadwell Heath areas. Is there much deprivation (if any), or is it quite nice? Are the loitering youths rough with unwanted verbal (or other) tendencies. I would greatly appreciate any information that anybody could give me. Thankyou very much.

Fri Dec 31

Sagor resturant is a nice resturant near the Army and Navy store in Manor Park, price is very resaonable.

Mon Jul 05

patels on high st north

the surgery is just opposite marks and spencers--looksa bit run down but the dentists seem to be good.

Wed Jun 02

claremont clinic

claremont clinic on romford rd just at katherine rd takes patients from parts of manor park..its really an excellent gp practice with women gps

Wed Jun 02


I WORK FULL TIME.42 male/no diposit at moment/living in peckham/ask to move out by partner[met someone else after 7 yrs].most i can pay is £110 aweek via rent book

Mon May 31

Please can you let me know the telephone number for Manor Park Cemetery and Crematorium.

Thank You

Tim Prior ;

Mon May 31


does anyone know a good gardener in the area? my garden needs help badlY!!

Tue May 18


Thu Apr 15

Gym Membership

You can buy membership to 4 local council-operated gyms for 33 a month. i usually go to the Atherton Leisure Centre on Romford Road, which has a decent gym, pool and tons of free classes if you want them.

Fri Feb 07

The Sagor on High St North

Great value, good food and free delivery Main course, side dish, rice and Naan bread from around £10

Mon Feb 03

Great Indian restaurants/take aways

Tue Jan 21

Lots of parks

There are lots of parks in the area including Wanstead Flats

Tue Jan 21

Good transport

Its easy to get into the City and if the trains aren't running you can take the tube from East Ham

Tue Jan 21


There's a Tesco Express on Romford Road by Woodgrange Park train station and a Sainsbury's in East Ham which is easy to walk to

Tue Jan 21

Sports Centre

Theres a great sports centre in East Ham on Barking Road. Its owned by the local authority but its only recently opened so its quite swanky

Tue Jan 21


The trains from Manor Park to Liverpool Street are fine in the morning. In fact I can't remember the last time I wasn't able to get a seat.

Tue Jan 21

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