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Hello dear family my very our very hard working regular private domestic cleaner housekeeper looking for more work .Zlatka is our private domestic cleaner housekeeper Zlatka is a great worker, punctual, professional and very reliable. We trust her with keys to our property and know that we'll come home to a pristine flat.Very organised.and very good at cleaning my property. Always on time and always completes everything and more of what asked such as changing beds, washing and ironing She is managing her work and time very well and do organized very well .She is highly skilled and very pro-active and work off her own initiative at all the time knows exactly what she have to do .She care for our home as her own.Working on her fit with extremely high standard to keep your house in immaculate condition.Thank you ********3

Mon Sep 28

Help with Ironing

Hi I can come to your house and do ironing for you every week or whenever you will need.

I live at Clapham north and do ironing people in south and west london . I am very reliable and easy going.

My name is Evie.

Pls email me on

Sat Aug 17

Honest & reliable handyman services

If you are really looking for a handyman to do house decoration or repairs, then why not give me a call.

**** 448 663

Wed Sep 26

Fitted Kitchen & Fitted Bathroom Specialists

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen or bathroom. We are specialist in fitted kitchen and fitted bathroom.

You supply the materials and we do the labour work. We have the necessary tools.

Jus compare our quotation against quotations from fitted kitchen and fitted bath companies.

For free quotation contact **** 448 663


Thu Aug 23


As members of the Leasehold Advisory Group we are specialists in assisting tenants of flats or houses to extend their leases or collectively acquire the freehold of blocks of flats they occupy.

You are entitled by law to extend your lease [assuming qualification] by 90 years over and above your existing lease. The costs can be greatly reduced by appointing the market leaders in the field the Leasehold Advisory Group.

Why not give us a call and learn more.


Tue Sep 13

Overview, People, Schools, Tube - Great place to rent

Overview : Holland Park, bordering Notting Hill to the east and Shepherds Bush to the west has always been home to the well heeled, albeit those with an artistic leaning. The park itself resembles more private garden than public park, complete with Japanese meditation garden. Holland Park Avenue supports many independent local shops, including Lidgates, one of London's finest butchers.

People : Richard Branson, Michael Winner, John Cleese. Holland Park is home to ambassadors, bankers and media professionals at the zenith of their success. City professionals also make their home here, with easy access to the City on the Central Line combined with the cachet of a Holland Park address and a wide choice of rental property styles it is easy to see why. Families are also drawn to the area with some excellent local schools.

Tube : Holland Park District Line, and Notting Hill Gate Circle, District and Central Line

Fri Feb 05

holland park cabs

this company is invisible, i booked a taxy in the very early morning and it never came!! i had to go to the hilton hotel to book a taxi in 5 minute, i risked to loose my flight!!

Fri Jan 08

If its not too late, I went to a wedding in Holland Park. It was brilliant. They rented the Orangery for the service and the Belvedere for the reception. Pretty excellent all round. Very memorable and romantic.

Hope this helps.

Fri Oct 16

Holland Road is a busy road, but the area is very good....it is safe and has a lot of amenities nearby. I

Fri Oct 16


For French and Spanish lessons with an experienced native speakers, GCSE and A level and business French experience

Call 0794 1839 882

A bientôt!

Tue Mar 24

TV Show seeks amateur cooks for Pilot.

I am making a TV pilot and am looking for anyone who is talented in the kitchen.

I am looking for any keen cooks who would be willing to cook for a food critic on television. The most outstanding cooks will win an award. We are looking for amateur cooks rather than professionals to take part.

If you are interested or may know anyone who may be interested (at this stage this is for a pilot show). Please email me on

Tue Aug 19


Have you seen this great new mum gift called the cosy shopper. You can view the idea at www.thecosyshopper.co.uk or email

Mon Jun 02

Holland Park surgery doctors

Dr Lisa Wolff is absolute delight. She is so patient and nice and very friendly. Couldnt recommend her more. The only trouble is that she now works part time only. However, I havent had a better doctor in my life. She is very thorough, follows up with phonecalls and doesnt leave a thing to a chance. Good luck. Andie

Fri May 23

blablabla er omt nix!

Fri Jan 25

LIFE DRAWING ART CLASS - Notting Hill/ Ladbroke Grove and Holloway


I run a drop in Life Art workshop in Holloway in North London every Wednesday evening. I 'm also starting one in Ladbroke Grove / Notting Hill in the New Year- The first class is Monday January 7 !!

Have a look on our website www.modelreg.co.uk for details or phone me.

Rachel **** 525 506

Sat Jan 05

Live-in accommodation sought

Female in her early forties seeks live-in accommodation in return for services such as PA/secretarial work and/or cooking/cleaning/ironing work. Ideally based within walking distance of Lansdowne Road.

Please e-mail me

Wed Nov 28


Mon Nov 12

Hi would like to book an appointment to see the Doctor.

Im already a patient of this surgey but I'm not sure on how to book an appointment as I never done it before.

could you please advise or give me your t n so I can call in? thanks very much

Wed Nov 07

Football in holland park

What kind of football is this and are you still looking for players? Is it a friendly or part of a league. eleven or five a side etc?

Mon Oct 15

come to hps

Play Football Every Sunday at 1.20pm

Holland Park West London

Sat Oct 06

Sinclair Road / Elsham Road

Hi there, I'm looking at moving to Kensington Olympia and have seen places in Sinclair Road / Elsham Road. There seem to be more available and at a lower price than other areas nearby. Anyone know why? I thought maybe the reason was noise from the trains nearby? but would be great to have a more informed opinion

Mon Sep 24

How Grim

Wed Jul 18


Wed Jul 11

really good dentist

I've been going to a wonderful dentist in Holland Park , Aron Balkin. The dental practice is on Hollland Park Avenue, next to the BMW showroom.He's great at making me calm, explains things, and generally makes it a positive experience !!!! I also think he did some training in America which may be useful to you.

Welcome to Holland Park,


Tue Jul 03

Local recommended dentist


We've moved here from the States and would like to find a good local dentist. Can anyone recommend one who is good with nervous patients?

Fri Jun 29

Puppy sitter/walker tues to fri in Holland Pk.


we are looking for someone to look after our Hungarian Viszla while we are at work inorder to break up her day. One hour for a 20 minute walk and a bit of playtime would be all we need. She is very sweet, but can sometimes be rather cheeky! Experience with dogs and references a must. Can you help?

Mon Jun 25

Violin/ Piano/ Composition lessons available

I am a friendly, professional music teacher, graduated from the Royal Academy of Music. Have four years of teaching experience. I teach both children and adults from beginners to advanced. Apart from violin and piano lessons, I teach improvisation and composition as well since it is something I really love. I charge £30 an hour.

**** 910 798

Thu May 24

78 HOLLAND PARK - Lars Anfinset


One of my best friends is a relative to Lars Anfinset.

His name is ... Lars Anfinset (!). Born in 1969. Lars lives in Gothenburg in Sweden but has strong connections to Hol in Norway.

I've sent you an e-mail with contact information.


Roger Karlsson, Gotheburg, Sweden

Wed Apr 11

Wed Mar 28

I love lidgates!!

Best butcher in london.

Sat Mar 10

Since posting this the A2 airbus has been removed from service. The Heathrow Express from Paddington is now the fastest way into heathrow from Holland Park. Central Line Tube to Lancaster Gate then three minute walk to Paddington station.

For what it's worth:)

Wed Feb 28


If you're still looking (why no year dates on this site?) I would strongly reccomend calling the of Borough Kesington and Chelsea Council - their website will have info and lots of contact detals

Wed Feb 28

violin teacher

I am a Master's student at the Royal College of Music, have already obtained a postgraduate diploma in performance and have a lot of experience in teaching little children. Would be able to teach at your place. 30£ per hour.

Thu Nov 30

Tennis Tutor

Are you still looking for a tennis coach to teach you?

Thu Nov 02

Dr Watson

She is a great doctor!!!

Fri Oct 20


I used to go to Portland Road Practise and liked them- there used to be female GPs there but things cld have changed

Fri Oct 20

Dentist on High St Ken

Avoid the dentist on High St Ken, the one towards the middle, up some stairs (sorry, can't remember name) as they charged me a fortune for cleaning my teeth (£43) plus the standard £25 and then told me I needed a filling at £100. I went to see an NHS dentist in Brixton who is very good and he couldn't see where I needed it! 3 years have gone by and my tooth is still ok!

Fri Oct 20


Hi! I am about to move to London and i saw on internet a few flat in Holland Road. How is living there? Is it a quite and safe place to live?

Thanx for yuor help. Ciao

Wed Oct 11

Holland Park Tubes

Depends what time you take the tube. 7am is fine, lots of seats but anytime after 8 - 8:15am be prepared to stand.

Thu Sep 14

Kennedy Family Circa; 1920s

Does anybody have any information on a house that was owned by the Kennedy family between the 1st and 2nd WW's. My grandmother (Doris D'Harty) lived there during this period.

Any information would be most welcome.



Sat Apr 15

Book club at the Castle pub on Sunday afternoon

The Castle pub, 100 holland park road, 60 yards from station, with the "lifedrawingsociety.com" invite you to our new Sunday afternoon Book Club session.

When we have 10 confirmed interests we will start and give you constant updated information.

we also want to give you a place where you can come and practise your drawing skills in a friendly unformal atmosphere, a bit later on the same day.

If you would like to receive our weekly newsletter please go to the website and use contact form. or

Wed Apr 12

Life drawing sessions and book club starting after Easter

The Castle pub, 100 holland park road, 60 yards from station, with the "lifedrawingsociety.com" invite you to our new Sunday late afternoon life drawing session.

When we have 10 confirmed interests we will start and give you constant new exiting themes to draw.

we also want to give you a place where you can come and discuss your opinion about books in a friendly unformal atmosphere. If you would like to receive our weekly newsletter please go to the website and use contact form.

Wed Apr 12


If you are looking for an Experienced Nanny to look after your children when you going out or after school or an Experienced and reliable Cleaner to clean your house

All you need to do is call me.

I am ready to help.

I charge 7/h.


Sat Mar 11

can anyone recommend a good dentist in holland park?

I'm moving to the area and would prefer a local dentist who comes with a recommendation, thanks,

Tue Mar 07

Doctors in Holland Park

Is the recommendation for The Holland Park Surgery for any doctor in particular, I'm looking for a female doctor, thanks,

Tue Mar 07

Football in Holland Park


I saw your post and I was wondering if I could join your footie team?

I have just moved into London in Holland Park. I'm 29 and looking to meet new people away from work. Can you get back to

Fri Feb 17

maybe you should walk?

Tue Feb 07

trees of holland park


hope anyone can help, I would to to know the location of the Amercian Burr Oak tree and the Pyreneon oak in Holland Park, also any other rarities in the park


Sun Feb 05

the glass 'sculpture' indicates the height of the water reservoir - this runs across central London - appatently

Thu Dec 01

Holland Park Roundabout

It is a water pressure meter, but also serves a a piece of sculpture. The huge London Ringmain passes directly under here (the tunnels are bigger than those on the tube).

Mon Nov 14

A reservoir

With the Thames Water Tower sticking out the top of Holland Park roundabout, I think it is the site of an underground reservoir.

Mon Nov 14

ring matt he is the manager of theos who play their home games at holland park


Sun Sep 18

tennis tutor

Hi, I am a 17 yrs old girl. I am looking for some one who can teach me how to play tennis ,if u would like to be that person, please contact me on:

Mon Jul 25


A friend suggested I hold my wedding in Holland Park. Does anyone know of weddings previously held in Holland Park? I would appreciate any suggestions or information about this.

thank you.

Mon May 30


Hello... This might sound a bit bizzare, but for research purposes could anyone please tell me what is on Holland Park Roundabout?

It would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Wed Mar 30

Does anyone know a violin teacher or course for children

Does anyone know a violin teacher or course for children

I am looking for a violin teacher or a small group for my daughter 7 year old & approach to grade I.


Thu Dec 16

Wed Dec 08


Mon Dec 06

Searching for a playworker in Holland Park


I wonder if someone can help. A posting was made to a playwork mailing list recently by a 19 year-old girl who as a child used to attend the adventure playground in Holland Park and she would dearly like to make contact with a playworker who used to work there 10 or more years ago. His name was Julian, but she cannot remember his surname. Her attempts to track him down have so far been unsuccessful. If anyone has any details i would be grateful if you could forward them to me directly at this email address:

Sun Sep 19

Holland Park History Plea

I wonder if any of you may be able to help? I had the good fortune of going to a reception, to celebrate the launch of the BBC Neighbourhood Gardener scheme, held at The Orangery in Holland Park in July. The park made such an impression on me with its vibrancy and how alive the place was. (I read a comment elsewhere on here that said the park was "soulless"........if it is then it wasn't the same place I saw! It was terrific with so much going on - everywhere was alive. And black bunnies too!

Anyway here is my plea - I'm a student in Suffolk studying Landscape design and we've been given an assignment on public parks and gardens. Most people are doing areas in Suffolk, but because your park has made such an impression on me I would like to do my assignment on Holland Park.

Could anybody help me, please, with the historical side of the garden? Does anybody have access to the public records office for this kind of info?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

<a class=

Thu Sep 16

Try Kensington Sports Centre for all of these it is around about an 8 minute walk from Holland Park Avenue

Tue Sep 07


holland park IS notting hill - without the riff raff.

Sun Sep 05

Response to person who has moved away - obviously some time ago!

Holland Park is exclusive, and slightly less frenetic than Notting Hill Gate, with bigger trees and more established and considerate neighbours. The park itself is stunning, and High Streen Kensington has some of the best shops - a microcosm of Oxford Circus, within walking distance. Far from being soul-less, Clarendon Cross feels like an extension of Portobello Road, very dinky and child friendly, yet with designer shops and wine bars. There are few places as accessible to town (12 minutes Central Line tube to Holborn) that enable you to return and forget you live in London. You pay for the safety, and beauty and accessibility - the A40 roundabout is closeby and is direct to Oxford. Prices are high because it is the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, with the best parking permit around! You get what you pay for in London.

Fri Sep 03


This house was very nice before the second world war. I do not know if it still is there, but once it had three floors.

The first floor had a landing, an elevator and a new kitchenette.

The second floor had three bedrooms, where the smallest probably was a childrenroom, since it had a door into one of the bigger one. Second floor also held a new bathroom straight across from the stairs. The dining room and sitting room where on the other side of the bedrooms, connekted with new sliding doors.

The elevator proably went from the kitchen and up to the sitting room.

Third floore had two bedrooms, a small to the left and a bigger to the right. They had no doors between them.

I have only the drawing it, so pictures and maps and history will be of great of great interest.

If anyone have information about Lars Anfinset

from Hol in Norway that lived there until he passed away in 1934 please feel free to send me a mail.



Fri Jul 23

Lidgates the Butcher, Maison Blanc the Baker, Bursting Buds

...which is a florist. The list goes on....

Sun Jun 06

Pharmacy is now closed

It's become a Marks and Spencer food hall...

Sun Jun 06

Lovely Holland Park

Holland Park is green and safe yet expensive. The Avenue is beautiful, in spite of being a main traffic thoroughfare, and Holland Park boasts the largest area of untouched woodland in the Capital - a great place to walk a dog. 1800 pounds will easily find you a good one or two bedroom flat...though the shops are on the expensive side, the choice of quality produce is fantastic - Lidgate's butcher is phenomenal and Maison Blanc bakery is like a little corner of Paris. You are never far from the tube in Holland Park, it does have a lift rather than an escalator. When I travel to heathrow from Holland Park I always take the A2 airbus from Holland Park Avenue. It costs eight pounds for a return ticket and the journey time to Terminal one is 30 - 60 minutes varying greatly depending on the time of day, traffic etc. It's quicker than the picadilly line anyway and buses depart every 15-20 minutes. Local buses are good too. Do let me know if there's anything else U'd like 2 know:)

Thu Jun 03

Hi !

I am french and will live two years in London. I signed a contract in holland park before having read your email ...so could you please just say me if there is a swimming-pool, a gym club and where are the most convenient shops (safeway,sainsburys...). I will be in russell road.

Many thanks for your answer.


Mon Mar 22

Holmes Place, Notting Hill

Mon Feb 09


that's the one! they saved my life!

I had a bad cough and I didn't know what could be.

Actually was a pigeon allergic reaction which could lead to dead if not cured


Wed Jan 28

also the Gp

the one opposit starbuck,they are a great!

I hav eto confess that even if I have moved south I'm still with them (bit of cheating) but I won't risk to swap them!

Wed Jan 28


Cyou please supply me with the address of this place as i would love to go and try it out


Tue Jan 27

What is the address of More that single night in Holland Park

I would like more information on this please

Mon Jan 26

cab firm

mini cab firm , reliable and we have never had any probem with them and have used them for 5 yrs 020 7 221 3888

Fri Jan 16

Cafe Architect

The cafe was designed & build by a London company called Feilden & Mawson. I think it looks rather good, don't you?

Mon Jan 05

Cafe in the park

Does anybody know which architect designed the new cafe in Holland Park?

Fri Dec 05

Holland Park surgery on Holland Park (thoase swanky white mansion houses opposite the tube) The GPs are great, waiting times not too bad (I don't think) and there's always parking. It's 73 Holland Park, I think. Great dentist too down the bottom of Holl Pk Ave on the corner of Addison Avenue, Dr Reznek. He's a fantastic dentist.

Fri Oct 31

Holland Park is great, but quite soul-less, I find. (I grew up there and have since moved away - not least because I can't afford it!) The area is beautiful though and the people well-to-do. It's really well located for nipping into town (central line is great and 94 and 148 buses are good - and the N94 runs regularly from Piccadilly Circus throughout the night) but my one piece of advice is that the District Line is an absolutely terrible line. If you had to take this everyday to join the Piccadilly line at Earl's Court, it would drive you mad (as it did me when I was working at St James'). If it's leafy, parky, nice residential areas that you are looking for and you want to be near the Piccadilly Line, you might want to consider Baron's Court/Stamford Brook or even somewhere on the river. This area is lovely and parky and could be much more convenient for you than Holland Park. There are some really lovely areas around there and with your budget, you could get something much nicer th

Fri Oct 31

Fiction book based in Holland Park

This is a far fetched question, I once had a fiction book, set in Holland Park, it was set in current time, I beleive the main character played the violin, and a man from the 16th century crossed over into our time, it was a great book, I loaned it out, and that person lost it, I would love to read it again, any ideas, Thanks

Thu Oct 23

Moving to London, with only a tourist knowlege

I've been to London many times; usually stay at Hotel Russell on Russell Square (Russell tube station has a lift) and on Piccadilly line, direct to Heathrow. Now I am planning to move to London to live. It will be my wife, dog & cat. I will be working both from home and also spend time at Heathrow area office. Piccadilly line seems best. Just looking at the map, Earl's court made since. Does anyone have thoughts as to good neighborhood? Holland Park? I would think I can afford 1800 pounds a month, need 2 bedroom or one bed room with office. Obviously, safe and would be nice to be able to walk the dog on some grass somewhere. Thanx!

Mon Jul 21

Tai Chi in Earls Court Beginners Courses

TAI CHI. New 12 week Beginners Courses Start Soon. Check www.taichiclasses.com for details. Or call jackie on **** 350 605 or E-mail enquires@taichiclasses.com

Looking to get fit and do something different. Then try Tai Chi, Self Defence, Qi gong or Tai Chi Sword in a friendly atmosphere.

Thu Jul 10

Yes Dr Watson at The Portland Rd surgery, 16? Portland Road.

Fri Jun 20

the park, indeed

having a tea on the bar inside the Park. And any cake from la dame noire

Mon Dec 30



Mon Dec 30

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