Welcome to London Grove Park

Perfect for value and location

As above. Ideally would like more restaurant options however with Covid 19 no ones going out anyhow. We bought during lockdown and are so pleased with the area. Wasn’t expecting much however excellent for commuting, green spaces and lovely neighbourhood. We are up the Downham end (lol) which seems nicer

Wed Sep 30

Moved here 1 year ago and very happy

Was worried about the change from north London Tufnell Park to very south grove park/downham but shouldn’t have worried. Trains more reliable than northern line and less busy and area has more green spaces and a great gym. House was comparatively cheap/good value to buy and have had foot price increase in even the last year. Over this time seen improvement in people in the area if you know what I mean. Youngish people/new parents the area is on the up.

Sun Aug 23

We’ve loved it

We made the terrifying change to south of the river and am pleased we did. Still good value in properties here and a short journey into London. We’ve been here just over a year and the demographic of people purchasing housing is very middle class young Londoners who can’t afford zone 3. Feeling lucky to have got in when we did, and so pleased to have a nice garden with corona isolation.

Sat Jun 20

New to area

I'm moving to Grove park 2mins from station from New Cross area.

I don't know that area and reading mixed reviews.

Is it safe and where the nearest supermarket or Costa shop.

Mon Jun 15

Hahaha agreed!

Totally would live in blackheath if I had the spare cash but like you I will settle for the 10 minute drive for my avo on toast in trade for the small mortgage. Cheers with organic almond milk late!

Mon Sep 09

Safe from my experience

I come home late often and have had a few drinks as a single female I have never felt uncomfortable walking back home. Of cours I do the paranoid thing of clutching my keys to use as defence and stuff &#****8; but I did this when I lived in Kensington.

Mon Sep 09

Well good area

Getring morw gentrified every day. Loving our investment

Sat Aug 24

As safe as any other London area

There are often one or two homeless people by the station chatting in the night but they do not cause inconveniences. It has good lighting and is usually quite busy until late as there are takeaways, Russian shops and a pub by the station so it does have a feeling of safe atmosphere.

Tue Aug 06

I prefer going to Blackheath

I know you can drive to Beckenham but have you been up to Blackheath? its less than 10 minute drive from grove park and gorgeous. If I could afford it I would live there, but have you seen the prices for a studio flat??!!?!?!?!! Ill settle for grove park and make the journey a few times a month for brunch which I can afford as have a puny grove park mortgage ;)

Tue Aug 06

Everything I look for in a buy to let

Excellent train links, plenty of schools, medical facilities, well kept green spaces, gym options, restaurants close by, town centre within driving distance (Bromley), leafy streets. Couldn't be more perfect.

Fri Aug 02

Agree! What a steal location wise

On the up, good house prices and lots of investment both by the council and ppl renovating. I agree with previous poster, a few more restaurants instead of chicken shops would make a big difference to the area.

Wedged between stupidly expensive areas Id say you can't go wrong moving and buying here.

Thu Jul 11

Flipped house

we did the same, working out well for us financially. Stop telling people about this area or the game is up mate.

Thu Jun 27

Hidden find, zone 4!

Who knew this area existed. Between affluent areas it still has plenty of potential even though prices are starting to go up. A lot of development in the area. I'll be flipping my property and getting another one local to do the same.

Wed Jun 26

Agreed great location still affordable for young families

Moved here 6 months ago, great regeneration around the station, we live downham side and you get excellent value for money Vs size of houses and gardens. These are classic 1930s houses before things started getting built really small!

Negative is lots of green spaces managed by phoenix Arizona hi sort out the social housing so are slow to make improvements but no big issue.

Proportionally less social housing compared to the rest of Lewisham from what I can tell and feels like a safe area, never had or seen any trouble. School options quite good.

Wed Jun 12

Value, one of the few areas of opportunity in South London

Sold up out of crystal palace, took our profit and moved in to this area on the comparative cheap. Great feel, plenty of facilities (shops, gym, parks, station, buses) and close to Bromley for shopping. Only zone 4 for train. Full of surprises can't recommend enough.

Wed Jun 05

Go for it this is the next up and coming area in South london

We moved here from crystal palace last year as it was too pricey there to buy local. It reminds me of Forest Hill 5 years ago, lots of regeneration and an incredible amount of houses being done up and flipped. Get in the area while it's still relatively cheap!

Thu May 30

Station finished?

Thinking of moving here as friends have been in the area for a few years. Station area has been uplifted but are they putting in a lift in the station itself? Stairs/ramp is a pain with my father in law's wheelchair.


Mon Feb 04


Same here never had an issue. I often commute late home.

Mon Dec 10

Grove park progress

Did you buy the three bed in Grove Park, which area? hard to decide if all are equally good. Closer to the station makes more sense as the train commute is short I don't want a long walk or bus to the station, buuut prices there are a bit higher.

Thu Nov 15

Super location, short commute

Can't say any more really. Glad we moved here when we did as prices going up.

1 thing I would change is more restaurants less take-outs but not far from Bromley/Beckenham/hither green etc.

Thu Nov 15

Agreed, great place

Lol hilarious but totally true. Great place to live. See your complaining helped they are doing up the main street on downham outside the station. Keep nagging the council!

Thu Nov 15

Which area to choose

We're undecided about whether to go for a proper terraced house here or a small flat just north of Bromley or even tinier studio in Beckenham. We know we will want a house for the family within 5 years but what is the best option for potential house price growth and safety/convenience? Any advice gladly welcomed

Tue Nov 06

Two good options

the leisure centre, new but lots of kids, now a new 24 hr gym opposite the station. Looks great to me but I'm tied into the leisure centre for a few more months.

Mon Oct 15

Station regeneration

Yes we looked at this area two years ago when starting to house hunt but recently the prices have dropped and you can see the council are pouring some money into the area. Now looks like a good time to buy, to the point we may go for a three bedroom instead of our original plan for a two bedroom.

Mon Oct 15

Safe, great option

Safe, easy to get to central or into Bromley is 15 mins. Never had any trouble with the locals.

Wed Oct 10

Safe suburbs

Typical zone 4, safe according to the police website. Petty crime at the coop mainly lol

Tue Oct 09

Just moved here from north London no regrets!

Solid location on the up and up. Lewisham spending a tonne on regeneration outside the station will be finished early next year.

Surprised at the lower price of housing, reckon it will go up even in this turbulent market.

Tue Oct 09

Go for it, hidden value, so close to london!

We moved here in 2017 from zone one London and found it is amazing value, loads of young families moving here and wonderful neighbours. Can't beat the quick train to London generally super reliable 13 mins to London Bridge... can't beat it. House prices are still really low so lots of my friends are moving to the area. Cant believe our small mortgage for a three bed house!!!

Could do with some decent places to eat as there is only so much fish and chips one can manage but as stated, easy drive to 'proper' high streets of Bromley and Beckenham.

Go for it.

Tue Oct 09

Grove park is great !

We are a young couple and first time buyers and we bought a lovely three bedroom in downham the area is lovely /quiet , beckenham hill park is just down the road . Grove park station is great for getting to London Bridge/Cannon Street and charring cross . Also bromley south station is just a 15 min bus ride. Grove park is nicely placed between beckenham and Bromley where there are plenty of shops and restaurants . Everyone Iv met in downham have been very friendly . It is a quiet area , but London is only short train journey away .

Wed Mar 29

I live in grove park and have done for 24 years and never had a problem traveling to and from london at night .Also grove park is safe place to live.

Mon Aug 27

How did you find it?

Hi Chris,

did you finally move to Grove Park? How do you find it? Anybody else with feedback about the area?



Wed Jun 13

Grove Park safe?

Hi there I am a first time buyer looking to live abit closer to London and have been thinking about Grove Park.

Can anyone shed some light on the area, if its safe/friendly etc?


Fri Mar 30

Security in Grove Park

We are moving to Grove Park soon. Can some one tell us if it is safe to walk around Grove Park Station area during night as I returned from work at about 11:30pm...

Sat Mar 20

can you help?

what bus from mottingham do i get to get to lead me to Marvels lane dentist in grove park?

Fri Apr 17

Good gardener with reasonable rates needed

Hi could anyone recommend a good gardener that charges reasonable rates. I desperately need to get my garden sorted out but i cant afford to pay extotionate prices.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

Mon Apr 06

Good gardener with reasonable rates needed

Hi could anyone recommend a good gardener that charges reasonable rates. I desperately need to get my garden sorted out but i cant afford to pay extotionate prices.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

Sat Apr 04

pay to go fitness

there's one at the bottom of Mottingham Lane called Eric Liddle. you pay something like £30 for the year and then pay individually for classes, swimming, gym use, etc. The only thing is that I think there are various times that you cant get in because it's part of a college, thats probably just during the day though, and if you wanted to go to the gym during the day on weekdays you can join up to Bannatynes for £40 a month. Otherwise there is one in Lewisham Centre which is easy to get a bus to. (261 from grove park st). I joined Bannatynes cause it's nearer and you can go almost any time, which is worth the money if you are going to go more for that

Fri Jan 09

Moving to Grove Park


I'm thinking of buying a place in Grove Park in the new year.

Any info about the area would be much appreciated.

ie: is it a safe area, are the train packed en route to Charing Cross.

Many thanks

Wed Dec 31



Mon Aug 04


Mon Aug 04

Is it safe to commute

We are a family of three and are planing to move to Woodbury Gardens, grove park. Just wanted to know how is the area specially commuting-wise. Is it safe to travel both on train and bus and also how about safety while walking from station during early mornings and evenings? are their good day nurseries and primary schools around.Any information about local area in general would be highly appreciated?

Wed Jun 18

famous people

is it true that dara o briain live in grove park. I have been there and it looks like a lovely place to live. better tan some areas in london. I also think ant and dec live near by too. the houses look really expesive though. nothing I could ever afford

Tue Oct 30


Are there any gyms in Frove Park, I would like to hear good things please as I am moving to Grove Park and very much looking forward to it. Got to be better than Mile End?

Please enlighten me.

Mon Oct 22

Hear Hear!!!

If you want to get involved with the community activites the local Grove Park Community Group is looking for grove park residents to help out and would be very pleased to have new members, we meet at the Ringway Centre (opp Marvels Lane) once a month.

Mon Oct 22


Beginners, Thursday from 8 - 10 pm

Bannatynnes Health Club

Grove Park

For details, tel: (020) 8857 3241

Thu Aug 02

Grove Park

It's a great place for Commuting into London and has many decent Properties which are very cheap !

Blackheath is only 5 mins drive away Greenwich 10mins for some great restaurants/bars etc...

Couple of surrounding Council House areas and odd hoodie but it's not The Bronx.

Thu Jul 05


can you tell me about positive changes to the area?

Sun Jun 17


Jesus, just want to say how ashamed I am of others that live in this area and are disregarding it so completely! Yes it could do with a revamp and some attention from both Bromley and Lewisham Councils but you all make it seem like it's the complete pits! It's not, and please remember the history of this area and the fact it is what you make of it! So for those who sit back and moan in their own front rooms but do not get involved, think about applying for voluntery work with local councils or companies to make where we work and live a better place to be. Some of you are too quick to judge and too slow to apply!

Fri Mar 02

Grove Park schools?

Hi, my 2 yr old daughter is about to start school soon I was wondering if any one could give me an insight into the local schools. As far as I can see they are not up to standard but I could have got this wrong. Please let me know.

Mon Feb 12

Best eyebrow threaders in Lewisham.

The tanning salon next door to the newagents by Grove Park train station is fantastic for eyebrow threading. Honestly I highly recommemnd them.

Mon Feb 12

Life in Grove Park

We are thinking of moving to Grove Park, but have heard that it can be a bit rough especially by the station and because of the close proximity to Downham. Grateful for any views on this. Also, what are the primary schools like in Grove Park?

Many thanks.


Thu Jan 25

exchange to larger house

I have a 2 bedroom lovely house in grove park edweard tyler close looking to swap to 3/4 bedroom house london(pref if council). Please contact me and I'l be glad to give you more info.Email

Fri Dec 29

What changes

Well it was fairly depressing reading the negative comments about Grove Park. I've been renting in MaidaVale but want to buy so am moving to Grove Park. Obviously I am realistic about the differences between the two areas (!!) but am interested in what changes you know about. I have not exchanged on my contract yet but only a week away so anything you can share will be much appreciated.

Mon Nov 06

HI my name is also ALAN.I lived in REIGATE RD from 1936 to 53. I was there during the blitz of London and used to watch the dog fights of the RAF with the GERMAN fighters. Due to the closeness of a mobile gun on rail tracks we were quite often targeted with bombs and fighter planes. As you can imagine I had friends who shared in these experiences and the area was close knit. As kids we would collect shrapnel and any bullets we could find. REIGATE RD stretched from DOWNHAM WAY to VERDANT LANE.and was our playground. I returned about 2001 and was dissapointed at how the area was so dilapidated, all the houses of my time were council owned and all the people were of the eco situation (poor). We did our best, gardens were neat, no ratbag heighbours although some without kids were intolerant of the rug rats but as kids we gave payback. I remember a great life spent there. If you wish to reply or know what we endured please contact, I now live in AUSTRALIA. My email is

Mon Oct 09

Verdant road, catford

I'm thinking of buying a place on verdant road, catford, what are the pros and cons of area.


Fri Sep 22

The truth

Ok here we go...I've been living in Grove Park for the last two years and yeah it has a lot of downsides, like bad public transport and lack of entertainment/eateries etc...

There are some good sides too though, other than the main road and the estates towards Downham I think most other areas are very quiet residential roads where you get big houses for cheap rent. The amount I pay here is definitely only a small portion of what I'd have to pay if I lived in Greenwich or a more trendy area. As for the teenager and drunks hanging out...well I haven't come across any except a few teenagers by the TA building.

Generally I'd recommend anyone who's moving to Grove Park to consider getting a car.

Thu Aug 10

Grove Park

A dump! Sorry have to be honest, as its filled with delinquent school kids hanging around the station and drunks in Somerfield opp the station on a week day at 7pm !!! Sadly I work in Bromley and live in London and do the commute everyday through London Bridge.

Sun Jun 18

Railway Children Walk

Stratford House is where Edith Nesbits house once stood (she wrote the railway children)

Fri Jun 16

I disagree

and anyway sometimes you dont want to drive to somewhere when a quick walk will do, I do agree that the main part of grove park by the station is a mighty bit orrible so its nice to have the nature reserve to escape the filth of grove park, maybe Im biased as Ive just become the secertary of it though.

Fri Jun 16

Edward Tyler

He was one of the leaders of the peasents revolt along with Tom Cade, just off Marvels Lane

Thu Jun 15

please tell us more...sounds hysterical

Mon Jun 05

Grove Park - the place to be

Grove Park is the most happening place in London right now. I love it so much! You can get the best offal here.

Fri May 26

A nature reserve isnt enough

Sorry, but a nature reserve (!?) and the fact that there are some slightly better places within driving distance doesn't make Grove Park a good place to live. Blackheath "5 minutes away"!!? I assume you mean by Concorde. And as for the "fabulous" bars and restaurants of Bromley, are you sure? Fabulous in comparison with Grove Park's derelict fried chicken outlets, I agree, but by any other measure I don't think so.

Thu May 25

Living in Grove Park

It's an awful, depressing place to live. Combines the curtain-twitching snobbery of Bromley with the desolate, charmless atmosphere of Lewisham. Transport-wise it's a black hole too. You're basically at the mercy of South Eastern trains. Avoid it like the plague.

Mon May 01

Nail bar that does eyebrow threading...

I'm not sure if this is close enough for you... but I've been using this place for over three years and the service is great.

Lilly Nail Salon

224, King St, London, W6 0RA

Tel: 020 8748 4357

Tue Apr 11

Daksha in Bromley is the closes - she also has a salon in Lewisham. Her number is 020 8460 6909.

Tue Mar 14

I don't but would like to know when you find out...

Thu Feb 09

if anybody out there does know of a place where eyebrow threading is local please help!!

Sun Jan 01

Eyebrow threading

Anyone know of a decent place that does eyebrow threading nearby?

Thu Nov 17

Fitness centre

Does anyone know a fitness centre where you can pay as you go in, i.e. no need to subscribe?? 'cause i know i won't make it more than once or maybe twice a month...

Thu Nov 17

Grove Park Netball

Would be geat to know if any of you two find a nice club... although i can imagine mysrlf being pretty terrible at, it would be something interesting to try! I live just by Grove park station.

Thu Nov 17

Grove Park is in London SE12. Bromley is about half a mile from Grove Park.

Mon Sep 05

what changes are there going to be?

Thu Aug 25

house exchange

have: 3 bed house in grove park, drive, garden, large kitchen diner, open plan living room and central heating

want: 3 bed house, victorian or older property required in surrounding areas

call : 0208 851 2901 if interested

Thu Aug 18

Cheap Drving lessons?

Does anyone know where i can get cheap driving lessons in the grove park area?

Please contact me on:

Sun Jul 10

Edward Tyler Road

Can anyone tell me where this is exactly and who it was named after?

Many thanks,

Sun Jun 12

Bannatynes Fitness Centre

Where is the Bannatynes Fitness Centre? does anyone know the address?

Tue May 24

GP Practice in Grove Park

Oakview Family Practice, 190 Shroffold Road, Downham, Bromley, Kent, BR1 5NJ – 020 8695 6677

Never had a problem before. Has 3 or so doctors men/women and are complemented by nurses and other services

Mon May 09


Does anyone know where i can get private singing lessons somewhere around grove park, bromley, lee, hither green?

Please email me at

Mon Apr 18

Grove Park is not in Bromley

It comes under the Borough of Lewisham.

Wed Mar 30

Is grove park in Bromley

Is grove park in Bromley

Tue Sep 14

Bannatynes Fitness Centre

and if you have to worry about a years contract then you aint serious about your exercise are you? if two join together it's £89 a month for the two... thats a bit nicer.

the club is clean, friendly and still quite new

Tue Jul 06

Reigate Road

Thinking of moving to Reigate Road, any advice anyone?

Mon Jun 14

edward tyler is a great estate

Tue May 11

Tyler Road

When are you thinking of moving? There are about to be some changes.

Mon Apr 05

Safety In Grove Park

I have lived in Grove Park for the last two years and never had a problem myself. Nor do I know of anyone else that has had any safety issues.

Fri Feb 13

Grove Park living

It's a good place to live, 15 mins by car from Catford, Bromley, Lewisham, Greenwich, Brixton and the south east.

It's quiet and safe, local shops like tesco, sainsburies, waitrose. Good shopping nearby in Bromley and Lewisham. Cinemas and theatres in Bromley and Greenwich and Catford.

Fri Nov 14

Is Grove Park safe area to live in?

Hi there could you let me know what do you think about Grove Park and safety?

Fri Oct 17

whats edward tyler road like?????

hello, might be moving to Edward Tyler Road. Does anyone know what sort of estate it is? Is it basically ok? Would be so grateful for any info.thanks

Thu Oct 09

did you find out about a netball team?

I saw your message and wondered if you'd had any luck. I'm also looking to join a netball team and live in Crouch End.

Wed Sep 24

Anyone know of a Netball Team I can join?

Haven't played since I was 12 (used to be GA) and am looking to join a women's club.

Mon Aug 18

Excellent dentist in Grove Park

Dentist in Marvels Lane. He is excellent very professional and makes it a pleasure to go to the dentist-which makes a change

Telephone 020-8857-3310

Sun Aug 17

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