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I did work for George in the greengrocer shop Kenton Rd

back in 1963 I was 17 at the time, for a time as we move house in 64, I remember the bike George would tie a large wooden Banana box on the carrier so as to get more on the bike some time's tip up if you was not on it,

I remember the large sacks of Potato's in the shop hall way,

also boiling the Beetroots out the back in an old boiler,

As you said very sad George having his Legs take off the last time I see them George.. Bill .and Ron would be 1964

I do remember Bill and his loose teeth.

Sun Feb 23

I remember George Durrant

I had a Saturday job at George Durrant's when I was still at school, delivering fruit and veg on one of those old-fashioned trade bikes with the carrier on the front. Bill was no longer around then. I remember him, though, with his ill-fitting dentures. I think that he and his brother had a falling out over something and he had gone by the time I worked there.

I think that there was another brother called Vernon who had his own greengrocers in Cricklewood or somewhere.

I think George used to live somewhere around Wembley Hill. Last I heard of him, he'd had both his legs taken off. Very sad.

There was another chap called Ron who worked for George for some years. I think he started driving buses when George eventually closed the shop.

I suppose they're all long gone by now.

How Kenton has changed. I'm glad I don't live there anymore.

Fri Feb 21

George Durrant Greengrocer

Any one remember George & bill Durrant they had a Greengrocer shop on the Kenton road back in the 1960s

Sun Jul 23

recommend me a dentist

Dear all, do you have any private dentist to recommend in London Central? I just got here one month ago and I don't know well about the city.

Wed Feb 08

George John Cream 1930 to 1985

Hello, I am researching my family tree and would like to ask please if anyone knew or knew of my grandfather. He is deceased now, I know that he lived in Queensbury and Kenton and that his father had a greengrocers shop in Kingsbury. I am interested to find out about him and his life as I never knew him. Thank you very much.

Tue Oct 11

Cleaner / Ironing

Hello. I'm from Poland. I'm cleaner 4 years. I'm trustworthy domestic cleaner: ironing, drying, washing, vacuum and mopping. Hight standard cleaning.

I have written and telephone references, great deal of experience in the ironing

Fri Nov 09

Ray Flyne

Did any body know Ray Flyne who lived in Christchurch Ave he was a cab driver baised at wembly park also prior he was a tester at Rootes in Barlbry road Nth Kensington and owned a ford Consule I know he talked about his young lady but lost contact with him

Fri Jul 08

Street2Dance Company is looking for talent!

Hi all, Street dancers, do you love dancing or want to show your talent on stage? Join us, we are looking for dance lovers and talented street dancers to be part of a crew or to train to be in the group.

Contact for more info.

London, Wembley area.

Age 8 to 17yrs +

Mon Oct 11



I live near South kenton and would love to learn more about your group.



Fri Feb 12

Where does HA0 postcode fit in??!!

Hi all,

Looking at houses to move in, just south of NORTHWICK PARK, around NORVAL ROAD.

Would it be considered under Kenton, on this site or is there a more appropriate area forum in here somewhere?


Mon Oct 12

Creating Fiction: an introduction to the craft of writing stories

This is a course that introduces and explores some of the building blocks of fiction and during the process of both writing and reading, develops the writing “voice”.

Venue: Methodist Church, Pinner Rd Harrow

Date and time: Thursdays 11am to 1pm for 10 weeks

Cost:£64 for 10 for the course or free on proof of means tested benefit.

Provider: WEA

Fri Oct 09

Garage needed in harrow


Im looking to rent a garage to park my car off the road. The garage needs to be at least 8 1/2 feet wide. I live on Harrow on the Hill and so ideally would like a garage within 10 minutes walk. Will pay top market rate.

Mon Dec 08

Women friends

Hi, we're a group of North London friends, all female, although occassionally some of us bring our partners along to some events. Very cool group, very ordinary people who love socialising and want to grow their circle of friends. Genuine friendships only please

Thu Mar 13



Sun Aug 26

Building Services

I am a British Building Services contractor, qualified with relevant certifications. I am reliable, articulate, professional, cost effective and trustworthy. I am qualified to carry out PAT testing, other electrical work, plumbing, painting, decorating, kitchen, bathroom fittings, tiling, wallpapering, under floor heating and all other aspects of building services. To contact me call **** ****3 or email

Mon Aug 20

Singles night?? In Kenton??

Details please???? Are you talking about sainsbury's??

please reply to;

Thu Aug 03

not that bad

they can be free too if you know where to get off

Sat Jul 15

I have one for you

Please contact Nik on **** 456 519 - My garage is based in North Harrow

Thu Jun 15

WANTED: Garage to let

Looking for a garage to let, ideally in the Harrow area. If you have something available please contact me on **** ****8. Thanks

Wed Aug 31

the nearest one will be Harrow Lesuire centre,

Sat Jul 30

GCSE tuition Offered (maths, sciences, english, art)

I have been a tutor for 3 years now, and have been awarded by teachers and students alike in the Uxbridge and Harrow areas for simply acheiving the best of the best. My students average an A-A* because I don't leave until my planned lesson criteria has been satisfied.

I'm extremely easy going, adopt a relaxed fun and interesting working environment; relaxing the left side of the brain so that both loaves work rather than just one. With me you'll have a fun time getting top grades, a teacher and a person to talk to and call for any reason. I am on messenger and offer 24 hour consolidation via phone or internet.

I can travel anywhere in london, my rates are one of the best.

email me on

Tue Jul 26

Kenton FC

Hi yes we are called Kenton but we play i Bricket Wood, nr Radlett - is this close enough? Where have you played before etc???

Fri Aug 13

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