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Possible Opportunist Attacker

Walking down Berkley Road tonight towards 11pm. A youngish Indian man aged around 27-35. Black hair, beard, white v neck t-shirt that had a button or two, slight build approx. 5'4", ran up to me from behind and grabbed me. I had turned around as i had seen his shadow. He made an indian head movement gesture, i screamed and shouted to him to go away. As he ran i swore at him. i think he ran into Princes Close or side road just off Princes Avenue. This time he ran next time he might not. WOMEN BEWARE and be AWARE

Thu Aug 18


Hello, we are considering a move to the area. Would anyone please some information please?

Sun Apr 20

Zumba classes in Kingsbury in evening

I am looking for Zumba classes in kingsbury in the evening.

If anyone can help, I would be grateful

Thu Dec 27


People move and mostly they move further out in the fringes unless they go to quit sea resorts to retire.

Sat Mar 31

tommy doyle

do any body remember Tommy doyle used to be a teraway in the fiftys

I was a very close friend in those days used to go dog racing at wembely with him I know he had a son when he moved to Kinsbury contact me please

Thu Mar 01

Im white and british and have lived in Kingsbury for most of the last 30 odd years. Yes its changed but there are still a few of us around. I like living here and find that most Asian people share my values and make good neighbours.

What Kingsbury lacks for me is a normal English pub with good grub and other restaurants or bars that cater for anyone but the young and asian. That is our own fault because so many white people moved out for some reason. I feel safe here, I love the parks (well used by cricketers, footballers, joggers, cyclists and dog walkers) and mostly the amazing transport links into town. I am equidistant between northern and jubilee lines, can catch a bus to the met and bakerloo lines and if that fails, I can catch the overground into town. Fruit and veg shopping is amazing and we're well served by all the super markets within a short drive. When I first lived here, Sainsbury's was on the high street! Before that there was everything there - boutiques, butchers, bakers etc. Times change everywhere not just in Kingsbury.

Take a walk round the park and if it's open the walled garden, then up to Roe Green Village and you'll see a whole other side to the area.

Mon May 30

Looking for Friends in Kingsbury

I'm a 30 something female and I've have just moved to Kingsbury and I'd love to meet a new friend to explore the area with. I don't work at the moment so I have plenty of time on my hands.

Sun Feb 14

Kingsbury Bowls Club

Kingsbury Bowls Club

Eton Grove Open Space

North Way




Tel: (020) 8204 3347

New members required

Fri May 09

women friends

Is anyone interested in genuine female friendships? I keep getting weirdo guys replying, please dont, I am not interested and you're wasting your time. I am looking to widen my social circle, London is a big City. Email me

Thu Mar 13

Human trash?!?!?!?!

No such thing as human trash - you've allowed yourself to become dehumanised. That's the problem.

Mon Nov 05


I am 32, female, live in North London and would like to increase my social circle of female friends. Would be great to meet up this bank holiday weekend. Email me

Tue Aug 21

Building Services

I am a British Building Services contractor, qualified with relevant certifications. I am reliable, articulate, professional, cost effective and trustworthy. I am qualified to carry out PAT testing, other electrical work, plumbing, painting, decorating, kitchen, bathroom fittings, tiling, wallpapering, under floor heating and all other aspects of building services. To contact me call **** ****3 or email

Mon Aug 20

Girls night out

Hello Ladies (sorry guys, its strictly ladies only)

A group of us girls, fancied a cheesy 80s disco, we thought it would be a laugh, anyway, we're going to a place called Club du Fromage in Islington, next saturday 25th Aug. Fancy joining us? We are meeting a few new ladies who have also replied to the movethat ad, so it should be a fun night. If you're keen and free, let me know and i'll include you on the email invitation for next week.

Sun Aug 19

Female friends

I'm a 32 female, kind, friendly and a good listener, looking to meet other straight ladies who are looking to increase their social circle for genuine long term solid friendships. I live in North London and would prefer local-ish friends. So if you're london based and not transient or travelling, then get in touch.

Sun Aug 19


I am 32 year old straight, married female, with a partner who loves football more than me, so I'm looking to make new friends in my local area, North London. I have set up a woman's only club, consisting of young women, 30-40 who meet up and hang out, go out for meals, pubbing, shopping, going to the cinema or just mingling around together in coffee houses. If you're keen, on making new friends, Email me on

Fri Aug 17


We are a friendly, straight, fun loving group of women in our early 30s who love meeting up, sharing stories over a glass of wine, socialising, and interested in sharing genuine long term friendships. We meet regularly and would like to invite more like-minded people to join us for genuine friendships – NOT relationships. People aged 33 – 43 ONLY please. Email me if you’re keen on meeting us and hanging out

Wed Aug 15

I've lived in Kingsbury for three years now. Its not too bad, by london standards, but there are a number of things that make life here very unpleasant. The residents seem unable to manage household waste, and tend to scatter food over the floors outside. The old asian men chew tobacco, and spit continuously all over the floor, even right in front of you, which is filthy and disgraceful. The crime rates appear to be getting a little out of control. I live on the high street, and this year (2007) there has been an average of one robbery a week (many of the banks, and the off licence held up with a gun).

Wish I lived in Stanmore. Less human trash there.

Wed May 16

Cheerleading classes in Kenton, 8-12 yr olds 6-7pm

I am starting Cheerleading classes in Belmont, Kenton, harrow on Wednesdays 6-7pm for 8-12 yr olds, for more info please mail me

Sun Jan 14

the name of the park next to kingsbury high school is "Roe Green Park"

Sat Oct 14

I just can

They aren't bad, providing you are early!! The Jubilee and Metropolitan line (that I use daily) aren't particularly busy providing you arrive around 7.45/8.00, if you arrive after 8 the trains (especially the Met line) become unbearable.

Be the early bird and it'll be fine !

Tue Oct 03

Which supermarket does this take place in??

Tue Sep 05

The name of the park is Roe Green Park

Thu Jul 06

what is the name of the park next to Kingsbury high school

i want to find out what the park next to kingsbury high school is called.

Mon Jun 19

hello does anybody know about a wedding recepion hall in kingsbury?

hello i have a wedding in august and i didn't find so far a weeding reception hall for about 80 people (where i provide my own food and drink)if anybody can help me please let me know

Wed Mar 08

Kingsbury Town Fc

Kingsbury Town Fcm ryman league 2.

Thu Feb 16

A Cool Place to Live

I'm a musician and a teacher and have been living here for 10 years now. I'm surrounded by loads of parks (even horses and water birds close by) which is great if you like to forget you're in a city every now and then. My street is so quiet and safe when my kids lived here it was footy, street hocky and cricket on the street if we couldn't be a**ed going to the 3 parks around us.

Getting around by road is easy because I'm so close to the Nth Circular, the start of the M1 and the A1. Plus (for all you shoppers) Brent Cross and Staples Corner shopping complexes are 5-10 min. away (an easy bike ride - so no parking blues) and Wembley markets and Stadium are a walk away.


Tue Aug 16


looking for sunbed salons. everytime i search the net i find places to buy or rent sunbeds. i just need to use one. please help

Thu Jul 14

Mon Apr 04

£80 a week for a house??

you're having a laugh mate.

Sun Mar 06

Not a bad place

Well, I have been in Kingsbury since Dec last year. The area is not to bad. Can be busy and quite just depends which time of the day you are around. Lots of shops to get groceries,iceland,morrisons and lots of halal butchers,restaurants etc.I quite like it, if i wanna meet some friends or watch a movie, harrow is just a 10mins bus Mail-me 

Thu Mar 03

What bars?

unfortunately there aren't any, rough pubs a plenty

Wed Jul 21

NO, not really

Its a boring place believe me, I grew up there, suburbia at its worse!

Wed Jul 21

Short Term accommodation

I was born in Colindale, now living in Australia, my husband and I are visiting family for 3 weeks, August/Sept 2004, and are looking for a studio/flat to rent for that time.

Can anybody help?


Sat Apr 03

What is Kingsbury like to live in?

Mon Mar 29

Handy Man

small jobs, external paint, decorator, plumming repairs, partition walls with plasterboards, etc (Self Employed)

079 19 23 14 26

Wed Mar 24


can you find me some information on kingsbury sport

Thu Feb 05

Kingsbury derivation

Centred upon what is now the Fryent Country Park wild-life reserve, Kingsbury was once the Kings hunting ground for deer. Many large family houses overlook the reserve; it a great way to relax in the countryside but only 30 mins from the West End.

Sun Nov 23

meaning of Kingsbury

I was always told that it was in the Domesday book, and that name meant 'manor or stronghold of the king'. Queensbury, however, was name made up by property developer as it sounded good next to Kingsbury!

Thu Nov 20

Kingsbury Ancesters?

Who was Kingsbury named after? My ancesters came from England, in the Essex, Boxford and Suffolk area in the early 1600's.

Mon Nov 03

What kind of people are living in Kingsbury? What kind of area is it?

Thu Oct 02


If you can tell me where I can get a house (brand new or otherwise anywhere in the country), much less North West London for eighty quid a week, I will buy it!!!

Tue Aug 26

The best value for money in north west london!

Kingsbury undoubtedly has to be the best value for money for north west london. Transport links are great, safety is awesome, shops are cool, although it does lack night life.... however you can get brand new houses from 80 Pounds a week!! Kingsbury truely is one of london's hidden treasures!

Sun Jul 27

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