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Skinner Family

looking for George skinner who worked on the evening Standard in the 70's he and his farther also worked the fish market too contact me evening standard rota man

Mon Mar 10


The Kids Workshop is private pre-school, Ofsted registered, Located at Elsie Marshall Memorial Hall, Blackheath Royal Standard, The Kids Workshop main aim is to provide the best possible care for your child, within a happy, homely environment. Age appropriate programs and a staff of dedicated professionals ensure a positive learning experience for your child.

Mon Sep 16

Hardworking cleaning services

Honest and reliable domestic cleaners for all your housework chores in homes, houses, flats and etc

Minimum of 2 hours

We offer

Regular domestic cleaning

One-off clean

After-party clean

No minimum contract. No fees Competitive pricing

Fri Aug 30


Did you find any answers to your question? I am also looking in buying a property in this area. Any comments would be very helpful.

Tue Jul 23

Forman School of Old Time Dancing

Does anybody remember the Forman School of Old Time Dancing in Lee? It was run by Chas and Florie Forman. They ran their school out of their house on Thornwood Rd. and a weekly dance in the Lockabar Hall at the top of Lockabar Road. They had 2 children Diane and Jeffrey. I attended that dance school in the fifties.

Sat Aug 11

How did you find it?


I'm thinking to move on Burnt Ash Hill, do you have any feedback about it? Is it safe to walk back from the station at night? Any problems or things to be aware of?


Wed Jun 06

tai Chi

I don't know about Wudang style but I have been practicing Yang Style for several years and would be happy to do some informal push hands.

Thu Sep 01

george skinner

is george skinner still about he used to work on the evening standard in the 70's

Mon May 02

I do an adults trampolining class at Blackheath High School, at their Open Door sessions. It's Wed eves at 7:30 and it's great fun.

Wed Oct 20

please help me

Thu Dec 31

Hi, I just saw your post and was curious about what you are looking for.

I have played the role of Hodel in Fiddler on the roof over 20 years ago :) would love to play a part again...but would need to plan logistics. Do let me know more at

Sun Dec 27

does anyone have historical pictures of jevington way?

Mon Jun 22

Good gardener with reasonable rates needed

Hi could anyone recommend a good gardener that charges reasonable rates. I desperately need to get my garden sorted out but i cant afford to pay extortionate prices.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

Tue Apr 07

Looking for actors interested in doing Fiddler on the Roof


I am involved in a production of fiddler on the roof and we are looking for more people to be in the show. If you would be interested email me on

Tue Dec 23

you could try Aspire Building & Elrctrical Services in Eltham. Tel. ********6.

Sat Oct 18

lee clubs

there is a club above the snooker hall called SAHARAS,,near the clock tower in lewisham,its a quiet lil club,, never any trouble. 80s and 90s music....

Thu Jul 03

16 Effingham Road, Lee

Hi, I was born at 16 Effingham Road, Lee in May 1943. The people living there at the time were Frank and Sissie Rose. Has anyone heard of these people and is the house still there. I have not been back there for at least 50 odd years.

Wed Jun 11

Builder wanted for work in Lee

I am looking for a builder to manage a house refurbishment in Lee. Does anyone know a good, reliable builder they could recommend?

Wed Apr 23

Burnt Ash Hill


We're moving to Lee next week, just off Burnt Ash Hill, about 7 mins from the Station. Is the area fairly safe to walk at night?


Mon Feb 18

help to find a cheaper hotel

I wanna go to study english in lee green the next year could you please tell me if you know any cheaper hotel thank you very much.

Fri Dec 21

dancing kid beefy.boy@hotmail.co.uk

hi ive just moved to lee green (burnt ash hill) is there any good places to go and have a drink and a dance till the early hours around the area which is not full of idiots who want a fight after two half a shandys ? please email back if you can help thanks.

Thu Dec 06

Tai chi

Does anyone know where I can learn Tai-chi, Wudang style in or around Lee?.


Thu Aug 16


Stark Gallery

384 Lee High Road




Tel: **** ****9

Mon Aug 06

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Sun Jun 24

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Sat Jun 23


I don't know about dentists in Lee, but I can recommend an excellent dentist in Lewisham. His address is shown below:-

W Harley

35 Belmont Hill



Tel: (020) 8852 5664

I have been attending Bill's surgery for more years than I can remember and found him one excellent dentist.

Tue Jun 19

Fence repair / installation


I live in the Lee area. I’m looking for someone to repair and/or install some garden fencing (not as easy as it sounds!). Can anyone recommend anybody?


Mon Jun 11

Pubs in Lee

Hi Everyone,

Are there any good pubs in/around the Lee area that serve nice food? Particularly those with a nice friendly atmosphere.

Thanks for your feedback.

Sun May 06

Hi have you got a telephone number for Colfes leisure centre please?

Tue Mar 13

Primary Schools in Lee

I am thinking of moving to Lee. Grateful for any thoughts on the primary schools there.



Thu Jan 25

Lee is better than Lee Green

Hi. I've lived in Lee - between Lee and Grove Park stations - for about 3 years and never had any problems with crime. I often walk to and from the train stations on my own and use buses as we don't have a car. As with any place I guess it partly depends on which road you are on etc - I have lived on Burnt Ash Hill south of the South circular, and off Baring Road near Coopers Lane primary (which is supposed to be very good b.t.w).

Tue Jan 16

Thanks for taking the time to respond about the Lee area and sorry to hear about the attack.

Wed Jan 03

Lee is nicer than Lee Green

I lived in Lee for six months until April last year and found it to be a very attractive area with beautiful well kept residential houses. Much of it eg Effingham Road, lie in a conservation area, and there is a lovely park nearby as well as a railway station taking you into London Bridge and Charing X.

On the downside, although it appears pretty safe to walk around, and has a good reputation in general, I was attacked late one evening just a couple of blocks from my home in Lee. It was Taunton Street where the hoodie struck. Holding an empty wine bottle to my head I was threatened and dragged to the end of a row of houses where he sexually assaulted me and tried (unsuccessfully) to rape me. I escaped. I was wearing a knee length coat, loose baggy jeans, trainers, scarf and gloves.... So just a word of warning. Be careful at night if you are a woman alone.

Tue Jan 02

Living in Lee or Lee Green?

Hello Readers,

I'd like to purchase a 1 or 2 bedroomed period conversion in South East London. I'd be ever so grateful for feedback on Lee and Lee Green. Is there a difference? Is one part more desireable? Any particular roads that are sought after? Any feedback you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Sun Dec 24


Does anyone know of any good...well excellant, private nursery schools in lee or surrounding area, coming of maternity leave and need to get back to work but anxious about leaving my little one. please help!!!!!

Fri Sep 01

Does anyone know of Irish Dancing Lessons in Enfield area.

Mon Aug 21

theres a great on ein Blackheath- Primetime

Tue Aug 08


Does any one know about trampolining classes for adults, and where in the surrounding areas? Thanks

Sun Aug 06

Lee Night buses

The N21 goes from outside charing cross picks up the 321 route through Lee.

Tue Jun 06

N21 Trafalgar Square to Lee Green

Mon May 08

Night buses

Anyone know if there are any night bus routes from Central London to Lee?

Mon May 08


Does anyone know of a good dentist in Lee?

Mon Apr 03

Yes there is, Colfes

Colfes Leisure Centre in Lee Green has a gym, pool and tennis courts

Tue Mar 21

David Lloyd have a leisure centre in Lee

David Lloyd private health club is on the corner of Kidbrooke Road & Weigal Road in Lee. They have a pool, tennis courts, gym, sauna, stea, kids activities etc etc

Fri Mar 10

Depends on timings & destination !!!

Assuming London is where you are headed, trains after 08:30 are OK... Trade secret though so keep it yerself.. OK !!

Train in the other direction are fine.. One Carriage each

Thu Feb 02

irish dancing club wanted

does anyone know of an irish dancing club in

kidbrooke...eltham...or lee green

thanks......please email me...

Sat Jan 21

Lost white & brown cat

Male, navy collar and magnet. Lost on sat 17th on bramdean crescent

Tue Dec 20

Good tradespeople

Lewisham / Catford / Hither Green / Lee

I need to employ a painter and decorator or similar tradesperson for some work in my home. I never knew that it could be so difficult. I have phoned loads of numbers from the Yellow Pages, but either phones aren't answered, my messages aren't replied to, quotes are extremely high, or they fail to attend to quote when asked.

I simply, please, would like to know if anyone knows (or indeed, is) a tradesperson who returns calls, turns up on time (or will at least ring if something turns up) and is basically reliable.

If you have any suggestions,

Tue Aug 23

I live on burnt ash hill how do i get to that gym in grove park and has it got a pool? cheers

Sun Jun 26

I would suggest Colfe's, although you can only swim there out of school hours, otherwise for a steop up in price - but very good gym - is Bannatynes in Grove Park (about 20 mins walk from Lee station).

Fri Jun 24

Play american pool

Any1 knows Riley's snooker & pool club? its in lewisham just near the library, down the road from Lee High Road.

Me and some buddies are looking for new peope to challenge as we are bored with playing each other all the time. Interested?

Tue Jun 07

Baby Groups

Does anyone know of any good baby groups in Lee? Any info would be great, thanks.

Thu Jun 02

Grove Park trains (part of lee)

From grove park they are okay, if they are an old train with seats there are often a few spare. Sadly the idiots who run them have decided to get rid of a lot of seats.

Mon Mar 21

Lee Bombsite

Does any one have any photographs of the beautifuly overgrown bombsite in Lee before it was paradoxically spoiled by the erection of flats?


Sun Mar 13


Yep, a wicked Sainsburys is just sittind at Lee Green.

Sat Jan 24

Try the Shawbrooke Surgery in Shawbrooke Rd. Great doctors and practice nurse and waiting times are very short. One male & one female doctor.

Sun Dec 14

Close to city but not too close!!

It only takes 20 mins to get to Charing Cross so if you want the brights lights big city it's never far away. However, if you enjoy livivng somewhere quieter, where you can park on the road without a permit!!, Lee is great. Its got the staple pubs, restaurants and food shops and is also close to Blackheath and Greenwich for a trendier, younger scene. The rent is very reasonable too!!

Thu Aug 28

Colfes Leisure Centre

The gym and pool are part of a private school. Also offer classes and badminton etc. Bargain of £30 a month all inclusive

Thu Aug 28


This is located on the corner of Burnt Ash Road and Taunton Road.


Mon Jul 21

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