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Re: Need someone to run a womens circle etc.


Tue Mar 10



I have a space in a boutique at the back of a new women's boutique in Camden and Iam looking for people in the community interested in running a women's group/circle/poetry reading/book club etc. I would love to have this space used for the empowerment of women from all culture and background. If anyone has other ideas on how this space could be used please let me know. There is a bonus I think to the space as it also has a intimate and quite cafe on the premises which sell the best coffee I've taste too.

Thanks for reading


Tue Mar 10

Hi, saw your text in regards to the starlings in kentish town, i lived in leverton street, K,Town, Mary Page married one of the sons, i knew Terry Page, any connection, jean McArthur, ( Draper)

Sun Dec 22



There is a Fortess Walk and Fortess Grove off Fortess Road, NW5.

Hope this helps

Sun Jul 15

Wed Apr 04

2012 -Friday evening Life drawing class- Holly Lodge, Highgate New town N6

Life drawing classes, covering a variety of media and approaches between 7-9.30 Pm @

Holly Lodge Community Centre

30 Makepeace Avenue


N6 6HL


Starts 13 Jan 2012 for 10 sessions up to April 2012, course fee £87.50 + all present chip in to pay the model (usually between £3-6 each). Free for those on an income related benefit (proof is needed)

Contact Pete (tutor) on **** ****1 or WEA (Workers Education Association) who are the organisers - 020 7 426 1950 /

Wed Jan 11

Parking space, kentish town


im moving into a flat on kentish town high street shortly and my parents are coming to help me move in so i was wondering where i would be able to park for the day. I noticed side streets with meters close to my flat for when im moving my stuff in but are there any longer stay alternatives so i could take them out for a meal or trip afterwards. Id imagine a whole day on a parking meter might get expensive and would be a pain having to go back and keep topping it up.

Sun Jul 24

I am trying to find 2 old streets in kentish town that were demolished in 1969.


iF=f so i would appreciate you contacting me on

Thu Jul 14


Hi everyone, I'm looking a car park to rent in kentish town. I live in holmes road. If any space I can rent to park my car please let me know. cheers.


mobile number ********1

Sat Jun 11

Old Address in Kentish Town

Sun May 29

Jump Jive & Shout

Tuesday night is jive party night at Jump Jive and Shout. A lively,fun friendly retro style jive nighter with dj Salome Jackson spinning some of the very best in lively, pulsating, uplifting 1940s/50s rhythm n blues, jump jive, boogie woogie, doo wop, blues shouters and more – the roots of rock n roll.

With great live music from the ultra stylish London outift Florence Joelle’s Kiss of Fire performing tracks from their excellent new album Kiss of Fire. Early American blues, Rnb and French Chanson with sultry gypsy elements. A not to be missed show.

Great music, great dancing,and great fun. A brilliant night out where everyone is welcome.

8pm -12 £5.00 on the door

The Fiddler’s Elbow 1 Malden Road Kentish Town London NW5 3HS

Sat Apr 09

Dog owners - complimentary photo shoot


I am a local photographer doing a project on dogs and their owners. If you would like to take part, you would receive free photos at a high professional quality on a DVD.

Please contact me in the first instance by email.

Mon Mar 28

Free photo shoot for dog owners

I am a Photographer working on a personal project about dogs and their owners. If you are interested in taking part you would receive a free DVD of the best images in return.

Please reply in the first instance by email. Thanks.

Wed Mar 23

Free photo shoot for dog owners

I am a Photographer working on a personal project about dogs and their owners. If you are interested in taking part you would receive a free DVD of the best images in return.

Please reply in the first instance by email. Thanks.

Wed Mar 23

Free photo shoot for dog owners

I am a Photographer working on a personal project about dogs and their owners. If you are interested in taking part you would receive a free DVD of the best images in return.

Please reply in the first instance by email. Thanks.

Wed Mar 23


Our next film is the inspirational documentary 'The Times of Harvey Milk' (1984) Robert Epstein, 12th April @ 7pm

(Please note we have POSTPONED the screening of 'Knife in the Water' (1962), Roman Polanski, 26th April. We will now show this in the Autumn).

'The Shop on Main Street', (1965) Ján Kadár, 10th May @ 7pm

'Boudou Saved from Drowning' (1932) Jean Renoir , 24th May @7pm

'Ace in the Hole' (1951), Billy Wilder, 7th June @ 7pm

'Magnificent Obsession' (1954) Douglas Sirk, 21st June @ 7pm

Interchange Trust, Hampstead Town Hall, 213 Haverstock Hill, NW3 4QP (Belsize PK Tube)

Season Membership £15/10, Admission £3, Day M'ship £6

Thu Mar 17


Our Spring 2011 season-

Cobra Verde (1988) Werner Herzog, 18th January @ 7pm

The Red Shoes (1948) Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger, 1st February @7pm

Frozen River (2008), Courtney Hunt, 15th February @7pm

Plein Soleil (1960), Rene Clement, 8th March @ 7pm

The Times of Harvey Milk (1984) Robert Epstein, 12th April @ 7pm

Knife in the Water (1962), Roman Polanski, 26th April @ 7pm

The Shop on Main Street, (1965) Ján Kadár, 10th May @ 7pm

Boudou Saved from Drowning (1932) Jean Renoir , 24th May @7pm

Ace in the Hole (1951), Billy Wilder, 7th June @ 7pm

Magnificent Obsession (1954) Douglas Sirk, 21st June @ 7pm

Hampstead Town Hall, 213 Haverstock Hill, NW3 4QP (Belsize PK Tube)

Membership £15/10, Admission £3, Day M'ship £6


Fri Feb 04

Jump Jive & Shout

Fun friendly retro style jive nighter second and third Tuesday of the month with dj Salome Jackson spinning some of the best in lively, pounding, pulsating 1940s/50s rhythm n blues, jump jive, boogie woogie, vocal harmonies, blues shouters and more for all your jiving and dancing needs. Plus great live music ranging from boogie woogie/rock n roll piano pounders to rockabilly trios and jump jive bands. Live 14th Dec Florence Joelle's Kiss of Fire

Live 21st Dec Big John Carter & Henri Herbert ( 2 of the best boogie woogie blues piano men in the UK)

8pm -12 Entry £5.00 on the door

Jump Jive & Shout

The Fiddler’s Elbow

1 Malden Road London(off Crogsland Rd or Ferdinand St by Prince of Wales) NW5 3HS 0207 485 3269

(Chalk Farm Tube, Kentish Town West, Kentish Town Rail Buses 24, 46, 393) www.fiddlerselbow.piczo.com

Fri Dec 03


is it true that the guesthouse in grafton road is going to HIGH COURT? and being closed for health and safety?

anyone know? I used to bring my clients there, very handy for kentish town

Thu Oct 28


I have been told that these cottages were built by affluent men to keep thier mistresses in.

Sat Sep 11

Hi There

I am looking to put together a basketball game every week with good standard of play, but also just for fun....it would be with guys and girls 17 years old and upwards, if you are interested in getting involved, please email me on

Fri Sep 03

Did you find a book club as Im looking for one in Kentish Town as well.


Fri Aug 20


try the one on the corner of gaisford street, ask for paul he is very good, men women and children, and very fast; and accomodating on walk in appointments.

Tue Aug 03

can you help

what was the name of the record shop in kentish town in the 80's not circle in the sq the other one...

Tue Aug 03

Dont believe a word of it - KTown does not have problems like this these days

It's no different from other mixed areas of London. I have lived here for over a decade and NEVER experienced anything appraoching any trouble, and I am out and about at different hours frequently

Sun Jun 27

Hip-hop dance classes-beginners/ improvers

Hip-hop dance classes on tonight at expressions studios Kentish town, £7 members, £9 non-members, £8 students, for an hour and a half and will let the class vote to either dance to Rihanna-Russian Roulette or cool kids-Gold and a pager! come on down and try something new!

For more details

Wed Mar 10

NE Kentish Town near Brecknock Road is nice: NW5 2QY

Hiya. I've lived in the NE side of Kentish Town for 7 years and never had any trouble. The east side also has some lovely house - nicer than mine - just off Kentish Town Road. The west side of KT looks a bit crappy...although I've never lived there. It's possible the drunks live there and walk the other way out of the tube that I do.

Wed Feb 24


Searching in the Camden Hampstead area for family members of Joseph Sullivan family around 1950/60s.

The family lived in Fordwych road Camden, his father was John Sullivan his son Joseph married Eileen

( nee ) McCann in 1960 at st Thomas More Church, the couple will be now over 70yrs old, the couple are presumed to have separated some yrs ago.

I would appreciate any infomation regarding family thank you.

Wed Feb 24

professional standard amateur chamber musicians ???


I have recently moved to Kentish Town and am having Chamber Music withdrawal symptoms.

I am a professional standard amateur violinist, and would love to meet some new friends to make up a string quartette or piano sonata team! I take my music seriously and have the time to put a decent amount of practice in. I teach English and art history at a sixth form college during the day, but am free most evenings.

Do let me know if you are at all interested by emailing:

Thu Feb 18


My husband and our infant had beer cans thrown down at us on the escalator a while back when we were holidaying there. This isn't the London we expected to see.

Tue Jan 12

life drawing classes in North London

Back by popular demand, Friday evening life drawing classes, covering a variety of media and approaches between 7-9.30 Pm @

Holly Lodge Community Centre

30 Makepeace Avenue


N6 6HL


Starts 15 jan 2010 for 20 sessions up to summer 2010, course fee to be confirmed but is around £7.50 per session + all present chip in to pay the model (usually between £3-6 each). No course fees for concessions (proof is needed)

contact Pete (tutor) on **** ****1 or Steve rushton at the WEA (Workers Education Association) who are the organisers - 020 7 426 1974/

Mon Dec 21

1911 my father lived at No.7

My father lived in Fortess Grove as a child. He was born 1906 and the family continued to live in the area. He met my mother who lived in Willington Terrace when they were both 16. They married in 1928 and had over 50 years of married life together. They always talked about going "courting" over Parliament Hill Fields!

Mon Oct 26

Its actually LA Fitness.

It's actually LA Fitness.

Tue Jun 16

Does anyone know a reliable Seamstress/Tailor


I'm looking for a local seamstress or tailor to do a little invisible mending and replace a zip on a dress.

If anyone could recommend one I'd be very grateful.

Please post here or let me know on

Sun Jun 14

History of the Forum

Was an ABC cinema. I used to go to the Saturday morning pictures there and saw Zulu there in the early to mid sixties. It then became an Irish dancehall (can't remember the name), but became the Forum after the local Irish diaspora began to be priced out of the area in the eighties(?). Love Kentish Town. I grew up there and my mother still lives there.

Fri May 29

North West London Ladies Social Group

This is a group for friendly, sociable ladies who live in North West London to meet up, relax, have fun and hopefully build some local friendships.

I just moved to West Hampstead with my boyfriend and would really like to expand my social circle. I've got a good set of friends, but they are all over London & I'd really like female friends who are close by enough to drop in for coffee, or head out for a quick drink after work or during the weekend without loads of travelling or military style planning.

I'm imagine that the kinds of meet ups will include going for a a coffee or drink seeing a movie, exploring new places, museums, shopping etc, everyday things really. They're very likely to be around Kilburn, Hampstead, Brondesbury, Swiss Cottage, Maida Vale, Queen's Park etc.

To find out more email me on

Tue May 05


I can't bear it either. Why can't they go do it in Earls Court or somewhere else instead of bringing their offensive behaviour to our manor? Grrrr.

Thu Apr 16

Help! Lost Camera on 06/04/09

Hi, this is a longshot, but I lost my camera somewhere near the big playground/running track/Parliament Hill part of the Heath on 6th April 2009. It is a black Panasonic Lumix digital camera. I'm not fussed about the camera itself, but I'm devastated that I hadn't downloaded or printed the images off it. There were pictures of my son and baby girl and also a family party on it...

If you can help I'd be eternally grateful!

Thu Apr 16


House & office Removal service by a professionally run company. We know that customers are not only worried about the cost of moving, nothing should be missing or broken and the move should go smoothly. That is why we are investing heavily in recruiting people who understand what customers really want. We are increasingly becoming a popular choice when it comes to moving house of office around London areas.

To get a free removal quote, please call: 0800 0234 931.

Sun Mar 08

Looks like it's gone. I've been trying to find an address myself. Too bad, I would like to visit it.

Thu Mar 05

Is there a book club in Kentish Town

Hii have recently moved to Kentish Town from Cornwall. Does anyone know of a book club in the area? I'd like to make some new friends..

You can mail me at

Wed Mar 04


The projected life of the Inter-Action Centre, or 'Amalgam' as Cedric also called it, was not 5 years but 15 years.

Cedric was cross when the building was going to be listed and delighted when it was going to be demolished.

Fri Feb 27

Mon Jan 26

Interaction Centre

You may mean the Interchange `Hut' which used to be off Prince of Wales Road. It was pulled down to make space for the `new' Talacre Sports Centre, while `Interchange' (community arts) has moved to Hampstead Town Hall. The Talacre Action Group is a voluntary play organisation, with a facility in the Talacre building (at the back - Wilkin Street).

Fri Nov 07

Interested in sharing your gym membership

Hi Graeme

I m potentially interested in the gym membership but not sure where FA Fitness is! They don’t seem to have a website so I would love to have a bit more info on the following: location, price of the membership, classes and opening times.

Many thanks in advance,

Sat Aug 30


Fully qualified and experienced carpenter available - doors, windows, sash-repairs, decking, fences, bookshelves etc. Please call Brendan on **** ****6 or 020 8886 4564

Mon Aug 18

You will be opposite several large blocks of social housing, managed by St.Pancras Housing Assoc. Fairly near to KT shops (10 mins). Near to Talacre Gardens open space, and also Talacre Sports Centre (Council owned, quite new and very popular). To the north is the Gospel Oak estate - Council housing. KT is generally a very mixed area, with plenty of cafes and essential services within close reach. The swimming baths closed for major refurbishment.

Tue Jul 08

Evening and weekends baby sitting

Hi everyone!

I'm a 25 yo Italian girl and I love children, so if you need occasional baby sitting in the evenings or during the weekend just email me! I have references :)

Tue Jul 01

Athlone St, Kentish Town

I'm thinking of moving into a Newbuild flat on this Road. Does anyone live on/near this road? Any pros/cons or advice before I take the plunge? Thanks

Sat Jun 21

Cleaning and ironing

I'm looking for cleaner work.

If you need, please let me know.

Very good cleaning of home, office and ironing.

100% honest, reliable and always on time.

I have cleaning experience.

Good references.

Thank you!



Tue May 20

What on earth....

Bizarre informarion you've been given. Are your mates from South London? Have lived in Kentish Town for 5 years as a single girl alone. Touch wood, have never had any problems, I find the place safe, clean and pleasant. Never been robbed, there are probably drugs about but aren't there everywhere? And as for drunks...WTF? Try Soho on a Friday night, Kentish Town is positvely an old people's home after that. I don't want to hold it up as a paragon of virtue, because nothing lasts, but I reckon (after several years here) it's an awsesome place to live. Well connected, lively, great bars, close to Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hill. The nightlife has never phased me. Bizarre comments from your friends....xxxxxxxxx

Sat Apr 26

Kentish Town at night

We're considering moving to Kentish Town but our friends have told us that it's really not nice at night - apparently lots of drunks, people on drugs, theft etc. Just generally very unsafe and they have strongly recommended we don't move there. We've lived in London for years so know that there are good parts and bad parts of most places and that you have to have your wits about you wherever you live but Kentish Town seems so nice during the day. I'm finding it hard to believe it would be so awful at night. Can people please give me their honest opinions on this! Where in kentish town would be considered a really "nice" place to live, if anywhere! Thanks so much for your help.

Sun Apr 20

Hi I'm a curtain maker based in fulham, if you need further information please ring 0207 731 4570

Tue Apr 15

I need to park my car in some where in Kentish town in the day for free is there anywhere???

or some where near :)

Tue Mar 25

Just moved into a flat on Torriano

Quite lovely. Quiet, clean, safe at night, low traffic, great place.

Tue Mar 11

art classes

does anyone know of any local art classes? say, life drawing, or oil painting?

Mon Mar 10

Leighton Road

Why do you say that Leighton Road is not nice? We want to buy a house there (at the end, towards Torriano Avenue), but we are concerned about safety and traffic. Do you live there? What don't you like about it?Please, let me know

Tue Mar 04

Furniture for sale!! LOW LOW prices... All going this week until 29 Feb.../1 March...

hey everyone...

yes, i am moving and hence selling all my stuff... furniture that is...

so... if anyone's interested, do give me a ring at 0798 ****76 or email to

Sat Feb 23

Railway employees

Can anyone tell me about living in Kentish Town and working on the railways in the 70s. Many residents had rail jobs then but probably much less now. I'm doing a project on the railway lands and surrounding buildings in East and West Kentish Town and their changes since the 70s. Any info personal accounts would be welcome, eve.

Fri Feb 22

Moving To London

Hi, I'll be graduating this July in Newcastle and may be moving to London over the Summer. I'm looking for somewhere reasonably cheap near the city centre with a studenty atmosphere as I'm only 21. Is Kentish town and the surrounding area that kind of place?

Mon Jan 28



I also just moved to kentish town and I am looking for yoga-pilates courses!

did you start?! found a good place?!

could you please tell me where the "logical planet" is or if you have found something else?

thank you very much!



Mon Jan 28

please delete posting thx

Sun Jan 20

hello Sam

call Joe on ********9,he is your best bet

Fri Jan 18

Kentish Town Handyman

I'm moving to Kentish Town soon and will be needing someone to do lots of odd jobs like putting together flat pack furniture, putting up shelves and mirrors etc.

Does anyone have any trustworthy recommendations? Much appreciated!

Fri Jan 18

Dale road Kentish Town

Does anyone know or anyone who might know the reason why Dale road, which ran paralell with Vicars Road is now gone(apart from the remains off Grafton Rd)

My Father was born at number 62 Dale rd

Sun Jan 13

I have never felt unsafe in Kentish Town but like everywhere you need to be sensible. I am sure you will be fine here. Its a great area.

Sun Nov 11

Gloucester Place and Hilldrop Crescent

Well done! And those early maps just as the railways were starting up must be fascinating with so much of what is now Inner London still effectively villages. However, not only not posh but highly notorious - Leighton Road (in my 1948 Map) leads into Hilldrop Crescent of Dr. Crippen fame (or rather infamy)!

Wed Nov 07

Could be Gloucester after all!

Thanks for looking. Funnily enough I have since found an old street map (1861) of Kentish Town that shows a Gloucester Road leading into a Gloucester Place. A later map (1865) shows that same stretch of road now named Leighton Road. Hopefully that may solve the mystery. Thanks again for your trouble.

Confirms - not posh!

Wed Nov 07


The 1940s Street Atlas I have offers only Glenister Park Road, Wandsworth SW16, Glenister Road, Greenwich, SE10 and Glenister Road, East Ham, SE9. Gloucester Place is described as "St. Marylebone" but maybe the districts were sub-divided over the preceding century and in 1845 it could have been called "Kentish Town". I think you're posher than you thought!

Wed Nov 07

Glenister not Glenaster?

Not being familiar with Kentish Town, where would I find Glenister on the map? What is it near?

Thanks for responding.

Sat Nov 03

Glenaster to Gloucester

Thanks for the suggestion. It maybe a bit too far South and posh doesn't sound like our family! But it is the best suggestion so far. Thanks again.

Sat Nov 03


I think it might be Glenister.

Sat Nov 03

Moving to London


Moving down to London in January and trying to find out about areas, safety and that sort of thing - I'm a single woman and don't fancy winding up in an area I'm too frightened to go out at night!

What's Kentish town like for safety? any areas to avoid? Any recommendations?



Fri Nov 02

Glenaster Place/Gloucester Place

You imply the writing is rather hard to read. It might be a bit too far South but there is a Gloucester Place near Marylebone Station. Very posh, running down into Portman Square.

(You know that piece going round the web where only the first and last two letters of the words are correct but it is amazingly easy to read - the eye just fills in what it expects. And I was born in Gloucester so I recognised it as a possibility.)

Fri Nov 02

Glenaster Place?

I am researching my Family History and have a Birth Certificate for 1845 in which an address that looks like 'Glenaster Place' is recorded. I cannot find anything like this address in my A-Z.

Does anybody recognise it?

Thu Nov 01



I'm looking for a friendly league or just something cool to play basketball at least every week close to Kentish town or Camden.

I'm arrived in this area few months ago from France. I'm rather a good player but I didn't play for a long time and I definitely need making sports in a good atmosphere.

Is there somebody who can help me?

Mon Oct 29


i want to know more about the club called the churcH, do it sell clothes? like rugby tops? -

Sun Oct 07

Corgi Registered Gas Fitter

Hi guys. Looking a boiler replacement. Anyone recommend a corgi registered person locally?

Email me at

Sat Sep 29

The Inter-action orgnisation moved to Hampstead Town Hall and still operates from there.

Tue Aug 21

The Mother Shipton

See the recent article by Prof Marina Warner about Mother Shipton's (and a few other centuries-old pubs originally named after a real woman, and how these all changed their names in the 1980s for marketing purposes to things like 'The Oxford'). The article is called 'Old Hags' and it's in a book called 'London: City of Disappearances', edited by Iain Sinclair. Mother Shipton was born in 1488 and was a cunning woman/healer. The pub was renamed the Fiddler's Elbow in 1989.

Tue Aug 21

Kentish Town Good Hair Dresser in Kentish Town

There is a great one on Fortess Road, nearer to Tufnell Park though. Very patient hairdresser, works with you and makes you feel at ease. Reasonably priced too.

The nicest hairdresser I've had.

Mon Aug 20

hello tina

i was born in gospel oak not far from malden road.i was living futher down malden for a few years but am now over in the brecknock.the area is quite safe but as most places in london its not too safe after 12 at night.as cocerns with the local pub the westport i do have a drick in there quite often and i can asure you that all the people who drink there are the quietest buch mostly over 50.

Fri Aug 10

Malden Road

Someone's a bit racist towards Irish pubs! You should look at it as a positive thing... A nice little local close by to go for a pint or two!!

I live a couple of streets down. Malden Road is very nice and the area is a really nice place to live.

Less of that racism!!!!

Thu Aug 09

Thu Jul 26


Sat Jul 07

Sat Jul 07

Fri Jul 06

Kutt Zone is a good hairdressers in kentish town

There is not that many salons in kentish town but kutt zone is the best, very relaxed and not too expensive.

i definatley reccomend you try

Fri Jul 06

The gym is located across from 1 Grafton Road

a b&b named michael's guest house where I once stayed three weeks. since I was looking for a cheap place to stay and that was a good choice. the gym opened early in the morning as i would read the paper at my room window and notice the early arrivals. there is also a laundry next door where you can wash up those gym rags.

Mon Jul 02

Good Hair Dresser in Kentish Town


I'm looking for a good, not too expensive hair dresser in Kentish Town. I know there are many places on the high street, but I'm nervous to just try without some kind of recommendation first

Does anyone have a suggestion?

Thank you

Tue May 29

yes it does exist i've lived here 25 years but there is a wonderful woman who has lived here since 1939

Sat May 26

When Does Oddbins Open?

When I pass the new Oddbins in Kentish Town Road at 10:00 it is always closed. When on earth does it open?

Sat May 26

They were built as workers' houses on land bequeathed by a widow named Eleanor Palmer – so definitely not planned for people with Saabs, BMWs or little bay trees in pots. (See the books on Kentish Town's history.) Early residents would also have had working stables/mews next door. My g-g-g-grandfather and family lived at no. 2 in about 1855-61 (so possibly its first occupiers): 2 adults, 2 teenage sons, a young daughter and a widowed niece, which must have been a squeeze. (They'd traded up by 1865 and bought a house in Raglan Street by 1871!)

No. 2 still looked unmodernised last time I was there. I'd like to know who actually built the cottages. (I wonder if my ancestor was involved, along with another family called Norcott.)

Does anyone know if Fortess Grove used to lead through to Falkland Road?

Sat May 12

Hi Graham,

I would be happy to dogsit. I'm based in NW5 Email me

Thu May 10

Dog Owners in Kentish Town

Hey guys...Looking for local people who are dog lovers who would be interested in making new friends/mutual dog sitting for occasional weekend trips or holidays.

I live near the leisure centre and have a small lab/collie cross.


Wed May 02


Looking for a flatshare with chilled, responsible grown ups- that make a home and not a place to crach. 400 all inc with a double room, storage and a friendly vibe. Some creative interests would be nice. Im an actress.....dont let that put you off- am very well house trained.....

Tue Apr 24


Mon Apr 23

can anyone recommend a cleaner

we're a family in Kentish town looking for a cleaner - can anyone recommend someone?

Mon Apr 09

Low cost Counselling & Psychotherapy (Initial consultation is free)

I now have spaces available on my low cost counselling and therapy scheme at London Centre for Psychotherapy in Kentish Town. My subsidised low cost clinic runs on Saturdays only. For further info or to make an appointment, contact Sara **** 253 159

Sun Mar 25

Kentish Town builder

Does anyone know a reliable and reasonably priced builder / carpenter in Kentish Town?


Mon Mar 05

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