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Leyton Manor Sec School

I was pupil there until 1957 Miss Johnson was my English teacher great inspiration, any news from anyone who remembers Maureen Griggs

Sat Nov 21

Leyton Manor Co Seconndary

I was pupil there until 1957 Miss Johnson was my English teacher she was a great inspiration to me. Any news from anyone who remembers me Maureen Griggs as was

Sun Oct 11

If you knew how to spell Leyton that would help

Sat Feb 08

I went to Goodall Road School same time as you....and I remember "running under the mill" on starting there....I was in Mr Purton and Mr Howes class while I was there..i think Mr. Goodfellow was head of the lower school ?

Wed Jun 05

Tue May 07

Biddell and Gingell

My mother, aged 91, lived in Stratford until 1940 and has just been telling me about the horses that used to pull the Biddle and Gingell cart delivering soft drinks to near where she lived at White Road, Stratford.

Sat Jan 26

Darren Arrowsmith

Are you still looking for him?

Thu Jan 17

Re : Goodall Road School ...

I wasn’t there the same time as you but just after 1949 - 1953 .... I remember Larry the lamb and Miss jones also Miss Moss .... and a few others Mr. Isaacs. Mr. Good fellow me Pearson Mr George who took the boys for woodwork I think ... when I first started at Goodall a girl named Maria Lopez was head girl ....

Sun Nov 25

I would like to know if sutherland and sons Cole yard still there

Sun Nov 11

The Antelope

I lived in the Antelope from '59 - '72 when I married Martin Briley. My mum, Molly Holman left the pub in '76. I went to Capworth Street School from '61 - '65 and later Walthamstow School of Art '67 - 71' which became North East Polytechnic. My name then was Kathy Holman, anyone remember me?

Sun Mar 04

I was at Goodall Road School from 1951-1955. Larry Lester and Miss Jones were the heads.

lived in Ruckholt Road.

My name is Trevor Sams.

Hope to hear from someone who knows me.

Tue Feb 06

Goodall Rd School

My Dad, Mark Schofield was there from around 1947 - 51. He remembers Mr Lester, Miss Jones and Miss Moss.

We are trying to trace a school photo if anyone can help?

Tue Mar 28


My Dad was at Goodall School 1947 - 51

Mark Schofield

He has been trying to trace an old school photo of that time if anyone knows where a copy can be found

It would be lovely for him to hear from anyone who remembers him

Thu Mar 23

Sandringham Road E10

I used to go to Norlington Road school. Before that it was Canterbury Road school. I was there in 1949. I lived in Sandringham Road. I don't suppose anyone remembers these places. Contact me on

Fri Mar 03

JJ Deans

I have located another Goodall Rd Lad who lived in the High Street Alan Story he worked also for JJ Deans and he is very ill and lives in Cornwall a [place called Braunton Nth Devon. My sister Maureen Schooley went to Goodall Rd School I was sent to Norlington. You may remember John Doran I met up with him some years ago in a place called Napier NZ we both worked for Port line in the Merchant Navy. He sadly passed on the day England beat Australia at Rugby I always called him the gentle giant

Mon Jan 23


Does anybody remember The Happy Holiday programme during the school holidays. I actually lived in Goodall Rd Leyton. I was first in the small children and was moved to junior school Downsal Rd. Regards Michael.

Sat Nov 12

Eddie flack

I was an apprentice with Eddie .we worked for JJ deans ruckholt.sad.

Wed Nov 02

Mon Mar 28

Janet Donovan once of Grove Green Road.Are you still around?Like me she would be in her 70's now!

Thu Feb 04

Hi Han I lived in grove green road leyton in the 1960s

Mon Jan 25

Hi Han I lived in grove green road leyton in the 1960s

Mon Jan 25

I went to Downsell Rd school Mr Hardys class with Maureen Cook and Phiyllis Ling sadly Eddie Flack died last year. I had a sister called Maureen

for some reason my parents made me go to Norlinton Rd school. I lived in Goodall Rd No 38. best regards Michael Schooley

Mon Nov 09

I remember you, Michael. My name is Michael Taylor. I lived at 99 Scotts Road - Richard and Elizabeth Powell lived upstairs! I also remember Alan Harris, who I think lived in Sidmouth Road, and Susan Taylor (no relation) who lived further up Scotts Road from us. As I recall, you, Alan and I were all at Newport Road School together. Other names I recall from those happy days are Richard Clark, Stephen Butcher, Geoff Felton, Roger Boreham, Gillian Williams, Joyce Bonney, Janice Green.... I could go on and on. My email address is

Fri Nov 06

Checking in on my old home town!

My family moved from Leyton in 69, leaving Ruckholt Manor and friends behind. It's nice to see some comments about goings-on.

Tue Nov 25

Sat Nov 01

Good pubs

Try the Leyton Tech near in the old town hall its great, realy good fun.

Tue Sep 17

Drivning through

Stop and look around, Leyton is on the up, it has good bars like the Tech Bar great place beats anything around it...full of trendy people not stuck up social climbers like Orford road E17.

Tue Sep 17


Walthamstow is vile there is nothing there and the only bars are iron bars...what rot you talk....Leytonhas a great bar called the Tech Bar, beats any thing in dirty filthy stow.

Tue Sep 17


I was at Goodall Road School roundabout the same time as you. I remember the teachers you mention but I was in Mr Chapman's class. I certainly remember the headmaster Mr Chapman and Miss Jones. Miss Moss used to take the girls for needlework but she was never a very happy lady!

You might remember me - my name at that time was Irene Stagg and I am in touch with another ex-pupil who was there at the same time. If you remember me please contact me and let me know your name. Regards.

Fri Aug 30

Come And Support Barkingside Fc

Come and support Barkingside Fc in the 1st ever Ryman League North game

Saturday 10th August

Barkingside Fc v Cheshunt Fc 3pm Kick off

All support welcome

Mon Aug 05

Leyton Midland Area.

The area you are talking about is fine it is right by Abbots Park that is now a great place and the housing is good. Many people slag of the area because they don't or can't afford to live here. I have lived here for 11 years and had no trouble at all. Good move mate.

Sat Jul 06

Cop cars. NO!

You will hear lots of sirens going off because of Whips X hospital NOT cop cars DUH.

Sat Jul 06

Its good and getting better.

Good move I have to say. You will get a good house for a low price at the moment but it is on the way up. I moved to Leyton 11 years ago well before the Olympics. I bought my house for £211,000, bought it because it had every thing still inside it fire places etc. I had my house valued last week and it is now worth £410,000. The area in some parts are still a bit rough, but getting better. The council is spending eye watering amounts in the area, doing up shops facilities etc. Best place to live is on the Barclay Estate, good houses good flats and very quiet but close to every thing, Victoria Line and Central Line are both 10 min walk away and the woods and lakes a 5 min walk and West Fields is just 1.5 miles away. So well done if you do move here and good luck if you don't.



Sat Jul 06

Its good and getting better.

Good move I have to say. You will get a good house for a low price at the moment but it is on the way up. I moved to Leyton 11 years ago well before the Olympics. I bought my house for £211,000, bought it because it had every thing still inside it fire places etc. I had my house valued last week and it is now worth £410,000. The area in some parts are still a bit rough, but getting better. The council is spending eye watering amounts in the area, doing up shops facilities etc. Best place to live is on the Barclay Estate, good houses good flats and very quiet but close to every thing, Victoria Line and Central Line are both 10 min walk away and the woods and lakes a 5 min walk and West Fields is just 1.5 miles away. So well done if you do move here and good luck if you don't.



Sat Jul 06

Come and live in Leyton

Leyton is a great place to live and any body who slags it off clearly does not live here, and soon they won't be able to a ford to. Leyton has a fantastic history right up to this very day as our future Queen's grandparents lived in Leyton. The Barclay bank family lived here,hence the Barclay Estate. The wonderful Elizabeth Fry part of the Frys chocolate family who started off the Quakers from here along with the Gurneys hence Gurney Drive. On my road Matlock Road both the Ross brothers grew up. (Jonathon and his brother) Tony Hadley's (Spandau Ballet) aunt lived on Matlock Road. The area is improving every day. So all those people who don't like the area, you will lose out. WFC bless them have tried very hard to bring up the area and it's working. So come live in Leyton learn its history its fascinating. Thank you.

Wed Jul 03

Then leave

And where would you go??

Every one know the estate you talk about WAS bad and is now demolished, why did you live there in the first place?

Mon Jul 01

Well lets avoid the school you went to.

I am a teacher and have taught in and around East London, Leyton. If you check the league tables you will be surprised.

Mon Jul 01

Leyton is OK!!!!

As this person does not live in Leyton they have very little right to comment.

Leyton is not boring and there is so much to do deff for families and the open spaces are amazing. Leyton flats with woods lakes and boating house. And near all the amenities you could think of, 20 mins from West End 10 from the City and 5 from Olympic Park and West Fields.Why not stop you care and get out and walk about you will change your mind.

Mon Jul 01

Leyton house prices are ready to go BOOM

I have live in Leyton. The housing stock is mainly Victorian and Edwardian with some fantastic features. Albeit some people have removed every features and replaced them with those disgusting plastic doors and window.(this brings the price down) The area is progressing. 20 mins from West End 15 from the City and 5 mins from the Olympic Park and West Fields. Best place to buy is the Barclay Estate and any road off the estate. Right by lakes woods and Epping Forest. The WFC is making huge in roads to bring the area up and its working. WARNING: House prices are now on the up. I bought my house in 2001 for £211,000 and it was valued last week for an eye watering £410,000 and they are going up every day.Houses are being snapped up like no ones business. Good houses are only on the market for 2 weeks and then GONE. So if you are thinking about this area I strongly suggest you buy NOW. Soon it will be out of many peoples reach.

Mon Jul 01

Come And Support The Newest Team In The Ryman North League

Come and support Barkingside Fc next season

Barkingside Fc finished runners up in the Essex Senior League and won the Essex Senior League league cup.

The team play there homes games at

The Oakside Stadium,

Station Road




literally behind Barkingside tube station

The Club are always looking for new supporters and sponsors.

Thu Jun 06

Talking out of your !

Get a spell checker, you fool.

Leyton and Leytonstone is a terrible place and has grown worse since the late sixties/earlyseventies.

You have no idea of the undercurrant crime, from rape to murder.

Sun May 19


Tue May 07

goodall road

My dad Peter Newton (still alive) was at goodall road from 1943 to 1946 and used to use the shelters during raids. He got the cane from Larry Lester and he still says he wad the best headmaster ever. He played for the school football and cricket team and Larry Lester used to cheer them on at Eton Manor on a saturday morning.

Tue Apr 30

Capworth Street School- Leyton Manor Scool

I have been trying to find out what happened to this school as it is no longer marked on any map. I assume that it has been replaced but with what? I was a pupil from 1951 to 1955. Miss Coates seemed to be my form mistress for most of that time any memories of her would be appreciated. please contact if you can

Sat Mar 23


My name is michael blowes,used to live in Scotts road up until 1970 when I got married then moved away.I wonder if there is anybody that would remember me? I remember roger whipp lived in morley road,alan and brian harris,elizabeth and richard powell,kevin brewer,keith richardson,michael vowles,susan taylor.my brothers name was stephen.seems a long time ago now!!we most likely have all moved in different directions.It would be great to hear from anybody.

Wed Aug 22

Fri Jun 22

yes reg past away about 15 years ago i was his van boy 4 along time and new the famerly well if u want to now moor contact me at

Sat Jun 02

ernest tribe

ilive with reg and is mum for 4 yeras reg sadlye past away about 15 years ago istill live in dagenham

Sat May 19

Cycle routes -leyton to st Paul Thanks Jo_m_bunker@hotmail.com

Im also called Jo and also looking to cycle into the city but don't know how to go about finding a cycle route (a quietish one).

Any recommendations?


Mon May 07

I did respond to your request a few days ago but I dont know if you received it. My wife and I remember Maureen Cook and Phiyllis Ling And her sisterGwen.I think that you were in my class at school but I can,t remember if it was goodall rd.or downsell rd. My E Mail is

Fri May 04


Yes it does !

Sun Apr 29

Hi, I went to goodall rd.school from 1949 to 1953.do you remember like I do running under the mill when we left downsill school to go to goodall.

Tue Apr 17

hi,yes i remember maureen cook,and phyllis ling,also her sister gwen ling.why. I use the leytonstone knowhere guide to contact old friends.

Mon Apr 16

hi,yes i remember maureen cook,and phyllis ling,also her sister gwen ling.why.

Mon Apr 16

1930 [ish]

Searching for Family tree information: HALL - family.

Ellen Martha married George MOORE approx 1936. Remarried - James Cockburn McGUIRE

Ellen's siblings, Agnes married F. WALL & Elsie married C. SMITH – [one son was a Lt Cdr. Royal Navy]

mail me -

Tue Mar 20

recommending Joe the handyman

ii called him at short notice because i was let down by somebody else,needed some furniture assembled and a room painted by the end of today,as i have guest coming tomorrow,he came in this morning as promised,the only thing i had to do was to make sure the room was cleared before he got here,stayed up most of the night to clear the room,Joe gave room two coats,and assembled the furnitures and put them in the room,he just left,great guy and great price,less the the guy who let me down before,i recommend handymanjoe ********9

Tue Mar 13

are yoy still lucking

I can recommend one reliable she is very reliable and trustworthy

I suggest you give her a trial, her number is ********1

Mon Dec 19


I am looking for a recommendation for an urgent job at my house. I need a painter/decorator. The job is small but I'd really like it done as soon as possible. I want someone who is reliable and will not rip me off. I live in Leyton. Thanks

Tue Nov 22

FUJI CAMERA LOST - 55 bus Baker Arms

Saturday 05/11/2011 I lost my camera with not archived importent pictures in bus 55 (around 10 p.m.)

FUJI FINEPIX S series in black bag.

I will revard honest finder (even for cards with photos only).

Please contact

Sun Nov 06

-( $ x xf $Xsg sfwfegghr&dbdvdv&h&ddddd&dhhhgc

Cfbd. bfanafnf f

Wed Nov 02

dance classes in leyton

hi does anyone know any dance classes in leyton for my little 8 year old thank you

Mon Jul 11



Tue May 31


Thu May 26


the number is 0794 013 3529

Thu May 26

need furniture assembled

Thu May 26

handyman number

anyone got the number of Joe the handyman from handymanjoe please?thanks

Thu May 26

Sun May 15

Like to contact anyone from the Newport road school class that graduated in 1946, there must be a few of us left.

Fri Apr 15

What scool did u go to so can avoid

Tue Feb 08

thank you Mary

you forgot to add the number.it's 0794 013 3529 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              0794 013 3529      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Tue Oct 26

Fri Oct 08

TV for sale

Is anyone looking to buy a TV?

Large Toshiba TV with stand. Pick up at Redbridge.

If interested,

Mon Oct 04

hi i have lived in Layton for the last 9 years and it is no more dangerous than any other area in london it is a nice place to live.

Thu Sep 30

i want play football

yes if is possible to start play with you i have 10 years experience i wos play with premier league in tunisia when i was 10 till 18 years old and then i played with team in university i live in leyton

contact me please i will come ********4

Fri Jul 16

kick boxing

i want to play ufc if anyone know how to find one club help me please by text or call ********4

Fri Jul 16

does leyton need a new pub?

thinking of taking over a pun in leyton, good music, good food, good company.

what do you think?

Sat May 01

Window cleaner

i'm looking for a window cleaner. Anyone know one?


Sat Jan 23

ladies for that man

Sat Jan 16

thank you Mary Jane

Wed Jan 06


my bussiness number now is ********9

Wed Jan 06

Doing your hair for Christmas?

I am a wholesaler of Afro Caribbean Hair and am selling Human Hair (Black, Brown (X2) ) 18" for £15.00 - call to order while stocks last ********2

Wed Dec 16

london mums !!!

Hi, I would like to meet some mums with child in similar age to one of my children: daughter Joanna 8 years old, Adam 6 months old.

Hope hearing from you soon.


Mon Nov 30

my best handyman

i promissed to do this for him,

i've just had my loft insulated and also done up soo very nicely that i can use the space i never knew i had before,by a very nice man,handymanjoe from walthamstow, how cool is that? the whole house is now soo nice and warm,

i first called him to do some painting and put up some shelves i had because i needed the space,while we were discussing the work,i mentioned my heatint bill,he said i should have my loft insulated,i said i needed more storage place and did not know what to do,he said the loft could be done up properly to be used as more storage place,i said it would be too expensive to convert it,he said not at all,as am not using it as an extra room,after a few quotes from other people,i went with handymanjoe,his price was less than half the nearest quote,but best of all,he was the most polite and helpful tradesman i have ever dealt with,i recomend him to anyone,my brother in Newcastle is already booked him to come and do some jobs.

Sat Oct 31

Live Wire (Electrician)

Domestic & Commercial Installations,

Rewires, Maintenance,

Fault Diagnosis & Fault Rectification,

NIC Certifications and call outs.

situated within London E6 and carry out work within london.

Tel 020 7511 3012

Mob **** 019 570


Tue Oct 13


come to the northcote arms on grove green road (directions:exit station turn right second road on right walk to end) its friendly theres a pool table and best of all its our local

Mon Sep 07


Please do it- this area is full of people that would appreciate a quality cafe. Be a trail-blazer! I, too, will be one of your first customers.

Sun Aug 23

Good PuB???

The Birkbeck Tavern in Langthorne Rd is a fine establishment

with a nice garden

Mon Jul 13

things to do for kids

Who knows nice places to take the kids to (age 2 and 9)

Sat May 23

Guitar Group - club

I would like to start a club - group for people intersted in meeting up to play guitar together. There dosnt seem anything like this arouind at the moment (unless you know better?) If you can play a few chords or more or want to learn some or just fancymeeting up with other budding guitarists..

I am into playing anything from 50's to present day stuff

I have an acoustic guitar and stuck in a rut trying to play on my own. I have a possible church hall venue so If interested or know of any clubs i could join in the area please get in touch. Stuart.

Sun May 17

Goodhall Rd School

I have managed to get a few replies to my earlier note, if the ready who said he is still alive could let me know his name we might have met many years ago.

Fri May 08

Good PuB???

hi,just moved to area, looking for a good pub. not far from the 'coach and horses', is it any good or any recommandations? thanks

Tue Feb 03

london safe?

i was just wondering what do you call safe? is there anywhere safe in London?

i wouldnt say so. nowhere is safe. you have to follow the rules. dont go out at night alone. dont get drunk and walk home, dont get into fake taxis, dont start any arguments.

wherever you go you want to see buses passing by, shops that are open until late.

i ve been in leyton for nearly two years now, this place is as safe as anywhere else. just be street wise and trust your instinct. dont light a match and complain then that it burns.

Sun Jan 18

Miss Janet Donovan formerly of Grove Green Road,Leyton in the 1960's.

Ex Hackney Wick Greyhounds employee.

Latest news Janet?

Mon Jan 05

cleaner required

Urgently for 3 bed house once a week must be honest and reliable will pay well anyone who knows one please help.

Mon Nov 24

Tue Nov 18

Sat Nov 15

Streetdance classes - Over 18s

Hey everyone,

Adult streetdance classes have started in Woodford Green. MONDAYS 830PM

For if u love rnb and hiphop or simply want to feel more confident on the dancefloor.

All are welcome, no experience necessary :)

Sat Nov 01

Hi there....dont think i know of a trombonist,but theres a pukka sKa band playing this saturday down at The Standard in Walthamstow called UB4T,with a nice little brass section(opposite blackhorse tube btw)they do a bit of everything reggae/ska related and realy is a great night out....not sure if this helps but you might find some like minded people there..!

Good luck...DaveO.

Mon Oct 20

new Dance Class for Teens!

Keep them busy on a Sunday afternoon while u have a work out!

Dance Class!

Fresh! Challenging! Fun!

• By IDTA Dance Lecturer

• Learn various styles: Lockin, poppin, newschool, freestyle

• Lively classes for boys & girls aged 12-17

• Taught using dynamic methods


EVERY SUNDAY, 12 Oct 08, 4pm

Physicals Gym , 327 High Road, WoodfordGreen Essex, IG8 9HQ

Mon Sep 29

Mon-Sat: 10.00am-9.00pm Sun 11.00am-5.00pm Bank Holidays: Times vary, call store for details.

Sun Sep 14

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