Welcome to London Kennington

Hurley road

Yes I am Ricky Hathaway 's sister Margo he lives near honiton in Devon, I'm in midsomer Norton what is your name, I can tell Rick to get in touch. We often talk about Kensington. Don't know why but we went to Crampton primary not St Phillips.

Mon Apr 18

Kennington Boys School, Cormont Road, London, SE5

Does anyone know when Kennington Boys School came into being at Cormont Road, London SE25? I'm trying to work out when to celebrate Kennington Boys School begins for the Kennington Boys School group in WhatsApp.

Sat Mar 26

Westcott Road

Should apologise to the Beadle family for calling them the Beatles. Can also remember the Stewart family and our resident pop star Billy Cook who I’m sure was on Top of The Pops back in the day.

Wed Feb 23

Westcott Road

Reading all these memories is so good. Grew up in Westcott lives at 42 last house before Cooks Road moved to Walworth in 1963. Keyworth was such a great school and Mr Binden the best teacher ever. Fondly remember families - the Beatles the Jenkins the Hallows and Selwyn who entertained us all with pop songs blaring out of his window on Sundays. The Thomas’s corner shop with the sweet boxes ( the halfpenny box the penny box or or grand days the tupenny box). Just remembering the Cheriton family am sure they shared a house with my Nan Milly Brockwell. Used to spend the whole summer holidays in Kennington Park totally brilliant memories of real community and togetherness.A way of living that’s sadly gone now.

Wed Feb 23

Vauxhall manor

I used to go to Vauxhall manor girls school in Vauxhall and Kennington between 1970/1974 my name was Rosemary Lowe I did used to bunk school a lot but now I think about it school days were the best it’s a shame they closed it and sold it as flats but there is a Ghost in the tower on the left I used to Sense it and run very fast down the stairs, people use to tease me and say miss Lowe was my mum the cookery teacher I thought mr Minker the French teacher was so funny strict but funny those were the days.

Sat Feb 05

Kennington School

I remember Me massara French Teacher I was year 3 remember student McKenzie Mustafa Lloyd I was a Perfect Librarian and on school council other studendt Phillip Green I am Michael Trottier was a little skinny guy wore crazy clothes and was a massive T Rex fan .I won a price at prize giving which was held next to Brixton Town Hall other student Robert Bannon anyone remember me

Wed Nov 03

Falstaff court


Mon Aug 30


I lived on the Brandon estate and went to Keyworth 1960-1965. I remember Miss Hunt and Mr Binden , Mr Massey My Nan Jessie lived at 20 Faunce street and I had friends and family living near by within walking distance, which was really nice. Dave’s grocer shop on the corner of Faunce street and the shops in Braganza street especially the sweet shop after school. I remember such lovely days in Kennington park watching the performers on the bandstand but my favourite was spending my summer days at the lido. I could go on .....such lovely memories.

Tue Feb 04

Kennington Rudd’s

Hi I knew the Rudd’s lots of children , think Mums name was Nell my mum had a shop in Renfrew rd that all the kids used to get the shopping Dad in the Print

Wed Nov 13

Hi Joan, just seen your post, did you live downstairs, when we lived there,

Sun Nov 10

Mr Massara

I remember Mr Masses the French teacher.

He was firm but fair. A large tummy and chubby. Always wore a dark suit.

Lovely great days.

My name: Gladstone Williams

Mr Beach was my form teacher

Stevenson House

Tue Oct 01

Gilbert road

Hi. I remember your parents they had a shop in Dryden ct. l took the house over from Mick in 63 next door to Jimmy Reeveie and his mother stayed until my daughter was 4 she was born in the front bedroom also ido think house was haunted , did your family ever experience anything Jo

Fri Aug 30

My father john Doyle lived in pella house in 1950s and 1960s

Thu Aug 29

Pamela Keen

I remember your name . Me and my brother Charlie. Went to st Philips from 1958 .

Tue Jun 25

Amy Sands was a relative. My aunt, whose maiden name was Day is the link. She speaks too of a Frank Brian or O'Brien. I've been told Amy recorded a short piece for the BBC shortly after WW2 'The Old Order Changes'. If anyone can add more to any of this please contact

Mon May 06

Hello Mick. My fridn Susan and me used to take your younger brothers out in the pram to give your lovely step-mum Rosie a break during the week back in the 60's I used to live at 12 Canute House and Sue lived at Porchia Court -

Sat Apr 27

Kennington - South London Facebook Group

Join the Facebook Group.

Wed Feb 13


who are you?

Wed Feb 13

Kennington - South London Facebook Group

Hi Join the Kennington - South London Facebook Group and i think youll be suprised as you might find lots of old kennington friends.

Wed Feb 13

Hi There

You are right, they were all great teachers.

Thu Nov 22

Hi There

Terry are you sure we were't in the same class? I was in the "A" stream throughout.

Thu Nov 22

manor place baths

hi,my mates and I used to go swimming at manor place in the 1950's.it was ashort walk away from where we used to live.although if e ha ahot sunday in the summer we would take the bus to the lido at brockwell park.summers seemed better better then

Fri Jun 08

terry hatton

hi'i am trying t contact terry hatton.he was in our class t the borough beaufoy school in blackprince road in kennington se11i think we all left in 1955

Mon Jun 04

pella house

I lived in trevose house which backed onto pella.we used to play football in the caged area.i don'recall the fella in the wheel chair,bot I do remember dog end charley in blackprince road

Mon Jun 04

micky mole

hi,i only knew micky mole!.he was in my class a Vauxhall street primary school/I don'kno what tear he left..i left in 1950.

Mon Jun 04

braganza street,kennington se11

hi,the last time I was in Braganza street was in the summer of 1955.i went with somefriends to abirthdayparty.I can't remember the door number..,but I do remember the girl with the birthday was named pat godfrey.I don't if this is of any use

Mon Jun 04

Looking for relatives

Hello,does anybody remember the knight/Baldwin family from Lucy Ashe house Peacock street kennington ,Emma knight and William Baldwin were my grandparents ,pat knight my mother,molly knight auntie,Stevie & Johnie knight uncles,my mum and her sister used to work in the same factory as Michael Caine ,not a lot of people know that,pubs that were frequented were the horse and groom ( Jews house ),the cricketers on kennington road ( black house),the giraffe,and the faunce . Like to here from anyone who may know something , my aunt molly is the only one alive born in 1932,

Sat Mar 03

My .late Father Brian was born in the Lambeth walk , and lived in clever sq as a child. I believe he went to the Avenue school. As an adult he owned the bookies in Dr Laune st. if anyone members that far back?

Sat Feb 10

Hello. My name is pat oleary my family lived at number 24

Westcott Road. I would love to hear from anyone who knew us.

We left Westcott Road 68/70 not sure as I was still very young. My mum was a cleaner in the surry garden arms. We went to manor place baths (when there was money) I have great memories & I would love to see some pictures of the houses. There was 9 children & my parents who lived at number 24. Me & my brothers would love to hear & share memories. All the best pat

Wed Jan 17

I lived in 14 anselm house from 1963 to 1967 I knew tony barbera, Vic lewington,John Stow,Irene gadd,John mclaughlin.I also billy and Charlie tanner,they lived in the block behind us.I went to St philips school and then hackford road scoo.

Fri Dec 08

Sharron Thompson

Hi Sharron

Have you got a brother

call Michael.

Did you live in Renfrew road.

We were best mate at school.

Tue Dec 05

Braganza Street c1933

I'm doing my family tree. My great grandmother had a shop on Braganza St - sweets, tobacco etc. I was just trying to work out where it was and found this on google ... "20 Dec 2016 · Iast year on my 70th birthday I had a trip to London and decided to take a look at Braganza st once again.All the memories came ... Post reply -->London Kennington Seymour Young 19 May Should we ...". I wonder if the person who posted knew the shop? I have a photo from c 1933 (earlier I know) of her outside the shop. BTW her surname was Seymour. Many thanks, Jane.

Thu Oct 26

Tony Burns

Hi Louise, would be nice if you could give me some info on Tony. Always wondered what happened to those guys.

Wed Sep 20

trevor hibbs

Hi, really pleased to hear Trevor is well. I didn't see your reply til now as Barry found it, he's pleased to hear about Trevor and will also let Mario know. If Trevor wants to get in touch with them he can email me if he wants? My email is.

Fri Sep 08

Hi, Ive just seen this, thanks for the reply Jackie or Steph hope you are well...I'm also in contact with Mario on Facebook,he was also looking...send Trev my regards, I'm on Facebook if you want to contact B

Fri Sep 08

Trevor Hibbs is alive and well

Hi, Ive just seen this, thanks for the reply Jackie or Steph hope you are well...I'm also in contact with Mario on Facebook,he was also looking...send Trev my regards, I'm on Facebook if you want to contact B

Fri Sep 08

Hi Terry

If you were in the A stream all that time then we would have been in the same class!

Tue Aug 29

Seymour Young

You would have been at Kennington School the same time as me.

Tue Jul 18

Do I know You?

Hi Terry,

If you were there during the time you specified then you would have known me, Seymour Young. You seem as if you would have been in the A stream right up to 5th year. If that is so then we would have been in the same class. I would have stood out being the only black boy in the stream at that time. Would love to hear from you.

Mon Jul 10

Hi Phil, I lived at 14 Anselm house.i played drums in a band with your brother maurice.

Tue Jun 13

the kennington rudds

hello,i am trying to contact Michael rudd.I knew him in the 1950's.we used to meet up at the alford house club in aveline street.he was in our basket ball team.if anybody knows him perhaps they could ask him to contact me on this site.at the time I knew him he had a girlfriend named pat. thanks

Sun Jun 11

Bill (William) Smith

Does anyone remember Bill Smith from Kennington Boys School? He was a very good footballer as I remember

Fri Jun 09

Tony Burns

Are you related to Tony Burns who went to Kennington Boys School?

Fri Jun 09

I went to St Phillips in 1954 my mane was Pamela Keen

Fri May 19

I used to live at 63 Hurley Road and remember all the names you mentioned

Fri May 19

Sorry to hear of your experience with Mr Oliver. i respected him hugely. Respect to Mr Hayley was my form teacher, Mr Beech, Mr Gloster the P.E. teacher and Mr Lovell the French teacher.

I was caned 3 times while at Kennington but I don't hold it against any of the teachers. I remember Jimmy Richardson and I were sitting on the floor in the dinner queue on the first floor larking around. The Principal, Mr Fawcett called Jim and I into his office and caned us both. We were both a little puzzled by this as he had been laughing and joking with us.

I think on the whole Kennington was a very good school. The really scary teachers were Mr Roberts the Physics teacher and Mr Goldsmith one of the English teachers. Mr Gallagher was a great English teacher. Mr Jewkes was the R.E. teacher. Strange, how we can have such varied memories of the same characters. Would love to hear your response.

Fri May 19

Hi Charlie!

I spoke to your big brother Jimmy sometime ago and I thought he said that you had emigrated to Australia. So nice to see that you are alive and well. I also exchanged emails with Coumas. Would love to hear from you.

Fri May 19

Hi did this Mr Burns have a brother named Tony Burns who went to Kennington County Secondary School at Hackford Road?

Fri May 19

I lived opposite the rudds.

Thu May 18

michael rudd

hi tina,I saw your mention of the rudds.did you knowmichael rudd.I knew him in the 1950's.he used to play fo our basketball team at the alford house club.he had a girlfriend named pat at thetime if you or any body else knows if he is still around could you possibly ask him to contact me on this site. thankyou.roy

Wed Apr 19

i lived in anselm house1958/1966 i knew billy tanner and spud smith and family and jimmy renolds and family

Wed Mar 15

I was born in Lucas road in 1954.

We were rehoused in Camberwell in late 1957. The houses were demolished shortly after under the title slum clearance.

Mon Jan 09

Is there still a market in Lambeth Walk?

Tue Dec 20

Hi. Eddie.

I lived in Doddington Grove from 1943 to 1959 , are u one of the

Toombs. ?.

Tue Nov 08

michael turner

hello Michael my name is roy schofield.I remember you quite well.i was born in 1939 and lived in trevose house orsett street until 1960.i've lived in Folkestone for the past 25 years.like you I used to do the trips to micklejohns and bob whites.also I used to go to the alford house house club until 1959.hope you are keeping well.

Fri Oct 28


Does anyone know what's happened to Danson Rd. I lived at number 41.

I've just found someone who went to Keyworth School back in the 1950's and who remembers Miss Hunt. Does anyone who also went there remember old Mr Phelan or Mr Bindon. Oh happy days!

Tue Oct 18

Keyworth School

I went to Keyworth School from 1959 to 1964. Also lived in Braganza St next door to the Tworts and Freemans. Went to Tooths (Roses) with my pocket money. Played on the bomb sites in Gaza St. Other shops in the Street were Butlers, Gunns, United Dairies, Bobs the Green Grocer, there was also a "bag wash" laundery and a grocers, obviously a Welshman in those days, either Davies or Morgans. The Royal George Public House was the centre of the community. My nan and granddad and two uncles and aunts also lived in the street.

It was my cradle

Steve Kenyon

Fri Oct 07

hello brian,enjoyed your book,it captured the atmosphere just right.i was born in Lambeth in 1939 I understand that lived for some time in surrey lodge,luckyl moving out before 1945. I then lived in trevose house in orsett st. I went to Vauxhall st school until 1950,then the borough beaufoy until 1955.although neverknew you ihad friends in tracy st lollard st and other streets off the walk from roy

Fri Sep 23

Westcott Road

We lived in Westcott Road, in the late 50s early 60s, My sister and I went to key worth school, and have fond memories of Bob whites, East Lane, Arments pie & mash I vaguely remember Mr and Mrs day and there was a really big family that lived across the road, The pea souper fog, and building a snowman in the middle of the road with my dad we lived at Mrs Hancock I'm sure it was number 27

Sat Aug 06

hi,michael,I knew you in the 1950's I was born 1n 1939 in the lying in hospital.i lived in trevose house,in orsett street.like you,i used to visit micklejohns down the walk and bob whites up the lane I live in Folkestone these days.i see you live in brixham.visited there a few times in the 1980's. I thought it was a nice place. best wishes to you from roy

Wed Aug 03

hi,i knew Michael rudd in the 1950's.he was in our basketball team at the alford house others in the team included terry mooney billy read,and myself.michael had a girlfriend named pat in 1957 we all went to see the harlem globetrotters at Wembley..

Wed Aug 03

michaell rother

i iwent to henry fawsett 1966,to1969 mr siddal was head master then mrs mathews took over on his retirement mr beach was my teacher 4 to years i then went to kennington boys 1969/1974 where mr beaches elder brother was my teacher loved both schools been in battersea now 47 years lived alversone house oval in my school days

Mon Aug 01


I lived in Kennington Lane in the 50's next door to the Jenkins family, and I went to Vauxhall Manor School.

Fri Jul 08

Lived in Miverton Street in the 50s 60s. Mr Sidal was head master at Henry Faussett in our day . Remeber him as a very strict disciplinarian. Would love to be able to take a tour of the school one day. Shame about Vauxhall Manor being turned into flats. That school used to have 2 buildings. The other part of the school was for year4. Can't remeber what the area the other building was, but we walked past the Oval Cricket ground. Also remember Bob Whites. All that saw dust on the floor, haha

Fri Jul 01

Lived in Miverton Street in the 50s 60s. Mr Sidal was head master at Henry Faussett in our day . Remeber him as a very strict disciplinarian. Would love to be able to take a tour of the school one day. Shame about Vauxhall Manor being turned into flats. That school used to have 2 buildings. The other part of the school was for year4. Can't remeber what the area the other building was, but we walked past the Oval Cricket ground. Also remember Bob Whites. All that saw dust on the floor, haha.

Fri Jul 01

Wed Jun 22


hello brian don't know if we've met.i lived in orsett street.i was the beaufoy 1950-55.i also went to the alford house until 1959.i used to spend a lot of time down the walk,mainly the pie shop,or the record shop.in the summer it was marc's for ice cream sodas.i had friends in tracy st., lollard st. chester way & aveline st. heared about your book yesterday[15/5/2o16. ordered a copy,and I look forward to reading it.regards

Mon May 16


hi,i am trying to contact Robert ray.i was at Vauxhall street primary school with him until 1950 when we left for secondary schools. rob also occasionally came to the alford house.i am sure he remembers nov 5th 1955 when about a dozen of us from the club celebrated in Trafalgar square!!

Wed May 11

i also went to keyworth at this time and remember miss hunt also miss armstrong who wore a leather wrist band saying this is why they call me armstrong, miss luxe,pop feland and being able to ring the bell in assembly when it was your birthday,the into the juniors mr binden,mr downing, the xmas plays and shows where my i hasten to add i played the accordion.one winter when it was snowing we used to make slides in the snow in the playground i ended up falling over and was rushed to brook street hospital with concussion for a week,the school said a preyer for my recovery and sent me a box of chocolates.i also remember jacks penny ices outside manor place baths after swimming but we used to call him dew drop as he always had one on the end of his nose,happy days,i wouldn't swap those beautiful childhood days for anything,and genuine lovely people of that time,so many happy memories i could go for ever.

Sun Apr 24

Tooths also roses in Braganza street next to parmolives

I was one of your customers as a kid and remember your sweet/paper shop very well, do you have a brother called Jimmy who was mad about motorbikes and cars my elder brother was one of his mates, we lived next to the twort family , Janet , Jimmy and Lennie they lived at number 24 and I lived at 26 top floor Lennie still sends us a xmas card each year the last time I saw Janet was at lens 40th birthday

Sun Apr 24


I used to live at the Oval Lockwood house my name was Doreen Wallis I lived at 85 Lockwood I hope some one will remember me

Sun Jan 31


Hi there,

I was talking with my sister Mary. She had quite a few friends that lived in Westcott and she remembers Micky Cheriton.

We lived in Cooks Road and our name was MARTIN. A really big family.



Tue Jan 19

Hi Gary

Was your dad call jim. He worked for Beefeater Gin

Fri Jan 15

Richard House Cottington House

I lived at 22 Richard House from 1969 until we moved to the Ethelred estate in the 70's. I was very good friend with Debbie Davis who lived at no 26 who was Geoffs younger sister. We had a great group of friends, great times, lots of fun when we were young.

Thu Jan 14

Hi I have just found this site and found it very interesting.I went to Keyworth school and I remember knocking on the rabbit lady's door. My dad owned 'tooths' sweet shop.My friend was Janet Twort who I kept in touch with for many years but have since lost touch. Iast year on my 70th birthday I had a trip to London and decided to take a look at Braganza st once again.All the memories came flooding back but what a dreary road it now is, the trees are so claustrophobic. I was born at the shop in 1945 and we moved to a village outside of Basingstoke in 1953. I now live in Cornwall.

Wed Jan 13

I lived next door to maureen massaro, is she still alive?

Mon Jan 11


Hi I lived next door to the Jenkins family, lovely people. What is your name, maybe I can help you with some memories. I now Live in S.A. and often think about Lambeth. My name is Margie and my e mail address is

Tue Dec 15


Hi I grew up in Kennington, I lived at 241 Kennington Lane about 4 houses away from the Pilgrim pub. I also went to Henry Fawcett School and then to Vauxhall Manor Comprehensive. Who else did you know from around there. Would love to know more and communicate with you. I live in South Africa now and have lived in Zimbabwe too.

My e mail address is

Tue Dec 15

I cant recall the name but i was born 1947 and lived at 37 st marys gardens. My name was linda kwak. I remember the simpsons, cleverleys , cross, gresley, fox, stacey.

Tue Dec 15

I remember john Brice, do you know me Linda Kwak and my friend Cathy Franks?

Tue Dec 15

My name was Linda Kwak, i went to St Phillips in 1954. I can remember Delia Stacey, Sylvia Gresley, Janet Cleverley. I remember Mr Kennedy well, i was in his class. Mr hales (spelling ?) Very strict. Do you remember the little sweet shop just round the corner, the owner was welsh and her grandson also went to the school . I lft there and went to Archbishop Tennysons. Did you know my brother John Kwak, a bit younger than you, he went to Beaufoy.

Tue Dec 15

Trevor Hibbs is alive and well

Trevor is my brother and he is alive and well, is Barry Andrews your brother. Barry had a dog called Martha which we adopted when his marriage ended. I recall that Barry suffered from severe hayfever and lived near Penrose street just off Walworth Road.

Mon Oct 19


Try Lambeth Landmark website

Thu Oct 08


my grandfather and his siblings lived at no 61 Smith street

His half Brother Bismark died in 1914 aged 7 at St Thomas Hospital

where would he have been buried ?

Mon Sep 21

Hey Sam yes its the Same guy are you on fb ?

Mon Sep 14


Hi Patsy I also went to Kennington Manor School for a year and then to Vauxhall Manor School I left in 1962. You lived not far from me I lived in Kennington Lane 241 the old Victorian Houses. Please could u tell me if your brothers name was Michael but called Micky? and was he adopted by your parents? I remember him when he wasabout 6 years old. I am getting old now and have been looking for my brother Michael for years, however if I am on the wrong road, please let me know, I would be very grateful Thank you so much

Thu Sep 03

The name of the road I think, was hackford road

Thu Sep 03

i lived at 241 kennington lane

Went to Henry Fawcett School then onto Vauxhall Manor School left there 1962, loved my schools would like to contact anybody who remembers me. I knew the Jenkins family, the Campbell family etc. Also had a friend called Christine Groves who lived down Aveline Street. Would really love to hear from anybody who remembers us. I now live in South Africa been here for many years. Margie my maiden name was Montebello.

Sun Jun 14

Used to live in Richard house.

Fri May 29

My husband lived in Richard house, Derick Fitzpatrick

Fri May 29

Hurley Road

I have just read your post I am just wondering if your were Ricky Hathaway sister?

I used to lived at 18 Hurley Road and I went to St Philips School

Thank you

Tue Apr 28

Henry Fawcett

You must have been at HF around same time as me - I well remember Miss Lane, Mr Hunt and Mr Jeremiah. I lived in Kennington Lane - in one of those old early Victorian terraced houses - next door but one to the Doctor's surgery - very handy!

Thu Apr 23

I can remember the Belgrave children's hospital, from the fifties' and sixties, spent many hours nights there after doing all the things boys do, got taken there once from my old primary school st marks, behind the cricket gronnd, and a broken arm, &so &so on. Its still there but alas it a posh block of flats

Fri Apr 17

I think that you refer to the Granada picture house

Hi my name is jeff davis and I lived at 26 Richard house the Granada picture house was my regular Saturday morning picture house as a young boy in the late 40s and early 50s. They had a fantastic large organ that used to emerge from the orchestra pit played by an organist by the name of uncle sandy and I think that the only piece of music that he knew was oh I do like to be beside the seaside .

The young patrons of the Saturday morning pictures actually created total chaos shouting jumping up and down on the seats and throwing ice cream at the screen to the arm waving accompaniment of the cinema manager on stage.

Fri Apr 10

Gilbert road in the 1950s

Does anyone have old photos of gilbert road in the 1950/1960 I lived there until 1963 and would love to reminisce my young days There, I lived at no 21 gilbert road and knew the rudds / Stubbs / petty and the reevies jimmy Reevie became a boxer

Tue Apr 07

Hey does anyone remember Michael burns (mick) or still have contact with him? Thanks In advance x

Tue Mar 31

Hey does anyone remember Michael burns (mick) or still have contact with him? Thanks In advance x

Mon Mar 30

My surname is Cheriton we lived in Westcott rd numer34 would like to talk about times

Wed Mar 11

I was an apprentice at Kennington Park, had a girl friend Linda Martin at St. Agnes Place......'know her?

Tue Feb 17

Richard house

I lived at 22 Richard House between 1963 and 1969 before moving to the Ethelred Estate with my family. I remember the Tanner, Bright, Smith families in Canute House and the Hibbits, Davis, Woods and other families in Richard House. Had great times growing up with all my friends from the old and new flats and the Guinness Trust on Kennington Park Road. Am now a qualified accountant living in Sutton with my husband.

Sun Feb 15

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