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Hi I can come to your house and do ironing for you every week or whenever you will need.

I live at Clapham north and do ironing for people around south and west London. I am very reliable and easy going.

My name is Evie.

Pls email me on

Sat Aug 17


As members of the Leasehold Advisory Group we are specialists in assisting tenants of flats or houses to extend their leases or collectively acquire the freehold of blocks of flats they occupy.

You are entitled by law to extend your lease [assuming qualification] by 90 years over and above your existing lease. The costs can be greatly reduced by appointing the market leaders in the field the Leasehold Advisory Group.

Why not give us a call and learn more.


Tue Sep 13


Are there any mum and baby groups?

Pls mail me at

Mon Mar 10

Mon Mar 03

Nanny Part Time

Hi everybody! I've just moved to Chelsea /Fulham and I'm looking for a part time job as a nanny during the week nights and the weekends. I'm 26 and I'm doing an ACCA professional accounting qualification . I've been working with children in a kindergarden as well as facilitating theatre sports in an ecovillage -ecologically sustainable living network- in India for 1 year and I love working with children. Call me or send an email! Thanks!! Manjot



Sun Dec 30

Mobile Hairdresser London

Unisex Hairdresser Mobile and Bridal

Call Bryn on **** 211 901 anytime


Sun Sep 02

To good to be true?

I found a flatshare in knightsbridge...saw pictures...seems beautiful, 3 br/3 bath, marble bathroom, hardwood floors, patio...for on 600 pounds a month including utilities and tax? Do you think it is a scam?

Sat Aug 11

Knightsbride based pubs

From the late 1980s till the early 2000s a pal and I used to enjoy a pint in "The Grenadier" pub in Wilton Mews. This haunted pub, though rather small, had a lot of character and sold good beer - real ale. My pal, being a former paratrooper, particularly liked this pub. We also noticed that the hotelry was particulary popular with tourists. This pub must be one of the best pubs in London!

Another pub we used to frequent was "The Bunch of Grapes" in West Brompton Road was also very good. The mirrors with birds engraved upon them were gorgeous, but there was also a lot history to the pub too.

Sadly my pal and I have lost touch because we have both got older and our respective health has gone into decline. But I remember both taverns with fondness.

Mon Jun 04

One-to-one French Tuition in London!

Learn French in the comfort of your home,office or in your tutor's area with a qualified and enthusiastic native french tutor. Private & Corporate. Easy learning methods. Practical conversations are made. Affordable rates.

Please call 079 40 781 749 when you are ready!

Sat Mar 24


Is there a coin operated Laundrette in the area? I am staying at the Carelton Towers but would like to do my own laundry. Thanks

Fri Oct 20

closing time for swarovski shop in knightabridge

Thu Aug 31

Personally, I don't like living here. It's expensive. You can't walk down the street without being jostled. There's a constant noise of traffic where I am. It's renowned for its shopping, problem is that places like Gucci don't sell milk and bread and the other day to day things. In other words, it's not convenient. No decent sized supermarket either. I've found little community spirit. Can't imagine bringing up a family here - where are the schools and eg. cub packs and other community groups. Personally, I think it's worth living further out, where it's less expensive, and travelling that bit further to work...

Having said that - it's good for getting to other places - number 9 bus to Piccadilly Circus, 10 bus to Kensington and Hammersmith. 52 bus to Victoria. Tube station on Piccadilly line so if you want to escape from Knightsbridge, it's not too difficult!

Sat Jun 10

Not sure about the morning - but I know they are packed in the evening rush hour - can wait for up to 3 tubes before you can get on...

Sat Jun 10

try ClubKensington on Kensington high street. Not sure how much it costs... otherwise fitness first - I think there's one near Victoria...

Sat Jun 10

not that i know of and i live here

Sat Jun 10

Simply the best

The best part of town, relax, chilled atmosphere and full of beautifull people

Sun Oct 30

GP In Knightsbridge

Don t want to wait, there is a GP available to see in HARRODS the most you ll wait is 10min!

Sun Oct 30


I love the new Swarovski store, fantastic jewellery and crystal ornaments, and very nice staff.

Wed Apr 28

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