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Mobile beautician available

I am a qualified mobile beauty therapist and have several years of experience in this industry, my beauty treatments mainly include threading, tinting and waxing. My prices are really reasonable and can do a price match for you as well. I provide these treatment at the comfort of your own home.

Please contact me for further details at ********9.


Thu Dec 08

Hyde Park Flatshare ???

Hi there!

I'm looking to rent a room in the Hyde Park area for 1 month only. I'm english so i could help you improve your english studies for that month. Although I'm male not female. i could pay a little extra for that inconviniance.

Hope to hear from you.

Wed Jun 12

Hyde Park football

I would like to start playing football in Hyde Park as well. Are there any groups I can join or is there any spaces left to play with you? Please email me (

Tue Jun 12

Would like to play football/soccer as well.

Tue Nov 15


As members of the Leasehold Advisory Group we are specialists in assisting tenants of flats or houses to extend their leases or collectively acquire the freehold of blocks of flats they occupy.

You are entitled by law to extend your lease [assuming qualification] by 90 years over and above your existing lease. The costs can be greatly reduced by appointing the market leaders in the field the Leasehold Advisory Group.

Why not give us a call and learn more.


Tue Sep 13

Im in!!

I'll be happy to join whenever you want!

Sun Mar 27

friendly football games

my roomate and i are from brazil, and were looking for a footbal game in hyde park too, my e mail is:

Wed Dec 15

English Partner

Hi there,

I'm postgraduate students who has recentlly came to London for 3 year and I would like to improve my English.

I'm looking for female partner who can meet up regularly or share my flat with discounted price. (Room in zone one for 50£pw)

English should be your mother language.

send ur photo plz

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to hearing from you

Tue Feb 02

Iam also interested in playing football

Please let someone organize us to play football regularly in hyde park during the weekends

call me as well on ********2


Tue Feb 02

Your English for your Spanish

Hi there,

I'm a spanish male who has recentlly came to London for one year and I would like to improve my English.

I'm looking for a language exchange partner who can meet up regularly (at least twice a week) in a coffee shop. In return I'm happy to help you with your Spanish

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to hearing from you


Sat Jan 16

Football in Hyde Park on Weekends


I would like to start playing football in Hyde park on Weekends. I am looking for people who love football and want to play it regularly. If anyone is interested just give me a call on ********4.

Wed Jul 29

yes we wanna play soccer

we are going to be london 12th may for two weeks living near hyde park and would love to join in a game. i am 34 my son is 7 years

Tue Apr 22

Football anywhere..

I am intrest to play football weekend days (anytime). I am expirienced semipro player. Any offer is ok for me, I just want to play and enjoy the game :) That is my contact number:


Sat Mar 29


Do you know of any regular petanque club in London? I am desperate to play.

Tue Sep 18

Mobile Hairdresser London

Unisex Hairdresser Mobile & Bridal

Call Bryn on **** 211 901 anytime


Mon Aug 27

Mobile Hairdresser London

Unisex Hairdresser Mobile & Bridal

Call Bryn on **** 211 901 anytime


Mon Aug 27

Soccer in Hyde Park - player available

Hi there, looking for a regular game, weekday evenings or sat/sun mornings, if an interest please let me know, Thanks, Meenaz (

Wed Apr 11

Football Clubs?

I am already missing playing football on a regular basis, are there any amateur teams playing in Hyde Park ?

Sun Sep 24

Anyone know of a regular game of football/soccer in Hyde Park?

Anyone know a regular game of football/soccer in Hyde Park?

Thu Aug 10

Parking for Hyde Park festivals / proms

This isn't going to be easy on a Saturday, because all the areas around Hyde Park are big shopping places (e.g Knightsbridge.)

I'd be inclined to look around Earls Court / Old Brompton for a space on a meter as you suggest. Hyde Park is about 20 mins (nice) walk from there or you can take the 74 bus from outside Earls Court Exhibition Centre or take the tube from Earls Court (Picaddilly Line.)

West Kensington / Olympia is an alternative. Good luck !

There is an NCP car park underneath Hyde Park (entrance half way up Park Lane) and this may be less pricey at the weekends plus your're right on the doorstep.

Wed Jul 26

Best place to park near Hyde Park on a Saturday

Hello! We're going to Proms in the Park on Sat 9th Sept 2006 and are looking for the best place to park within easy walking distance, from about 4pm? Don't mind paying a few hours on a meter before the evening if possible. Any advice would be gratefully received!

Wed Jul 26

Lady Diana Memorial

It's at the East end of the park. if you walk directly North from South Kensington tube station, you'll arrive after about 10-15 minutes. And on the way back don't mis the earthquake room in the Natural history museum. it's free.

Thu Nov 24

Where in Hyde park is lady Dianas memorial?

Thu Nov 24

Language Schools

Are there any language schools around Hyde Park teaching Italian?

Thu Aug 26

Celebrating in Hyde Park

We want to hold a petanque tournament for about 35 people with wine and cheese available. Is there any retsriction on where we could do this in Hyde park

Tue Apr 20

Hyde Park Dental Centre

This is an excellent NHS practice just by Lancaster Gate tube opposite the park.

It is really modern, the staff are really friendly, and you dont have to wait a long time for appointment. They do late evenings, weekends and have an emergency service for registered patients!

Call them: 0207 ****112

Fri Mar 19


Well no ! But loads of people play football in Hyde Park, depends what you need.

Sun Dec 28

Six-a-side football Hyde park

Are there facilities anywhere in Hyde Park to play a small work footie competition?

Would be interested to know.


Sat Dec 27

Kensington Gardens

Quite a lot of informal sessions at weekends

Sun Oct 19

football in hyde park?

i am just about to put down some roots in hyde park and would love to know about any football teams or leagues that exist....does anyone know of any?

Mon Oct 13

Wheelchairs and Hyde Park

Would like to take my wheelchair bound friend to Hyde Park for the day. Where is the best place to park and are all accesses wheelchair friendly ?

Tue Aug 19

how does someone in a wheelchair travel to hyde park?

i am wheelchair bound and i need to get to hyde park by public transport can you make any suggestions on trains or bus routes?

Thu Jun 26

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