Welcome to London Manor House

Hi I do martial arts in Bounds Green if you are interested.


Mon Jun 06

Capoeira - Brazilian martial arts involving music and dance

The London School of Capoeira is running Tuesday Capoeira course for beginners with MASTER MARCOS.

20 July - 10 August 2010 / 19.30 - 21.30

Address: London School of Capoeira, Unit 1 and 2 Leeds Place,

Tollington Park, London N4 3RF.

Nearest tube station: Finsbury Park.

Included in the fee: 4 week course and a LSC T.shirt


See www.londonschoolofcapoeira.com or call direct on 020 7281 2020


Tue Jul 27

Roberta Ann Thurston formerly of Moreton Road,N.15 (I think).

Now living (I think) near Manor House.

What became of the staff at the Wick.

I left in 64.

You,just before.....

Sat Jul 17

gym next to tesco in old snooker club

there is a new gym in the old snooker club left of the tesco on green lanes (near salisbury pub). It's cheap and basic but good value. no membership, £4 a day, £11 a week, 35£ a month.

Mon Jul 05

laundrette manor house

There are two on greenlanes/the grande parade, towards turnpike lane when you walk from green lanes overground. one on the right earlier, one on the left later on..

Mon Jul 05

Tue Jan 05

I am looking for a house help


Wed Sep 30

advice on driving instructors

I'm looking for a driving instructor in Manor House, and wondered if someone could recommend one- someone who's used to teaching adults ideally! Email

Wed Apr 16

re: sunstone

Sunstone is luxury prices for council gym facilities - there have even been persistent mushrooms in their showers !! The equipment is dated and frequently out of use. It is no nearer Manor House than Clissold Leisure Centre - recently refurbished - brand new equipment and no mushrooms for not much more than half the monthly cost !

Tue Jan 29

Help! Advice!

Hi there, me and my boyfriend have completely fallen for a flat near manor house. Its just off green lane/ lordship manor so about 10 mins south of the station. I'm going to be commuting to bank..does anyone else in this area do this and how do they find it in terms of times etc. Also whats the area like in terms of shops, nice restaurants/bars etc. I'm also slightly concerned about safety, as i'll be working late alot, how honestly safe is it? Really hope someones on as have to make a decision today!!

Fri Nov 09

Wed Oct 31

Mon Oct 29

I've lived here for 9 years and had no real problems. As a single woman I've always felt very safe walking on my own around here.

Sat Sep 01

yes and boy working there is the sweetest one i have ever met

Tue Aug 21

Manor House

We've lived in Manor House/Green Lanes for nearly two years and had no major dramas. The area isn't any more dodgy than anywhere else. In fact compared to Finsbury Park and Wood Green is a lot more pleasant. There are lot's of shops and restaurants and it has great transport links. Come!

Sun Jul 15

Pilates - More space needed

I am currently teaching Pilates once a week towards Turnpike Lane however I am looking for additional space/hall to teach some private one-to-one lessons and possibly set up some more classes. Doesnt need to tbe anything fancy just something like a church hall. If anyone knows anywhere that would rent by the hour please let me know! (Or if you are interested in Pilates lessons)


Mon Apr 09

Road name

Hi the road is called UMFREVILLE ROAD N4

Sat Mar 03

What a load of Sh*t. I've lived in Manor House for over 5 years and it is a fine place to live. Lots of regeneration going on, so it can only get better.

Fri Feb 23

portuguese lessons


i'm in london to do an MA in cultural studies and i teach portuguese on my free time. it's 20 pounds per hour for individual lessons. and i'm preparing a conversation course for may.

please contact me if you're interested!

ate ja, rita xx

Wed Feb 21

Dates in sainsburys?

is this still going on? tell us please

Thu Jan 25

I'm considering buying in Manor House quite near the superstore opposite the park. Is it as dodgy as people are making out, is this area Finsbury Park Avenue particularly bad?

Mon Nov 13


Trying to find a launderette in or near Manor House, anyone know of one?

Fri Sep 15

The Salisbury on Green Lanes was a runner-up in Time Out's good pub awards last year. The Beaconsfield is also okay, and the Old Ale Emporium is good but small. All of these are on the main strip of Green Lanes Grand Parade.

As for safety, Manor House is no better or worse than most areas in London. Stuff happens, but then it can happen anywhere. Having all those shops open 24/7 and so many people about can generally only be a good thing, right?

Tue Aug 22


Is there anywhere near manor house where you can learn yoga??



Mon Jul 31

Moving in

Hello, me and my partner are about to sign a lease on a flat in Stanhope Gardens N4. Would this come under the "manor house" catagory? Does anyone have any comments good/bad about this area? I've read some of the postings that have reflected badly on the area and was wondering if it was a particular area of Manor House that you need to be wary of. I'm coming over from Bow and it looks dodgy there but I've never had any problems myself (although my housemate has had her purse stolen a record 9 times on the 25 night bus!).

Also as we are new to the area could anyone reccommend a decent doctors surgery and nice pub to go and chill out in on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Tue Jul 18

Pizza Bianca

It's called Pizza Bianca. Try the tiramisu, even Italians I have taken there think it is the best they have ever tasted!!!!! EXCELLENT pizzas and pastas too.

Thu Jun 22

Lived in the area for a while now and love it.. loads of different pubs depending on what you like- The Salisbury is great and so is the Alexandra on Seven Sisters- just been refurbished. The Faltering Fullback in Finsbury Park tucked away on Perth Road is great for atmosphere, sport coverage and thai food and has a great mix of people. The Brownswood looks a bit dodgy from the outside but it is really friendly and always has lock ins!

Tue Mar 07

Need Help

Hi everybody

My name is Marc and i live near Bordeaux in South-West France, I'm coming in London next 19th of January to improve my English and get some work. I'm now searching for something cheep to sleep. And I think that Manor House is a good solution.

But I don't understand where they are. The difference between "Manor House type 1", "Manor House type 2" (I read something on another site). And also the prices which go from to 50£/week to 85£/week.

So, if somebody could answer to my questions it will be very nice. Thanks in advance.

Here my mail:

Tue Jan 10

Hi there,

been living in manor house for more than a year now and have had no incidences, sure they could occur anywhere though, but i presume the area is not bad. could be better i agree but before then , we just have to make the best of what we have.

is anyone interested in going to the Gym, or Martial arts, going for drinkls with Moi? i really want to be outdoors but need company, can i hear someone say me too? contact me via email@

Sat Nov 12

Manor House is my home

Some claim Manor House is a dodgy area, but the area has cleaned up in recent years. It is populated so on the main street, I feel very safe even by myself at night. Since it is still suffering from a not-so-hot reputation a few years ago, you can get beautiful flats for great value. I searched the city looking for a flat that I loved, and Manor House had it for me at hundreds less.

Thu Sep 29

Tue Aug 02

Martial Arts

there is a great Southern style praying mantis kung fu on a Tuesday night in the Methodist Church on Hampden Road (N8). Otherwise try at Tao Sports on Green Lanes. If you tell them what style you are after, they will recommend a (very good) class to you.

Tue Aug 02

There is a really good gym called 'The Manor' in Fortis Green Road, near Muswell Hill. Hope this helps.

Tue Jul 26


is there a gym somewhere between Turnpike Lane and Manor House tube stations???

I have checked out Langham Sports Centre but they don't have a weights room.....will somebody please help!!

Mon Jul 25

lived there 5 years ago & cant

need some jabs for travelling and need to contact the DR'S Surgery near sainsburies of green lane does anyone know what road thats on?

Mon Jul 18


Looking for a gym near corner of Green Lanes/Brownswood Rd, so might be Highbury, or Finsbury, Manor House, or even Stoke Newington??

Anything anyone knows of?

Mon Jul 11

woodbery down

it was a good comunity but its gone know,you can trace the decline back to when it was trasfered from the old GLC to hackney

Wed Mar 30

life on the main road...

i ve lived in manor house on the green lanes for just over a year.before i always lived in the south east london ,nicer looking areas but it was a bit scarty in the evening as they were in very quiet streets

here i just love it!

it s a great place to save on your shopping the veggies are better and cheaper than in sainsbury and there s 24/7 shops just down the road !even when i come back at home late i see so many people around that i feel more safe here .

so far so good.only drawback is the week ends can be a bit noisy downstaires but it is all quite bearable and i just love it.

Tue Feb 22


The Manor House Area has been fine for me, I have lived in Harringay for almost one and a half years. Many of the roads off Green Lanes are a quiet haven, and a million miles away from the busy traffic. I live down one such road and a significant majority of properties and gardens are verywell maintained. I as a female have never experienced any problems with crime at all.

Thu Feb 10


if you are female, sunstone gym is very good, female only gym in SToke Newington, not far from Manor House. Has many classes, gym, pool, steam room sauna and creche for kids.

Fri Feb 04


I assume you must be one of the pimps or crackwhores living on that estate then. Perhaps i could have the mindisc player back you nicked??

Fri Feb 04

You are an insult

just sit down and shut up. why doesn't anyone see the good in the place apart from the fruit and veg stores...

and how can you say that last comment that will put a huge class divide in london and then we really will have ghettos. places in London like Tottenham, Wood Green, Lewisham, Brixton, Finsbury Park, Dalston and Manor House etc Need people to pump money into them to make these places affordable for everyone they don't need to be slammed and used as another place to hide away what is really going on in this country.

Sun Jan 30

Manor House

Its a dump bordering onto an estate which is rife with crack houses and other drug use. Lived there for 1 year, got badly beaten up and mugged. House burgled and when Police came the bets advice they had was move from the area. The said brothels and crack houses were prevalent in the area. May not look bad on first glance but believe me you will encounter crime on a weekly basis!

Wed Jan 26

Reply to Kate

I have now moved to putney after my house mate was attacked. I suppose it could happen anywhere in London, but strongly advise against it. I wouldn't want to live there again.

Mon Jan 24

Woodberry Down estate

My partners nan lives there and has for many years. I've only visited a few times and have'nt had any trouble although she has experienced muggings and even returned home to find 'youths' sitting in her home and eating her food after having broken in! This is quite disturbing especially as it's an elderly person! There's been alot of smashed windows too on the estate!

Sun Dec 19


Just wondering that names and place of the gyms in the area. I am moving and want to get a gym membership.

Fri Dec 17

its an all right area no need to be scared its fine

Wed Dec 01

what sort of Martial Arts does it do?

Do you know what the address is?


Fri Oct 15

Yes theres a dojo in stoke newington/dalston.

Forget the name of street but it's opposite the west end of Princess may road.

Tue Oct 05

not as rough as people say it is, most areas are busy and fine, normal periods to watch out for are pub closing time like anywhere else

Wed Aug 04

To Gloucester Road....

...about 30/40 minutes.

Mon May 24

I live manor house, to be honest the area is so busy, most times of the night or day it doesnt scare me. however i dont suggest walking throught the park of a night, nor really on ur own, but i think that goes for every part of london. I do seem to come home late and on my own and have never had problems.

Thu May 06

Moving to Manor House..

Im off to see a flat in Manor House later today, I would like to ask about the saftety in the area, Im moving there with my girlfriend and shes kinda easily frightened? any comments?


Tue Apr 27


The Salisbury also has really good food. It is an excellent chilled out pub

Thu Apr 01

Great Place.......Loads of amenities around!!!!!!!

I found it is a great area........zone 2 (piccadilly line), that is 100% faster and better than northem line.

Also I found lots of daily and night buses and supermarkets around....(big sainsbury's) and many small shops for fruit+ vegetables.

The area of course is not Knightsbridge.........but is very safe.As a single person I do work until late and use bus/tube to get home without worries. I moved here 3 yrs ago and not planning to change area at all.

Sun Jan 25


when i first came to london i thought the area was dreadfull, but having lived in london awhile you realise its just london, the yobs here are mainly turkish/kurdish albanian and whilst they do leer a little its as far as it goes and most are generally very respectful (unlike most other men that 'make disgusting noises') - as for the mess it is a mess but then so is most of london, i wouldnt eat the veg either but the shops are open 24hrs for just about anything and consequently its a very safe area as there is always someone around (who leer aside, would help if there was trouble), transport is very good and whilst its not the greatest of environments its not that bad - esp. compared to places like hackney

Tue Jan 13

What crap people talk

Manor House - harringey green lanes end is a terrific place to live. good bus and tube and overground service. 24 hour shops etc. Have been there for 2 years and love it

Mon Nov 10

Not convinced

i've lived in Manor House for a year now, at the Finsbury Park end, and am not convinced. The area is dodgy, to put it mildly. I am not impressed by any of the pubs, the parks are either filthy or overcrowded. I've been threatened once, and encountered several Police raids on the hotels around seven sisters walking home at night. Vandalism and graffeti are rife. Every third car parked seems damaged, or dumped.

The tube is a bonus for getting to the west end, though. Rent and council taxes are also rather high.

I will be moving on in the new year.

Thu Nov 06


manor house falls within three councils, Hackney (very expensive) Islington (very expensive) and Harringey (cheaper). In a three bedroom flat, we pay £90+ a month! We fall under Hackney.

Thu Nov 06

Bianca Italian Pizza place

This is the fine pizza place on Green Lanes just north of the olda ale emporium.

Wed Oct 29

Dont live here

Its filthy and crowded with yobs that apprently think women are only around to make disgusting noises at. So its has 24hr shops? Yep you are able to buy fruit and veg that has been out on the road all day. Fabulous!

Thu Oct 09

Martial Arts

there is a place more towards turnpike lane, on the left (going nth).

Fri Sep 12

Manor House Rocks

sorry you've obviously had a freaky bad time----- but lets be honest, this really is not a true reflection of life in manor house. Because of all the Turkish fruit & veg shops/restaurants open so late, Green Lanes is always full of people until at least midnight, and after that its still a busy road with plenty of buses, so ive never felt scared walking around at night. Sainsburys is 24hrs, Finsbury Park is great and has basketball courts, tennis courts, a running track, football, softball fields, and a little pond to row boats in the middle. Where in the world would you expect a seat in rush hour anyway. The N29 bus is always around, there are cheap sunbeds, nail bars and gyms (so you can look fantastic, darling) and generally the Manor House area is a great place for young people esp. to eat/live well and save money.

Fri Sep 12

Gaziantep---it has a red sign, and is about 3 blocks towards Wood Green, on the right-hand side. ive eaten there loads and its always really fresh and nice.

Fri Sep 12

Italian Resteraunt

im sure this is not the one they ment, but La Porchetta on Stroud Green rd (worth the walk) is really good and amazing value.

Fri Sep 12

Manor House Cabs

i've lived in Manor House for almost 3 years, and i always use Golden Cars 0208 ****4.......ive never had a scary/dodgy driver and they're usually minutes away.

Fri Sep 12

Name of Italian Restaurant

I'm sure you don't want the place over crowded but please can I have the name.

Wed Sep 10

The Salisbury

Is the only pub I go to in Harringay Green lanes, since its last refurb. To get rid of the reputation now doesn't show football, has comedy on a Thursday evening once a month and a great chill out Sunday. Lots of room, settees, different types of beer, good food.

Other than that usually go to some other part of town.

Tue Sep 02

Martial Arts

Does anybody know of a Gym/Dojo/hall anywhere near Manor House/Green lanes that does any kind of Martial Arts? I'm looking to do something nearby rather than have to travel back into town.

Thu Aug 28

These good pubs...

Several of the previous posts have mentioned "good pubs" around Manor House and Green Lanes, Harringay.

Would anyone like to be more specific please and tell everyone which ones are good and why?

Tue Aug 26

Clissold Park

There's a brand new sports centre with 2 pools and a fantastic gym just off Stoke Newington Church Street by Clissold Park. It's not a private one but the rates are very good and they have loads of facilities

Fri Aug 01

Heron practice

I'm also at this practice and they are really good. They operate a 48 hour appointment policy which means you are guaranteed an appointment in that period but you can't book more than 48 hours in advance.

Most GPs are full but if you try the nhs website there is a page under enfield and Haringey which explains how to be allocated a GP.

Fri Aug 01


I would like to konw the distane (in minutes)from manor house up to gloucester road

Tue Jul 29

Manor House is great!!!

I love living here. There are great food shops, 24 hour convenience stores, Sainsbury's round the corner, good pubs; the main road is busy (and you can be guaranteed a bus every few minutes) but the roads off it are very peaceful...

Mon Jul 14

Everything you want

Manor house (Harringay) is great beacuse its so near to the city and west end, it has buses, tubes, over ground trains and shops open all night. You can buy booze all night if you want!! there is a great Italian restaurante and loads of greek turkish places.

The fruit and veg is the cheapest in London........

Wed Jun 25

manor house? never again

When i first moved to london, i didnt know where i was going, (IF ONLY) i ended up in a hellhole on mattison road just of green lanes, my major gripe was with the postie, i was sent mail i dont know how many times from my previous address and i think i received about 1 in 4, and that included recorded deliveries!!! and every so often youd be detoured of green lanes when coming home from a long day at work cause somebody had been murdered (not a lie) this happened 3 time in 8 months, thank god for the ladder, despite this i never felt threatened, but i would thoroughly recommend against it, unless like the person before says you cant afford anything better

Fri May 30

manor house

vibrant with a great mix of non-english and english cultures and some of the best food in london.

Wed May 14

Heron Practice

020 7690 1172 -

fairly strict on remembering to cancel or being late for appointments but they are very good - I've had Dr Sher and she's quite nice.

Thu Mar 27

Manor House is Great

Sorry to hear about my friend's unhappiness during his time in Manor House. I think your lifestyle has a lot to do with it and of course the tubes are packed by the time they get to you. It's in Zone 2, you dummy! If you want to sit down during rush-hour, go and live in Enflield! Green Lanes, which is open twent-four hours a day is of course an excellent facility, Stamford Hill and Stoke-Newington are walkable as indeed is Finsbury Park. I've never had a problem with the tubes, although I commute everyday, and I've never felt or been threatened.

Sat Mar 22

theyre packed

really really packed. be prepared to stand all the way to your destination, even if your are six months pregnant!

Thu Feb 06

To be honest, Manor house is rubbish

I lived there for about three months and hated it. I never felt safe on the streets at night. Getting into work was a nightmare: the tube is ALWAYS full by the time it gets to you and it there were far too many problems in the evenings (trains stopping at finsbury park only, manor house station kept closing down at the HINT of anything - like a fire strike - despite there being no lifts). The shops along green lanes were good for fresh veg and fruit - that's the best thing I can say about the whole area. It feels like a pikey dump and it's too far away from the centre of London. Don't move there unless you are too poor to live anywhere else

Thu Feb 06

There is a massive Sainsburys right near Green Lanes. Open 24h (excecpt Sundays)

Tue Jan 07

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