Welcome to London Hampstead

i was there too!

Tue Jun 25

Yes it certainly was a great club to see bands back then I think it was 5 Bob to get in!

Sun Jun 02

John Curtis

Was that Bass Player john curtis? hi gordon from belsize park and guitar village

Fri Oct 05

The Country Club was a top venue in the sixties

I went there every week sometimes multiple times during the sixties - that and the Roundhouse. This was an important venue, many of the bands that were theer became astronomically famous very shortly after being there. People mention Hendrix, the Stones, and Elton John - I saw non of these but I remember Chuck Berry duckwalking their stage, I saw Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and many lesser known bands Spooky Tooth, Soft Machine (infuential). Yet my most fond memory was of Sandy Denny and Fairport Convention who appeared a lot (I think Tues and or Thursdays)

Thu May 10

Historical question, please!

What was the capacity of

IROKO Country Club

210a Haverstock Hill

Hampstead, England

Thank you!

Thu Apr 19

I was there for that concert too - in fact, my band, Succotash, was the warm up act! Amazing concert. I had never heard of Elton, but after that concert I knew he would be big.

Mon Apr 16

mother and baby home

I would have been there as a new baby around the same time I think. I was born on 18 June 1960. Possibly my mother will remember your sister. Finding the records has been difficult. But a school friend I discovered was there at the same time as me and got a lot of information back. The only thing I was told was that there is an entry for my mother and social services are now trying to find out if my records are with the court that my adoption went through. Its unbelievable how long all this takes. Almost 2 years but I forget about it then remember to chase it up. what is your sisters name. It wasn't Jean by any chance? my email address:

Wed Sep 27

Hampstead Book Club Meet Up: Tues 5th Sept

Would you like to join a bookclub? We've been meeting at the Flask pub in Hampstead for the past 11 years. We welcome new people and we meet first Tuesday of every month in the public bar at the Flask from 7pm. Usually about 8/9 of us turn up in any one month.

We read a variety of books from thrillers to classic novels. Our next book to discuss is "Northanger Abbey" by Val McDermid. If you've read the book (or part), please do join us. We would also love to see you if you want to drop in for a chat and a drink if you prefer.

We are a mixed group in ages and gender, and a friendly,informal bunch. When you enter the public bar we are immediately to your left of the door.


Sat Aug 19

Wed Aug 02

JKD London

Hi, JKD London have extended their class times from 60 mins to 90 mins, and have retained the rates, so it is much better value now. I'd strongly recommend them, and they're an authentic JKD school with direct lineage to Bruce Lee himself. Check it out on www.JKDLondon.com

Fri Mar 24

JKD London

Hi, JKD London have extended their class times from 60 mins to 90 mins, and have retained the rates, so it is much better value now. I'd strongly recommend them, and they're an authentic JKD school with direct lineage to Bruce Lee himself. Check it out on www.JKDLondon.com or email

Fri Mar 24


I'm not sure how old this thread is but the place you're all talking about I knew as Giovannis in the late 70's. It was a really cool jazz funk club. Some happy memories.

Sat Dec 17

I grew up in Hampstead, NW3

Some of you may be interested in joining this Facebook group. Lots of memories, photos etc. of growing up in Hampstead.

Tue Nov 29


I used to go there every Saturday with my buddy Sharon

We also went to the con club bataclan the Marquee and the Cha

Also saw bands at the LSE in Holloway

And oh the curtain in the country club

Saw amazing bands there

Would loveto reconnect!! We used to wander to the

Bull and Bush or in the summer

Wed Mar 16

Saw Free's farewell performance at the country club. Anyone remember the date?

Tue Mar 08

Went to Country Club in 67/68/69

I remember that place very fondly, even the curtain! That was Saturday night, the mod club, but Sunday was for watching bands. I saw Family jam with Fairport Convention, The Nice - don't know how they managed to burn the American flag while playing 'America,' in such a small place and get away with it, but so glad I saw them.

Also went to the Con Club on Fri nights, where there were regular fights outside between mods & rockers. The Saville Theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue, where I saw Hendrix, Traffic, War, Pink Floyd (with Syd Barrett) doing their first psychedelic light show, the Bataclan, lunchtime discos at the Marquee and another one round the corner. All such great memories, we were very lucky to have been there and to have had such amazing venues :-)

Mon Nov 23

i was one of those mods . others pat dave mick ted

Sat Sep 05

Elton John at the Country Club

You are quite right... it was 3 July 1970, only about six weeks before he triumphed at The LA Troubadour - the rest - as they - is history! The gig was notable - as you note - for a killer version of "Burn Down The Mission"; but I also recall (hard to imagine now) that he ran out of songs so played for a good three quarters of an hour extra playing Jerry Lee Lewis material.

Wed Sep 02

Kloots Kleek 1960s

Who remembers this club, based in The Railway Hotel? I was there every Thursday night at one time during the 60s when I lived at Garnet House flats in Upper Park Road NW3. The live music was excellent. Julie Driscoll, Gino Washington and the Ram Jam Band, Steam Packet, Stevie Wonder and the Kingsmen, just to name a few. Zoot Money (never knowingly under-refreshed) used to regularly fall off the stage mid-set! Great nights.

Sun Aug 16

Re West End Lane

It was still open in 1959. I was there in 1965

Sat Apr 18

Giovannis Disco

I used to work there in the late 70's - became Giovannis disco complete with light up dance floor. A world of Banana Daiquiris and colleagues called Ziggy and Angel and Rita. FUN

Sat Apr 11

Free and Fairport Convention

A few happy memories in the late 60's. A low key place to see what where then up and coming bands,

Fri Mar 20

When Did FAMILY Play Country Club in 1969?

Hi, My name is Mick White and I'm writing the biog on rock band FAMILY. I believe the band played the Country Club sometime in 1969 but can't fine anything more, so if anyone knows of any actual dates that would be great! Many thanks. Mick White (

Fri Mar 20

I was in the same mother and baby home and Miss Nicholson still ran it. September 1965. I kept my baby, which was against all wishes of my family. I hope you have had some success in tracing your baby now. I remember how heartbreaking it was, on the day the babies were adopted, after the mother had cared for the baby for 6 weeks.

Fri Jan 16


I was born there. There must be records somewhere (Hampstead, Camden Borough?). The hospital no longer exists but the records must be archived somewhere. There are questions I have too and I am going to look. If I find anything I'll contact you.

Fri Sep 19


It was at the back of the post office 210 Haverstock Hill, an old second world war air raid shelter. I think the Building is still there amongst the council flats. I saw humble pie there in 1969ish

Sat Jul 26

Book Club

Can you let me know if the book club is still going and if so the date, time and venue for the next meeting. Thanks.

Wed Jul 02


Used to get the 187 from the wood I was only 15 first time in a nightclub not the last. Stuff going on behind curtain!!! Could not work it out, only 15! Moved on to muswell hill birdsnest also west Hampstead, con club, tot royal, lyceum, antheas, sundowner, cheeky Pete's, room at the top!!!!!! Etc

Wed May 07

I used to go there every Saturday night with my friends Mary and Maria and also remember the curtain? It was a good night out with good music. My brother Ray And his mates Dave, Mick, Jim and Pete also went to it.

Sat May 03

17 Daleham Gardens

The above address was a mother and baby home. It is where my sister stayed after she had a baby boy 10 July 1960, named John Michael Parry. She appears to have given birth at 134 Heath Street, Hampstead. Does anyone know anything about these addresses or is there anyone out there who was either there at that time, knew anyone who was there, or has tried to trace what happened to the records of that time?

Any help would be so appreciated.

Fri Apr 25

Jogging friend

Hi, I'm a woman, 25, moving to Hampstead area next week & am interested in finding a jogging partner in the evenings after work to motivate each other, especially as Summer's nearing.

If anyone's interested pls, do get in touch.

Mon Apr 14

Vinegar Joe 1971

I remember the club well although I only

ever went twice. I saw Vinegar Joe and on

another date a Leicester band Gypsy.

Happy days.

Sun Mar 09

Vinegar Joe 1971

I remember the club well although I only

ever went twice. I saw Vinegar Joe and on

another date a Leicester band Gypsy.

Happy days.

Sun Mar 09

country club

I spent the spring of 72 rehearsing with garry moore band for grinding stone album.... it was Iroko at that time

it will always stick in my mind, apart from working with a load of friends, the olympics siege happened during one session.

hi nik

Wed Feb 26


3rd AUGUST 1964 ST Marys Hospital Paddington

Wed Jan 29

I started going to the Country Club which was down an alley in 1965/66 my friends and I used to travel from Whitechaple Station to Belsize Park we danced to Spencer Davis Group, The Troggs, The Small Faces, Stones and Beatles, what a lovely time we had there, will never forget this place

Fri Dec 27

Caesers Palace disco behind B Park station

Hi does anyone remember the disco in the building behind the shops to the left of the Belsize Park tube station on Haverstock Hill - it ran from about 1965 to around 1972. I think. Thanks Mike

Thu Dec 12

Hampstead Country Club/Iroko

It's location has been identified by others. I played there with my band, Woodfog, in the early 70s...we also rehearsed there thanks to Ginger Johnson. One night we were on the same bill as Osibisa. It was like a bit of countryside behind Belsize Park Stn...a mixture of wasteland and Country Club/Tennis club and the Iroko which also hosted some famous musicians. It seemed like it was always a hot summer back then! It's a pity it still isn't there but nowadays I doubt it would have the same chilled-out, peace & love vibe that we enjoyed in the late 60s/early 70s.

Sun Jul 28

Sounds great - when is the next meeting?event?

Wed Jul 24

Saw Georgie Fame & Blue Flames there in 1963.


Sun Jun 16

Curtains & Blinds etc Service - Make Up

Hi, I noticed you were looking for a curtain maker, I am a curtain and blind maker if i can be of any help. I make up peoples own fabric or can supply fabric as well. I do have a small website with a few examples of my work. the website is tradecurtains.co.uk if I can be of any use please get in touch. I do offer a free measuring service.

Mon Jan 21


Hi Steve I remember going there in the sixties I saw the rolling stones the hollies the searchers and countless others I know exactly where it was but not sure if the building is still there,

best regards Joe

Sat Dec 22

Hi Susan,

I hope you are well. My name is Daniel Malone (was) Chapman. I am looking for my Fathers Mother, Maureen Chapman, for which she gave birth to my father in April 1960 at the above. I haven't had any joy....with regards to making contact with her, but I do know a link....which maybe of use to you, with the above Hospital records. The link as follows......www.bartsandthelondon.nhs.uk/about-us/museums-and-archives/the-royal-london-archives/

Best of luck in your search!! If you have any luck, please share with me, as my father died in 1997. Regards, Daniel -

Sat Dec 08

Hi Susan,

I hope you are well. My name is Daniel Malone (was) Chapman. I am looking for my Fathers Mother, Maureen Chapman, for which she gave birth to my father in April 1960 at the above. I haven't had any joy....with regards to making contact with her, but I do know a link....which maybe of use to you, with the above Hospital records. The link as follows......www.bartsandthelondon.nhs.uk/about-us/museums-and-archives/the-royal-london-archives/

Best of luck in your search!! If you have any luck, please share with me, as my father died in 1997. Regards, Daniel -

Sat Dec 08

was your baby born inst Mary

in april 1964

Wed Oct 31


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Wed Oct 10


hi i am looking for my mum ,does any one know what the name of the mother and baby home at 141 West End Lane was in1956 ? I

Sat Sep 08

Boiler and plumbing work

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Tue Aug 28

Iroko and Ginger Johnson

Hello Krystyna,

I am Jen and helping my friend Dennis Johnson (Ginger Johnson's son) gather information about his father and also the club. I would be grateful for any information that you may have, whether it be personal, write-ups, photos, anything. If you are willing to do a vid interview that would be great too. Pls contact me

Tue May 08

Iroko County Club


If you have any historical info on the Iroko Country Club, I would be very grateful. Am doing some research on behalf of Ginger Johnson's son, Dennis Johnson and looking for basically anything. Personal memories, photos, articles - anything. Email is

Tue May 08


I used to go here with my friends. i remember a curtain at the back somewhere where couples used to go and sit at tables and get up to naughties!! I remember a group of regular mods there every weekend, some of who's names I remember. Would love to get in touch with a few of them but can't find them through facebook. Had great times there every weekend. Always a queue at the door. Best times. We also went to Birdland in Jermyn Street and Birds Nest, Marquee etc.

Sun Jan 08

I spent 8weeks at the mother and baby home in 1964 it was run by a miss NICHOLSON my baby was adopted in OCTOBER 1964 by a church of ENGLAND adoption society. I am still trying to trace her without success.

Mon Jan 02

RE: Iroko Country Club

Hey Krystyna,

I hope you can help me, I am currently writing a Biog on Ginger Johnson, so any info you have on the man and the Iroko C C would really be helpful.

I would really be pleased to hear from anyone else who has pictures and anicdotes on Ginger Johnson.

Fri Dec 09

Re: West End Lane Hampstead hostel

I was born in New End Hospital 1943. My birth mother had been in the WAAF. She was sent to to 141 West End Lane. It was a Church of England Home. She kept me there for 6 weeks during which time I was babtised at St James Church. she went with someone from the home to hand me over to an adotion agency. This seemed to be routine for all the mothers.

I do know the house is now divided into flats, but I do not know if it was still open in 1959.

Thu Oct 20

Could someone recommend a cleaner?


Wed Sep 21

I need a cleaner for a one off job at end of September

Could you recommend someone? Thanks

Wed Sep 21

Yoga Teacher


I am a dedicated yoga teacher and have just discovered this site. I realise you posted the ad some time ago but if you are still looking please call me ********9

Sun Jul 03

Houses for sale in Belsize Park


I am looking for any houses for sale in Belsize Park.

Does anyone of know of any potential sellers looking to sell privately?

Thanks again,

Fri Apr 15

Belsize Park

Hi there

I am new to area and want to know what are road boundaries that define the area to Hampstead, chalk Farm, Gospel Oak and Swiss Cottage.

Is the East side of Haverstock Hill part of Belsize Park (Parkhill/Upper Park//Downside)?

Please advise as I always get asked this.

There is a good website: mybelsize.co.uk if anyone wants to advertise.

Fri Apr 15

trotters inn

If there is any body who remembers the big house they called trotters inn in Hampsted answere this request


Wed Apr 06

I agree with the last post. We pay £10 but will increase that next month. What would you expect if you were to work as a cleaner?

Sat Mar 19

I agree with the last post. We pay £10 but will increase that next month. What would you expect if you were clean?

Sat Mar 19

Hi Nigel

Spotted your tt request. Give me a call on 0779 ****77.

I live in W.hampstead.



Mon Feb 14


Our Spring 2011 season-

Cobra Verde (1988) Werner Herzog, 18th January @ 7pm

The Red Shoes (1948) Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger, 1st February @7pm

Frozen River (2008), Courtney Hunt, 15th February @7pm

Plein soleil (1960) Rene Clement, 8th March @ 7pm

The Times of Harvey Milk (1984) Robert Epstein, 12th April @ 7pm

Knife in the Water (1962) Roman Polanski, 26th April @ 7pm

The Shop on Main Street (1965) Ján Kadár, 10th May @ 7pm

Boudou Saved from Drowning (1932) Jean Renoir , 24th May @7pm

Ace in the Hole (1951) Billy Wilder, 7th June @ 7pm

Magnificent Obsession (1954) Douglas Sirk, 21st June @ 7pm

Hampstead Town Hall, 213 Haverstock Hill, NW3 4QP (Belsize PK Tube)

Membership £15/10, Admission £3, Day M'ship £6


Fri Feb 04

Self Hypnosis and relaxation workshop in Hampstead


I run self hypnosis workshops in West Hampstead/Hampstead.

The workshop involves relaxation and stress management techniques - teaching you to relax from within using your own inner resources.

The group numbers are always limited to allow you the workshop to be more personal for each attendee.

I am a Hypnotherapist and I also work with some organisations on stress management.

Please contact me if interested and I will provide further information.

Warm regards



Sun Dec 19

Haverstock Hill Country Club

I remember seeing Elton John play there in about 1969/70, particularly a great version of 'Burn Down The Mission' (Tumbleweed Connection album).

Tue Nov 30

shiatsu in Hampstead


My name is Giuliana

I am a local Shiatsu practitioner and offer home visits in the Hampstead area.

All treatments include a full health consultation.

I am also available to come to your event or party and offer seated back massage, head and shoulders massage, foot massage and natural aculift for fine lines.

You can contact me with your queries on **** 26 74 86 or email

Mon Sep 13

hi, i recall going there in my teens and think - i could be wrong - that it was near Belsize Park Station. The Four Tops 'Reach Out I'll Be There' was top of the charts! Oh happy days...

Sat Sep 11



Mon Aug 23

I am trying to find out about a mother and baby home which was located at 17 Daleham gardens, circa 1960.

The reason is I have a sister who had a child there, who was adopted.

Also, at 134 Heath Street, there would appear to have existed a "maternity" unit where the mothers who stayed at Daleham gardens had their babies.

Any help would be of enormous value to me.

Plus, is it possible to find out who ran Daleham Gardens mother and baby home?

Many thanks for any info.

Susan parry -

Wed Aug 04

24hr carpenters and locksmiths

working from n4 covering all north london ********1

Sun Aug 01

Its FINN...Neil Davidson, where are you???

Hello Hamsptead hipsters...does anyone out there know the local legend Neil Davidson? He is a retaurantuer, businessman, etc...He often visits the King Will...if anyone out there knows him, please tell him I would love to hear from him...Thanx, Finn of Newport Beach, CA.

Fri Jul 16


Hi I would like join you end of May but I need address and phone number please.

Sun Apr 25

have you tried anything ?

I am looking for space too, but to teach a zumba class

maybe if your exhibit is secured on the wall we can make a combined party event of sorts?

zumba is a huge fitness craze hitting the streets! its only broken into london

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zumba north london

if you are interested


Wed Apr 07

hi l do know it was still there in 1963..any help as l am trying to find out my self ...

Tue Apr 06



Mon Mar 29


Hampstead yoga studio ...beautiful setting, small classes and excellent teacher.www.hampsteadschoolofyoga.com for more detailed info.

Mon Mar 29


Hello - i am looking for a derelict or semi-used building in hampstead area to put on a 'art/performance exhibit

Can anyone suggest any good sites in hampstead - i looking preferably for a 'period' building



Sat Mar 20


Hi All

I am writing to invite you to join in on the new fitness craze to hit the london streets.


A fushion of culture and music! a fitness dance class that has turned exercise into a party

if you facebook 'zumba north london' you can join in - new events beginning in april!

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Fri Mar 19

Why there are many ART SHOPS on Heath Street near Hampstead Underground staition

Yes, I was wondering and the there's CASS art shop opening over there.

Sun Mar 07


Searching in the Camden Hampstead area for family members of Joseph Sullivan family around 1950/60s.

The family lived in Fordwych road Camden, his father was John Sullivan his son Joseph married Eileen

( nee ) McCann in 1960 at st Thomas More Church, the couple will be now over 70yrs old, the couple are presumed to have separated some yrs ago.

I would appreciate any infomation regarding family thank you.

Wed Feb 24

Are you looking for a flat exchange?

If you are renting from a private landlord would you like to do a swap?

Both our landlords would need to agree to it.

I live in a studio near wood green north London, it’s lavishly furnished and in brand new condition, has a single bed, TV with free view, desk, kitchen and bathroom with shower and toilet. I pay £150 per week including council tax, heating and electric. My landlord, who even pays my TV licence, allows me to pay every week instead of month and accepted a small deposit. I’m looking for a studio in another area of north London for example west Hampstead and I’m looking to pay a similar rent inclusive. Im looking for a flat no more than about a five minute walk from tube.

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Tue Feb 23

Hamstead Film Society

Join us for regular Tuesday night screenings at the Town Hall for a dazzling season of world cinema, documentaries and must see movies followed by lively discussion. Spring season starts 7pm March 9th 2010. Admission free. Bar available. Get involved and help us plan the winter season.


Wed Feb 17

Hampstead piano tutors

Hi Paola,

My 10-year old daughter's been learning piano with Grade Music Tutors who teach piano and keyboard lessons in the Barnet & Hampstead area. Think their number is 020 8886 0684

Good luck.

Tue Feb 09

Artistic Therapy for Children and Adults

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For enquiries call: 077 175 257 82

Thu Jan 21

Favorite Poems We Are Most Passionate About

Performers include two of the ''Poems on the Underground''

The Upper Room of the Magdala Pub, South End Green, Hampstead NW3 (opposite Hampstead Heath BR station)

''Maximum audience participation is the most essential ingredient for bringing the whole evening alive and kicking, unlike so many dreary reading we've all been to in the past. WE NEED YOU TO PERFORM THE UNDERGROUND POEMS YOU ARE MOST PASSIONATE ABOUT, AND SPEAK DIRECTLY ABOUT YOUR PASSION'' John Horder wrote in Review section of 'Camden New Journal on 10 Dec 2009'' Ring John on 0207-431-0149 with name of your favorite poem to book you place in line-up on.

contact me for more detail

Sat Dec 26

life drawing- friday evenings in north london

Back by popular demand, Friday evening life drawing classes, covering a variety of media and approaches between 7-9.30 Pm @

Holly Lodge Community Centre

30 Makepeace Avenue


N6 6HL


Starts 15 jan 2010 for 20 sessions up to summer 2010, course fee to be confirmed but is around £7.50 per session + all present chip in to pay the model (usually between £3-6 each). No course fees for concessions (proof is needed)

contact Pete (tutor) on **** ****1 or Steve rushton at the WEA (Workers Education Association) who are the organisers - 020 7 426 1974/

Mon Dec 21

New Yoga classes 2010 Hampstead

Yoga classes starting january 6th 2010 at Hampstead community centre

Classic Hatha Yoga / Vinyasa Krama every Wednesday 1:00 Beginners of all levels . The focus is on Body mind and breath. Also free tea after class.

Sun Dec 13

you are out of date


I pay my cleaner £20 for 2 hours and she does and excellent job. I think this is fair, any less than £9 per hour is an insult I;d say

Wed Dec 09

Nanny moving to Hampstead

Hi there, I am a nanny moving to Hampstead in early January 2010 to work as a live in nanny. I am keen to meet other nannies in the area. I am a New Zealander, in my mid twenties am easy going and keen to meet people who are wanting to explore London and have adventures with me.

Sun Dec 06

I teach a beginner/general class at Burgh House New End Square NW3 Thur 9.30 a.m also early tue morning 7.30 a.m. All classes are between 5 -10 students max. I also teach small group classes in my studio in Well Walk. For further info call Karen **** ****9

Sat Dec 05

Need a space to do my art work

Hi. I am a local artist and i am looking for a small studio where i can work from a couple of times a week. Willing to share. Thanks

Sun Oct 25

Local professional drama tuition (excellent rates)

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All of my work is done from either my home or my students home. This allows for a more relaxed, informal and creative enviroment to work in. I am fully CRB chekced.

Some of my students include a principle ballet dancer for The New English Ballet Company and a girl who has just won a place at the national youth theatre.

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Thu Oct 08

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Wed Aug 26

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Sat Aug 22

Do you have a spare-room for quiet student?


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Please e-mail me and leave a telephone number with suitable time and I shall call you back.

Mon Aug 03

Looking for spiritual minded flat/houseshare

Hi there, I am looking to share living space with likeminded souls interested in spiritual growth and creative expansion. I am a 32 yr old female of Indian background.I workwith the Tarot cards as a counselling tool. Would like quiet, friendly house that respects my individual space but couldalsooffer opportunities to socialise at times. I love cooking, dancing, meditating, writing, walking in nature, sharing deep conversations. Email:

Wed Jul 29

French Conversation for Kids

An informal and fun way to get your children to speak French by bringing it into their environment through the use of craft, games, cooking, etc. Would take place in a venue of your choosing (ideally within NW3). 30 to 40 Pounds an hour depending on the number of children. Please call Marie for more info - ********7

Sat Jul 18


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Mon Jun 29

Small Yoga classes

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Mon Jun 15

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