Welcome to London Kilburn


Those pubs do still exist, as does the street!

Thu Mar 05


Does anyone know what happened to the above school? does it now have another name?

Wed Nov 28

Wed Oct 26


Please excuse me for this unsolicited email.

I was wondering if you might have any requirements for Christmas lighting this year, perhaps some sets of tree lights or a full installation service.

It would be great if you could advise me of you current situation so that I can update our records accordingly and only contact you again if/when appropriate.

In short we are a manufacturer, supplier and installer of Christmas, seafront, architectural and festoon lighting & more recently a supplier and installer of digital screens.

Thu Oct 20

Moving to Kilburn? Come and join the friendliest gym in the area

Fit4less gym in Kilburn is a great value gym with a low price - just £22.99 monthly & no contract! Make friends and get the results you want with us. Everyone is welcome whether you're brand new to exercise or a seasoned pro!

www.f4l.com/kilburn or email here:

Sat Sep 17

Im in Queens Park


There are several hair dressers that do Afro Carribean hair in Shepherds Bush which is not to no far, there is also one nor Kilburn Lane called Deliuris - unsure if this the correct spelling but you can Google to find out and make soot if you like what you read.

Good luck


Thu Sep 15

Im in Queens Park near Kilburn

I am in Queens Park and like you welcome all, I love people and it would be nice to meet new people

Thu Sep 15

07922302157 marina queens park

I am looking for running buddy . I want to start running.

Sat Sep 10

Joules house

Hello there

I was searching about Joules House and the area and found your post. Did you find out much about it? I'm about to make an offer on a flat there but not too convinced....


Sat Aug 27

Just moved to Kilburn


I'm a young professional female and I have just made the move to Kilburn. I'm originally from South Africa. I would love to meet some new people from around here? If there are any interesting networking events etc, please let me know!

My email is:

Sun Aug 21

Pilates Classes in Quex road NW6, bring a mat with you

Experienced (since 1999) Pilates tutor available; teacher qualified through Alan Herdman Studios. Group classes in Kilburn, West Hampstead and Queens Park. For a free consultation contact Jessica **** ****1

Fri May 15

Hi Badminton players

Charteris Sports Centre offers badminton on Wednesdays 6-8 pm Thursdays 8-10PM

And weekend slots

Thu Mar 26

Yes i would like to know too

Sat Oct 25

Yes i would like to know too

Sat Oct 25


My name was Wendy Neville. I also went to Flavias. Quex rd also Brondesbury rd. I can't recall your name but I did the shows at the Met. It was such fun! I remember one where I was the leader and we were dancing to a tune called Lets take a trip to the moon. Also, Say what you will the countryside is still etc! I remember the two Shirley's one was good at tap and the other was a ballerina. Mike, Flavias son became a Springfield. Her mum used to play piano.I was born in 1943 at Queen Charlotts.

Mon Jun 30


Hi I am Pauline rogers, would be great to hear from you . I remember you xx

Thu Jun 19

As Marvin James, I attended Flavia's dance school in Quex Road, Kilburn, around 1952 and also appeared in shows at the Metropolitan Theatre. In one scene with Michael Pickworth (later Mike Hurst) and 2 very small children, I played a Christmas fairy! Does anyone remember me? I lived with my parents in a pub on Cambridge Road. I now live in Germany and my e-mail is

Sat Jun 14


PAULINE ROGERS here, went to Flavia,s with my bother Bryan knew Pat Swain, Ann Docherty, Sheila Fish Pat Linfield and Wendy Cook,I am in touch with Pat Linfield and Wendy Cook. Please email me anyone that knew me. I am also on facebook under Paula Powell Plymouth

Mon May 26


its Pauline Rogers here lol email me .

Mon May 26


HI I was there when Sheila Fish was there with my brother Bryan Rogers , he lives in Canada now. WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU. MY MOBILE IS ********6 or **** ****4 I live in Plymouth now. I was Pauline Rogers now Paula Powell, would love to hear from you, Regards Paula

Fri May 09


HI I was there when Sheila Fish was there with my brother Bryan Rogers , he lives in Canada now. WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU. MY MOBILE IS ********6 or **** ****4 I live in Plymouth now. I was Pauline Rogers now Paula Powell, would love to hear from you, Regards Paula

Fri May 09


would be great to hear from you. my mobile ********6.

Tue May 06


my mobile number ********6

Tue May 06


my mobile number ********6

Tue May 06


MY MOBILE NUMBER IS ********6 for anyone tp contact me.

Tue May 06


Hello out there. My name is/was Pauline Rogers, and my brother Bryan Rogers. We went to Flavia,s at quex road 1951/1963 when we left London . We used to do shows with Sheila Fish, Ann Docherty, Wendy Cook, Pat Swain and Pat Linfield. I am very ,lucky to have found Pat Linfield and Wendy Cook through facebook. I live in Plymouth now and Bryan lives in Canada. Mike (FLAVIA,S son) I believe lives in Bristol but was in Plymouth for a while. I loved my dancing days at Quex Road, my mum Frances used to do the teas , remember the Saturday doughnuts guys lol. Would be so pleased to hear from anyone. Please feel free to email , would prefer email

Tue May 06

There was also Pat Swain, Anne Docerty , I have programs though I can find which will have names on. I will ask my brother Bryan if he can remember anyone else. I am having trouble opening upm email addresses everyone, be best if you email me.

Mon May 05


mobile ********6

Mon May 05


Hello June, I remember you, I was Pauline Rogers, my brother is Bryan Rogers, I am in touch with Wendy Cook and Pat linfield,I have been trying to find people for years and only this morning thought of typing in Flavia,s lol Mike is on my face book friends and BRYAN IS ON IT TO. I live in Plymouth, if you are on face book you can find me ;lol I am Paula Powell now , was called Paula all my life and so changed it by deed lol . please get in touch . Paula x

Mon May 05


I dont remember you but my brother Bryan Rogers may do . I am in touch with Michael lol email me . I WAS Pauline Rogers but Paula Powell now, I am on face book I live in Plymouth. Would be great to hear from you. BRYAN Lives in Canada I believe he did the panto with you and was great friends with Michael, sadly my parents are both gone now, Francis Rogers I am in touch with Wendy cook and pat linfield. who I am going to ring right now lol

Mon May 05


Hi I member you Carole, its Pauline Rogers, or was lol, I am now Paula POWELL and on face book, Michael Pickworth is on there to under Mike Hurst and my brother Bryan, he lives in Canada now aged 72 but really does not it. Please get in touch, I have been trying to find someone anyone for a very long time and only just this morning thought I would type in Flavia Starlites lol , YOU DONT KNOW HOW PLEASED I AM. I also have found Wendy Cook, she is Wendy White now. And I am also in touch with Pat Linfield who I found through her brother in facebook .

Mon May 05


Hi, my name was Pauline Rogers, now Paula POWELL. I have been trying to find girls that went to Flavia for a very long time. My brother is Bryan Rogers and lives in Canada now. I live in Plymouth. My email is

Mon May 05

Females in Kilburn.


I live in KP and would like to make some local friends. I am open to everyone as I like to have variety in my life.

Anyway get incontact if you like:

Thu Oct 31

I also lived in a tower block in Kilburn for 12 years. There are lots of drug dealers around, but they are hardly advertising the fact. They certainly don't sell to anyone, and are far from intimidating. And the gangs tend to fight each other, not out mugging randoms. I love living on South Kilburn Estate.

Mon May 27


I lived in Miles Buildings, Penfold place right near BRoadley Street do you remember me?

Thu May 23


Hi Ive just seen your ad maybe a old add but worth ago.

Ive just moved to Kilburn and looking to get back into Football can you help age 30

Thanks Russell

Fri Apr 05

Sat Mar 09


you could enquire at Kingsgate Community Center.

On Tuesdays - 630pm -8pm

Thu Oct 18

Vicky Smith

Hi Vicky - did you live in Broadley Street - near Connie Thompson? please contact me on

Fri Sep 07

Where's you bin,enjoy your nosh and stay in your bin.Try to be happy.

Fri Aug 31

You should take the opportunity to become a crime writer,or just move on.Amen.

Fri Aug 31

You should take the opportunity to become a crime writer,or just move on.Amen.

Fri Aug 31

Kickboxing and PT sessions

Still train with him... Des is a great PT and motivator...personal training well priced too. Call him for quote, ciao.

Tue Aug 07


i have lived here 20 years and it is very safe friendly neighbourhood love PPR and life is all around you shops etc

Fri Feb 17

My name back then was Vicki Lebby and I lived in Edgware Road. I was in Madam Flavias shows put on at the metropolitan theatre, Edgware Road. I knew the Toby girls and Pat Conway although they were a little older than me as I was born in 1942. I remember singing a solo called I'm just a little lady from the bourevoir of Parie' and I came out of a picture frame. Does anyone remember me?

Sat Jan 28

Hello,i am 23 years old male. a free lance Bollywood and a belly dance, staying in kilburn high road. If any one interested kindly contact me on ********2 or

Wed Jan 25

what was the pub called that was almost first avenue but on the opposite side of the road and just round the corner from queen's park station, in 1952? my grandad frequented it and got his dog to bark people out at closing time

Sun Jan 22

is kilburn park dangerous


I am thinking of moving to Kilburn park canterbury terrace,

can someone tell me if this is dangerous or not . I am young female student .

Sun Jan 22

simone112@sky .com

hi the bell pub and the red lion pubs are still going strong best wishes gunboots

Sat Jan 07

Hey If You Want To Play Badminton...

Get in touch. I used to play badminton a few years back and desperately wanted to get back into it. I found it difficult to find a court in the Kilburn area, much less a group to play with. Luckily I've now managed to find both. Get in touch if you want to join us.

Sun Dec 04


I am trying to find out more about 3 members of the PIPPETT family, (possibly Jessie, Alice & Amy) who were in the local Concert Party Troupe called "THE METRO"

This would be around the period 1920's through to 1940's.

If anyone has any information on this subject I would appreciate very much hearing from you.

Many thanks

Tony Brown



**** ****1

my email:

Sat Sep 17

Question? What is it like living on iverson road ?

Hi I am thinking of moving to iverson road which I believe is in kilburn ? Is the location safe in the day and night ? As I am reading a lot of posts that seem to have many very different points about the location ?

Wed Sep 14

Question ? About living on inversion road kilburn ??

Hi I am thinking of moving to inverson road which I believe is in kilburn ? Is the location safe in the day and night ? As I am reading a lot of posts that seem to have many very different points about the location ?

Wed Sep 14

Question ? About living on inversion road kilburn ??

Hi I am thinking of moving to inverson road which I believe is in kilburn ? Is the location safe in the day and night ? As I am reading a lot of posts that seem to have many very different points about the location ?

Wed Sep 14

Volunteer Accountant / Bookkeeper

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to volunteer for the position of Accountant assistant or Bookkeeper assistant, so that I can enhance my knowledge and gain experience.

I have successfully completed a MBA by University of Valencia (spain), and I have enjoyed working in the industrial machinery sector as accounts assistant/bookkeeper for over ten years.

I am fluent in English, native fluency in Spanish and Catalan, and I have a high degree of computer literacy with excellent skills using MS Office: Word, Excel,Outlook etc. 2003/07/10.

I would like to volunteer at your firm/company at least for a period of 2-3 months or more if possible.

I will welcome the opportunity to discuss a volunteer position further and look forward to hearing from you soon.

CV is available upon request.

Please contact me by email :

Fri Aug 05


rowley way is hells toilet dont come here i am trying to leave! (drugs,knifes,thugs.small flats like caves) its not a happy place take my word DO NOT move to rowley way it would be the bigest mistake of your life

Fri Jul 29

What happened to Mr Sheenas?

Mr Sheenas went private and sold the practice .

Tue Jun 21


are there any good bellyy dance classes in kilburn.please can you let me know thank you.

Mon May 23

Mr Kothari is a lovely dentist

I would highly recommend this gentleman. He is professional and courteous and very decent. I have found him to be totally honest, and very good at his job in the past 12+ years I have been going to him.

He is not open on Thursdays or Friday afternoons but otherwise he is usually able to see patients fairly quickly

Mon May 02

Does anyone know of a qiqong class in the area?

Sun Dec 05

Avoid the Andreas the tailor on Kilburn Lane

Locally known for it's bad service and bad tailoring

Tue Nov 16

D Walton

Is there anyone who is a trained hairdresser who could braided my hair- half and bring out the wave of my hair on the other half. I am white. Not looking for a relationship but would like someone to come over to my flat and re-style my hair for me in the way I mentioned. Not sure if I want to have it dyed. It is dyed red at the moment. naturally dark brown. My email address is. I am in hospital at the moment but hope to get out sometime soon. If I feel I can trust you I'll give you my number. There are some creepy people out there so no weirdo's please. P.s. I know it can be uncomfortable so please be gentle as I don't like the idea of

Tue Sep 14

Retired English Teacher

I am looking for a retired english teacher who can help me to improve my english.

If you have any one to recommend please email me on

Thu Sep 02


Hi Natasha,

I am also interested in expanding social networks in the local area.

How have you found it so far? If you would like to meet up

for a drink and a chat mail me.

Tue Aug 10

Hatha yoga techer offers classes for any donation.

Hi My name Is Christian, I'm a hatha yoga teacher I Just moved to Kensal Rise, I would like to find people interested in pracing yoga before i hire a space to teach classes.

So if you have space enough to accomodate i can come and teach you privately.

Please mail me if you are interested and need any info.

Fri Jul 16

Does anyone know a salon where I can relax my hair and get a haircut? I have afro carribean hair btw

Mon Jul 05



Tue Jun 01

SEWING courses? community centre


I've not been able to figure out an actual active community centre near Kilburn/Queens Park - anyone? I wouldn't mind doing a bit of volunteering. in the meantime, I'd like to do a basic sewing skills course. Would anyone know of any in the Kilburn/Qp/Maida Vale even area?



Tue Jun 01


i have 2 dogs and would love to hear from u


**** 816 352

Mon May 03


hello there

please call me on **** ****2. as iv been looking for a new place to get my eyebrow done. i live right by kilburn stn.

thanks verity

oh p.s u can also get me on

Mon May 03

Springfield Gardens

Hello from Australia,

In 1861 my g-grandmother and family lived at no. 9 Spring Gardens Kilburn, her name was Jane Eliza Musson and her family were Howard, age 10, Joanna, 8 and Poynton 4

They shared accomodation with 6 members of a Foss family and a John and Mary Ash. This street is between the Bell and the Red Lion pubs, does it still exist?, and I wonder If anyone has any other info or early photos pleeeese!!

Mon Apr 05

local t e c h n o servants wanted

just looking for some lonely techno freaks in the locality - got few things on my mind so might need a helping hand in a while besides it's always interesting who's gonna pop up ;)

think dub techno / Birmingham's sound / minimal what's indeed minimal / underground house / deep end of the dubstep / ...


click n scribble!

Wed Mar 24

Badminton in Kilburn

Hi Natasha

I'd be up for playing some Badminton in Kilburn, did you find somewhere with a court?

I havent played for a while though so might be a bit rusty!

let me know,


Wed Mar 17

I also went to Madame Flavia's dance school in quex road. I appeared in Goodie Two shoes at Brixton & East Ham. I was also in the Dambusters routine at the Metropolitain theatre Edgware road.

Love to hear from anyone.


Mon Mar 08

I know this is a longshot, but any help would be appreciated........Does anyone have ANY information about a lady called Susan Syme/Symes/ also known as Susan Patmore. This lady is now deceased, but there are family connections, and any information would help.

Sun Feb 28

Wanted - a space - studio/garage/room - 3 weeks?

Im looking for a studio/rentable space for 3 weeks to do a large mosaic project, preferably in North West, NW2,6 area. If you have a small room, garage, share of studio that you are not using, and dont mind it being a mess for 3 weeks, I can pay up to £30 per week.Please get in touch!

Tue Feb 23


hi natasha, did u find anyone to play badminton with? i am relatively new to kilburn and also want to play. please get in touch. thanks

Sat Feb 13

i love macs

great salon , 5 star customer service. If you want to a great experiance GO THERE

Sun Feb 07

banks in kilburn

im looking for a job

Sat Jan 23

Paddington Wreck

I understand that there is 5 aside pitches there? I run the Old bell pub on the high rd and was wondering if anybody had details ? Want to start a team u, thanks.

Fri Jan 15

Dr Shenas Practice

Dr Shenas moved to different area. His practices now in Chelsea. You can find details if you google it.

All the best

Sun Dec 06

Sports Facilities in West Camden/Kilburn

Swiss Cottage Sports Centre has loads on offer to local residents .. Gym, Steam & Dry Sauna, Swimming & Sports pitches for Basketball, Football, Netball & Badminton plus a substantial Climbing Wall ..

Fri Nov 13

Avoid it

borders the high rise blocks on the South Kilburn estate and is a good area if you want to get mugged. Maybe to visit for a restaurant but I'd rather live in a bin.

Thu Oct 29

Local Window Cleaner

Direct Window Cleaning Services is a small, friendly but professionally run business offering complete cleaning services to both domestic and commercial customers.

DirectWCS has a satisfied network of situated in Kilburn.

DirectWCS provides all aspects of cleaning:

-Window cleaning:

-Traditional method

-Water fed pole

-High pressure washing

-Conservatory cleaning

-Gutter and fascia cleaning

-Cladding, glazing, signs, paneling and canopy cleaning

The services are designed to be cost effective

DirectWCS are fully insured having £1 million public liability insurance

Tel/Fax **** ****6

Robert ********3

Martin ********8


Wed Oct 07


hello im a qualifed beauty threapist and is looking for clients in kilburn to do there eyebrow threading for them for the price of £3 quid contact me on

Thu Sep 24

Queens Park & Kilburn Amnesty Intl Group

We meet on 3rd Monday of the month at 7.30pm to discuss human rights issues and sign letters at the North London Tavern - upstairs. We often have speakers on various topics. Come see us! We're a friendly young bunch and often meet up outside meeting times.

Sun Sep 13

Just want to know what it would be like from a safety perspective living on Malvern road at the Malvern place end. Is it safe to walk at nights etc

Thu Aug 20

Like any City anywhere, it can be a bit edgy.

Avoid the housing estate areas after midnight.. like you would in any City.. Everywhere else is pretty cool. Basically you should aim to live in West Kilburn towards Queens Park. I lived in Manchester for years and it was much more dodgy than Kilburn, where I've lived since 2000.

Tue Aug 11

Professional Dog sitter, Walker and Trainer now taking bookings

I am a professional dog sitter, walker and trainer avaliable at short notice for long or shorts periods in the London areas; with over 6 years experience i can do a day, a month or year for all breeds at short notice and with negotiable rates.

I sit for your dog (or house) in your house and can do a few hours or a few days - its up to you.

I also walk and train dogs.

Contact me for more information or to book now.

Rates negotiable.

Fri Aug 07

Moving to Kilburn..

I'm shortly moving to Kilburn and would be great to make friends in my new neighbourhood for just a quick catch up here and there - grab a drink, try out the local cinema or comedy club, also happy to join an activity club/course etc. ...without the chaotic mission of travelling across the city to visit my current good friends.

Can anyone recommend any social networking groups or activity clubs etc. in Kilburn ? I'm open to suggestions.

I also like badminton - anyone know of a local place to play?

Thu Aug 06

Yes - go to spreadshirt.net they've got a really cool Kilburn T shirt. Looks like the Carlsberg logo.. I've seen people in North London with them on and asked where they got them..

Thu Jul 16


breda fleming, Of Kilburn London 1967/68

Sat Jun 27

Does anyone know a reliable Seamstress/Tailor


I'm looking for a local seamstress or tailor to do a little invisible mending and replace a zip on a dress.

If anyone could recommend one I'd be very grateful.

Please post here or let me know on

Sun Jun 14

Macs Hair and beauty Kilburn

WHAT A GEM , Love the way they made me feel and my hair was amzing. I just wish they had one near my work and i would be there every lunch time for treatment. ww.macs-salon.co.uk

Wed Jun 03

Iyengar Yoga Class


Does anyone know a good iyengar yoga class in or around the area? I'm new to the area and want to find a good class?


Sun May 17

Unity Dental Care/Dr Shenas

I wonder if anyone knows what happened to Dr Shenas and the Unity Dentist Practice in Kilburn. I have moved back to the area and realised that the practice has changed hands, so no Unity Dentist anymore...

Does anyone knows what happened to him? Is he still based in London? I am so terrified of dentist that I would like to find where he is based as I found him such a brilliant and caring dentist.

Sun May 10


Hi Kathryn

Im living in the Kilburn/Queens Park area and would like to expand my social circle in the area. I would like more female friends to go for a drink with in the area.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Thu May 07

North West London Ladies Social Group

This is a group for friendly, sociable ladies who live in North West London to meet up, relax, have fun and hopefully build some local friendships.

I just moved to West Hampstead with my boyfriend and would really like to expand my social circle. I've got a good set of friends, but they are all over London & I'd really like female friends who are close by enough to drop in for coffee, or head out for a quick drink after work or during the weekend without loads of travelling or military style planning.

I'm imagine that the kinds of meet ups will include going for a a coffee or drink seeing a movie, exploring new places, museums, shopping etc, everyday things really. They're very likely to be around Kilburn, Hampstead, Brondesbury, Swiss Cottage, Maida Vale, Queen's Park etc.

To find out more email me on

Tue May 05

From what I gather, West Kilburn (which lies South West of the High Road) is a bit dodgy, and perhaps some of Kilburn Park too. I don't mean to be disrespectful though, it's just what I've heard, and when visiting the area it did seem a little that way. Further up the High Road is cool and vibrant, there are some very characterful properties e.g. Brondesbury Villas and up towards and around the station too. In fact I am close to putting in an offer on a flat near there, and have a friend just up the road who really loves Kilburn. Maida Vale seems cute, the bit near the tube. Don't know it all that well.

Tue Mar 10

Kilburn/Maida Vale Area

I am looking into renting a room around Kilburn/Maida Vale area. So far I've heard mix review as to the safety of these areas. Can someone please advice....

Tue Mar 03

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