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Scott's corner

Query from Andy French re Pete & John garage at Scott's Corner were they two brothers and Irish?.

Mon Jul 19


I lived at 6 pendennis crt name is Beverley daughter of Winnie and Eric 1 of 5 kids sister to Linda below post

Wed Jun 16

Scotts Corner garage

I was a car salesman there in 1974. My name is Les(from Scotland) i remember pete,john in the paint shop Leo in the parts dept. Andy French sales and Les Phillips the boss Vera and Sandra at the petrol forecourt. love to hear about any of the above

Mon Jun 14

Your life is in Danger if you live in HMO under Barnet Council

Barnet Council is Gerrymandering with certain inhumane Property Agents who are be allowed to build/convert, Unlicensed/without planning permisson Houses into HMO's - Housing Multiple Occupacy or Flats, Bedsits In side a House. These Flats have been constructed of a Concrete /plaster Material, that is infammable . In other words, highly likey to catch fire. 21 Meadow Garage, WAS such a place. And the Council KNEW of that. Though the Council refused to reveal how much other types of Illegal HMO's there was under its Borough Control. The Property Agents concerned - London Rentals or M Y Reality, North Circular Rd London.

Mon May 17

Old school friends

Looking for friends from Wesley Rd secondary modern school class 4b from 1965 my name is earl looking for tony Dudley .peter Simpson. Richard Disney.dave Clark.etc

Mon May 03

Sun Feb 14

Winnie berlyn née Shaw

The above was my mum who lived at no 6 pendennis Court. I (Linda) am one of 5 children who all lived there too. Our neighbours were the Neareys and the Kelly's. Paul, Barry and Trevor Jones lived in the next block which I think was Lulworth. I went to Pound Lane school until 1965. School friends were Shirley, Amelia, Adrienne, Pat Geohagan to mention a few.

Mon Jan 18

Anyone remember Sr Mavis as St Joseph's?

I remember a lovely nun called Sr Mavis who taught at St Joseph's from 1976 to 1979 when i attended St joseph's. She was really kind and lovely from what i remember of her. I also remember going to the Red House occaisainly for lessons. I lived in Bramsill Road (road next to willesden court house) from 1972 to 1979 then my family moved to Willesden. I always remember my mother taking me, my sister and brother up to Lipton's to do her shopping and leave us waiting for her outside. ( 70's - a time when you could leave your kids safely outside the shops and not worry. My boyfriend also grew up in harlesden, in Fortunegate Road, during the 70's then in Ruckligdge Avenue from 1983. He worked in Lipton's from 1984 to 1985. He's name is Tim Doherty if any one reading this was working at Lipton's at that time.

Sat Dec 19


My Emil adds Mandy jane1973@hotmail.co.uk

Tue Nov 17

Raglan court

Miss packer. I remember her as Mrs packer but I have different memory’s of her.

Sat Aug 01

Remember David royffe or Barbara beavers

Does anybody remember my dad and mum both from Stonebridge and harlesden .Barry rd my dad

Wed Mar 11

I lived at no 15 lulworth the people I remember from no 8 was the dennis used to play with bobby dennis


Thu Nov 21

Secondary Schools

Secondary school options if you live in harlesden?

Thu Aug 08

Hi Ken, I lived at No 70 Rucklidge Ave opposite the old Hippodrome like you I played in the ruins.

Roy Prue

Wed Jul 17


Fri Feb 15

Minet Avenue

Hi We lived at 19 Minet Avenue from 1959 - 1969 and went to Lowe Place primary school I remember the rag & paper shop where they would buy your old rags and newspapers , also seem to remember a small supermarket opposite, fonf memories Mark , Tracy , & Vikki Jolly & our Mum Peggy sadly no longer with us.

Sun Sep 02



Thu Jul 05

Anyone out there who lived in Park Road from 1950/60?

Mon Jun 18

I went to that school in the sixties I knew all those teachers .Do you know how to contact any of them..?



Sun Mar 04

Thu Jan 25

I remember Strange and Chithams as it was where we had to go for our school uniform for st Josephs rc school Park Parade

Mon Jan 08

i remember this shop and used to always have pistachio flavour ice cream my family was great friends with the lynch family that lived in 155 rucklidge ave.I went to St Josephs Rc School in Park Parade and lived in Station Road near Willesden Junction Station

Mon Jan 08


Wed Dec 13

Hippodrome, Rucklidge Avenue

I went to Furness Road School Just after it was fire bombed in 1943. I was in Miss Leonard's class for two years and used to play in the wrecked out Hippodrome at lunchtimes. Gerald Duley took us in there as he lived on Rucklidge Avenue. I can remember climbing up and looking down at the stage and the safety curtain from above. I don't remember anyone getting hurt in there. All I can say we were very lucky.

Wed Sep 20

Does anybody remember Kings newsagents in Craven Park Road, Harlesden.

Sat Aug 19

Strange & Chitam

We used to paraphrase this shop's name as Strangle & Cheat'em back in the 40s.

Mon Aug 14


does anyone know the where abouts of jim matcham who once lived in west point just off craven park n.w.10 who went to gibbons school brentfield rd n.w.10 1954/58, any help most thankful email

Thu Aug 03



Tue Jul 18

Strange & Chitham

Barber Shop Upstairs

Fri Jul 07

Celotex factory.

My parents lived at 96 Bathurst gardens from about 1949 to 1954 and my dad can remember going to the celotex factory to buy hardboard and other items. They then moved to Kenton where I was born. In the early 60s we needed some wall board to repair the toilet wall. It was very hard to come by. In the 40s my mum had worked at andersons in Islington? And phoned up someone she had worked with to try to procure some. When it arrived it came on a celotex lorry!

I have also just broken the seat of a padded dinning chair that we still use that they bought in a furniture shop in Harlesden around 1949. Dad is trying to remember the name of the shop. Was it Perrin's?

Wed Jul 05



Sun Jul 02


I lived @ 1 Crouch Road, went to Bridge Road School & later Giddons Road. Then my Mum & Dad move us to Greenford. I would like to know what happened to all the big houses that lined Stonebridge Park.?

Fri Jun 16

hi I remember the weldons and also a guiness lorry parked up outside lulworth court, used to climb over the tanker when was kid he he. I used live pendennis court (flats next door) used play footy in field cross rd with alan Kelly and others. was always picked as goalie, (used be called Gordon banks 2nd)wonder if anyone remembers me? grandparents and uncles used to live 18 lullworth crt name of johnsons I always called my uncles to and henry my cousins as I was older than them. they are offsprings from my granddads 2nd marriage to Gladys.

Sat Apr 15

Thu Apr 06

Harlesden Charlton Road

Johny Coombes sister was Shelia. As kids we used to play in the air raid shelter at the junction with Bolton Road where Johny and Shelia lived and Shelia was always there with another girl who I cant remember. I always think of those days playing in the street with not a car in sight.

Tue Mar 28

Sun Mar 12

I do remember Harold Wesley,I worked there as my first job after leaving school, it was a great place to work but the money was poor that I recall.

Tue Mar 07

I attended Wesley Road from 1949 to 1953. Sad to hear that it is gone now. Mr Scott was the headmaster, I was in class 1h,2h, then 3h My form teachers were Mr Harrison,Mr Jeffreys. I remember Miss Gibbs, Miss Gearing, Mr Rogers, Mr Tombs, Mr Knott and the very lovey Miss Twyford who taught class 1r that I recall. All the boys fell in love with Miss Twyford LOL !!!!! I remember one or two of my classmates, Dave Morgan (From Milton Avenue), Johnny Coombs, Derek Pearce, Peter Naylor. Happy Days. I remember during playtime the local fruit and Veg man,Mr Bill Dinsey, would sell apples over the fence at a penny a time !!!!! How I wish that I could turn the clock back at times.

Tue Mar 07

Hello Ken. Yes, I remember that bombed out theatre very well, it was once called the Willesden Hippodrome and I was one of those young idiots that swung on that long steel bond !! Happy Days eh?

Tue Mar 07

I bet that was Del Stephens on the paper stall.

Tue Mar 07

Hello Violet. Yup! I am 79 now and attended Keble Memorial School from 1942 to 1949, then went to school at Wesley Road, Stonebridge (Long since gone!!) The head teacher at Keble was a Mrs Smith and I remember those air raid shelters very well. Even at that tender age we would play "kiss chase" in those shelters, we never did get caught, playtime went on forever LOL !! I can remember most of the girls too!!! Evelyn Smith, Barbara Woodman, Josephine Kitchen, Sally Johnson, Pamela Fermidge to mention a few !! Young Evelyn was a beautiful girl, wonder what happened to her? I could go on forever with my memories but better go in case I bore you. TTFN.

Tue Mar 07

Argh! The Fish and Chip shop was run by Bert Young and it sold the best fish and chips around. I lived at the bottom of Burns Road, in fact it was the mansions in St Mary's Road. Lived there from about 1940 odd to being called up for National Service in 1956. It was a lovely area in those days. We had Roundwood Park and King Edward the Seventh Park with it's outdoor swimming pool. Shopping in Harlesden High Street on those days was different. I can still remember many of the shops there too. Babylands, Harry Lay, Tyrell, Bentleys and Hallidays to mention a few !! There was the public library that I would spend hours in looking at the stamp catalogue !! Yes, we young lads would swap stamps during the summer, on the steps of the houses. I visited Harlesden a few years ago , oh dear !! Not a place that I would choose to live now, what a shame it has become the place it is today.

Tue Mar 07

Anyone remember supermarket/ off licence next to the wimpy in harlesden in 1070's

Sat Feb 11

Jane Maguire be6444a@aol.com

Hello I went to St Joseph's school from 1965 till 1970 ish I'm 57 now...I used to be friends with Marie Murphy and Ita Donovan..does anyone know what happened to them? I moved to Wiltshire after leaving St Joseph's .

Fri Dec 09

paper shop

eddy and stan lockwood are both long dead, I remember they both sold waste paper to the big mills and my dad said they earned a fortune on paper and old rags,where theres muck.

Sat Nov 19

Fri Sep 30

Did you go to Furness Road school?

My friend Elaine (Jermey) and I attended Furness Road school from 1953 to 1959. We were trying to remember the name of the Head Teacher at that time.

We can remember dear old Miss Plomer with the head scarf and very few teeth who taught us in reception and the glamorous Miss Burle, but not the Head.

I lived in Palermo Road and Elaine lived in Bathurst Gardens.

Can anyone help us?

Wed Sep 07

Hello My Name is Dave Collins yes there Is /was an Ice Cream Parlour in

Furness Road Opposite Rucklidge Avenue and next to the Corner shop of Palermo Road where i Lived Called Corgans and for Many Years it was Called Tony.s then Sold To DI,Sottos I Now live in New Southgate N11 and the Last time i Visited Haralesden 1 or 2 years ago it was Still there Although i

think it turned into more of a Cafe

Sat Aug 06

In Reply to your Request I can give you these Names

Furness(Not the Road) Douggie Adams ( Sadly Passed Away at 19 years old

Burst Appendics) Charlie McEvoy Roy Prue (Number 70 i think 4/5 doors away from the little shop on top of the Hill) and Dave Thomas.

My Name Is Dave Collins and i Lived At No,46 Palermo Road ( Bomd Out) 1940 Then 1941 to 1971 My Mother Till 2004 and My Brother Ron till 2008

Sat Aug 06

looking for Mick who worked on the meat counter in Liptons Harlesden in the seventies

Wed Aug 03

Tracing family

Does anyone remember Janet Hyman she went to Furniss Road school and then Pound Lane school.circa 1949.My famiily were Katie Hollands and Lilian and Albert Hyman and they lived in Wendover Road.

debs6660@ yahoo.co.uk

Tue Jul 26


Hi my name is Kitty Buckingham. I don't remember your

name; but I lived at number 31 Mordaunt Road for a number of years. I left in December 1965 to come to

Australia. Of late I have become very sentimental to see

Harlesden and the Jubilee clock again. The house my

family shared was with the Stockwells. Hope you remember me; although I am now 75 years old and am

most likely younger than you. I shall be visiting England next year possibly July-August 1917. My email address is

Wed Jun 08

Ref Keeble Memorial School

Myself and my twin sister went to this school from about 1945/46 and our names were Alan and Jean Gallagher

Tue Apr 12

Wed Mar 09

yes!! I remember the barrow boys at top of Buckingham Road. I lived in Leghorn road (1938 to 1952) and remember all the old shops in Harlesden High Street too.and the trolley buses. Good old Woolworths, and Lyons where I used to persuade my Mum to take our tray upstairs so that I could see the cement cats on the roof of the pub opposite (cant remember the name of pub, does it still exist?), do the cement cats still chase the birds on the roof?

Sat Mar 05

The Prefabs next to Roundwood Park were gradually demolished from 1965 to the final bungalow being taken down in 1970 .

Michael Galvin (lived at no.44)

Tue Mar 01

please reply to michael galvin re 44Roundwood park ave. prefabs from 1960 to1965

Mon Feb 29

please reply to michael galvin re 44Roundwood park ave. prefabs from 1960 to1965

Mon Feb 29

please reply to michael galvin re 44Roundwood park ave. prefabs from 1960 to1965

Mon Feb 29

please reply to michael galvin re 44Roundwood park ave. prefabs from 1960 to1965

Mon Feb 29

I remember the cornchandler in Park Parade. Do you remember the old Soldier who uesed to be on the pavement near to the toy shop , the music shop and the fish and chip shop? he used to have a tray on a strap and he sold matches, my Mum always bought matches to light the old grate from him. I'm 77 now and remeber Harlesden well although we moved to Wembley in 1954, and I now live in Italy. anyone out there from Fyrness road school 1942 to 1949, or Brondesbury and Kilburn High (1949 to 1954}?

Sun Feb 28

yes that theatre was called the Hippodrome, I remember it well,always as being a ruin, and my Mum ans I used to walk through as a short cut to our house in Leghorn road (1940's).. I was always terrified of passing nearby. I hear it has now been demolished. ddid you go to Furness road school? I was there during the war (1943 to 1949)

Sun Feb 28

hello Ken. I lived in Leghorn road and went to Fyrness road school ******** to 1949, finishing up in Miss Leonards class, then on to Brondesbur and kilburn high. I had a friend who lived in Ruccklidge in a small house (or cottage) next door to the "tall houses" near the alley . Iremeber the days before the ice cream parlour .. my first "ice cream" was from Corgans tobacconists and confectionery shop on corner of Palermo Road. Now live in Italy and haven't been back for 60 years. sorry I have no photos of the times, during the war we could not take photos.

Sun Feb 28


I LIVED AT 44 the prefabs Roundwood park ave . from 1960 to 1965. Please contact me if you have any memories of that time .I have a photo of a prefab bungalow in the area but do not know its no. or who lived there. You may be able to identify it. contact me

Mon Feb 22

To 70's who lived in Harlesden.

Did any of you now me in Harlesden Gardens? All thru the world war, perhaps like you did.

Took off to Canada - best thing I done. I hope you are having a life like I do. Like to hear from you.

Cheers, Peter G. Lay

Sat Feb 20

Hello from Canada

Hi every one, did you see my posting, the first one I understand from Canada. Please respond. Thanks, Peter

Sat Feb 20

Hi Chris

Just found this site. I am your cousin Jackie. My sister is Marilyn, Mum Audrey and Dad was Stan Hallett, we lived at 1 Mordaunt Road before moving to Stonebridge.

I last saw your Mum at my Dad's funeral in 1994. I have lived in Milton Keynes since getting married in 1976. Mum moved here in 2001 and is 87 years old now. Marilyn is living in Pinner.

How are Lee and Beverly? I havn't been back to Harlesden since Nan died, that is when she was living in Amundsen House.

Take care.

Tue Feb 09


Hi. My names Ken (Kenneth) Childs. I use to be the warehouse manager of Liptons, and I know the names of some people that worked there: Rita and Caroline in the fruit and veg prep, Josie in the cigarette kiosk, Rose in the cash department, Olive was on the shop floor. Mr Vickers was the manager of the deli counter. Mr Day was the manager of the store, Nick Sava (not sure how surname is spelt) was the assistant manager and another Nick and Eric was trainee managers. Sorry I couldn’t supply you with their surnames but I hope this info was helpful.

Did you work in Liptons?


Sun Jan 24

Sun Nov 08

Sun Oct 18

What year was Furness Road School rebuilt after the 2nd world war

Fri Oct 02

I knew Yvonne she had a couple of brothers who drove the Guinness Tankers I lived in number 15 lulworth court

Sun Jul 12

I knew Yvonne she had a couple of brothers who drove the Guinness Tankers I lived in number 15 lulworth court

Sun Jul 12

His name was mr mummery he supposed to have touch one of the boys. CI went to Leopold Road and lived in the c

Sun Jul 12

Tue Jun 30

Yes I remember those days so well kevin brown

Mon Apr 20

Can anyone recommend a gym/fitness centre near by?

Fitness Classes Harlesden (FREE 1st class)

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Mon Apr 20

TRiii Fitness Bootcamp Classes

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Mon Apr 20

Employees of the Heinz Factory, Harlesden

We are a firm of solicitors looking to locate employees of the old Heinz factory in relation to an asbestos related disease claim which we are pursuing.

We would be grateful for anyone to call us with any information that you have regarding the factory. We are also willing to provide advice if needed.

Corries Solicitors - **** 527 473

Mon Apr 13

My grandfather lived in St Johns Avenue, Walter Smith, until he died in 1969. My father Colin Smith was born there and lived there until he left home.

Tue Mar 10

My name is Sandra I live in harlsden Im a mam my sister studied in yor shool

Sun Mar 08

Liz & Sarah Warnock

I went to Pound Lane Secondary in 1966 and would love to get in touch with Liz & Sarah Warnock.

Sun Mar 01

My name is Ronnie Weldon from no8 lulworth ct I remember you and I remember your bro Ronnie and I can name lots of other people please get in touch u can email me on my partners

Sun Jan 18

My name is Ronnie Weldon from no8 lulworth ct I remember you and I remember your bro Ronnie and I can name lots of other people please get in touch u can email me on my partners

Sun Jan 18

Keble memorial school 1944

Is there anybody around still who remembers this school then. IThe headmistress was sister Cecil lovely lady. I can only remember a Violet Shipton whomwas very tall and always seemed to be in trouble with the teacher. There was also a girl who sang Ava Maria every time we went to the aur raid shelters when the sirens went. Had a lovely voice.In those days during the battle of Britian we spent many days in the shelter. Didnt mind of course as we did not have to do school work. Getting very old now and cannot remember to many names. I do remember one time leaving school to go home when the ground across the road where a house had been bombed gave away and a few children fell down there and had to be rescued. I now live in Australia and I am 84

Thu Jan 15

I knew your father


Have you managed to find your father? I knew him and your mum. My name is Bonnie and I was john's girlfriend. His name was john Stephens and he lived in cricklewood- originally from Lincolnshire. I knew Humphrey too from wembley. Your dad lived with Paul Hart aka Mole and his mum Sherrie. I hope you have found him he was a really nice guy, v handsome and great fun. Say hello to your mum we used to meet in john's pee green mini. She was always really sweet and beautiful. We were all very young. I really hope you find him. I only have good memories of him.

Fri Jan 09

if you go on line and type in lower place you will find most residents who lived in steel road as there is a full website with photos.hope this helps.

Fri Dec 19

a nice place.............

I was burgled when i moved here broke my window stole my belonging

U get people smoking weed in front of police station door step on church road.

Rubbish. Spit sliliver on the pavents from peoples mouth everywhere and a lot of agressive people walking about looking for trouble whk will stab you. For looking in the wrong direction.

Other than that a lovely place to live ...

Fri Dec 19

Fri Dec 12

To Violet sherrock Australia.

Hello Violet, hope you are well, nice to here from you again I seem to remember the o.tooles some distant memory but cant be sure as I was only 6 in 1949 but I do remember the brooks family who lived at no, 62 almost opposite Fairlight avenue, I have,nt been back to Harlesden for about 15years & I was just passing through, I went to acton lane infants, & then to the juniors at minet avenue end, & then onto gibbons school 1954/58 then at 15 I left, as a point of interest my sister emigrated to perth about 4 years ago, there are a number of people who originate from Harlesden who post on this site & it is very interesting to read what they have to say who now live in Australia, well that's it for now, have a nice Christmas,

Fri Dec 12

To D Ford Hants from Australia.

Lovely to know that somebody reads what we put on this program.I was shocked when I read my one as I am sure my spelling was not that bad and I do check before I send.

Anyway. Lovely memories. i have been over to London a few times and been to Harlesden. it has changed a lot since I lived there. I left in 1949as I got married. Cannot really remember any people living there only the O.Tooles they lived a couple of doors from us. we were a large family so think we stayed more to ourselves. I went to Keble Memorial school in Crownhill Road as the Acton Lane school was closed for people who had been bombed out had somewhere to live until they could be rehoused. No 63 was on the oppersite side of the road. No 80 was oppersite Fairlight road.

Fri Dec 12

To Violet sherrock Australia

Hi violet good to read your post, I used to live at 63 minet avenue not far from No80, I to used to watch the baker on my stomach & the smell was lovely, I am a few years younger than you (72) but the memories I have are very much the same, you must remember the other shops along from the bakers Lockwoods Goody,s & Mr Hallet, they have all gone now only the buildings remain, I believe Mr, Mrs Crisp was quite near No80 you may remember them, I could go on, but will stop for now, keep well Violet.

Thu Dec 11

I lived in Minet Ave in the 40-50

I remeber the green grocers I use to quequ for a pound of apples if they got a case in during the war years. I also remember mrs nicolls who I use to help in the sweet shop while her son was in the navy. Next door was Ron Clarke known as Brongo a speedbike rider. I use to do the paper tound with my brother and then collect the money on a Saturday riding a skate on one foot as my brother had the other one. Then there was Minnie at the grocers shop forgot there name. Stan my brother and John and I use to lay on our stomachs watching the baker make break at the cake shop. we could look down the grating as it was open for them to let the heat out. i lived in no 80 Minet Aven suck memories. i now live in Australia and I am 84.

Sun Dec 07

joe mattey

Hi Joe, if Barry Potter Is the one I,m thinking, did he have 2 sisters Diane, & paddy, if so the last I heard of him was in Stevenage, Herts he worked for sunblest bread (Allied Foods) but that was in 1983, & they lived in Minet Ave

Harlesden N.W.10. in the 1950s . good luck in your search.

Tue Nov 25


It was Miss Twyford who married Mr. Jeffries. Mr. Rattenbury put on the Gilbert & Sullivan Operettas every year. I was in the chorus of the Mikado. Does anyone remember the American teacher who came to Wesley for one year...Miss Dvonkus? I also had the privilege of ringing the bell in the hall to change classes. I loved everything about that school. Learned so much.

Wed Nov 12


I remember that area well. Pat Lockwood and her sister Elaine were my best friends.

Wed Nov 12


At my age, 76, I have a hard time remembering names and places, but the minute you mentioned the Co op store, there it was...our old co op number ****4! I grew up going to all the local stores and cinemas. Harlesden was such a wonderful place to grow up in. Friendly and safe. I hear it's not the same now. How sad

Wed Nov 12

70 yrs old former resident of Wesley Road NW10

Looking for similar ex pats , such as Barry Potter, Wally Danger, Freddie Pool

Sun Nov 09

Hi, Yvonne is my mum and yes dad is Ron. Just stumbled across this post while trying to find some old photos of where they grew up, hope you get in touch

Tue Oct 14

Wesley Rd school


Joe Mattey here yes I was there, in the boxing team when I was 11 Ian Gover,

was good boxer, John Scott lived in Shakespeare Av,I lived in Wesley Rd, opposit the old dairy

Thu Oct 09

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