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Wed Oct 10

Moving for work in Holborn

Hi, I am looking for somewhere to rent outside the expensive areas of London but within a 30minute car DRIVE of Holborn. Where can I look where will offer security, value for money and easy car commuting?

Thanks, Jonny

Fri Oct 25

Healthy participants required for paid research (Waterloo)

King’s College London (Waterloo) needs participants for a 10-week study on diet and gut health.

We will ask you to consume a natural fibre food or a natural drink, provide stool samples, have your gut motility measured by X-ray and complete diaries on your bowel habits and diet.

On completion of you will be compensated for your time.

If you are aged 18-65 years, do not consume many whole grain cereals, fruits or vegetables, and open your bowels 3-6 times per week, please contact

Wed Feb 20

Looking for a room in Holborn from Sep 2012

Hi, I am a female post graduate student looking for a room in Holborn to rent for a year while doing my bar in London.

Please email me at

Thu Jul 26

Thu Jul 28

My name is Carol Stead. I was born at 16, Skipworth Buildings, Bourne Estate, Holborn in London.My parents were Nora Rose (nee Penfold) and Bertie Stead.

I have various links with London and Sidcup in Kent. My father was a porter at Great Ormand Street Hospital in the 1940's or 1950's. My father lived in Wicklow street in London and met my mother in the 1940's when she was working in a cafe round the corner.

If any one has any info at all please e-mail at -

Sat Oct 02

My name is Carol Stead, i was born at Skipworth Buildings, Bourne Estate , London .( No 13 or 16.)in 1952.

My father's name was Bertie Stead, and my mother's name was Nora Rose (nee Penfold) But i believe my mother's name was not Stead but Penfold in 1952

I am researching my family history and if anyone can help me please get in touch. My new e-mail is -

Sun Jul 11


Paintings by Vincent Berquez at the Langham Gallery, 34 Lamb's Conduit Street, WC1N 3LE from 15th February 2010.

Contact gallery for details at www.langhamgallery.com or the artist at

Fri Feb 12

Looking for a cleaner

Hi there, I am looking for a cleaner in Holborn. Couple of hours a week but we can't set a fxied time or guarantee that we will need someone every week (for example if people are away) as we don't have a spare set of keys. This is making it difficult to find someone as all of the cleaning companies I've found ask you to pay in advance for a specific weekly slot or charge extortionate amounts for one off cleaning.

I'd be really grateful if anyone could recommend someone.

Thanks, Emma

Mon Jan 26



Wed Oct 01

Gymbox Bank

It's a new branch opening in the city

Fri Aug 08


Exhibition by London-based artist Vincent Berquez at the Foundlings Museum, 40 Brunswick Square, WC1 between 17th May & 17th June 2008. All works are realistic representations of places and people on canvas painted with tempera. Any information please email.

Wed May 07


A small but perfectly formed poetry group meet to read their latest offering, to discuss and enjoy each other's company. This is a group of mature adults who enjoy the company of other's and have a passion for verse of all kinds. We invite you to come along and share your poetic thoughts and musings. The next meeting is on Feb 29th at the Lamb public house, Lambs Conduit Street, London WC1 on the 1st floor. If you have any friendly questions please.

Thu Feb 28


gym box in holborn instructor name is phillip tieu very professional tuesday 7pm and sat 1.30

Wed Oct 17

London Voices

A small but perfectly formed poetry group meet to read their latest offering, to discuss and enjoy each other's company. This is a group of mature adults who enjoy the company of other's and have a passion for verse of all kinds. We invite you to come along and share your poetic thoughts and musings. The next meeting is on October 19th at the Lamb public house, Lambs Conduit Street, London WC1 on the 1st floor. If you have any friendly questions please contact Mail-me

Thu Sep 27

London Voice

A small but perfectly formed poetry group meet to read their latest offering, to discuss and enjoy each other's company. This is a group of mature adults who enjoy the company of other's and have a passion for verse of all kinds. We invite you to come along and share your poetic thoughts and musings. The next meeting is on October 19th at the Lamb public house, Lambs Conduit Street, London WC1 on the 1st floor. If you have any friendly questions please contact Mail-me

Thu Sep 27


Mon Aug 06


there is a very good practice in lambs conduit st, wc1. check it out.

Thu Aug 02

GP in Holborn

Hi, looking for a GP in Holborn. Does anyone know the adress of at least one? Thank you very much....

Fri Jul 13

There is an optician in Proctor Street, across the road from Runners Need

Thu Jul 12

Hi, theres a muay thai classes at Holborn in Gymbox.co.uk Tuesday nights at 7pm will be the best one to go to. taught by Kru Philip Tieu a instructor under Master Sken.

Sat Jun 16

LA fitness? good luck with them

The LA fitness in theobalds road has a pool, but the staff are rude if you encounter a problem, in my time there 3 people got broken into their locks and the club didn't fix anything let a lone the locker were still in bad condidition. The receptio staf have no idea how to deal with the majority of problems and the club manager is simply rude

Fri May 04

Holborn Restaurant

Does anyone know anything about the Holborn Restaurant, which, I believe, closed in the 1950s? I have a tablet/medal given to my Great Grandfather in 1895. I found one belonging to someone else on ebay, but have been unable to find why they were given out. I have googled, but been unable to come up with much information. Thanks.

Wed Mar 21

Looking for people to work on guest lists

Hello I am the promoter of Exilio Latin Dance Club situated in Holborn LSE on Saturdays. We are looking for people to create guest lists for the club. The person/s will get a discounted guest list and for every person that visits Exilio then your account will be credited. Please email us at

Fri Mar 02

New group Liverpool St, Bank, Holborn, Chancery Lane


I am looking for other people who are intersted in learning more about environmental issues, recycling, organic and fair trade products, energy efficiency etc. We are setting up a new group and our initial meeting is in March!! Please

Thu Mar 01

flatshare in Holborn

I'm looking to moving to Holborn around the 17th March as I'm due to start a job on Kingsway on the 19th, please let me know if you know of any reasonably cheap (under £550) flatshares in walking distance of Holborn tube station. Email me on

Thu Mar 01

Wed Feb 28

NHS Doctor

Can anyone recommend a good NHS Doctor either in Holborn or within easy travelling distance? Thanks. :o)

Tue Nov 14



Im viewing for flats here in Holborn. Wondering if this area has amenities that is convenient and where do people do grocery shopping here in Holborn?!

Also...do we have any kosher or halal meat butcher around here?

Mon Nov 06

Hodd Dickens and Barnes I should think

Fri Nov 03

there is a thai boxing gym in london bridge - 5mins walk from the station!!!

KO gym - king college

Thu Jul 27

Iwas born at 16, Skipworth Building, Bourne Estate,London in 1952. I am trying to find any information on this address as i am researching my family history.(Also 4, Perth Road in London) My e-mail adrress is-

Fri Jul 07


I am a student from the US heading to BPP for law school. I'm not sure if you are still looking for a flat, but definitely email me if you are! I am planning to get to London in Aug. to try to find a place.

Wed Jun 28



I am going to be studying at the law school in HOlborn soon and I'm looking for a place to live round there, preferably with not too many peoples as I currently live with 4 others and it's a bit crowded. Anyway, if you know of anything, please let me know.

Sat Jun 10

If you have received any answer, please just let me know.

Mon Mar 27

Hi Taz

Taz Im a thai boxing instructor, just moved into the area. Im thinking of hiring out a local venue and starting some classes or a small club, Im currently looking round for somewhere to do this, have you any ideas? Anyway until I find somewhere do you want to meet up to do a bit of sparring? What sort level of skill do you have? BTW my name is Jan, Im a 24 year old Dutch guy. I have been doing muay thai since I was 14 and have competed at national level back home. email me if ur interested at

Sat Dec 03

Thai Boxing ????

Does anyone know of any place that holds Thai Boxing lessons in or around Holborn??? It seems that there isn't one between here and London Bridge

Mon Nov 07


Hi. My name is Darren I am available for all handy jobs and gardening work.

I am qualified and very reliable.

Anything from assembling ikea stuff to sorting out the lawns.


Tue Nov 01

The most important thing is to be on the right tube line

- it doesnt matter if this is slightly further out. Hence, go North on the Piccadilly line (up to Holloway, Finsbury Park, Turnpike Lane, Wood Green, etc). Prices are much cheaper and it would still only take you under 30 mins. Plus, you get to live in 'real' neighbourhoods rather than the tourist/business areas.

I wouldnt recommend "Angel, Upper street, Old street, Clapham, Farringdon, Camden" as none of them are on the right line and the commute would be unpleasant - you would have to rely on buses (slower and not nice if its raining) or have to change tubes.

Mon Aug 22

very true, never any food in any of the supermarkets in holborn. I suggest one takes a Van to the countryside and pick your own veg. After that drive to Norfolk and bag some sturkeys. If it is steak is what you need a whole cow will not fit in your frigde, get together with your street and draw lots for the prime cuts. On a serious note avoid the butchers on Theobalds Road, well presented but not fresh.

Mon Aug 22

Really depends what you want. Consider brick lane and shorditch, This area has loads of bars and clubs and restaurants too. This area is full of young designers and artisans, very vibrant. Commuting from here to the centre by bus is about 30 minute, by tube about ten minutes. If you prefer your greener places then you have Clapham more suburban flavour also quite a lot to do here, this area is about 20 minutes from the center of town by tube. relatively safe. then you also have Camden, not my favourite area, but a lot of others seem to like it. Also consider Angel and Islington. My guess with the aformentioned areas you will not go far wrong, Fitzrovia and notting hill are quite far and unless you have money to burn in these area you will easily end up on the wrong side of the track.

In short go for Angel, Upper street, old street, Bethnal green,Clapham, farringdon, camden. they are all within 30 minutes prices are reasonable

Mon Aug 22

You will need to walk towards Clerkenwell and Farrigndon. There quite a lot of furtniure shops there, the Vitra shop is there and a lot more. They are quite modern and trendy. From chancery lane the walk will be about five minutes. Good Luck, you won't need it cause most of the shops there are very good. Another option is googe street ten minutes from hoborn, you will have heals and quite a few other furniture shops down there they are also good, not quite as modern, but good .

Mon Aug 22


Holborn is within walking distance of where you want to be as far as I am aware and I am moving into a flat there at the end of August and am looking for a further flatmate to share this with me. Contact me for more details at

Mon Jul 04


hello Im gona move in Holborn during the summer and I really do not the area, would anyone know where is the closest furniture shop which sells new design furniture?

Sat Jul 02

Yoga classes

I'm looking for Astanga yoga classes in the Holborn area. Can anyone recommend somewhere?

Sat Jul 02

yes there is one squash court club in oasis sport center .

located next to covent garden station. and it's cheap too .

Sat Jun 18

Gym Box

Also interested in Gym Box in High Holborn. What do people think it is like?

Sat Jun 18

gym box

Fri Jan 21

Looking for pay as you go squash in Holborn, London

Thu Nov 25

Where to look for a flatshare around Holborn?

I want to move to the Holborn area but can't seem to find adds for flatshare. Can you tell me of places/websites where I can find adds for flatshare (other than loot, intolondon and this site)? Is there a local place where I can find them? I would really appreciate any help from you!!! Write to

Thu Nov 25

Squash at Holborn

Paul, I hope this is the case that the Oasis Club offer pay-as-you-play time slots. Let me know what you have founded on

Sun Oct 10

so what id gym box like?

what is this gym like, I hear it is boxing and dance orientated. Is is costly??

Fri Sep 10

try the oasis sports centre just 2 mins from holborn that has squash courts which you have to book in advance ithink

Fri Sep 03


Anyone know of squash clubs in Holborn?

Preferably pay-as-you-play as I don't want to shell out for membership...

Wed Jul 07

Try the Oasis Sport Center off Tottenham Court Road. They have a pool and it is a "pay as you go" type og Gym!

Tue Jun 15

Chancery Lane, Holborn

Hello Henry,

I have lived for four years in Holborn and I can tell you it is great! It is so close to Oxford Street and Soho, so prepare yourself for a lot of fun!

It is a very safe area, even though on High Holborn there are several junkies but if you don't go near them, they should not bother you.

The downside of Holborn is that it is fairly expensive. A one bedroom flat is about 1,200 a month.

If you can, I suggest you try to get into some students housing, as there are lots of them around LSE in Holborn. Otherwise I recommend you try to find something around Tottenham Court Road.

You might want to try the ads on www.loot.com. It is the on-line version of the most popular magazine for finding housing.

If you cannot find anything affordable from Hong Kong, why don't you stay at the Generator (www.generatorhostels.com) for a couple of days and lok for a decent accomodation while here?

Good luck!


Tue Jun 15

Chancery Lane, Holborn

Dear All,

I am going to Chancery Lane, Holborn for my futher study at the end of August. I'm from Hong Kong. I have no idea what area in Holborn or near Holborn is good and cheap to live. Is the area safe to live? What is the average rental for a 1 bed flat or studio in Holborn? Or what is the name of the area around Holborn is recommended to stay?

Or please advise me with any information about Holborn.

Millions Thanks.


Fri Jun 11

LSE Postgrad - where to live

There are actually some places around Holborn itself, although they are scarce, expensive and probably difficult yo get hold of. Otherwise you could try Elephant and Castle, across the river just south of Waterloo Station, and from there along Walworth Road down to Camberwell Green, or Old Kent Road down to New Cross. Both Roads have regular buses to Aldwych (Walworth Road is better for buses).

Thu May 27

there is one called 'finsbury health centre' which is on pine street london Ec1r ojh

Thu May 27

London Neighborhoods

I'm a student from the US going to the LSE for postgrad. I'm looking for a flat but I'm having a hard time with figuring how far apart everything is in terms of travel time. What are the names of some nearby neighborhoods, within 30 minutes walking or an easy tube trip to the LSE? It seems like Fitzrovia, Notting Hill, etc. are too far for an easy commute. Any suggestions?

Thu May 27

As central as you get!

Holborn is positioned to get to pretty much anywhere in London quickly. Easy access to the City, Oxford St, Cov gdn., and has lots of transport facilities.

Wed Apr 28

Contact lens dispenser in Holborn

I'm searcjinh for a very old friend, she works in an optician shop close to holborn metro station. Seems that i cannot find the number of this shop by internet, someone could help me to find this shop? It's close to Holborn metro station and they sell also contact lens.

Mon Mar 15

Southampton Row has a few nice places.


Fri Feb 06

Yes there is.

Yes there is, it’s on Marchmon(spelling??) St, 2nd road from New North Street. Same road as Holborn Police Station, located by the parade of shops, more or less opposite Holborn Medical Centre.



Fri Feb 06


The oasis sports center is funded by camden council and has a pool is cheap and chean. it also offers classes and has other facilities. There are discounts for those who have a camden leisure card. Oasis is located on the Shaftsbury road end of high Holborn.

Thu Jan 22

Holborn GP

Museum Street Pratice is good opposite the British Museum the women doctors are really great and nice.

Sun Dec 28

LA fitness

... is a gym with a pool situated in Holborn on/just off Theobald's Rd.

Sat Jun 07

There is a massive Tesco's 1min from Russell Sq Tube Station @ Brunswick Centre

Fri Feb 14

Its excellent!

Safe place with easy access to transport and shops.

Fri Feb 14

Not being funny

but most Sainsbury's don't have everything these days! Don't know if anyone else agrees, but they always seem to be sold out of stuff when I go...Jamie sodding Oliver's fault I say!

Fri Feb 07

Sainsburys Central

is just across the street from the Holborn tube station. Another smaller one is going in between Holborn and Chancery Lane. They may not have everything, but the fruit and veg is quality and with good selection.

Thu Jan 02

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