Welcome to London Hoxton

Yes, lived around the corner from him, went through Pitfield School with him, was in the same class and football team as him, then he got rich on the Newspapers. Also knew his cousin Freddie Lewis, Lou, Lou..

Mon Jul 27

My Nan's name was ADA REID but I don't think its the one you are talking about but what a coincidence!My nan was born in Sheffield but lived in Hoxton all her life.She lived in Phillip street.

Sat Jul 27

Sun Jan 06

Do you remember John ovens

Sat Nov 10

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for an experienced driver, who's been driving for 3 years or more to sit with me for two hours, 3 times a week for some stipend. Pls contact me if you have few hours to spare. Pls email

Thu Oct 07

Fri May 21


them people are not from hoxton i still work there

Mon Jan 25

1968 to 1959

i'am from hoxton lived there from 1959 untill about 1968

went to st monicas and shoreditch secondary

i can't believe this site people looking for cleaners and buying property in hoxton it was a slum hole all we wanted was to escape from it. all them resturants were factories and warehouses and the houses were slums i lived in benyon rd off southgate rd it was all demolished and them estates were built we was better off with the slums least we had morals if nothing else now de dust wan na kill ya fer dissing em

Mon Jan 25

Buttesland Street

Buttesland Street originally went from Pitfield Street to East Road - half the street of Victorian houses were demolished to build "modern" flats. This included the Victorian houses on one side of Chart Street and also Haberdasher Street.

Thu Jan 14

Hoxton cleaner

Any recommendation for a reliable cleaner in hoxton? Urgently need one.

Thu Jan 14

Reliable Cleaner

I am a reliable and honest person that has been doing cleaning for quite a while now.

I have checkable UK references and my price is reasonable. So if you are looking for help with your flat or house, look no further, ring me on ********1 or email on

Thu Oct 29

Yoga @ Easy Studios on Kingsland Road

Dynamic yoga class every Tuesday night from 6.45 to 7.45.

8£ per class,- discount for loyal students!


60-64 Kingsland Road, , ,

LONDON, Greater London, E2 8DP

Tue Oct 27

looking for old friends

Does anyone know a fella called Ronnie Fletcher who I met in a pub in camberwell in the 1950s. I loved that man but I was a good girl and he wanted too much too soon. I still think of him and would love to know what happened in his life. Anyone who knows/knew him please contact me

Thu Apr 09



5.15pm – 6.45pm

22nd January 2009 for ten weeks

Location: EC2A 4XW

(Old St / Liverpool St / Moorgate Tube Stations)

Contact: 020 7426 1977

**** 226 906

Tue Jan 20

Life Drawing in Hoxton

60 yards from Hoxton square there is a place where you can Draw, Draw and draw for about £5 a head for 3 hours. As long as I bring a few friends sometime and nothing else because we share the cost. Yesterday the model was a formidable Brazilian curvy and flexible model, the music was so relaxing, tony was so attentive and helpful, people so friendly, poses amazing and beer on the tap, I simply wonder if It wasn't a dream. Today I went to meetup.com/lifedrawingsociety and it wasn't they do it everywhere in London in absolutely perfect locations.

I had to let you know, let's bring our pencils and change the world to a better one.

Mon Jan 19

Does anyone know of a decent grocery store around Hoxton street>

All we've found is the Iceland and its pretty basic...

Thu Sep 11

20 of august 2008? does anyone know how old these postings are? i feel like an ass responding to questions that are 4 years old. this chick above me has probably moved 4x since the posting.

Wed Sep 10

Gentle Revigoration of Body and Spirit

I am running a Tao Yoga and meditation class on Tuesdays in the Geffrye Hall, Stanway Street, Hoxton from 10 - 11.30am. It is suitable for anyone, very gentle stretching to your own ability. We finish up with sitting meditation, either in a chair or on a cushion, to calm the mind. I want it to be accessible to everyone, and so I charge 5 and 3 concessions. Call Toni if you are interested on **** ****9 or email me.

Tue Sep 02

Yoga classes/kickboxing/boxing hoxton

Classes at studio £8.00 drop in check out website www.studiopt.org all welcome .36-42 new inn yard EC2A3EY

Wed Aug 27

here at studio we offer classes in yoga etc for £8.00 drop in check out site www.studiopt.org

Wed Aug 27

TV pilot seeks amateur cooks

I am making a TV pilot and am looking for anyone who is talented in the kitchen.

I am looking for any keen cooks who would be willing to cook for a food critic on television. The most outstanding cooks will win an award. We are looking for amateur cooks rather than professionals to take part.

If you are interested or may know anyone who may be interested (at this stage this is for a pilot show). Please email me on

Tue Aug 19

Buttesland Street and Pitfield Road

Does anybody know why only half of Buttesland Street exists please ? Was it a doodlebug in the East End that destroyed it ?

Mon May 28

Hoxton Square Film Artist Exhibition

I saw a film being recently ... filmed actually(!) and a guy in a flourescent waistcoat politely told me politely to piss off, so the whole square is 'bookble, just don't know how, sorry.'

Mon May 28


I'm wondering if anyone can suggest yoga, pilates or a good gym in the Hoxton Square area. I just moved to the area and think £20 per class is a bit high and was hoping to find some suggestions.

Mon Apr 02

I live on Hoxton Street

I have been living on Hoxton Street and have had no problems with safety to date. I've seen a few things though - just keep yourself to yourself and things are fine.

Fri Mar 16

its more than cool.dont worry.its a pretty nice area as well.everything can happen anywhere.you ll be safe dont worry

Sat Feb 17

re Hoxton Square Even

Hoxton Square itself (the grassy bit) is managed and maintained by Hackney Council, so I think their amenities dept or parks dept would be your first port of call. Bear in mind it is a public park so you might be restricted in what you can do. good luck anyway.

Mon Feb 12

How can I hire Hoxton Square for an event?

Does anyone have contact details for someone who I can talk to about hiring Hoxton Square for an event in June 2007? Please send any info to

Mon Feb 12

Pilates hoxton square

Fri Nov 10

Yoga Classes required

I have recently moved to Hoxton and would like to continue my yoga training. Does anyone know of any classes nearby? Please contact me here

Tue Oct 17


There used to be a film library containing old Foreign Office Movietone material e.g stuff from the Colonies etc in Ironmonger Row, quite close to the baths. Does anybody remember what it was called or what happened to the collection?

Mon Sep 18

re Buying Property in Hoxton

I'm very grateful for your advice. I visited Pitfield Street and walked through Hoxton Square and up and down Old Street many times, possibly too much, and in fact I have now exchanged on the basis of what you said and two people I phoned who are advertising flatshare rentals here on this site (this is a good source of honest information for anyone looking.)

I have to say that the more I visited, the more it became comfortable, so thank you.

Tue Aug 29

The Hoxton Hotel is opening soon, which is the first in the UK to offer a pricing system similar to that of a budget airline. It's on Great Eastern Street as far as I remember.

Tue Aug 29

I think you'll be fine around there, even late at night. Not sure where you're going to park the bmer, or whether it's going to be safe. There are plenty of similar cars parked about the pace, but I don't know if they get damaged. In general, the area you describe is fine - although you will see some of the scary youths roaming about.

Tue Aug 29

I live on Fanshaw Street, which is just around the corner. It's always difficult telling people that anywhere in London is "safe", but I've never felt intimidated here, or seen anything that would worry me. It's very close to very busy Hoxton Sq & Old Street, so there's alway plenty of people about, which is a big factor in feeling safe.

Tue Aug 29

Hoxton Street/Arden Estate, safe at night?

I am going to do an MSc next year and want to be based somewhere affordable near my University (Old Street/Moorgate area). I've seen a cheapish ex-council flat for rent just a couple of metres off Hoxton Street, on the edge of the Arden Estate, opposite Shoreditch Library, a couple of hundred metres north of Hoxton Square, and I don't really know how rough that area is, (or isn't).

Can someone tell me how safe it is round there? Obviously it seemed fine by day, with the street market and lots of people around, but I wonder if it is safe at night, do you get gangs of dangerous teenagers from Hackney estates hanging around and mugging people? Is Hoxton street itself safe at night, i.e. is it safe to walk or cycle up it alone from Old Street in the dead of night? And would I be completely foolish to park my soft-top BMW on the unlit lane outside the property? I'm not pretending the car is anything special, but it is going to stand out a bit there.

Mon Aug 14

Can I ask for some advice

I have an offer accepted on a house just off Pitfield Road about one minute walk west of Hoxton Square.

Quite a few people are advertising flatshares on this site in this area, and I'd be very grateful to hear any feedback about what people think about what the area feels like after dark, walking from Old Street tube ? Many thanks.

Sat Aug 05

Old Street

Fri Jun 16

hoxton help

whats the nearest train station to hoxton? xxx

Thu Jun 15


where is nile street and what is it this number 77

Wed Apr 26

Looking for a Gym in Hoxton area offering Ashtanga yoga + Pilates

Can anyone recommend a good gym in the area which offers Ashtanga yoga, or any power yoga classes, as well as pilates and a pool? I live just off Hoxotn Square. Please email me!

Fri Apr 21

um I think that depends on where you are coming from/going to!

more info needed before an answer can be found

Sun Feb 12

There is a really good cheap Gym next to Hackney community college

It's between hoxton st and kingsland rd, I used to go there and it wasn't bad at all, I think it's won local commmunity gym awards. I don't think you have much hope getting a gym that's not municipal for less than £40 a month round here unless you can do off peak,

that gym is probably the best alternative, somewhere between the 2.

Sun Feb 12

I agree, Hoxton surgery v good

and there is at least one good female GP and the nurse is really nice there too for all the usual girly check ups!

Sun Feb 12

Shoreditch Sharks (kids) Rugby Club

I help to run the Shoreditch Sharks local kids rugby club, based at Shoreditch Park and am desperately looking for anywhere where we can hold a small low-key 'social meeting'. This would be for players and parents after a home game in early March, around 11:30am - 1pm on a Sunday. I am really struggling to find somewhere (anywhere!!) to hold this as The Britannia Leisure Centre is unable to help us.

Please, please, please does anyone know of somewhere local that may be able to help?

Please reply to this posting or to

Wed Feb 01



my name is Mattia and in December i have to expose two of my paintings in an art gallery of London (for me is the first time in London). The gallery is located in Rivington St., in the zone of Hoxton. I wish to receive some informations and links about some Bed & Breakfasts, the nearest to the gallery if possible.


Mon Oct 24

Pluss about living in Hoxton?

Hi, perhaps moving to this area soon. Would like to know what Hoxton is like? Is it a safe area, close to amenities i.e., locals superstore? How far away from old street and angel (walking distance?), what are the people like in the area and is there a good gym/ yoga?

Thu Aug 18

Sun Aug 14

ask your grandparents

im researching my family history. my dad was born in 1915 at 2 mount row which was off of east road. my grandfather charles stevens ran or owned a piano shop at that address but i cant find any info on it.

so come on all you hoxton youngsters ask your grandparents or even great grandparents if they remember it or my gran ADA REED (nee WOLMER) she was born and bred in hoxton?shoreditch and lived at sheperdess walk and peerless st also lambs passage

hopefully there may still be some relatives living in hoxton.

i'll keep my fingers crossed

Thu Jul 14

There is only one in Nile Street. Number 77

Thu Mar 10

You could try the Lawson Practice in Nuttall Street.

Thu Mar 10

Try the Lion Boys Club or the Crown and Manor both in Hoxton they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Thu Mar 10


There is a pool at Ironmonger Row (Leisure Center) this is probably the nearest there is. There are a few gyms one is in the Crypt of Saint Johns Church, Pitfield Street and there is another at Hoxton Square called the Academy.

Thu Mar 10

Hoxton Surgery

I just moved into the area and have started going to Hoxton Surgery. Seemed to be the only NHS one taking in patients. Seem to be good so far. They are just by Shoreditch Park on a Road that goes between Mintern Road and New North Road - can't remember the actual road's name!

Wed Dec 08

Britannia Leisure Centre

On Hyde Road, end of Pitfield St there is a Sports Centre with a swimming pool. It might just be a fun pool though, but phone number is 0207 ****85

Wed Dec 08

there are vietnamese places on kingsland road- viet hoa, sing que, both good, a little limited for vegetarians.

yelo is a inexpensive thai on hoxton square.

Tue Nov 16

why oh why

does everyone in hoxton think its still or ever been cool to have a mullet?

Fri Oct 29

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