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Mon Apr 27

Scrafield Family

Just seen this. Yes, I was born and lived in Hillyard Rd for two years opposite the Scrafields and my family knew them or rather Gran and Granpa.. We both eventually got moved out to Northolt as part of re-housing and I eventually went to Vincent senior school with Robin Scrafield. Lost touch as you do as we both left in 1967.

Wed Feb 26


I lived in Brookbank, wondering if we knew each other. There is a website cuckooites.org has lots of photos on there - also a facebook page.

Fri Oct 12


I lived in Brookbank, wondering if we knew each other. There is a website cuckooites.org has lots of photos on there - also a facebook page.

Fri Oct 12

Scafield family

any body know of any of the scrafield family from hanwell

Wed Mar 16


Yes, Cuckoo Lane Surgery is very good, it is mostly run by nurses for minor complaints and there are also two doctors, but it is a really very well run surgery in my opinion.

Tue Jan 04

Childminder/ live out nanny/au pair

Looking for a responsible/reliable person to do the school run to Hobbayne school Hanwell with a 5 year old girl.

References essential.

Email me for further information.

Wed Aug 11

CUCKOO LANE W7 1920 /30

Fri Jul 16


Hi do you still have a garage to rent

Mon Jun 07

I want the garage to rent

If somebody knows or has for hire the garage on hanwell please for the contact.********7

Fri Mar 19

Shop to let in Ealing opp Thames Vally Univercity

Recently come on to the market. Please contact me if you are intrested. EXCELLANT LOCATION. My e.mail is

Mon Jan 04

Garage wanted

I have a project beetle that I need to get on the road and I need a garage to work out of. Does anyone know of a lockup garage that I could use. I am happy to pay rent on it.

Thu Aug 20

My School

I also went to the only Roman Catholic School in Brentford St John's i left in 1953 i also lived in Humes Avenue Hanwell I caught the 655 trolleybus

Mon Jul 06

Wed Feb 04

Paul Proctor

Hi Joseph.

I know Paul Proctor. he goes in the Viaduct in Hanwell or the Vic by Wickes.

Mon Feb 02

Hanwell Doctors


Can anyone reccomend a good doctor near Olde Hanwell?

Thu Jan 29


This is from Mandurah Western Australia,

I recently came across a letter posted from Hanwell on the 1st Jan 1936 from 76 Greenford Avn London. to Singapore.

This message was on The rerverse.

"if unclaimed in 3 days please forward to E.A.Knight poste restante Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

If unclaimed here w1thin 4 days return to 76 Greenford ave Hanwell London.

Inside was a negative with the aid of my computor I have been able to produce a photo from, it is of a young well dressed man in light slacks and Blazer. No doubt long since passed away ,but clearly identifiable and perhapes still has decendents in the area, please reply if interested I will email a copy of the photo, it would please to return this to his grandchildren ???

sincerly ,Doug Bastock, 14 Brouwer Trail Dudley Park Westwern Auatralai 6210.

Sun Oct 05

looking for old photos of hanwell 1940

My parents both come from there and im looking for old photos for them

Thu Sep 18

Karate Classes in Hanwell?

I was wondering if there were any Karate classes/clubs in Hanwell, if there are please could you give me some details or a link to their website.

Thu Sep 04

Car Boot sales?


CAn anyone advise me of any car boots sales in Hanwell / Ealing and if there are who I can contact to get a pitch?

Tue Jul 22

there's a fiat specialist in Southall - 5 minutes from hanwell

Sat May 10

Hanwell as an AREA

I'm not sure whether the tram will happen or not - but it is a nice safe area, if the tram happens there are lots of roads to detour past the Uxbridge road which are always faster - even now without tram. Well good luck :)

Sat May 10

i am looking for a postcode for 102 cowper rd

Thu May 08

I also Grew up in Hanwell W7

I went to Oaklands road school and then on a trolley bus (607) to a Catholic school in Brentford,

I use to live in Hume ave, just off the Boston Manor road.

Tom Toomey

Tue Jan 29

drumming circles

hi lulu - did you find a drumming circle? i am interested in joining a group after seeing a group in byron bay in oz called the samba blistas to which a friend belongs - mixed age and experience but run by a professional, absolutely fabulous.

Mon Jan 21


Hi, I recently moved to this area,I work in Acton part time with people with special needs, I work on Mon,Tue, and Fri, Im looking for a job for wed and evenings either,looking after somone elderly. babysitting. cleaning ect, anywhere in west london, I have refrecnces,thanks

Thu Jan 03

Is George St Car Park safe at night?/ Boston Rd 2 way traffic plans

Hi, I am thinking of moving into central Hanwell, near the George St Car Park. Can anyone tell me if this area is safe at night? Also does anyone know the outcome of whether the Council still intend to make Boston Rd into a 2 way street following the tram installation on Uxbridge Road?

Any help and any further advice would be greatly appreciated, such as good local pubs and restaurants.


Sun Dec 30

w7 1ab

Thu Dec 20

Thu Dec 20

Thu Dec 06

Amateur Theatre


I recently moved to Hanwell and would like to get involved in amateur theatre. Does anyone know of any good groups?


Sun Dec 02

Mon Oct 29


I had a filling at Hanwell health centre and I had to go back it was done so badly. I was also overcharged. I won't ever go back!

Mon Oct 08


the car park is at the back under the gym

Tue Oct 02

What age are you looking for,I love dogs so would love to do it ,reply asap Thanks Aimee

Wed Aug 22

Try the Gurnell Leisure Centre

I'm sure the Gurnell Leisure Centre would let you join their gym. It's on Ruislip Road East. It's part of the leisure centre, so is cheaper than anywhere privately-run. I used to pay £35 a month for an adult membership to the gym, pool and fitness classes.

Fri Jul 27

MOTs in Hanwell?

Does anyone know a good place to MOT a Fiat in Hanwell or the surrounding area?

Doesn't have to be a Fiat specialist.

Fri Jul 27

Quickest way to Shepherds Bush is change from 207 Ealing Broadway to Central Line - journey time approx 30-35 mins. By bus in rush hour could get closer to an hour

Osterley Views is nice. The estate outside is social housing. I have friends who lived in Osterley Views for years with no problems. In the estate outside, you get the odd bit of fly-tipping, graffitti and low-level petty crime. It's not unsafe to walk through though.

Fri Jul 27

1 hour 15 mins

It takes me 55 mins to get from Hanwell station to Holborn, so 1 hr 15 is a reasonable guess for Cannon St (walking from Bank).

One the way back it gets a little harder because the trains arte only every 30 mins even at peak time, so you have to time it right.

Tue Jul 24

I am looking for a garage to rent

I am looking for a garage to rent around Greenford Avenue. If anyone has any useful leads or contacts I would be interested to hear from you.

********1 or ********2

Fri Jul 13

Golds Gym

Is there any parking around Golds Gym in Hanwell does anyone know?

Thu Jun 28

is this just for adults or are their any rates for students/teenagers?

Wed Jun 06

hanwell gym for teenagers

hello im 15 (nearly 16) and am looking for a gym so i get fit in summer

i was wondering if their were any gyms nearby that would allow teenagers like myself to join in and whether there were any special deals or lower rates for minors, as i have heard new governmental schemes introducing cheap gym memership as part of cutting obesity schemes etc etc

any info on this woukd be VERY appreciated


Wed Jun 06

Dog walker wanted in Hanwell area - reliable and honest

We’re moving to Hanwell W7 (very near to Elthorne Park) in a few weeks and are looking for a reliable dog walker for our 12 year old border collie cross bitch.

We usually need someone to take our dog out 3 afternoons per week (Tues, Weds, Thurs) for an hour with good exercise and a poo or two.

Any suggestions for reliable people would be appreciated

Tue Jun 05

G O A L K E E P E R -Spartan FC-

Spartan FC are an amateur Sunday League football team based in Perivale (West London).

Games are on Sunday mornings and we're looking for a goalkeeper for the coming season.

If you're interested, you're welcome to come to training.

Give me a shout for more info

Sat Jun 02

Looking for a structural engineer

We going to have a dorma built and some minor work inside and need a structural engineer to do the drawings. Can anyone recommend one? Thanks.

Sat May 26


How much is it to whiten teeth

Wed May 23

Goalkeeper Wanted (Sunday League)

Spartan FC are a Men's amateur Sunday League football team based in Perivale (West London).

Games are on Sunday mornings and we're looking for a goalkeeper for the coming season.

If you're interested, you're welcome to come to training.

Give me a shout for more info (

Mon May 14

Hi there,

I have just moved into a beautiful brand new flat in Hanwell which is very safe.

If you are still looking for a room pls give me a call on **** 412 842.


Vanessa (30yrs old)

Wed May 09

Hi Henry,

Is that Mr Wolstencroft per chance?!!

Didn't know you partook in the Hanwell Forums?

Miss Gray!

Wed May 09

I have a garage


I have a garage at St. Dunstans Road, which I do not use at all. I would like to rent it.

If still interested, do contact me on ********6


Mon Mar 05

Yes - Golds Gym on Uxbridge Road. About £48.00 per month.

Fri Jan 19


I get bored with normal keep fit classes, I would like to do Dance combined keep fit evening classes.

Something different to keep fit (not tap its too slow)

Wed Nov 01


HI THERE i AM A FEMALE WITH A YOUNG CHILD ,JUST MOVED A FEW BLOCKS DOWN OSTERLEY GARDENS. I have only lived in this area 2 months but it 's pretty safe if you keep yourself to yourself(this I have been told by several locals).there are a few dodgy houses belonging to the windmill estate. apart from that ,it's very quiet and so far I never had any hassle.the park is gorgeous...good luck

Sun Sep 24

i have a problem with a filling that has fallen our have not been to a dentist for 3 or so years.

Mon Jun 12

singer/vocalist wanted!

Hi there, my names Jaz (21) and i'm the drummer for a London based Metal band called MoonRabbit. We are currently in the middle of writing our debut album and are awaiting the final touch to get on the road (plenty of contacts, gigs wont be a problem...truthfully) we're currently a 4 piece looking for the 5th, we have two guitarists, a bassit and a drummer (me) one of the guitarists is currently doing vocals in a very similar style to the vocalist of in flames, but what we are looking for a vocalist who can bring something new and unique to this. The music is very progressive, very melodic and very hooky but has a real heavy feel to it at the same time. If your the character and voice that we're looking for, please don't hesitate in contacting me, even if it is just to find out more. We'll be holding auditions very soon! We like to meet all candidates before hand for a chat and a drink though! Don't be shy!

please contact me at...

Sat May 06

Dear sir-madam

I am looking for a good football club on saturdays for my son who is 9years old.Please could you tell me where and when?

Thank you. D.B

Thu Apr 27

Drumming Circles ??


Does anyone know of any drumming circles (djembe) in and around Hanwell area

Wed Mar 29

Interior Decorating course Hanwell

Hi Ive always been interested in doing a interior decortaing course (part time) as I work full time, does anyone know of any intitutions that offer courses in areas close to Hanwell

Wed Mar 29

Hello just saw this, jealous gym in hanwell near ealing hospital does a good yoga class several times a week.

if you interested let me know will get their number for you.

bets yoga is actually teh breathing excersises!!!!

Fri Mar 17

Tue Jan 31

if u want a good decrater call

quality decrating for good prices call paul on ********2

Thu Dec 29

Taekwondo Classes for Kids

Hi, If you are still interested for Kids martial art classes please call Angi on ********6 for classes in Hanwell. Or visit www.Londontaekwondo.co.uk

Mail Usman

Sun Nov 27

A GP with no waiting time

there is a good GP in hanwell, greenfoord av, and u do not need to make an appointment.

Mon Nov 14

Bathroom tiler

I am in need of getting my bathroom tiled and am looking for reliable person to fulfil, nothing fancy but quality workmanship.....

Mon Nov 07

Yoga Classes IN EALING

HI my name is kelly i'm looking to join a yoga class in ealing does anyone know of a good one?

Sun Oct 30


my friend is a builder. Try if he can help u maybe

His name is George ********2

Wed Oct 19


It depends what time you travel. They are now only once every half an hour now but are clean, airconditioned which is bliss in the summer, and not overly crowded. And it's only 12 minutes into Paddington.

Sat Oct 15

Martial Arts For Kids


Tue Sep 13

Hanwell to City?

Can you get to the City from Hanwell and if so, how long does it take? I may be moving to Hanwell but my job is in Cannon St. Realistic times only please!

Sat Sep 10

Hanwell Broadway on Uxbridge Road eastbound. Behind the shops on your left (that's the opposite side to Lidl) is a row of garages accessed on the corner by the church garden. These were rented out for years but whether they are still I could not tell you. There was a notice at the entrance. Good luck

Mon Aug 29

Anyone knows a Taekwondo club

Hi, I have just moved to Hanwell and I am looking for a good Taekwondo club to take my kids.

Thu Aug 25

Martial Arts In Hanwell

Try the LTA in Brintside High School on Tuesdays 6:30 to 7:30 pm and Thursdays Drayton Manor High School 7:00 to 8:00pm.

For more information on Classes visit www.Londontaekwondo.co.uk

Thu Aug 25

Sat Aug 20


You Can Get to Central London in 45mins if u go via Paddington on the Heathrow Connect or getting a choice of 3 tube lines all 5-10 minutes away by bus

Fri Aug 12


Looking for a local man with a van for a load lugging job Hanwell - Wimbledon - Hanwell. Monday 25th July. Call **** ****1.

Fri Jul 22


Are there good martial arts classes in or around Hanwell? In particular Chinese martial arts.

Thu Jul 21


I am looking for a garage to rent around Old Hanwell (St. Marks, St. Dunstan Road, Green Lane, Rosebank etc.). If anyone has any useful leads or contacts I would be interested to hear from you.

Wed Jun 29


I am looking for a garage to rent around Old Hanwell (St. Marks, St. Dunstan Road, Green Lane, Rosebank etc.). If anyone has any useful leads or contacts I would be interested to hear from you.

Wed Jun 29

We are buying flat in osterely gardens wants to know adout the area. I saw lots of council flat around. How's the people around and is it safe after midnight.

Mon Jun 27


It's been refurbished and is much better now

Tue Jun 21

I will live there soon

Hi I come from Spain and I will live in Hanwell from August to work as an au pair. I would like to know whether it takes too long to reach Central London and whether the connections in this area are good. I have been in London before but I lived in Lewisham so I dont know nothing about Hanwell nor Ealing.

Tue Apr 26

What sort of dance lesson are you looking for,steve,

Wed Apr 13

Im looking for a lady to share my life with,

Wed Apr 13


hey,just wanted to know if there are any GOOD dancing lessons i can take?near greenford would be nice...If so email me at

Wed Mar 23

Hello i am a nail technicial, Looking for a room in a beauty salon/hairdressers!

Email me.


Thu Mar 17

Re photos of hanwell

There is a cut price book shop in ealing priecent shooping centre, next door to Miss selfridge. It sells books that charts the history including lots of old photos of all the surrounding area, including Ealing, Acton, Shepherds Bush and Hanwell.

Tue Mar 08

Tool Hire

Try Jim'll Fix It, corner of Cowper Road/Greenford Ave. Have always used them and they are good.

Mon Mar 07

The Clock is now closed!

Mon Mar 07

Schools in Hanwell

I'm looking to move into to the Hanwell area in the next few months. We are a family with a 9yr old and another on the way. We were wondering if anyone can recommend schools in the area. I checked Ealing Council site and Fielding and St Marks looked good. Also any other tips on the area would be most appreciated.

Wed Mar 02

Spice of Hanwell

This is a very good restaurant - recommended

Thu Jan 27


Anyone interested in Ladies Powerwalking in Hanwell.

Email Esther on '

Thu Jan 27

the viaduct

is no longer good. sorry bro

Thu Nov 18

Osterley Views

Once you're in the development it is fine! I've lived in Osterley Gardens (next door). It is slightly preferaby to Views in that the view is better (i.e. you're not looking out onto the housing estate). There are kids (8-15) who sometimes hang around by the gates..or by the local SPA shop infact they look menacing but are normally okay. In the time that I have been here have only twice had a stone through the window...it wasn't personally they were just throwing from outside. I am used to the environment now and of course you have to be a little streetwise... Personally I would opt for a better location..however if you have a car & can drive I think it would be okay..there is also a gym 5 mins walk away which is very nice.. I hope this helps

Tue Oct 05


Untill what time am i allowed to listen to loadish music? I never turn it right up but the neighbours are constantly breathing down my neck!

Fri Jul 30

Golds gym prices

I'm a member there and pay £54.00 a month for peak membership. My friend pays about £45 for off peak.

Wed Jul 28

Hanwell to Shepherds Bush

Is a 207 bus the most hassle free option? How long does it take max during commuting / rushhour in both directions? The tube and train connections were nightmarishly busy when I tried after work.

Also, I went to look at a lovely flat in the old Ealing Hospital now converted into private flats. Called Osterley Views - It's very secure and gated but just outside seems a little sprawling and barren with not much going on. Does anyone know the area?

I'd be interested in knowing how safe it is by this part of the Uxbridge Rd. It's by the Hospital right next to what appears to be a new housing estate. The bit by the canal seemed lovely. I'd like to know if the areas dodgy in any way.

I'm in my mid 20's, creative, like films, pubs/bars, restaurants etc.

Is this area for me?

Any contributions - negative or positive - would help a lot! Thanks

Fri Apr 30

can you give me infomation on Golds Gyms .how much will it cost to get membership

can you get back to me at

Sun Feb 22

London My Hanwell cab taxi transport

Good cabs in the Hanwell area:

Boston Manor Taxis have been great, they're trustworthy and I do feel safe with them 020 8840 2222. Added bonus is they tend to be the cheapest in the area and are normally with you in minutes of your call :o)

Tue Feb 03

The tinder box

Does Paul Proctor school chum of Joseph Phelan attending hobayne in the '60's still reside in Hanwell?

Mon Jan 19

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