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Holloway boot sale

If you are looking to do a boot sale as a seller then I'd recomend you do montem school Hornsey rd as the 1 on nags head by odeon is really expensive for sellers and they will just charge you what they feel like and they are not very pleasant to deal with ,however if you want to shop either are a good place to shop there are some lovely people with beautiful things a x lots of bargains to b had also montem Hornsey rd ope s to public at 730 nags head is 1030

Sat Sep 06

please remove flat for sale

Fri Oct 12

please remove

Fri Oct 12

holloway tutors maths & english

Hi, if you need tutoring for your children in maths or English and you are in Islington / Holloway area I know outstanding contact for tutoring which will give you access to 16 hours of tutoring a week per child for ONLY £39.99 / month - this is for up to 4 children, if you have 5 children or more you will pay additional £10.00 per child. This is fantastic price in this austere times when we all watch our pennies and service is outstanding! Contact phone is ********8 and email is

Thu Apr 12

Hi John

The school is now called Montem.

Tue Feb 21

Phone box??

Where did the red phone box in Archway at the top of the Holloway Road come from???? And where's the phone???

Thu Dec 29

archway area

do any body know of the Macarthy family that worked on the Star newspaper in the 50's

Wed Mar 16

islington boxing club

islington boxing club is open to all from the age of 10 upwards it is the only boxing club in islinton to have the kite mark from the ABA of London we are based in hazzelvile rd just by hornsey rise so if you want your kids to be busy and take up boxing come a long or call sam on ********1 or email

Sun Dec 05


Hello, I am not sure how long ago you posted your request, but I wish you good luck in your search for a good place to live while here in London.

If you wish to meet others while here, you might want to try London International Meetup group. I certainly find it an extremely friendly group of people.

My kind regards to you, and good luck - hope you quickly settle down here.

Kind regards,

Tim Harris.

Fri Jun 18

i lived in holloway for 10 years,great place and i miss it, and the people...

Sun Jun 13

Yes Holloway Gaels are still going the best way to contact them is by facebook if you search holloway gaels the page should come up

Mon Apr 26



I am 30 years old carpenter with 10 years of experience.

I produce work of a high quality and standard, I have excellent work habits and ethics. I am competent in all aspects of carpentry.

I am very enthusiastic about what I am doing. I have a keen hand and a great eye for detail. I have an experience in making kitchen cabinets, cupboards, storage shelves, wardrobes, cabinets, drawers, partitions, wooden floors, architraves, decking floors, doors, windows, skirting, locks, maintenance and small repairs.

If this sounds like what you are looking for then do not hesitate to contact me:

Fri Apr 23

please give me the address then

i need to know the exact location, or Post code of the parking space. thanx

Wed Feb 24

sef defence

Im looking for a self defence class to send both my children aged 8 and 10 does anyone know of any classes held in holloway islington area.

Tue Jan 27

studio wanted


I am looking for a studio flat in any area that is relatively close to underground zone 1,2

Maximum price I can afford is 650 per month all included.

Please contact me on

Tue Sep 30

Help with new video card

Hi, i recently bought a new sparkle geforce 8800 GT 512 cool pipe 3 video card. On putting it into my computer and connecting the power supply nothing came up on my monitor.

With a different video card everything worked as it should.

Does anyone have any ideas of what i could try to do to get it to work? Or a pc with a PCI express slot on it that i could put the card into to see if the card works?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Wed Sep 24

unmodernised 1 bed flat , centrol heating. for sale

£210,000. ex. council . nr. parkhurst rd.

Fri Apr 18



Tue Apr 01

Holloway Saturday & Sunday Boot Sales

Opposite Odeon Cinema, Holloway Rd, N7 (**** ****8) Holloway Road tube.

Every Saturday from 830am -4pm and every Sunday from 1030am - 230pm (sellers need to arrive earlier to get a place).

good luck & hope that helps,


Tue Mar 18

Safety in Holloway

I have lived in Holloway since I was 11 and I have never had a problem with safety. You have to use your common sense like in any area during the night when there may not be a lot of people at night but I have always felt really safe. There is also a nice community around here and you get to know the people at the local shops/ stalls which adds to feeling safe. I love living here. There are also really good travel / bus links from most parts of central London so you can come home late at night without having to change lots of times in dodgy areas. There is also numerous places to buy food (organic and otherwise) so you never even have to step into the Supermarkets!

Fri Feb 08

Hi there,

What do you require tutoring in?

Tue Oct 02


I'm a mature student with two children aged 11 and 14. I've recently moved into N7 and wondered whether there are any local tuition centres or private tutors.

Sun Sep 16

theatre group

Hi, I've been thinking of getting involved in some kind of theatre group to - did anyone reply to your question with any info?? Let me know- i'd really appreciate it! Kelly

Thu Aug 30

Very nasty email from someone

To any girl who is advertising a room to let ion Holloway, be awa4re of a gentleman who called me and was very rude and who then wrote this to me:

re: Holloway £400 pcm

great bitch,

coul you mention in your fucking adv that the blody your is for female????

Sender IP=

Thu Aug 30

bradbury family

i lived 73 fairbridge rd mid 30s anyone know of the



Fri Aug 17

I think I saw one near Morrisons grocery store

In that shopping arcade(in the block on Holloway Road between Seven Sisters Road and Tollington Road), like in the entrance that goes towards the Morrison grocery store, just behind the Burger King, there was a salon that says they do tanning. I haven't been there personally, so I don't know if they're great or not, but yeah, it's quite a central location.

Mon Jul 30


Hey i'm moving to Holloway road in October. I don't know any one in london!! I'm looking for friends to go out on the town with!!! Also any good pubs and clubs in the area? Please get in touch at

Tue Jul 24

I had the same concerns as you moved two years ago no regrets

Tue Jul 17


So am I!! let me know if you found a drama group!!

Thu Jul 05

Stay alert, but it

I have lived off Holloway Road for the past 4 years and have never had a problem with safety in the evenings nor have my flatmates. As the previous entry mentioned, the area is going through a lot of positive change at the moment and you can see that everywhere you look. It is for people who are on a budget but who have moved to London to really get a sense of what the real city is like. Holloway is close to everything you need and is a great area to live.

Tue Jul 03

Hornsey road

lucky you the arsenal fan is quit good peopel i am living in hornsey road for 3 years , cool i like it .

Mon Jul 02

Tanning Salon?

Any one know of a tanning salon near Holloway rd/ Parkhurst Road?

Mon Jul 02

hi sweetiepie, u just have to use common sense regarding safety, there is no specific time that is more unsafe than others to be out.cos there is 1 0r 2 bad people does not mean the area is bad!!!! "bad" things happen in every area. My advice is to "WAKEY, "WAKEY" AND SMELL THE COFFEE, HAVE FUN IN hOLLOWAY,GREAT CHEAP CLOTHES SHOP!

Tue Jun 19

*sigh* part 1 of my post got lost

I posted stuff about how I'm a young female from Australia who's new to the UK and moving to Parkhurst Road. Summary of what was said:

Did research both on the web and through asking friends and flatmates-to-be about the area, as well as walking around there myself.

Found it to seem like an area in mid-gentrification phase. There's a large council housing estate, teens hollering at each other, illegal DVD sellers on the street. But there were also a lot of shops and decent-looking people about.

I went during a weekend afternoon, so perhaps it really does get rough after dark and I got lulled into false sense of security, etc. blah blah

Then onto part 2 which I posted above :)

Tue Jun 19

never mind, I worked it out

There's no user interface input validation that limits the amount of characters you put in the text box, thus causing it to screw up at the database end.

Tue Jun 19

safety question - part 2

So yeah, just wanted to ask, is the area really as shady after dark as everyone's been telling me? I heard about the bus-stabbing incidents, but at what time of the night did they occur? At what time of the day should a young woman not be seen walking around by herself?

I've got a few weeks before I start work, so I'll probably be wandering around during the day when most people are at work. I want to be cautiuous but not to the point where I lock myself up at home all day and only wander out between 6 to 8pm or on the weekends!

Any additional hints and tips about what streets to not accidentally wander into and what time of the night it gets rather precarious?

Would be much appreciated! :)

Tue Jun 19


hello? sorry trying to post something but it's encountering an OLE DB error. if you see a multiple post saying the exact same thing, apologies in advance

Tue Jun 19


Thu May 10



Tue May 08

Any info found yet?

I too am looking in that area?

Tue May 08

Can you tell me about the seven sisters road in Holloway?

I will move to here on June. Please let me know is it a good place and any activities near seven sisters road or Holloway?I want to meet more people who live near here!!I come from Hong Kong.I speak in English and Cantonese.Nice to meet you all.

If you have msn,you can add me ,my msn is

Sun Apr 22

moving to holloway

hi if ur moving here you aare coming at the right time, the area is improving a lot since the announcement of the stadium.

the only time they are a problem is on matchdays as streets get closed 2-3 hours b4 and after the game. im not a gooner but must say since it has opened they have been well behaved and to my knolage not been a problem....

more of a problem....is the drunks on holloway rd late at night and the illegal taxi's on almost every street corner and the day time cig (carpet sweepings in fake boxes) seelling there wares all up holloway and seven sisters rd

but u will b ok, some gr8 bars, gastro pubs (try st johns tavern junction rd best food in area) and we have a cinema


Tue Apr 10

doctor Endoman at 140 Holloway Road N7 8DB

Brilliant doctor

Sun Mar 25

The area is okay and it's also improving rapidly. You don't get trouble from the football just lots of people so you need to know when matches are being played so you are not trying to get anywhere .

Hope it goes well


Thu Mar 01

Reply To 1 to 1 Dog Walker


I have read your ad and I could offer some help.

I live in in Holloway and I have good training skills, as I have a 12 week year old pup, who I have trained from a young age. Im 16, and enjoy dog walking.

Im avaliable everyday as im at home taking care of my own pup who is also now being walked.

Contact me if you are intrested. Thanks

Thu Mar 01

Alan Menzies

Alan Menzies is a fantastic dog trainer and I believe he is reasonable-I think he was when I was taking my Staffie to see him a few years back. If you walk around on the Heath, you'll find loads of people who have benefitted from his training classes.


Flat 3 Roding House Barnsbury Estate, London, N1 0JG

Good luck.

Wed Feb 28

Hornsey Road

Hi everyone,

I am just about to move to Hornsey road in Holloway. Does anyone know if this area is nice? Do you get much trouble from the Arsenal fans, its very near the Emirates stadium!


Tue Feb 27

dog training classes

Please could anyone recommend reasonably priced dog training classes in Holloway camden or Islington.

Thanks a lot

Tue Feb 27

Did you find one? im dead keen to!

Wed Feb 21

did you find anything on this? Im keen to

Wed Feb 21

The Herbert Chapman

I have drunk at the Herbert Chapman for 5 years and love it. It can be intimadating when you firs twalk in as it is a proper "local" pub - but rest assured it can be the best place to meet good friends.

It is near Holloway Road station - the otehr side of the road - near to McDonalds

Mon Jan 08

Reasonably priced dog walker for my GSD?

I have a lovely GSD bitch of 10 months. She's completed training classes & passed a kennel club good citizenship award. I walked her regularly myself but have been involved in a road traffic accident & it is making it hard for me to continue.

My son (16) helped train her but with dark nights & mornings parks are locked when he could walk her off lead. This means she's lost her recall & will not always come back when called for a food reward.

The money I'd paid for more training classes is instead going towards some 1 to 1 training/dog walking sessions, so hopefully she'll get back on track.

I'm not working but am concious that my dog needs to be exercised & have training commands maintained. She's friendly, not vicious & lovely to be around.

I'm hoping I'll eventually be able to resume this responsibility myself, but I'm not sure when, so am trying to make a concrete plan for her in the meantime so that I can keep her.

If you can help please email me

Wed Jan 03

Bars and cafes...

Decent bars...I'd suggest Big Red near the Camden Rd/Seven Sisters junction and definitely Bar Cosa which isn't far from Highbury Corner. If you're at the Archway end look for St Johns on Junction Road

Cafes? Not sure what you mean by cool but if you don't mind busy, loud and not too trendy but with real atmosphere, the Ecuadorian El Rincon Quiteno opposite the university's tower building is fun! Especially when the owner's start dancing...

Oh and there is a cool new delicatessen called La Peche Mignon on the side road next to the Lord Nelson pub.

Sat Dec 23

Recent convert


As a recently converted northerner (first time living north of the river!) I need some advise. Any cool places to hang out in (cafe's/bars etc) around Holloway? I'm 26 so please no kiddie stuff!



Tue Dec 05

Holloway Sainsburys

Only really useful as a last resort, like Poland in the 1980s - bread runs out halfway through the day, pears seem to be considered exotic fruit, they sell two kinds of pasta and about fifty varieties of breakfast cereal. Do they get sent whatever other stores have ordered too much of? Can't see any other explanation for their bizarre stock buying choices. It's almost guarenteed they'll have just what you don't want.

Tue Nov 07

does anyone know a good suntanning parlour in holloway road?

Wed Nov 01

does anybody remember the hill family from the holloway and islington area,there was alfie ,bill ,stanley dickie,lou and cissie are any of the family left still around sons or daughters or grandchildren.shirley and jean hill bill and marys daughters.

Sun Oct 22

hello john,my wife tells me it was called hornsey road school,it was next to the swimming baths,she was there herself in the 1950s,all the best jim mahoney.

Sun Oct 22

Self-defence classes for women

Hi I would like to go to a self defence class in or near Holloway - does anyone have any details

Tue Oct 17

Holloway cinema parking?

Does anyone know where you park to go to the evening cinema at 8.20 on a work day

Mon Oct 16

fabrizio se mi rispondi, non so che email ti esca fuori,ma rispondimi a questo indirizzo:

Fri Sep 15


Ciao Fabrizio,

sono Antonella. Tra poco mi trasferisco ad Holloway e vorrei fare la pazzia di tagliare i miei capelli lunghissimi.

Descrivimi un po' l'ambiente (sia l'arredo che lo spirito che si respira).



Fri Sep 15


I have just moved to Holloway and am looking to join a netball team - does anyone know of any?

Thanks Ria

Fri Sep 08

Bunning Way

I lived there for 3 years and it's very safe

Wed Aug 30

Anyone for Tennis?


I'm looking for someone to play tennis with. I play at a club but its a bit of an effort to get to, so it would be good to find someone to play with locally as well.

I'm 27 and a reasonable standard but if you fancy a game and can hold a rally then get in touch.



Wed Aug 30


I love performing arts and want to get involved in a drama group - is there one in/near Holloway

(I am 22)

Tue Aug 22



I used to go there and it is quite good, wide variety of classes, although the loos in Sobell are terrible! They do various membership options that would let you use gym/pool/classes as well as other gyms in other boroughs of london. Pop in and ask.

Thu Aug 17


Hi - I am thinking about joining Sobell/Highbury and Islington gym.

How is it? Good or Bad?

Also as they are both run by Aquaterra - if I join does it mean that I can go to both gyms/pool on the one memebership

Wed Aug 16

Holloway Road Parking

There is a new carpark which has opend up on Holloway Road near the tube station - it costs £10.00 per day - you will never find free and legal parking in Holloway

Wed Aug 16

Hi there, I am in the same position as you. Did you find out what bunning way was like?

Thanks for your help!

Wed Aug 09

Horsey Road School

Looking for the name of the school in Hornsey Road, the name is from the 1950's. My father went there looking for its name to research. Walking down from Holloway Road it was on the right.

Mon Aug 07


Hi! I am a beginner, I am doing a rollerskating (inline)course at cityskates, and I am looking for someone to skate with, inline or quads, like the outside of the new Arsenal Stadium down Hornsey road in N7. Any suggestion for other sites or ruotes near holloway rd, archway, finsbury park or highbury and islington are ok for me.

Sat Aug 05

What time do you have to turn up for a pitch and how much do yo you charge for a car

Wed Aug 02

How is Bunning Way?

Hi there,

I'm looking at a flat on Bunning Way, N7. I don't know the area. How is it? Safe and nice? Is it close to shops and services? I saw on the map that Bunning Way is near Pentonville Prison. Is there anything to worry about? Thanks for your help!!

Sat Jul 22


There is a club at the top of Hornsey Rd by Elthorne Park.

Thu Jul 20

The Garage

The Garage, opposite Highbury tube is a great night out.

Or, if you are desperate, Cheekos above the Archway Tavern.

Thu Jul 20

Niel Torrence Dentist

Yes have to agree...VERY GOOD

Sat Jun 17

car boot sales

There is a large car boot sale in Grafton school grounds on a Sat/sun. Opposite the Odeon, next to the post office.

Sat Jun 17


There are a few clubs along Holloway road it depends on age and your own preference as to whether something there will suit you.

Sat Jun 17

Good Doctor

Try Dr Crippen of Hilldrop Crescent. (Off the hill going up to Holloway Prosin).

Tue May 16

where can I park my car legally parkhurst rd. weekends

Fri Apr 28

Resident Seeks...

Hi, i'm looking for a female kitten to be friends with my other cat...She will be given a loving home with lots of care n' attention, be chipped, spayed, etc. If you know anyone with one to rehome in islington, please can you keep me in mind. would prefer her to be cheap or free if this is possible.

Thanks Rina

my email is rina(_)lyleATyahoo.co.uk (please remove brackets when typing to leave the _ only and convert the AT to @). Cheers

Sun Feb 26

Car Boot Sale

There is one on Sundays at Nags Head Market.

Sat Jan 14

I agree

they also do yummy all day breakfasts quite cheap!

Very nice ..

Thu Jan 12

The Quays up toward archway is always a laugh

Fri Dec 16

Is there any dance club on holloway ?

Hey is there any dance club on holloway to enjoy the weekend night ;) then let me know

Fri Dec 16

Looking for a car boot sale


I'm looking for weekend car boot sales in the Holloway and Highbury areas.

Any ideas much appreciated!


Wed Nov 16

Beauty Salons

There is a hair and beauty shop opposite Argos. Friendly and professional.

Mon Nov 14


its montem primary school car boot sale

Thu Nov 10

Goodinge Health Centre

Try goodinge health centre on north road, they are very good, register with either dr sills or dr bishop, the rest are not as good as them

Thu Nov 10

not pretty

around seven sisters road is really quite awful. dirty, illegal cigarette sellers, rubbish everywhere, people can be a little scary sometimes too. convenient but not the nicest of area

Fri Oct 14


If you're still looking there is a doctors at the top of tufnell park road opposite the station

Wed Sep 14


hello i am trying to find lorraine o neill she used to live in

brentwood road holloway road london n7 in 1969 my uncle joe is trying to find if anyone knows her could they please contact me at

Mon Sep 12

the factory on hornsey road

Sun Sep 11

good doctors

hi iv just moved to holloway not far from argos looking for a friendly doctors that are good with children can any one tell me off any places? thank you

Thu Aug 25

Mon Aug 08


Please does anyone know of a boxing club in the holloway or near area where seniors can train? Any help would be much appreciated.

Please email a response to

Sat Aug 06


Hi Karoke at the Lord Nelson on a Sunday night is always good for a laugh!

Thu Aug 04

The Quays is the only Karaoke on holloway road and the DJ is the best ever

Sat Jul 30


231 Holloway Road near to the corner of Georges Road - 020 7700 5015. Really sweet staff and good natural treatments at bargain prices.

Tue Jul 05

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