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I have someone

Hi if you still looking for a cleaner, I know someone, contact me on ********0

Mon Jun 25

The Took Arms was not on the corner of Took Street but on the Corner of Janet Street which was one street North of Mellish Street. Sorry for my mistake. D Woolley

Tue Nov 04

Christ Church

Hello Jamie,

Do you happen to know anything about the figurative panels which now in fill the east chancel window? Who did them and when they were installed?

Any information welcome.

Best regards Steve Clare

Fri Jun 20


Tiller centre for swimming

Millwall Albion for soccer pm

Thu May 08

Took arms public house

The Took Arms was on the corner of Took Street and West Ferry Rd one street north of Mellish Street opposite what is now a park.

Thu Nov 28

Increase my social life in Isle of Dogs

Hello, I'm a 30yrs old female looking to improve my social life in Isle of Dogs. I'm not into clubbing but I love going to local pubs for a meal and few drinks, cinema and walks, now that the weather is improving. Please, drop me an email if you have the same interests and you would like to meet up.

Fri Apr 27

Yoga for Pregnant Ladies in Isle of Dogs


I'm looking for yoga classes for pregnant ladies in Isle of Dogs. Can anyone recommend any classes other then Yoga 4 Birth?

Thank you

Mon Jan 23

I used to visit the magnet & dewdrop in the late 1970's along with many more lorry drivers from up north and remember the many happy hours spent there.

If there are any photos of the pub i would appreciate a copy. the only old photo i have is of a couple of regulars wgose names escape me.

Sat Dec 17

New college - Isle of Dogs

Can anyone explain why a new college on the Isle of Dogs based in the Docklands Settlement is known as the Canary Wharf College? Canary Wharf is based on the Island, not the other way around. Islanders are proud of their rich heritage and wish to preserve it as should any new development on the Island. Why not the Isle of Dogs College?!!

Fri Oct 21

I have

've noticed recently that it's not just noiser, but the number of planes have increased and worryingly they're flying lower as well. I'm surprised that no-one has raised this as an issue.

Thu Oct 06

New Members wanted to Isle of Dogs Bowls Club

All our members are very passionate about bowls and would recommend people young and old try it. Please come along and if you have never tried bowls, we guarantee you will not be disappointed. It will not cost you anything. We have bowls that you can borrow for a roll-up. All you need is a flat pair of shoes! Please get in touch via the contact page if you wish to come along and try lawn bowls.

Club meetings every Friday from 4pm until 8pm, just give us a call or just turn up, Starts in May 2011

We also have roll ups during the week.

Tel: ********2

Club Web: www.iodbc.co.uk

Thu Mar 31

hey there - dunno if youre still looking, but im a proffesional singer/guitarist working with backing tracks living on the island, very experienced in doing weddings and all types of parties - i guarantee a good night had by all! get in touch if youre interested. John -

Wed Mar 30

Swimming pool available

Hi, there is a swimming pool in Tiller Rd, E14 which has different programmes . Hope it helps.


Sat Feb 19

Christ Church Isle of Dogs

could anyone help with research I am doing into Gertrude Spencer Stanhope and the Stanhopes connection to the church?

Fri Mar 12

hi am an yoga instructor

hi i am an yoga instructor with 8yrs of experience n am frm india, i do one on one yoga sessions, if intrested u can mail me @

Thu Feb 18


hi am an yoga instructor with 8yrs of experience n am frm india, i do one on one yoga sessions, if intersted, u can mail me @

Thu Feb 18


hi i am an yoga instructor with 8yrs of experience n i am frm india, i do one on one yoga sessions, if intrested u can mail me @

Thu Feb 18

Second hand goods for sale

I am looking to sell some furniture from my old flat in Isle of Dogs area since I moved to Shadwell.

I am interested in selling a wooden table, a wooden wardrobe, a washing machine and a dish washer. Anyone know of a local paper I could advertise these in or anyone interested?

Offers welcome.

Mon Dec 21

International Cup!

Simone - this is what you should be taking part in! Represent Italia... www.suerydercare.org/internationalcup. 2nd December. Its an awesome event @ The David Beckham Academy, raising money for an Italian charity!

Wed Nov 04

Living on Isle Of Dogs. Advice please!

Hi all, I am a mum of 2 and considering moving to the area. Is the area generally safe? I know that crime is everywhere, but what is it like in the area. Coming off the bus at night, and walking round the area. Sending the children to the local shop on their own aged 9 and 17. Are there any activities like football, tennis etc for my youngest? I hear there is horseriding in the area which would be definaltley appealing! Nightlife? Is it any good or would I need to travel. Is there a nightbus as Im not afraid of getting on a bus late at night if i were to spend an evening in the west end.

Also cultures, are there different cultures living amongst each other in relative peace? May sound like a silly question but in this day and age its quite important!

Thanks in advance, Shelly

Mon Sep 14


all work undertaken call **** ****8 email

Sat Sep 12

au-pair, nannies or young mums

hi there, looking for some friends, social network, with other au-pairs, nannies or young mums on Isle of Dogs to hang out with.

would be great for sharing a walk or a play moment together.

-just hanging out a bit.

get in touch for a chat!

best regards


Mon Aug 17

Aircraft Noise

Anyone noticed how much noisier the planes seem to be over the Isle of Dogs? We've noticed a real difference from London City Airport and Heathrow flights. Just wondered if anyone else has noticed?

Thu Jul 23

Is there a Church Hall or Community Hall to Hire?

Hi there

Can anyone tell me if there if there are any small to medium halls, or meeting rooms to hire on the Isle of Dogs? Preferably not a hotel, but a community centre or church.

Thanks very much

Wed Jul 22

playing football near island garden


i am french, i would like to join a team or play football near my home, close to island garden ! any idea ? you can contact me at

Tue Feb 24


Hi Im looking for more cleaning work on the Isle of Dogs. Very flexible, excellent rates! mail me for more info.

Fri Jan 09

Hi jamie i need your assistance on this topic too. Can you text me on ********7 thanks ,paul, i research church architecture.

Thu Dec 04

Hi jamie i need your assistance on this topic too. Can you text me on ********7 thanks ,paul, i research church architecture.

Thu Dec 04

Hi, Any moms aout there that want to meet up with our little ones?

Hi, was wondering there any moms that want to meet up on the isle of dogs durning the day for a playdate with my little 1 yr old girl?

contact me:

Mon Nov 24


I would like to learn French as I spend a lot of my time in Morocco. I live on the Isle of Dogs near to Cross harbour sDLR station

Thu Nov 13

Island Gardens Netball

Hi Bella,

If you want to know more details my email address is

Tue Oct 21

Fantastic 2 bed 2 bath ,parking ,Luxury river views apartment





Thu Oct 16

There is still one! We practise on a Monday evenings from 7:30-9pm at George Green school every week. Be good to see you there!

Sun Sep 28

Yoga classes

The pregnancy yoga classes at the Quiet Space at West India Quay are great. You can pay £15 a class or get a discount for booking a series of classes. I did yoga classes throughout my pregnancy there and I really enjoyed them. Good luck x

Tue Sep 16



I offer Spanish lessons in Isle of Dogs. I have lots of experience teaching and I customise the lessons to your needs.

-Children between 3 and 5 years old

-Mums and babies 

-Adults groups and one to one lessons

-Spanish for business

-Holidays needs

-Moving abroad

-Help to pass exams of all levels

If you would like more information please visit my website:

www.spanishinisleofdogs.es.tl or email me:

Wed Aug 13

Spanish Teacher

Hi there, I am a Spanish teacher in the area, if you would like more information visit www.spanishinisleofdogs.es.tl, there you can find my email.

Tue Aug 12

Can you recommend a good cleaner ??


We are looking for a recomended cleaner for our 1 bedroom apartment on the Isle of Dogs [close to Island Gardens DLR]. Any recommendations would be greatly appreaciated!

Mon Aug 04

Two friends available for babysitting/babysitter


Two friends with excellent experience in babysitting are looking for more families to work with in Isle of Dogs/Canary Wharf area. Evening babysitting only after 6pm. If interested contact me, Kris on ********1 or email me on

Fri Aug 01

totally agree with you!

Tue May 20

North Greenwich Bowls Club

North Greenwich Bowls Club

Millwall Park

Eastferry Road

Isle of Dogs


E14 3BA

Tel: (020) 7537 0074

New members required.

Thu May 08


My parents(Ron and Rene Cook) had the Magnet and Dewdrop in the late 60's. A hard pub but good fun, the girls went out for the night dressed in suits and hats! East end girls did NOt wear white high heels. Live music although the glasses did fly on occasions.Fond memories and I will try the family and see if any photos still survive.

Denise Payne

Thu Apr 24

Sat Apr 12

Diane Wogan

Hi Im Looking for an old friend of mine from the 70s Her name is Diane Wogan,She lived in the Isle of Dogs area in the 70s and worked for IPC magazines in the Strand

I would love to find out how she is doing,, any info please contact me at

Wed Apr 09


Wed Apr 09


Wed Apr 09

Trying to trace Diane Woburn,,She workeo for I.P.C mags in Tower House Covent Garden in the 70s e,mail

Thu Jan 17

Originally it was an island

Originally the isle of Dogs was an island surrounded by march. It was drained to support meadows and pastures

Tue Jan 15

can anyone tell me anything about the history of the magnet and dewdrop pub, later renamed the telegraph and i think it has now been demolished, or know where i can find any photos or prints of the pub?

Tue Jan 15


I would like to register in your medical centre.

I just moved to ilse of dogs a month ago.

Could you let me know how dose it work?

How can I have a appointment with you?

Wed Jan 09

on monday nights at 630pm the ship pub run a 5 a side night down at georges school. pop into the pub for more information. also looking to start up a 11 a side team if people are interested.

Tue Jan 08

pop down the ship pub westferry rd. they have 5 a sideon monday nights

Tue Jan 08

So whats your answer. Where is your answer. Why dont you give me an answer please. It does not take much.

Wed Oct 24


Wed Oct 24


Try Christ Church in Manchester Road. This was the Parish church when we got married there in 1953.

Sat Oct 13

experianced cleaner

I can clean your house,ironing,I have references.please email me:

Tue Sep 11

shut it you! that person had an ego himself! fucker

wot a wanker. Chattin shit in the 'bars' bit! fuck him and fuck you who wrote that tht peroson was judgemental!

Tue Sep 04

Netball Clubs - Isle of Dogs

Hi, I have noticed a couple of old postings about netball clubs on the island. Does anyone know whether there is still a netball club around that I could join? I am new to the area (and to London!) and would love to find a team close by. Thanks.

Tue Aug 07

Netball Clubs - Isle of Dogs

Hi, I have noticed a couple of old postings about netball clubs on the island. Does anyone know whether there is still a netball club around that I could join? I am new to the area (and to London!) and would love to find a team close by. Thanks.

Tue Aug 07

Living in the Isle of Dogs

I lived near Mudchute last year and loved it. I never had any problems and always felt perfectly safe. It's one of the nicest areas I've ever lived and in fact I am looking to move back there

Sat Aug 04

Isle Of Dogs History


Im trying to write something about The Isle Of Dogs based around the Docks and wondered if any of you out there had any stories or experiences you'd be willing to impart.

kind regards

Wed Jul 25

Single female looking to move to Isle of Dogs

I need to be close to a DLR station and have been looking at the developments between Island Gardens and Mudchute stations. Can anyone tell me from experience whether this would be a safe place for a single female to live? Many thanks.

Mon Jun 04

Native Spanish Tutor 1-to-1- Isle of Dogs

I am a Native Spanish speaker, working in Canary Wharf. I offer 1-to-1 Spanish lessons, for any level and can easily adapt to your needs (conversation/ grammar). Currently tutoring 2 other people in the area.

Please contact me if you are interested on 0778-619-8318 or email me

Tue May 08

Thu Mar 08

Moving to IOD soon

Hi. We have just agreed to rent a flat near Island Gardens DLR. We would like to know whether it is safe if you had to walk home at night?

Thu Feb 22

NTL Available on the isle of dogs?

I live on the isle of dogs near the old "London Arena" Site and was wondering if NTL is available on the isle of dogs, anywhere at all. I want to know because someone said that the area near Spindift Avenue are connected to NTL even though the local broadband exchange does not support NTL.

If there're places on the isle of dogs with NTL what local exchange do they connect to?


Tue Feb 13

I would like to find the nearest Chinese Christian church, we live near Beckenham Kent. can any one advise? thanks

Mon Feb 12


hey i know that you are probably already stuck in a church, but we have a great church in central london-with a few connect groups in the island gardens/mudchute area. if you want to know more, just email me at

Tue Feb 06

Wed Jan 24

Christian Churches


there is Christchurch at the bottom of the Island, Manchester Road - C of E, and St Luke's - another C of E with same vicar etc - behind the Barkantine shopping area and St Edmund's - RC - in West Ferry Road, beside the primary school.

I have lived here for years, and would be happy to help you find things if any help

Mon Dec 25


Hi, I've just moved to the area and I want to join a playgroup so my little baby girl can meet other babies.

Have you an idea if there is any playgroup near by island garden or mudchute.


Thu Nov 30


We have just moved to the Isle of dogs and would like to find the nearest christian church. We live near Mudchute - can anyone advise?


Sun Oct 08

hi try saturday morning they do fooball over millwal park

Wed Oct 04

Need a soccer Club for a Kid

I would like to put the Son 7yrs old of my u Girlfriend in a soccer team, is there any good Sport Club he can join. As well I would like that he leanrs Swimming, and Swimming Club?

Thanks very much


Thu Sep 28

playing 5 a side team

hi there! i´ve just arrived from Portugal where i played pro amateur 5 a side soccer and i wonder if there is any team where i can try out to play as goalkeeper. email me at

Sat Sep 23

dell cars is a good service ive always found them very polite. 0207 ****21

Sun Aug 20

Where can I find these salsa lessons classes?? pls

Tue Jul 18

driving school near island gardens

HI, I'd liked to start taking driving lessons not far from island gardens, if anyone know a good driving school covering this area, pls

Tue Jul 18

DJ for Wedding Reception

I am looking for a DJ for our wedding reception in Spetmeber, anyone got any good recommendations? Want someone who can play usual pop stuff etc that gets people up dancing at weddings. Don't want to just book anyone without knowing they will be good! Thanks.

Thu Jun 01

Jamie-RE:Pulpit, CC Isle of Dogs

Hi ya , i am an ex member of the congregation , and if your still interested in the history of the pulpit i have a stack of paperwork, as i have been researching the history of the church since July 1999, i have many press cuttings, notes of its heritage as well as photos as well as notes from the unveiling of the pulpit in 1914. It was placed there in memory of the pre -raphaelite artist John Rodham Spencer Stanhope by his sister, who also commisioned one of his students, John Melhuish Strudwick to paint a mural above the chancel, give me an email on

Mon May 22

Same as you! 30. Married girl. Homemaker.


Thanks for this posting. I replied to your email address. I hope to speak to you soon. Kind Regards!

Tue May 02

absolutel trye--!!

Sun Apr 02

Yoga - pregnant

Me too!

I am looking for the same class, have you had any joy? I am due 4th July and want to be fit and healthy for it!

Any info would be gratefully received!


Wed Mar 29

Are the stories true?

We are thinking of moving to a place near the river between Island Gardens and Cross Harbour DLR - about 15 minutes walk from each. I was wondering if people thought the walk was safe.

There seem to be lots of negative newspaper reports about anti-social gangs of teenagers and locals reporting they feel they can't even go to the local shop because of this.

What do you think?

Tue Feb 14

Book a 5-a-side pitch

i would like to book a 5-a-side pitch for 3th of march...im italian and i have a 5 a side football team called Millwall. I'll been very glad to play a football match were Millwall was born.Help me if you can.



Wed Jan 18

the penguin

david is very good will always look after you

call him on********8

Fri Nov 11

Spanish on the isle

hi there, I am not a teacher or anything, but if you want I can help you with spanish chat time. I live on the Isle and it won't be a problem. (

Wed Oct 05


I have moved in somewhere where we apparently can't apply for a council parking permit!!!

Does anyone know of any area (but preferrably the upper part of the island) where there are no parking restrictions / road markings that I can park for free during the day?

Please help....click this link to email me

Mon Oct 03

Ironing service

We use a service called Penguin - found it very good - they collect shirts and return them - £1.25 per shirt which is very cheap.

www.the-penguin.com or phone david on ********0

Sun Oct 02

Are there any teams that don't mind people just coming along? I want to play 5 a side every week but have only just moved into london.

If you know of anything let me know.

Tue Sep 27

cleaning and ironing

cleanind and ironing domestic services

Mon Sep 26

Isle of Dogs driving school

Hi I've just moved to the Isle of Dogs, a place near Island Garden. I'm planning to take some driving lessons. Anyone knows of any good local driving schools in this area. Thanks.

Sun Sep 25

Jogging Partners in the Isle of Dogs?

Anyone up for a jog?. I try to jog every other day and don't have a partner to jog with. You wanna join me? Shoot me an e-mail at

Mon Jul 18


I live in the Isle of dogs & wouldn't mind to practise my Spanish with you. I'm a native speaker & have just move to the area. You can contact me at

Mon Jul 18

Have you seen my bike??RED AND SILVER Y-FRAME BIKE

I parked my bike in the carpark of St Davids Square, Enterprise House, Lockes Wharf near car space 313. It was securely chained to a concrete pole/drain pipe. I have even removed the saddle from the bike!!

Have you seen anyone removing by bike from the carpark or acting suspiciously in the area (i.e. bike without a saddle!)? I suspect a group of kids seen in the area who commented to me they "liked my bike" when I rode past them but obviously have no proof.

The bike got stolen between Sunday 10/07 and Tuesday night (12/07). If you have seen anything suspicious, please contact me on 079 ****305 /

Sun Jul 17

Jogging parnters

Hi There. I have just recently moved into the area and looking for anybody whom is up for a jog. Nothing to serious. I am a 33yr male and keen to met other people in the area.

Sun Jul 10

Island Medical Centre, Castalia Square

There is only one main GP here, he is very nice (has been my GP all my life) and I wouldnt trust anyone else. I dont know if it is easy to register here, but I recommend my doctor to anyone.

Wed Jul 06

Yes, the Tiller Centre, on Tiller Road

This is ok for a swim and gym, it is on Tiller Road E14. Swimming on weekdays till 9pm.

Wed Jul 06

Re: 5 a side

Island garden has pitches over by the foot tunnel.

Mon May 30

what about an exchange????

hello, I would like to teach spanish if you want to help me with my english pronunciation, I have been doing that with a friend when i was teaching in Houston , Texas at my school (I am a teacher) and I was fun and both of us learnt a lot.

let me know if you are interested to do that.

Sat May 28


hello a ajem qendrim and aj want

Fri Apr 01

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