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Homerton is in the borough of Hackney....same way Dalston and Stoke Newington are also in Hackney.

I've lived in Homerton since Jan 2005 - I believed I moved into one of the first set of new build properties. There are loads popping up all over Homerton. I've picked up a slightly negative vibe re Homerton which saddens me a bit as it's a great place to live. You can get anywhere in London very quickly for instance, I work in St James Park and once I'm on the overground it's 30 mins into work - plus lots of other areas are closeby. If you want to live somewhere which doesn't have the craziness and overcrowding as say Dalston but has great places to eat and and have a drink then Homerton is your place!!

Is it safe?? Well no one has ever bothered me and I've never felt threatened however, this is London and you need to sensible.

I love Hackney.......and yes Homerton IS Hackney lol.

Sun Oct 12


Sat Oct 11

someone please tell me about hackney homerton

I am thinking of moving to London but I will like to know if Homerton is in hackney cos I am kinda confused about it

Also will like to know the kind of people or lifestyle there please?

Does the province consist of both blacks and whites?? Thank you

Are the people there friendly ??

Fri Apr 06

Good dentist near Newington Green

Try Gill at the Kindandental surgery near Newington Green - only three short train stops away (5 mins walk from Canonbury station on the Overground). Extremely busy surgery but Gill is great.


Mon Jul 05

Can you recommend an NHS dentist?


I've recently moved to Homerton and need to sign up with a dentist. Can anyone recommend a decent one nearby? I live near the overground station but happy to travel a bit for a good one!



Tue May 04


I am a female living in Homerton/Clapton, and I love it. London can be be a tough city - wherever you are - I certainly don't believe that Homerton is any worse than any other place. If you are worried about personal safety at night, then get a bike. Then you don't have to worry about walking down quiet streets which is unpleasant anywhere. Homerton is great because it's so close to the bustle of Hackney (and all its great amenities like the London Fields, the Lido, restaurants on Mare St) but it's just far enough out to feel really peaceful. Chatsworth Rd has a fantastic greengrocers and a nice deli, and we are really near the beautiful Hackney Marshes, Victoria Park etc.

Fri May 01


Hi, I am moving to homerton in a few weeks and would like to have as much information as possible about everything in the area like Leisure centres,GPs,shops,restaurants,pubs, nightclubs,markets,organic and health shops, libraries,transport,minicabs...

Can anyone help? any info would be apreciated.

Thanks a lot!!

Mon Jun 09

Being a student in hackney

My 18 year old daughter is moving to Kenworthy Nurses Halls in Feb. Im beginning to get anxious about safety in the area. Can anybody tell me how do nurses cope with the travelling at odd hours for hospital shifts i.e. early morning and late night. Does anybody know the cost of taxis from there to city centre? Also what is the night life like in Hackney ? any advice would be most welcome!!

Mon Dec 03

I stayed in homerton fro six months and found the popele in the shops to be friendlier and cheaper than in Brixton where I have mainly lived in london, but the transport what a pain....and also the part i lived in was lacking in greenery which i find more readily in lambeth.

Tue Sep 25

Potential move to Homerton...

I am in the process of moving to London, I have considered Homerton as an area to live. People I know are making negative comments about this borough and I would like to know how you the residents feel about your area and if it is worth me moving here to live...


Mon Sep 24

Women running group

Hi - I've seen a group of women running along Lee Conservancy Road the other night, Does anyone know how to join them?

Sat Feb 17

Furrow Lane


I'm very close to buying a flat in Furrow Lane. I have always lived in Islington so it will be a bit of a change. I have three questions: a) how easy is it to get to Old Street from there? b) is Furrow Lane an okay road to live in? c) Does anybody know what are they going to do with the school behind Furrow Lane? I hear it is going to be demolished.

PS. As other people have asked... is it safe for a girl to take the night bus and walk to Furrow lane?


Fri Jan 26

Hackneys wicked

A big buzz in the area. Its up and coming and every one there feels it.

Young artists to aging Reggae giggers. Im moving soon becuase I love it.

Great Pubs, Clubs and fantastic variety of top food

Tue Jan 23


yes my brother a good cheap builder

Mon Jan 01

Hi, I moved to chatsworth rd, last year, just beside the hospital. I dont feel unsafe, any more than I would in most parts of london. late nite travel by bus, is fine, the train not so, some drunks but thats more the exception. The train line is due for up grade soon, more trains etc, and the nearby Olympic site, will demand a better safer service. Its a culturally mixed area, plenty of shops, and people are friendly enuff

Sun Aug 06

Yes it

I've lived there as a single girl for a year and have never had a problem. Obviously I dont walk the streets in the middle of the night but come home late on the night bus sometimes or on the North London Line and it's fine. I really like Homerton - people are friendly and generally really helpful. Zone 2 for sure.

Wed Jun 21

you do need to be careful but I was surprised how safe I felt (my previous home town was Johannesburg though).

i loved chatsworth road in the day and running along the canal and near hackney marshes was lovely too

Sun Jan 15

I need a GP In Homerton :(

Can anybody recommend a GP? I'll move there in a few days and I admit I am pretty scared of that neighbourhood :( On that silver link you get all sorts of people going east or west :|... Would it be safe for a 26 year old woman? Maybe it's better by bus....

Wed Jan 11

Is it safe?

I know that nowhere is completely safe. Just want to know whether that dark road from Homerton station is scary to walk down at night. And also does the area feel communal and friendly to live in?

Sun Dec 18

moving to chatsworth road and a little nervous...

I'm considering taking a flat near homerton hospital on chatworth road/clifden road. What is it like coming home from central london at night as a 24-year old female?

Wed Aug 03


This is absurd, I have lived in the area for 16 yrs (and many others in London) Homerton is no less safe than most. 'IF' you were attacked 5 times I suggest you remove that sticker from you forehead before you move anywhere else, as it will soon be 5 more ; )

Sat Jul 30

Kenworthy Road - Transport

Transport links aren't brilliant. There is no tube. There is a rail link at nearby Homerton Station, but it doesn't go into the centre of London - you will need to change at Highbury and Islington for the Victoria Line. However there are buses into Central London - 26, 30 from Wick Road and 242 from Homerton Hospital; the 26 and 242 have a night service too. There is also a good network of local buses to nearby places.

Thu Mar 31

Well I've been living in Homerton for nearly two years have never felt unsafe!

It is in Zone 2

Tue Mar 15


Does anyone know of a reputable builder in the Homerton area? I need minor building work done on my flat i.e. a stud wall and door move

Thu Nov 04

The Scouts' charity shop -in fact, all the charity shops- on Well Street. The Lea Valley Park and towpath too: it still feels like London, what with all the warehouses and industry, but it's still lovely to walk (or even better, cycle) beside the river and be ignored by all the herons and ducks.

Mon Jun 14

Cab Companies

Thers a good company in nearby Morning called Gatehouse Cars

Sat Jan 10

Yes in Mare St.

Small doorway between the chemist and Pizza Hut corner of Graham Rd.

Sun Oct 12

yes it is safe to live in homerton as a woman, it is just like any part of london. do you believe the scaremongering or do you do what you wanna do? the choice is yours...and oh to make things even better, homerton boasts of a hospital and fire station! and i am a woman too

Mon Sep 08


I have a question about the security in Homerton. Is it secure to live there as a girl?

And is it right that Homerton is still in zone 2?

Mon Aug 04

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