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Crouch End High School

Hi there, at the moment, there are several very old photo's on E-Bay of Hornsey High School.

Hope this helps.

Sat Feb 17

Looking for people sharing or renting in Hornsey for academic research.

Hello everybody,

I am a postdoctoral fellow at University College London looking for renters who would like to share their experiences of living in privately rented accommodation. I would like to invite you to participate in the study by filling out an online survey on www.haringeyrenterssurvey.co.uk or by taking part in an interview, which will explore your housing history and your choices of accommodation, your levels of satisfaction with your landlord or letting agent, and the activities and places you go in the neighbourhood. The interviews can be conducted at a cafe of your preference and at a time that best suits you. They will be audio recorded and anonymised and our conversation will be kept confidential.

Also, for more details about the research, you can email me at

Wed Oct 04

Yes I remember Sister St. Etienne. She was quite a small French nun and we used to really play her up! I think I remember Sister St. George, did she wear glasses and quite stern looking? I didn't attend St. Gildas for very long but started in 1958 age 12. I remember a girl called Paulette Mouser, not sure of the spelling and I had a friend called Jennifer Catania whose parents, or mother was Maltese. I lived in Lancaster Road. Would love to hear from anyone who attended the school.

Thu Apr 13

St Gildas 1949-1954

Yes I attended St Gildas from 1948 to 1955. My name was Angela Scott. Would love to hear from you.

Fri Feb 24

the old Georgian house is still there; just not so visible. Yes, many changes, especially to the playground. I was there from 1958 - 1964. Sister st George was terrifying and Sister St Columbus taught us needlework. I still go past on a regular basis. Email:

Fri Feb 17

St Gildas convent school

I remember Sister Etienne...I was at school there from 1959 to 1965. My name is Simon Witham. My Sister Jacqueline also attended. Email

Fri Dec 30

Yes I do!

YES indeed I do...I was at the school as a young boy from 59 to 64. My sister also attended from earlier than myself. My favourite teacher was Sister Josephine.

my email is

Sat Nov 26


hello Joyce, my name is ron makey. i came across an old friends united e-mail you sent to my brother Tony a few years ago. i cannot remember any of the names in the class, but the names you mentioned sound familiar. i rememer a few names from coldfall school at muswell hill, senior 3b.billy bevis iris brent rita mayhew gwen wright.eileen friend sounds familiar as does bobby fenwich.

Mon Mar 16

hello Joyce, my name is ron makey. i came across an old friends united e-mail you sent to my brother Tony a few years ago. i cannot remember any of the names in the class, but the names you mentioned sound familiar. i rememer a few names from coldfall school at muswell hill, senior 3b.billy bevis iris brent rita mayhew gwen wright.eileen friend sounds familiar as does bobby fenwich.

Mon Mar 16

St Gildas Convent

Yes, I remember them well plus a few others, sister St Thomas, Sister Marie Jesus I think Sister Columbia. Sorry don't remember you, I started at 5 yrs in 1950. Have been this evening to their 100 centenary event but sadly did not meet any old classmates although still in touch with a few. However, the school has totally changed, no old house or garden at all. All modern now.

Thu Jan 29

I do remember the two sisters you have mentioned, my name is Margaret Morris don't know if you remember me.

Sat Oct 26


Does anyone remember Sister St. George or Sister St. Etienne? I was an Anne Chapel with long plaits. From Pat Franchi (as I was called then)

Thu Apr 25

Hi both Christine Stevens and myself (Christine Clayden) attended St Gildas (1957 - 1963). We have been trying to track down more pupils. We well remember Sister Cecile (who was so lovely), Sister Etienne (scary) and Miss Tapley. Also sister Francis. No photos of school unfortunately.

Sat Sep 22

100 Anniversary of St Gildas - 2015

As a former pupil of St Gildas from 1957-1970 I recently visited to present a football trophy in honour of my father who was a football coach there from 1963-1986. When he died we gave the school some money to fund this trophy. His name was Mr DeBell. I was invited by the Headteacher and a former sister to write a history of the school in honour of its Centenary. I am looking for anyone who would be happy to contribute stories, experiences, photos etc. which would be included and credited to all donors. I look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested.


Thu Jul 19

I lived at 3 Rectory road

Hi I lived at number 3 from 1948 to about 1952

Thu Jun 14

2012 -Friday evening Life drawing class- Holly Lodge, Highgate New town N6

Life drawing classes, covering a variety of media and approaches between 7-9.30 Pm @

Holly Lodge Community Centre

30 Makepeace Avenue


N6 6HL


Starts 13 Jan 2012 for 10 sessions up to April 2012, course fee £87.50 + all present chip in to pay the model (usually between £3-6 each). Free for those on an income related benefit (proof is needed)

Contact Pete (tutor) on **** ****1 or WEA (Workers Education Association) who are the organisers - 020 7 426 1950 /

Wed Jan 11

my family live at number 4 Rectory between 1960-1964. we left just before the houses were knocked out. I was a very young child then, but I have fond memories of Priory park and playing in the street.

Sat Sep 10

I was born in High Street Hornsey No. 12 to be exact next door to Ham's the Fish Shop in 1939 left that house in 1957 when I got married. Still live in North London, went to Campsbourne School.

Fri May 13

hello i knew a burgess family that lived in bavaria rd that is off hornsey rd,i wonder if its the same family,late fortys,and fiftys roy.

Sat May 07

In response to you enquiery about Elm House. I and my three sisters attended that school in the thirties and forties and I remember a few small boys there at the time One of my sisters had a photograph. of the outside classrooms but has since mislaid it.

Tue Mar 22

not hornsey but check thanes villas in finsbury park

if you want to share, think of me. cheers

Thu Feb 10

hey, i have been living in hornsey since 1995 and i love it. yes you will find drugs and other stuff like anywhere else in the world. As for a community, find one or two people and then you are among all of us and if you have children nothing would be easier. I adore here because my children are safe, everyone knows everyone, I used to be an active member of the community. I am happy here because I know how much to give out and how much to keep in. Anywhere in the world could be your home in fact, BECAUSE it all depends on you and who you invite in your home/life.

hope to meet you one day on the high street.

Thu Feb 10

maggie looking for No string Fun

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Mon Nov 08

i was at Bishopswood school nr crouchend

does anyone know if it is still there or has it been changed to something else.

Sun Oct 17

Does anyone remember Rectory road in Hornsey between 1960-1964

Fri Sep 10

Hi David, If you mean the St Mary's originally on the High st,

then I was there from around 1944/5 till 1950, Whether I would have known your sister or her knowing me I wouldn't

know?...the name might ring a bell or of those she would have known there. If you would care to provide anymore info then

we could see..... good luck with your search. Ken.

Fri Sep 03

Thu Jul 22

St. Marys School

My sister attended St Mary's from about 1945-1952 give or take a few years. Her name was Hazel.

Thu Jul 22

I was a (female) pupil at Crouch End High from 1959 - 1962/3 and I too am looking for images of the school.

I think it might be useful to approach the (then) local weekly newspaper 'Hornsey Journal' (should it still exsist) for help.

Alternatively PAUL FEENEY author of 'Highgate - Britain In Old Photographs' ISBN 978 0 7509 5101 2 may be able to assist you.

Sun Jun 20

Sun May 09

Moving to HORNSEY

Hi, will be moving to Hornsey Hight Street. Can anyone tell me how safe this area is, any problems in St. Mary's church tower/gardens like drugs or other stuff. If someone local could tell me of any places I should be careful of, I would be grateful.

Sun Feb 28

Painters studio required

Hi, does anyone know of any affordable painting studios available in the Crouch End/ Hornsey/ Harringay area?? Having real difficulty finding anything...

Sun Jan 31

Doing your hair for Christmas?

I am a wholesaler of Afro Caribbean Hair and am selling Human Hair (Black, Brown (X2) ) 18" for £15.00 - call to order while stocks last ********2

Wed Dec 16

St Gildas Convent

Hi - I attended both St. Mary's infant and junior schools before transferring to St. Gildas in approximately 1949 to 1954. I would love to hear from anyone who was a student during those years since I've lost contact with everyone. And yes I remember that great old clock tower.

Sat Sep 12

Local handyman/painter

Local English handyman/painter.

Honest and reliable.

Free quotes.

Pls call **** 738 067

Tue Feb 03

Handyman/painter available

Local English handyman/painter available.

Reliable and honest.

Free quotes.

Pls call **** 738 067

Sat Oct 25

Reflexology / Natural Lift Facial Massage treatments.


I am a qualified complementary and beauty therapist. I offer reflexology or natural lift facial massage treatments in the comfort of your own home (females only) or alternatively I have a therapy room in Muswell Hill on Friday mornings 9am - 1pm or other days / times by arrangement.

Website; beautyholistics.co.uk


Wed Aug 20


Fully qualified and experienced carpenter available - doors, windows, sash-repairs, decking, fences, bookshelves etc. Please call Brendan on **** ****6 or 020 8886 4564

Mon Aug 18

Hornsey Bowls Club

Hornsey Bowls Club

Rectory Gardens

off Hornsey High Street



N8 7QT

Tel: (020) 8340 7884

New members required

Wed May 21

Any British Born Chinese in North London??

Was wondering if there are any british born chinese living in the north london area?

Fri Mar 14

Old Hornsey Fishmongers


Does anyone recall the old fishmongers on Hornsey Road, Joe's Fish Ltd? I used to work there and wondered if anyone knew what happened to Kenny w


Message me with old memories/photos.

Mon Feb 18

St Gildas


Have just come across this web-site. I lived in Ferme Park Road Crouch End from 1941-1963, and my mother attended St Gildas Covent before the war, and was interested to see that you may have a photograph? I went to St Mary's Infants, Junior and Senior school and is it true the Senior school no longer exists? Seems that there have been many changes...as long as the old Clock Tower is still in place! Hope to hear from you?

Mon Jan 07

hello Lisa,might be able to help as I went to that school during the war, it was then known as St.Gilda's convent and the main entrance was in Dickenson Road, my sister also went there until 1954/5,I think she might have a pic of the 'old' building, i will try and find out for you and if lucky send you

Mon Oct 15


HI This is Bin , I come from Northeast of China. Now i am living in Grays. If u would like 2 learn Mandarin, u can call /sms me ********9 .

Mon Jul 09


im not sure of the actual addresss but there is a chinnese community centre off elthorn rd n19...

dont know if they can help u but take firstleft turn off holloway walking down from archway and down the end they have installed traffic restrictions i think u can see it and just cross a small barrier to get therre

Tue Apr 10


Hi am am looking for Chinese friends, I am English and am just starting to learn Mandarin but want to speak it with native people, I am looking for a kind of language exchange and hope to make some new friends in the process, I am an absolute beginner but am very keen to learn.

I am 27 male live in Muswell Hill and would like to meet up for drinks chat etc, I suppose the making friends is more important, then the language part becomes much easier.

Thu Mar 22

hi, i am looking for a football team in Roehampton area, i leave close to Roehampton Lane, i am a man.

Thu Feb 22

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Sat Feb 03

Help needed!!

Hi I am looking for someone to help with moving homes. We are in the Hornsey High Street area and will be moving within this same area. Will will need someone for one day only to move bigger things since I'm pregnant and my husband needs a bit of help. It's nothing too heavy, I promise and we're hiring a van to make it as easy as possible. This is going to happen either on the 4th or 5th of Feb, not sure yet. If you're interested please

Sat Jan 20

Cantonese or Mandarin?

Tue Jan 16


Mon Nov 13

re carboot

Hi there is a carboot sale every sunday at Islington Arts and Media school in Turle rd near Finsbury Park.

Sat Oct 28

Hey Mcgilvery, how you doing? It sure has been a long time

Sat Sep 09

Looking for a friend Shakeena Douglas

Hello, my name is mcgilvery. I had a friend that lived in Hornsey named Shakeena Douglas she was from Trinidad and we met in Spain but I lost contact with her. If any of you know her I would like to speak with her. I live here in the US but I can be reached a

Sun Jul 30

I think calling them scummy is a slight overstatement. I've lived in Hornsey for 2 years now, in fact right on the road where these places are. Yes, the "noisy" school kids (what other type is there?) do hang around them for about an hour after school but that is normal practice in any area be it Tottenham Lane or not.

Mon Feb 27


They cause noisy school kids to hang around are unhealthy and an eyesore - Tottenham Lane has so much potential without these scummy places. With the exception of the Fish and Chip shop i think we could do better and want to know if anyone else thinks that this area of shops could improv and do you think that if they take away these establishments it will help to make it look decent?

Wed Dec 14

Hairdresser for wedding hair

Can anyone recommend a hairdresser in the Crouch End, Hornsey or Harringay areas who is good at hair for weddings (the bride).


Fri Oct 07

St Peters in Chains RC school, Elm Grove N8

Does anyone know if it's possible to get hold of photos of the old St Peters in chains school building in Elm Grove N8 as it was back in the old days around 1950's or so, when it looked like the front of a house, before it was completely changed to look like a modern day school. My mum is in her late 60's and was a pupil there, she saw the building for the first time very recently and couldn't believe her eyes how it has changed. She would love to have some old photos of the old school building. I have tried numerous avenues to obtain these but have drawn a blank and really hope you will be able to help. I would love to get them for her as a birthday present so any information would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Lisa Mitchell. EMAIL:

Fri Aug 26

At the moment they are pretty busy- but thats because the picadilly line is out (due to bombings)- normally there is enough room to atleast comfortably stand and read a book.

Wed Aug 03

whats it like living in hornsey??

hi we are thinking of moving to hornsey,is it a nice place to live ??let me know!!

Sat Feb 12

Or Chinese?

how about chinese? r u interested in learning chinese? heh.

Tue Dec 28

Voudriez-vous ameliorer votre francais?


Myname is Mike Williams and I am looking for tandem learning partners, i.e. people who would like to improve their English, who would like to practice with a native speaker (i.e. me) and who would have the equivalent amount of time to speak to me in their language (I am looking for native speakers of French). I am 29, I work in community development and I am friendly. I don't particularly care about your age, colour, gender, dispositions etc - just as long as you are talkative!

I live in Hornsey and am free in the evenings and weekends. If you would like to meet up to do some tandem learning email me


Tue Oct 26

Car boot sales?

Does anyone know of any car boot sales in London?

Mon Oct 25

Garages to rent

There are garages that may be available in Farrer Mews. This is situated off Farrer Road and connects Farrer Road with Priory Road.

Mon Aug 16

Cable TV

Which Cable TV operators are available in the Priory Park area (North of Priory Road)

Fri Jun 18


Is there anywhere to rent a garage in Hornsey?

Thu May 13

Thu Apr 08

Hornsey is great because...

... in addition to the excellent range of restaurants, bars and shops it's really easy (and quick!) to get into central London or the City for work or a night out. Plus you get one of the best views of London from Alexandra Palace.

Wed Apr 07

Park Road swimming pool

Please could you tell me when I can use the Baby Pool on mondays (without having a lesson).

Tue Feb 10

my surname is hornsey ?

does anybody know how the name of the borough of hornsey has become a family surname

Thu Sep 18

Yes there is Park Road swimming pool.

The swimming pool in 'Park Road' is very good value for money. it is a 25m pool and is very clean and well maintained. It even has a sauna as well for those interested. The pool also has a diving pool and a childrens pool for mothers of young children! Overall very good!!

Tue Feb 25


Fine before 8.15, busy after. If there have not been any cancellations you will ususally get a seat. Put it this way - it's much better than the tube. Last year was hell, this year has been loads better.

Fri Feb 14


There is a Holme's Place in Crouch End, 5 mins walk.

Fri Feb 14


A Sainsbury's just off Green Lanes and a Budgens in Crouch End.

Sat Feb 08

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