Welcome to London Hither Green

What's it like in Hither Green?

Helloooo, we've been away from SE London for 18 yrs. Looking at Hither Green as a place to live. What's it like for living; safety (we have no kids); community feel; shopping - high street; cafe culture; independent shops. The usual stuff. Thanks

Sun Aug 23

Decorator wanted

Anyone know a good painter and decorator who they would recommend? Thanks. Please reply to

Wed Sep 26

What is Hither Green missing?

To all local residents and to visitors,

What would you like to see add to the area? We now have the craft beer shop which seems to be doing very well by catering to the young hip side of the area.

My wife and I are young local entrepreneurs looking to start a business here and we would like to know what people would like to see; a pop culture cafe, a themed sandwich and coffee shop etc.? Let us know your thoughts and wishes.


Wed Aug 30

Hither Green Book club

Hi, me and my boyfriend and housemate are moving to Hither Green this week and I am keen to join a local book club. I am mid 20s as well. Could you let me know a bit more about it please?

My email address is here:

Tue May 09

Hither Green book club

Hi, me and my boyfriend and housemate are moving to Hither Green this week and I am keen to join a local book club. I am mid 20s as well. Could you let me know a bit more about it please?

My email address is here:

Tue May 09

Hi Id love to join your book club!

Dates/times etc appreciated.

Mon Apr 24

If you don't even use The Station pub and prefer to go scurrying up to Blackheath, what encouragement are you giving to anyone thinking of opening a Groovy Bar in Hither Green?

Thu Oct 27

We have lived in Effingham Road for over 30 years and would recommend Hither Green as being safe, quiet and friendly. Station pub is absolutely fine, loads of people coming down Staplehurst Road from station and generally plenty of people about - I feel absolutely safe walking home alone from station any time of evening. Lovely local park with beautiful library open long hours - Manor House Gardens. Quite a few nice little coffee shops now and the convenience of a big Sainsburys at Tigers Head corner. We have always enjoyed living here, easy access to London and DLR closeby, a lovely off-road walk up to Blackheath and Greenwich Park through Manor House Gardens - I used to cycle this route and take bike on Thames Clipper at Greenwich, the best commute to London ever. i would recommend living here - very convenient, you don't need to rely on a car, lots of green space and lovely quiet gardens.

Tue May 03

bike shop sounds good many bikes are parked in the station

Sun Sep 28

check tfl website

Sun Sep 28

a gym is opening rhere soon

Sun Sep 28


My partner and I have recently bought a house in the Western side of Hither Green, two blocks away from Mountsfield Park, and we got so much space for our money! Coming from Balham I was a bit doubtful about the area, but I found Hither Green to be very safe and the people very friendly! I’m a Director for a Media company in Soho and work very long hours so an easy commute is very important to me. It’s only half an hour into central London and that’s priceless! Hither Green is definitely a hidden gem!

Tue Feb 04

book club

Hi there, i've also recently moved to Hither Green. Are you still running your book club? If so please send me details. Thanks

Sat Aug 31

Honest and reliable domestic cleaners for all your housework chores in homes, houses, flats and etc

Minimum of 2 hours

We offer

Regular domestic cleaning

One-off clean

After-party clean

No minimum contract. Competitive pricing

Fri Aug 30

i found a little shop that does adorable bits for children in staplehurst lane but didnt write down the name of it. they do stuff from rice and other colourful attractive gifts.j

Fri Dec 14

Grove Park - Sandstone Road

Hello, Im moving to the area bec my son has started at Trinity. I need to be slightly away from HG bec I cant afford to buy there.

Ive seen a flat thats nice in Grove park, off Baring Rd in Sandstone Rd.

Does anyone know the block of flats around there? Is it ok for a single mum and a nearly-teenager?

Thu Oct 04

Bus from Hither Green to Eltham tonight

Can someone please help me? Need to know how to get from Hither Green Station to eltham tonight please?

Sun Sep 30

HG - George Lane

Hi - I'm considering moving to HG from Greenwich and viewed a number of places in the area but cant quite decide which areas I should focus on/avoid? Is George Lane ok, or should I keep focused on the roads nearer HG station on either side of the track?


Sun Mar 18



Fri Jan 27

sure cars are crap ........

They tell you 10 minutes then you wait 30 !!!!! Or if there running late like normal they call another office and dont answer there phones to you ,.......... i much prefer the taxi office on the other side who are also a bit cheaper and a bit friendlier too:) .they are call DJS LICENSED CAR SERVICE.

Fri Jan 27

DJS CARS ARE REGULARLY CHECKED AND CLEAN !!www.djscarhire.com 02083189888 local mincab .

The statement about our cars is incorrect ,how can you call them shabby ? yet you use us all the time ? Please feel welcome to inspect our cars anytime you wish as we do and they are all clean and tidy, sorry if you want a brand new car and not one thats a couple of years old , if this is the case i suggest you call a firm from the west end, maybe ADDISON LEE who will gladly charge you approx £6-7 minimum and give you a 1 year old car.Our cars are different to any other surrounding offices re: sure cars ,lee high road, blackheath. Or maybe this has come from a loca competetor ???? erm wonder who that is?

Fri Jan 27

Hey I'm moving into the area in Feb and am willing to meet up. Catherine

Wed Jan 18

there is a sainsburys in lee green !

Fri Oct 28

Hi I lived at no 7 and I dont remember him at all I remember the wellards mrs bailey Queenie and fred and muriel with a little boy reggie

Sun Oct 16

Hi I lived at no 7 and I dont remember him at all I remember the wellards mrs bailey Queenie and fred

Sun Oct 16

safety in hither green

hi we lived in hither green meridian south for 5 years,always 1st floor.now we r moving to a ground floor house just off the meridian south.i m really scared as never lived on ground floor with garden surrownding all house and without neighors.we also have child nd baby.how safe is hither green re.house burglary.do we need house alarms nd be extra vigillant not to leave windows open ect...thks a lot

Sun Sep 18

book club

I live in lee and would be keen to join a book club in the area, is it still running? Could you let me know dates/times/where you meet?

Thu Jul 28

Book Club


I moved to Hither Green in April and am keen to join a club, I have been looking for something social, arty, sporty or literature based- are you still running your group?

Thanks Kate (

Tue Jul 12


hey if u still looking for someone get your garden sort out just email me

Sun May 15


Tue Aug 31

Hither Green - Watch Out

Hello Everyone, I just thought I would share with all of you my bad experience which hopefully will prevent you from having the same one. I live off Verdan Street and on my way home on South Park Crescent I was mugged approx. 4 weeks ago. The area is safe, nice and residential so this was really a big shock event o the police. I believe I was followed from St Mildred`s Garage where a couple of youngsters live there in that small allyway. I`ve seen them before and heard they have causing trouble for the locals as they seem to gather together there from the early evening and they are very noisy. I also believe it was one of these young boys as his body structure and behaviour was very similar to the one who asked for a pound a couple of weeks before and it was recognised even if he was wearing hood on the day of the attack. I suggest everyone they should avoid walking home through this allyway by St. Mildred`s garage especially in the dark (I was attacked at 8:30 pm daylight)

Fri Jul 02

You can walk via Blackheath and would take you around 30mins. I do it quite often on a weekend, it's a lovely walk across the heath and then down through Greenwich park. Probably around 2miles?

Wed Mar 03

HITHER GREEN tuition offered - piano & music theory

Experienced and qualified tutor available for private piano and music theory lessons. I hold:

- BMus Hons Classical Performance (TCM, tba 2010)

- DipABRSM Instrumental Teaching - Piano

- ABRSM Grade 8 Piano & Music Theory

as well as

- MU Child Proctection Training

- Public Liability Insurance

- Enhanced CRB Check.

All ages and abilities welcomed.

Based in SE, available to travel at an additional cost for expenses.

£18 45 mins

£22 60 mins

First lesson half price.

Call Firat at ********9, or e-mail

Wed Nov 11

16 monument gardens lewisham. se 13 6pr. tel

Thu Oct 29






Mon Sep 28

Hi Emma

Maxident Clinic on Catford Hill (next to TFC supermarket) is absolutely fabulous, they are very friendly and do both NHS and private.

Thu Sep 03

probably take you 20-30mins. v safe and lovely walk across Blackheath

Fri Jul 24

a heck of a long time - like hours

Fri Jul 24

Hi Sadie, I love a glass of something non alcoholic and a gossip too and like to keep fit but prefer to run (in the park / streets) as it';s cheaper. I am moving to HG at the end of the month and don't know any locals yet so it would be nice to meet some. Cate

Sun Jul 19

Hi I'm moving to Hither Green at the end of the month and am interested in joining your group if it's still running. Can you email me the details please?

Sun Jul 19

From wherever to any other where..

Google has some nifty features like maps and routes - not just for driving but walking too!

Just go to maps.google.co.uk and enter this in the search >

from: SE1 2SW to: fernbrook road, se13

Sun May 10

Missed connection

I met a great guy in Heaven on Easter Thursday - all i know is that he lives in Hither Green and I live in Lewisham. Can anyone help?

Sat Apr 11

Good gardener with reasonable rates needed

Hi could anyone recommend a good gardener that charges reasonable rates. I desperately need to get my garden sorted out but i cant afford to pay extotionate prices.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

Mon Apr 06

jmi hendrix?

I lived in Harvard road [no 2 ] from 1947 -1968 and I would have known if he'd been there in the 60's

Fri Mar 27

How far to walk to London Bridge tube

How long does it take to walk from London Bridge tube to Hither Green?

Tue Mar 10

Plumb Center buildings

These buildings also used to be the Chiltonian Biscuit factory before they moved to a new factory on Manor Lane

Wed Feb 11

Yes, Hither Green is certainly very safe to go walking in. You could set off from the station and head up across Lee High Road then up the hill, across Blackheath common then through Greenwich Park, and it should be well under three miles.

Alternatively, take a slight detour through Blackheath village if you have time - nice restaurants, cafes and a few shops to see.

Sun Feb 01


HI would anyone know the walking distace from hither green to greenwich? and is it a safe area for a female tourist to travel alone there?

Sat Jan 31

family thinking of moving to hither green

hi. i am thinking of moving to hither green. whats it like for families? my kids are little at the moment so need a good primary school and to know that it will be good for them longterm. Thankyou!

Sat Nov 29


Hi, I teach classes in the local area:

SHAPE & TONE on Tuesday evening 6.30-7.30pm on Culverley Road, In Hartley Hall.(nxt to Holy Cross School)


POWER STRETCH AND STRENGTHEN on a Friday Morning in Hither Green Methodist Church on Torridon Road 9.45-10.45am

All classes are £5.00 pay as you go

Please visit my website for more information. www.strictlyfitness.co.uk or email me at

Wed Sep 03

hair dresser (tilly)

hi tilly just seen an ad and wandered if you would come to catford to cut my hair. can you e-mail me

Sun Aug 10

Hither Green is a great place to buy

Hither Green is quite a small place, and few people seem to have heard of it, but it's already one of Time Out's "hot neighbourhoods" in London. I've lived here for two very happy years, having bought an Edwardian terraced house, which I've renovated.

The area is almost only Victorian and Edwardian terraces, and it sits on two mainlines into the city, with really frequent services. London Bridge is only 13 minutes away, and trains either go into Charing Cross or Cannon Street.

In Hither Green, it's possible to buy a beautiful period house for less than a flat in many other parts of London!

We have three parks, a conservation area, and a newly opened deli, and there are some exciting new developments coming (the "Biscuit Works" next to the station starts early next year, and will really complement the area).

It's a small, safe and very understated patch of London, but do expect to hear a lot more about it soon!

Sat Aug 09

Are we talking about the same Hither Green here? I hardly see any hoodies or antisocial behaviour at all... The worst thing I've encountered is people dumping their old sofas etc. on our streets, and they wouldn't be from Hither Green, would they?

OK, it's a bit quiet still, but it's a very safe place to live and so convenient for the city.

Sat Jul 12

do is possible to have a barbecue in hither green opark

Fri Jun 06

Awful Place to Live

We lived in Hither Green for ten years and recently moved away to Kent. We found it an awful place to live. Full of hoodies and antisocial behaviour. No amenities. Dirty and run down. Would not recommend it to anyone. So glad we got away!

Mon May 26

Lewisham Trades Bowls Club

Lewisham Trades Bowls Club

Mountsfield Park

Stainton Road

Hither Green



Tel: (020) 8856 9096

New members required

Fri May 23

Could be the "Spotted Cow" which was in Hither Green Lane. I remember it from the 40s until mid 60s.

Carole Matthews

Tue Feb 19

There are no gastropubs in Hither Green right now, and many people are desparate for one to open!

There are a few opportunities too: the former Lanier Club on Hither Green Lane is up for sale, which could make a great bar - I think the agent is DLS Real Estate. Further down the lane the Spotted Cow pub is boarded up with signage on the front.

Otherwise, the Meridian South development has been designed with restaurants/bars in mind and has several units free. Those are managed by Richard Braysher (www.meridiansouthretail.co.uk).

Best to look up "Hither Green" on Wikipedia for lots of local links, in particular the forum.

If you're considering opening something up, you'll make a lot of people very happy.

Sun Jan 27

how to go putney london ?

Fri Jan 25

Pubs For Sale(Hither Green)

Would anyone know if there are currently any Gastro Pubs for sale in Hither Green. One which you think has a good potential to become a good local pub and serve great food.

Looking forward to any contructive comments!

Sat Jan 05

Old Pub for sale in Hither Green Lane

Does anyone know the name of this pub and whether its still for sale?


Sat Jan 05

re hither green

the only decent cafe I know of is You don't bring me flowers near the station, but the workmans caff is good on Manor lane end of Leahurst rd. Gd service and cheap food! we could do with a bar! good luck Linda

Wed Jan 02

Finding out about Hither Green

Hey there, just moved to Hither Green a couple of weeks ago. Because I'm living 30 seconds from the station on the Leahurst Rd side, I've not had the chance to see much of what the place offers. Can anybody tell me of decent places, cafes, bars etc that would be worth seeking out?

Mon Dec 17

how do i get to hazelbank rd catford from brixton?

Fri Dec 07

Anyone for golf?

We might have thought it was set in stone, but there won't be a gym in Meridian South. Instead, it's going to be an indoor golfing centre.

Wed Nov 21

Anyone for golf?

It looked like it was set in stone, but there won't be a gym after all in Meridian South. Instead, it's going to be an indoor golfing centre.

Wed Nov 21

All it needs is for one person to start the ball rolling. There's a couple of really well suited places on the lane in particular - the old Lanier Club, up for sale; and now the Spotted Cow. Then there's units in Meridian South... It's a mystery to me why they're just sitting there.

Wed Nov 21

Apparently Karl Marx lived here too, according to the Hither Green Wiki. Time for the blue plaques, I reckon...

Wed Nov 21

Gatwick is great too - just one change at London Bridge.

Wed Nov 21

ya im my house

Mon Nov 12


I would like to recommend the guys at Initial

Thu Nov 01

house repair

I'm looking for someone to do some work on my roof, gutters and brick work, and I'd be really grateful of anyone who has used good builders in the past.

Mon Oct 22

odd job / handy man

is there anyone out there who can do odd jobs around the house? electrical repairs, plumbing, painting etc.

please call or email.

**** ****5 or

Tue Oct 16

Don't forget the London City Aiport as a possibility. Much shorter book-in times and only 40 minutes (with one change) on the DLR.

Sun Oct 07

nearest airport

which would be the nearest airport or the airport with the best connections via rail / underground to Hither green or lewisham station? gatwick, luton or stansted?

Fri Oct 05


I am experianced cleaner checkable references from UK.

I can clean your house,ironing.please email me:

Mon Oct 01


Can anyone recommend a good cattery in the local area?

Mon Aug 13

Student life

My son is hopefully moving to Hither Green in September -a broadcasting ops student at Ravensbourne - he's a fantastic drummer and also plays in a Samba band. Any other Ravensbourne students in the area???

Sun Aug 12

Moving to Verdant Lane

Hi, we moved to Verdant Lane in Feb and the area seems nice. It's pretty quiet and there are good local shops less than a 10 min walk away along Torridon Rd (inc cute little coffee shop). Indian takeaway along Verdant is decent too.

We get the train everyday to HG station - bit of a trek but you can do it in about 15 mins. Buses into catford are every 10 mins too. I was a bit worried about walking home at night from the station but so far it's always felt fine. Traffic on Verdant can get busy but we can't really hear it indoors or out in the back garden so not a big deal.

I think you get more for your money being a bit further from the station. Lacks a nice local pub but that's the same for everyone in HG...!

Mon Aug 06

Tilly- how far do you travel for home visits? i live in shooters hill and was wondering if that was too far? many thanks

Sun Jul 29

Moving to Hither green

I moved around there (off Hazelbank Road) 5 months ago and I think it's great. So much better than when I lived in Rushey Green, it's quiet, my neighbours are nice and although there are few shops it has a village feel.

I haven't been here long enough to see any problems, but I regularly go running in the eves and it's mostly quiet. The station is a bit of a trek though!

Wed Jul 25

Hardworking Builder Needed (Polish or otherwise!)

Hi - I'm in the process buying a house on Longhurst Rd and would like to know if you've had luck with finding a good and inexpensive builder. I would like them to quote on some extensive development work. Thanks for your help.


Mon Jul 09

Thu Jul 05

Moving to Heather Green

Hi Guys, I`ve just purchased a flat near Hither Green Cemetary (Verdant Lane). As I don`t know the area much but it looks nice and neat, I wonder if someone can advise what it`s like, if you like living there or not, what to look for or watch out for etc...

Thanks !

Wed Jul 04

I am due to move to the area soon and am interested in a book club..are you still meeting up??

Mon Jun 25

Not sure when you posted this but i have just bought in Hither Green and dont know anyone there either! Would be great to know someone when I arrive so post me an email if you still fancy a friend in the area!

Mon Jun 25

Safety in Hither Green


Im thinking of buying in Hither Green around the Meridian South development but have concerns over the safety of walking back from the train station as a girl when its dark in the winter as it seems to be on a very quiet unlit road. Can anyone help - are there lots of commuters even at 8-9ish in the winter??


Sun Jun 24

Hair Tips


I'll definetly give EGo a go nex time. I needed a haircut as I was going to a wedding and left it too late. So I rushed into one of the salons in Lewisham.

Thanks for the tip!

Fri Jun 15

Hair tips


I'll definetly give Ego a go next time. I needed an express haircut as I was going to a wedding and left it too late! But it's good to know for next time, probably in a couple of months.

Many thanks

Fri Jun 15


Thanks for that. I won't buy a house there, then.

Thu Jun 07

Hendrix address

I heard that it was somewhere in Ardmere Cottages, near Hither Green Primary, but I don't know if there's any truth in this.

Thu Jun 07

Organic box scheme

Does anyone use an organic veg box scheme that delivers outside of working hours in Hither Green? I really want to use a local firm that deliver before i go to work with fruit, veg and possibly meat etc

Mon Jun 04

EGO Greenwich

Hi Ego in greenwich on Trafalgar road / woolwich road is great i have been going to them for years, Ali the owner is fab and Yvette is also very good. The salon is very young vibrant.

Mon Jun 04

What makes you think that. I tried googling it a while back but couldn't find anything. I live on Harvard Rd so am interested.

Sun Jun 03

i think Harvard Road

Sun May 27

Haircuts for women

Hi there,

Could anyone recomend a salon or up to date in style hairdressers in or around HG? Otherwise Lewisham, Lee or Greenwich will do.

Tue May 22

Tue May 01

Where did Jimi Hendrix live?

Apparantly Jimi Hendrix used to live in HG. Does anyone know where?

Sun Apr 22

Try these

Try Saglio Boilers on Torridon Rd. (edge of Catford) 020 ****142 - we've used them for two properties, and they are reasonable in termsof price

Mon Apr 16

The Spotted Cow is still there!

On holiday in the end of February, we had the pleasure of singing karaoke in the Spotted Cow! Our first visit to an English pub.

Sat Apr 14

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