Welcome to London Ladbroke Grove

Hi there Del, Widgi Lisi is still about and his wife Christine is on Facebook. If you check our groups we are in on there called Born in W10 and also Old Notting Hill and North Kensington, i am one of the Admins on the latter, if you ask to join i can add you

Tue Apr 23


doris passed away about 4 years ago,fred is living in ladbroke grove still

Thu Nov 29


I am trying to find the name Besant. Think there was a Doris that was awarded a MBE or OBE many years ago.

They lived on Powis Sq had a son called Alan.

Anybody know what happened or where he is?

Wed Nov 14

In his house, a very big house in the country

Sun Aug 26

young wiggy lisie

are you still about Your dad was my god farther I lived in Rackham street my dad was your dads best mate his name was fred stephens contact me please Del Stephens

Sat Apr 07

St. Quitin Avenue

I want to move into a flat in St. Quintin Avenue. How safe is the area?

Tue Aug 09

It is the tube bridge in ladbrook grove

Fri Feb 18

Hi very famouse film that was filmed all around harrow road through ladbrook grove around notting hill right down to shepards bush and to white city

It is Called The Blue Lamp

Fri Feb 18

portobelo will be gone soon because the posh people are buy the property and the want it cleaned away because of the noise from the market so beware dont sell your house if you want the market place there

Fri Feb 18

Tue Jan 12

Where is the iron bar

Thu Nov 26


no, if your about gangs youll get shot or stabbed, and if your not youll get robbed

Fri Oct 16



Fri Oct 16

Mon Aug 31


yeahhh, plenty. I'm not sure what you got in mind but Portobello Green's always got live acts going on there till late.

Around that area there's always a couple live things going on. Saw a "Rock'n'Roll Public Library." down there today. There's usually a piano left put for people to play around the Green too.. It's all good around there for live music

Wed Aug 05

Ladbroke Grove/North Kensington

A very lively area,near Portobello Rd Market and Golbourne Rd (Moroccan market and cafes). The St. Quintin Ave/St. Marks Rd. area has plenty of trees, cafes,and an attractive park. If coming back late at night you can use Latimer Rd. station rather than Ladbroke Grove, if you prefer quieter streets. I find it very safe and it is very well served by public transport

Tue Jul 14


Fitting and replacing

*Sockets, Switches, dimmers, bathroom extractor fans

* Fault finding

* Fitting new washing machine, dishwasher, cooker, hob

* New light fttings and spot lights

Economical rates - Free estimates

Email -

Mon Jun 29

Live venues in Ladbroke Grove

hi, are there any live music venues in Notting Hill?

Tue Mar 31

i got robbed in ladbroke grove

i got robbed in ladbroke grove by two black guys with a dog and they took my phone. i used to think that ladbroke grove was a decent area but not anymore

Mon Mar 23

The Tabernacle is having a re-launch in May 09

The Tabernacle, in Powis Square, W11 will re-open as a major events venue in West London with a re-furbished restaurant and activities for all, such as Capoeira, Ballet and Yoga.

Tue Mar 03

How safe is it around Portnall Rd?


I'm thinking of moving to a flat on Portnall Rd near the corner of Shirland Rd in Ladbroke/Queens Park and am wondering how safe it is around there. I know London is very mixed up and don't mind a bit of grittyness but wonder if it's not so great to go jogging in the area (I'm female) or head home alone at night etc?

Thanks for your advice and help!

Fri Feb 20

Capoeira @ the Tabernacle, Powis Square W11 2AY

Capoeira Canal


Contact: Jacob **** 288 091

Thu Feb 05

Hi, .... My Garndmother lived in Bramley Rd, from the 50's through to the late 60's in what was then Curtis's removel business.... It has since been turned into a well known radio studio !!!!

You asked about the Portobello still being called " The Lane " i can remember it being called that , so, i don't really know if they do now , but i know i miss it so much.

Me and my family lived up the other end of the Portobello Rd, i used to go to Ladbroke girls school from 65 to 69 , so, it hold's special memory's for me !!!!

i now live over the other side of London S.E and it's nothing compared to W.11,

Sat Jan 24

Thu Oct 23

I guess the flat you have looked at is somewhere near the Virgin Active Fitness Centre? I have walked around this area, to the tube, to work, to use the gym, to the library and the shops, for years and have never had any problems.

It depends on your attitude. If you stand out as looking

'posh' you might get picked on but if you blend in you'll be OK.

Sat Sep 06

Lovely studio and workshop leader / tutor available for life art drawing sessions

We have a lovely room available and can provide models, drawing boards and refreshments for life drawing sessions. The sessions can either be tutored or untutored.


Notting Hill / Ladbroke Grove W10

Schedule and Prices

The workshops are suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced artists. We can provide tuition, if required. We are very flexible, so if you want to get a group together, get in touch and we can work something out. We provide drawing boards, but not easels.

The workshop can be any time, any day. We can run them at the weekend, if that suits you. They can be for just a few hours or all day ! The class will vary in cost depending on numbers and requirements

email :

Sat Aug 02

Fri Jul 11


are there any tarot readers in ladbroke grove, an anyone assist me?


Wed Jun 04




Thu Feb 14

Wed Feb 13

LIFE DRAWING ART CLASS - Notting Hill/ Ladbroke Grove and Holloway


I run a drop in Life Art workshop in Holloway in North London every Wednesday evening. I 'm also starting one in Ladbroke Grove / Notting Hill in the New Year- First one Monday January 7th

Have a look on our website www.modelreg.co.uk for details or phone me

Rachel **** 525 506

Sat Jan 05

Man with van

Hello. is there a local man with a van who can move a dishwasher from Kensington to North kensington without bankrupting me !?

Any help much appreciated email :

Wed Nov 28

Just moved to Ladbroke Crescent, want to know more about the area. Thanks

Thu Nov 15

lampton plce

Tue Oct 02

youth social services in ladbroke grove

Thu Aug 16


I would be very interested in joining a book club. Is there one going? I am not sure when the original text was posted but do let me know! Thank you!

Wed Jul 11

Sun Jun 17

thank you

we dont want u here. its a peaceful black area.

Mon Jun 04

Not far enough

Fri May 18

its a sociable place for crime

Fri May 18


Fri May 18

Portobello Road

I lived and grew up in Bramley Road, before they built the flyover. I attended Oxford Gardens and North Kensington Central schools. Tell me, do the locals still call Portobello Road "The Lane"?

Sun May 13

hahaha good luck to you if you move to ladbroke grove all u will c is undercover police and sirens goin up 24/7 because of someone gettin stabbed im gettin soo pissed off every1 trying to say grove is good nooo way i am an 18 year old who has grown up here if u were to c half of the stuff i have seen u wouldnt even think of moving here + i was rushed by 15 black bois n had to go to hospital soo yh im just speakin da truth coz da media try n hide the crome soo notting hill prices dont go down

Tue Apr 10


errrrr u dick hed about ladbroke grove is a deceint are i have lived there 4 11 years the pace is a ghetto im suprised u havent been robbed or stabbed yet u fool

Tue Apr 10

no its not trust meeeeeee

Thu Mar 29


is the ladbroke grove area a safe area, especially at night?

Mon Jan 15

It's about a 10 min walk from ladbroke grove to notting hill. Depending on which side of the road you live on will determin if you live in ladbroke grove or notting hill. generally, w11 is notting hill and w10 ladbroke grove. On the grove itself it is kinda bad. Late at night there's always loads of people hanging around, causing trouble. Police cars are always wailing up and down. i live about 4 streets away and it tends to be not too bad. Bike thefts are the main cause for trouble. There have been muggings recently also. Notting hill gate has loads of bars resturants etc it's always busy and open late. Hope this helps some and hope i haven't scared you too much lol

Thu Jan 04



Im hoping to move to Notting hill in the not too distant future, is Ladbroke Grove close to Notting Hill or part of it? Is Notting Hill a safe place? Is it a sociable place for bars/restaurants?

Thank you

Thu Dec 14

is there a youth club in ladbroke grove

Thu Nov 30

Youth workshops/clubs


Want to get my 15 year old brother into a constructive environment,

Is their any youth workshops!!!!

Drama, music, art, in labroke grove he can take part in at weekends

Sat Nov 25

try the grain shop on portobello road

Thu Nov 23

c'est bon realx ma grande t'en trouvera un autre d'irlandais ...

Tue Nov 21


Hi does anyone know of a vegitarian restaurant that will be open boxing day

Tue Nov 21

how far is Labrok Grove from Central london

Sat Sep 23

Ladbroke grove very safe

I've lived in lots of different areas in London and definitely feel safe walking around Ladbroke Grove. There are loads of families and it has a really friendly feel. After only a short time my neighbours were saying hello when passing in the street, which is very different from other areas I've lived in and definitely makes me feel more secure. As a girl by myself I feel pretty much fine walking around at night, loads of people do, esp around portobello in the summer

Wed Jul 05

book club

hi there,

couldn't click on any of your addresses, so wondering if a book club has been started around ladbroke grove/notting hill/westbourne park area yet. my email address is

Sun Jul 02

Book Club

About the book club, I am interested too. If one has been created can someone tell me?


Thu Apr 27

hi, i'm trying to find a guy called Hani, lives in ladbroke grove

Tue Mar 28

Big up leroy ur short lil ass is so sexy ur big

Sun Mar 26

u r deep..lol

Sun Mar 26

I've lived in Grove all my life.I think it is one of the best parts of West London. Theres a couple of crackheads but its a cool area.

Sat Mar 25


I need to see that boy again, please does anybody heard of him? He is irish, brown hair good looking boy. I'm not in London actually, could nybody HELP me!!!!

Thu Jan 26

I lived in Walmer Road a place called Foreland house it was a lovely place to live id say go and take a look around I havnt been there for a few years now but have family there and they love it.

Wed Jan 25



I'm Astrid, from France, Paris. I'm looking for a 34 years old boy called Jonathan. I met him on the 21st of january 2006 and lost him that same night. I need to be in contact with him. He leaves on Chesterton road. Please, if you have any information email me

Tue Jan 24

no its is not safe place i live round the area

Mon Jan 23


i would be interested in a book club- please let me knwo how far you have got with this posting.

Mon Jan 16


I've lived in the Grove all my life. If you walk down the street with 5 grand's worth of gold on, you WILL get jacked - simple ! There are crackheads and dealers but the area has blanket CCTV surveillance wired direct to the Five O. If you want ultra safe, try Knightsbridge or Belgravia . . . but be prepared to pay double. Oh . . . and avoid looking at ethnic minorities like they shouldn't be there . . . they're part of what made the area as "cool" as it and they'll have been there a damn sight longer than many of the floppy-haired Hugh Grant-types with their sweaters tied around their necks who seem to be trying toturn the area into some kind of Hampstead clone.

Tue Jan 10

fairly safe

i've lived here for 3 years and it's a haven compared to where i last lived(kensal green).Am from manchester and i don't think anywhere in london's safe.grove's got a lot of dealers and quite a few crackheads but in all it's a decent area,although there's quite a few young tearaways,but not half as bad as kensal green.very low gun crime

Fri Nov 04

ladbrooke Grove

I used to live at 34 Princedale Road, Not far from Shepherds Bush Market. Is that street still there # 34 was next door to a tobacconists. I think Pottery Lane was our back alley?

I live on an Island On Puget Sound In Washington state USA now and often think about my childhood there, near Elgin Crescent and Holland Park, I went to the Fox School at Notting Hill Gate.

Thu Oct 27

Ladbroke Grove safe area

Could anybody tell me if Walmer Road by Kensington Leisure Centre is a safe part of Ladbroke Grove? I'm getting few answers from my friends who say there are good and bad parts of Ladbroke Grove. I have an opportunity to live there and wondered if it is safe.

Tue Oct 18

holmes place on lancaster rd or portobello fitness centre at portobello green or lampton place off westbourne grove

Mon Oct 03

yes kensinton sports centre on walmer rd

Mon Oct 03

Try the pelican or the metropolitan on tavistock rd or visible on portobello between oxford and cambridge gdns although it is a little pricey or the bonaparte on chepstow rd

Mon Oct 03

Try Ken sports centre or the jubilee up by the avenues

Mon Oct 03

Ive Just Moved To Da Grove

I was wonderin wether anyone knows a place where I might be able to learn Thai Kickboxing?

Mon Sep 19

dentist in ladbroke grove

I just moved in the area and I'm looking for a dentist. I don't have a NHS card though

Sat Aug 13

Been here 6 months with no problems

i'm a 21 yr old girl and i've never had any trouble here. yes it is pretty dodgy but you just simply don't put yourself in stupid situations! ie travelling alone at night. i get quite a bit of hassle on the streets but find the best thing is to smile politely and people leave u alone

Sun Jul 17

The Best Bar In Ladbroke

Me and my boyfriend are moving to the area, (cant wait) but I want a nice trendy local bar that we can both chill in after work or bring our friends over for a spot of lunch, not too expensive and not too cheap! Any suggestions??


Tue Jul 12

i've noticed him quite a lot riding his chopper bike through portobello...good luck and if i hear of him getting stalked...i guess i'm responsible eh? ;-)

Thu Jun 23


i've lived in ladbroke grove for 19 years and the safety of it has seriously improved in the last 3-4 years!

of course there are some places to avoid like the esates but in general it is a very trendy and lovely place to either hang out or live in.

also if it is the road i'm thinking of at the bottom of lancaster road near the swimming baths? this is a really quiet, posh road.

Thu Jun 23

ladbroke grove is safe

the ladbroke grove area is a safe area, as safe as it can be guaranteed in areas compared to harlesden, peckham and other estates. young people might have a lot to do in the area, there is the west way for football aswell as kensington dragons FC, a local youth football team that play in st marks road. players of 11-14 yo can try out and stay out of trouble whilest involved in sport. email

Sat May 28

St Michaels and All Angels Church

The other street the church is on is St. Michael's Gardens.

Sun May 15

dressmaker wanted

I am looking for a reasonably priced dress maker in the local area to make a formal dress. They would need to be able to cut a pattern from a photograph and create. I will supply fabric.

Can anyone help or point me to a good one?

Wed May 11

St Michaels Church

Hi, my mum & dad got married in St Michael's Church - Ladbroke Grove in in 1942. Is the church still there, and if it is - what's the name of the other street that the church is also on? Thanks for your help.


PS. could tou email the answer to me please?

Wed Apr 13

Love to join Book Club!

Outlook not working on my computer either at the moment - would you please mail me?



Tue Mar 29

There is football

there is a football team in ladbroke grove, or at least nearby, Kensington Dragons play in St marks park, 2 mins from grove and there are a couple of adult teams who play in st marks, plus all the pitches at west-way, you must move around grove to find this things. I am a coach for kensington dragons, so anyone interested in supporting or in youth players between 11 and 15 interested email me at

Tue Dec 14

Safety in Ladbroke Grove

I'm thinking of moving to Ladbroke Grove in the next few weeks, but have my concerns on the area. The place I'm looking at is just off Lancaster Road - walking down towards Holland Park.

Is this a safe area?

I'd really appreaciate if someone could give some advice. I have the opportunity of living in marylebone as an alternative but the flat in Labroke is far superior so I'd rather stay there if the area is nice.


Sun Nov 14

da x rated dikheads from dikins man didnt make it cleare 11.30 maxilla

Wed Oct 13

Get a life !

Just the sort of muppet you don't want moving into your area !

Mon Sep 06

Very interested

Hi Anna,

I'm moving to Ladbroke Grove in a couple of weeks, and I would really like to find a book group. Outlook's not working on my computer, so would you mind emailing me instead of vice versa:

Fri Sep 03

Book Club in W11? Im interested

Thu Sep 02

Book Club in W11? Im INTERESTED

Thu Sep 02

Book Club in W11? Im INTERESTED

Thu Sep 02


Hi there, I just moved in myself (I'm 22) and I have had no problems at all. I guess it doesn't matter if you're young or old, if you are stupid and careless and ignore your instincts you're bound to get hurt.

Wed Jun 23

if you like thai food...

Then 'The Market Thai' restaurant has very good food for reasonable prices. I’ve been there twice, and had a great time/meal both times. (evening meals).

Sun Jun 20

how safe is it for young people?

Thu May 27


Anyone interested in starting a book club in W11?

Fri Mar 26

From Lad. Gr. on the tube it's about 20-25 mins. There are 2 buses from Lad. Gr, right outside the tube station-the no. 23 and the no. 7 -that are pretty quick too [and cheaper!] depending on traffic...

To find a flat to share, without using an agency, try the Guardian newspaper on Saturday. In The Guide booklet, there are lots of postings for roomates. Also, try Loot, the paper that's free to advertise in.

Most agencies here run by big Estate Agents that act as letting agents for Landlords such as Foxtons, Barnard Marcus, marsh and Parsons etc are very trustworthy and won't rip you off.

Good Luck.

Fri Mar 26

Property prices; my new flat!

Sat Mar 20


Where is the best place to see Damon Albarn of Blur? Don't worry, I'm not going to watch him. I just would like to see where he lives. I heard, he lives in an old factory?

Thank you in advance!


Thu Nov 27

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