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Book Club!

Hi I wondered if anyone knew of a book club (with vacancies!) nearby?

Thank you!

Mon May 16




Sun Oct 04


I am a photographer and have recently moved to the Friern Barnet area,

At the moment I am looking for a small space that I can use as a studio.

If anyone has any suggestions I would be very interested in hearing from you.

You can contact me via email

Tue May 06

try friern barnet library I think they have daytime class

Mon Dec 16

Weight loss in Friern Barnet

Hi, I run a lovely, friendly Slimming World group in St John's Parish Centre, Friern Barnet Road every Thursday morning from 9.30am.

If you love food but want to lose a few pounds without feeling deprived, come along and join in the fun any Thursday!

Dawn **** ****7

Fri Dec 13


Please come along to our little church on Albion Avenue, London N10, 2 services, Grace Church early Sunday and a more traditional style service at 11am

See you there!

Tue Aug 20

Ever thought of giving Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a go? Great way to make new friends, improve your confidence and learn self-defence.

We train Mondays & Thursday @ 7.30pm at Bounds Green Primary School (virtually opposite Bounds Green Station). Please use the Park Road entrance.

First class is free

Sun May 08

Friern Badminton Club -- (Badminton)

Days/Times: Wednesday's 8-10pm

Ages: 16+

Abilities: Intermediate

Coaching: None

Availability: Space available

Affiliated: No

Accredited/Clubmark: No

Additional Information: Friendly badminton club for intermediate players (no beginners) meets at the sports hall (5 well lit courts). Visitor fee £4, membership available


Dame Alice Owen's School, Dugdale Hill Lane, Potters Bar, HERTFORDSHIRE, EN6 2DU, United Kingdom

Telephone: **** 778 309


Tue Feb 15

Cushycats, the kinder alternative to a cattery covers Finchley, Whetstone, Barnet and North London

If you need to go away for holiday, work or any other reason, I can visit your pets daily, see to all their needs, pamper them, and care for your home in your absence.

CRB checked and fully-insured, you can enjoy complete peace of mind when away, knowing that instead of returning to a sad or unsettled pet, you will find happy pets and a secure, warm home. Dog-walking by arrangement. For more information: www.cushycats.co.uk; email:

Thu Jul 15

I think there's an art class at St John's Church, Friern Barnet Road every Tuesday's between 8-10pm.

Tue Feb 16

Spanish / French classes

Please contact me on ecolenicole.co.uk or visit us on www.ecolenicole.com.

We provide a friendly & relaxed & reasonable priced but professional language tuition service.

Deborah Cheney

Ecole Nicole

Sun Feb 14

French Conversation groups

Hello there,

My name is Deborah Cheney and I run very popular French conversation classes. The classes run at my house in a Friendly & Relaxed atmosphere (coffee & biscuits and a laugh) which encourage learning.

If you would like to know more about them please contact me on

Sun Feb 14



Oakwood Library, 185-187 Bramley Road, Oakwood, N14 4XA

Saturday lessons: £3.50 max 12 in class

Sunday lessons :£5.00 max 5 in class


tel. ********2


Sat Nov 28

Wed Apr 08


Membership at the health club works out to just under £20 a week after the residents discount, and yes includes everything - yoga pool tennis on the Manor etc. It's a really nice place and everyone is very friendly too

Thu Dec 11

Book club friern barnet/barnet Area


First meeting of the barnet book club is next Wednesday 19th 2008 in the evening . Email to

Wed Nov 12

Wed Nov 12


Wed Nov 12


I'm a recently separated 44 year old straight woman.

All my friends are married and I'm usually at home with my kids. I would LOVE to learn to salsa dance, but feel a bit nervous about going on my own. Anyone know of a class I could go to where I don't need to bring a partner...... or any ladies fancy coming with me!!!!

Mon Oct 27


Hi All

I am a straight , 30 year old coupled female . I am interested in setting up an event/social club for ladies in the Barnet/North London Area.

The idea would be to meet on weekly basis for days out,lunches , shopping trips ,evenings to the pub and cinema and general girly chitter chatter.

If you are interested email to the above email address and we can get the first event arranged.

Wed Oct 08

Hanydman/painter available

Local English handyman and painter available

Honest and reliable

Free quotes

Please call **** 738 067

Fri Sep 26

Reflexology / Natural Lift Facial Massage treatments.


I am a qualified complementary and beauty therapist. I offer reflexology or natural lift facial massage treatments in the comfort of your own home (females only) or alternatively I have a therapy room in Muswell Hill on Friday mornings 9am - 1pm or other days / times by arrangement.

Website; beautyholistics.co.uk


Wed Aug 20

Well, I say Frii-ern, but my husband says Free-ern. Don't think there's one correct way, but others may prove me wrong :)

Tue Feb 12

French Conversation Sessions

Hello, does anyone know of a French conversation class in Friern Barnet or nearby?



Tue Feb 12


Let’s cause some controversy :)

I pronounce it Free-ern but I’m sure I'm wrong...

Mon Feb 11

Hi there...yes, I do daytime classes in East barnet ..one with a creche facility too! I've been teaching ex for over 20 years in N.London. My classes are called Variable Fitness and include some pilates style moves...........e mail me if you would like to know more

Thu Feb 07

Pilates class in Friern Barnet/nearby

Hi, does anyone know of a pilates class, or other exercise classes in Friern Barnet or nearby. Thanks.

Mon Dec 17

Art Classes

Does anyone know of anywhere in Friern Barnet or nearby (Finchley, Southgate etc.) that does art classes for adults?

Tue Nov 06

I live near new southgate br, it's brilliant. My dad uses the BR daily and had no issues. The place was a bit bad for lighting etc, but things have improved since the friern village development and a lot of people walk home late nights. Also the n134 buses are perfect for getting back from the west end and stop right outside tescos. Autumn house in north finchley is quite nice.

Thu Oct 25


Think there is a place in Arnos Grove that does squash, sorry don't know the name. Near Arnos Grove park.

Thu Oct 25

Decent doctor

Dr Shah, 16 St John's Villa's, Friern Barnet Road 0208 368 1707. Think his practice was recently voted one of the best in Barnet.

Thu Oct 25

Decent Doctor Friern Barnet


Could anyone recommend a good Doctor in Friern Barnet, I have just moved to the area, so any info would be great!

Feel free to email:

Tue Sep 11


Hi Nigel,

to my knowledge there are two places to sail in this area.

1) Wembley Sailing Club (Welsh Harp Reservoir)

2) North London Sailing Association (Stoke Newington West Reservoir)

let me know if you find any more.

Tue Jul 03

Virtually new 2 bed semi detached house to rent

Built approx 4 years ago this house is in excellent order located on Marlborugh Gardens. Reception, downstairs toilet, kitchen, bathroom, 2 double bedrooms, loft which has been used as a study, off-street parking and small garden. Available for £950 per callander month - no agents. Pls call Jeremy **** 606 276 or

Wed May 09


Hi am am looking for Chinese friends, I am English and am just starting to learn Mandarin but want to speak it with native people, I am looking for a kind of language exchange and hope to make some new friends in the process, I am an absolute beginner but am very keen to learn.

I am 27 male live in Muswell Hill and would like to meet up for drinks chat etc, I suppose the making friends is more important, then the language part becomes much easier.

Thu Mar 22


I just moved here a few weeks ago, and while I haven't joined yet, I had a chance to pop in for a chat. I think it is 72 pounds per month and a partner can join for 68 or 70. Everything is included, including all classes. The gym really is beautiful and everyone says that it is really sociable. We were members of the Holmes Place by Kensington Palace, and this one is nice (albeit smaller).

Thu Mar 15

Princess Park Manor


I'm possibly moving to Princess Park Manor in a few months and am pricing the likes of gym membership etc before finally settling on this location. I was wondering if anyone could let me know how much the onsite Esporta gym is after residents discount and if this includes yoga classes, pool and tennis court access etc? Feel free to

Mon Feb 05

Friern Barnet

Stupid question, but how is 'Friern' pronounced? Free-ern, Fry-ern or something completely different?


Mon Feb 05

Princess Park Manor


I'm possibly moving to Princess Park Manor in a few months and am pricing the likes of gym membership etc before finally settling on this location. I was wondering if anyone could let me know how much the onsite Esporta gym is after residents discount and if this includes yoga classes, pool and tennis court access etc? Feel free to email with a reply to

Sun Feb 04

Frien Barnet New friends


I'm 31 years old female and have a group of women ages 25-44 in the North London area, who were looking for female friendships and to socialise. We now meet up weekly, talk on the phone, visit eachother at home for coffees and we email all the time. We have weekly salsa classes but not eveyone attends. We are a very normal and relaxed bunch of people, anyone can join us. We're meeting for pub lunch on sat 18th nov in southgate. Some of us are married and we went out as a couple recently to a halloween party. It was great. If your girlfriend wants to come along, to more events ask her to email me

Wed Nov 01


Where can I play Squash/Badminton

Mon Oct 23

latin guitar classes

I just moved to the area and would like to know if I can find a reputable latin guitar class

Mon Oct 23


I just moved to the area and would like to know where I can do some sailing

Mon Oct 23

Hi, I have lived in Friern Barnet for 4 years and it is a real grower!

I was introduced to the Boulevard Club by word of mouth and it is fab if you like beer and Indian food. It is on Friern Barnet Road opposite the gates of Princess Park Manor (previously know as Colney Hatch mental asylum). The outside of the Boulevard Club doesn't look like much but inside it is an Indian pub with great food and a huge TV screen showing football, bollywood films, world news etc.

Also the Ranelagh pub just this side of Bounds Green tube station is great - lots of real beers, fruit beers, fairy lights, a garden and a good atmosphere.

The Trimph pub (on the roundabout at the end of Summers Lane) has jazz on Sunday evenings. There is another pub just up Woodhouse Road (The Woodhouse?) - small and nothing to look at but pleasant people running it.

I'm too scared to try the Orange Tree since I walked passed one Sunday morning and had to step around the pools of blood. Sorry

Thu Oct 12

Moving to Friern Barnet

Hi, Myself and my girlfriend have just purchased a flat in Friern Barnet. As we are new to the area I was hoping to expand our social circle locally.

Where are good places to go out in the evening? Are there others who would like to go out and show us local inns and bars!!

Also whats New Southgate BR like at night, Ive heard it can be a bit scary

Thu Sep 21


hello. Friern Barnet is a lovely place to live, very quiet surprisingly, close to New Southport station and big tescos, ambulance, post ofice. Not far from Brent Cross, major shopping complex. Ikea a littlr further. We have 2nd flr , 2 bed apartment (one en suite) to sell, possibly rent. owned by us 4,5yrs, Interested pls email.

Tue Aug 29

Freirn Barnet to live??

I am looking to move in silver birch close in friern barnet. what is the area like?

Sat Aug 26

It dies not compare well to other areas such as North Finchley, Southgate and Whetstone. We were looking for a house to but in the area and did not want to live/look there.

Fri Aug 04

Womens Group

I am 31 year old straight, coupled female, with a partner who loves football more than me, so I'm looking to make new friends in my local area, in North London. I will be setting up a woman's only club, hopefully consisting of young women, 25- 45 who meet up and hang out, go out for meals, shopping, going to the cinema or just mingling around together in coffee houses. If you're keen, I am just marketing for now but intend of really kicking it off in September 2006, the group will meet once a week in a local pub in Southgate for a chat initially until we get the numbers up, then we can take it from there. Email me on

Fri Jul 14

i am an expert! there are no decent nail salons in friern barnet, but you could go to the buffer zone in southgate, they dont use drills and its all very hygenic there.

Tue Mar 14

Nail salon

A new nail salon has just opened on Friern Barnet Road.

Also this service is offered at the beauty bit of Esporta Health Centre in Princess Park Manor.

Mon Feb 27

i've lived in that area for past 3 years and have never had any problems. quiet, cheap (compared to Muswell Hill and London in general), would recommend it

Sat Feb 04

Good Place to live

Is Friern Barnet a nice place to live, I was thinking about moving to the development opposite Tesco 24hrs - nr Colney hatch lane. Is anyone aware of the area and whether it is a safe/nice place to live? How close is it to shops/centre of Friern Barnet?

Wed Aug 03

Alarm Company and Nail Salon in area?

Looking for someone to service/fix my alarm, also need nail salon in Friern Barnet area? Can anyone provide this info please?

Tue Jul 05

Bed & Breakfast

Is there a bed & breakfast establishment in Friern Barnet please?

Sun May 29

Swimming classes for babies

is there a swimming class for babies around here?

Fri May 20

I can help with jobs

I would be intersted in working for you and helping finish off those jobs that need doing if your intersted mail me at

Mon May 02

New au pair in friern barnet

Hello everyone!

I'm a new au pair living in friern barnet, i would like to meet people in this area to go out and all this, have advices and simply make new friends! If you are interested you can send me a mail on

Wed Feb 02

I am spanish.

i can teach you spanish, if you are interesting e mail me.

Sun Jan 23

Arnos pool too (near the station)

Sat Oct 30

Language classes

Hi, are there any evening/ weekend classes in French/ Italian/ Spanish around the Friern Barnet area?

Sun Oct 24

its ait if u like under age drinkers hangin about ur ouse

Mon Sep 27

Lord Finch

I have just discovered that a Lord Henry Finch was born in Edmonton in 1907. A little after the Saxons, not in Friern Barnet and named after a race horse! but pretty close.

Fri Sep 24

Any nail salons?

Does anyone know a good nail salon in the area where I can get my nails done?

Thu Sep 09


Well basically, im a year 10, soon to be yr 11 student at QE Girls and I need help with my courswrok. I just need to find out where i get information on friary park for example size, history etc. please somone email me with info or if somebody can guide me in the right direction. my email is

Wed Jul 21


Well basically, im a year 10, soon to be yr 11 student at QE Girls and I need help with my courswrok. I just need to find out where i get information on friary park for example size, history etc. please somone email me with info or if somebody can guide me in the right direction. my email is

Wed Jul 21

Searching For Old Friend VICKY GREEN/RICH

Does anybody know of a Vicky Green/Rich who lived in the Friern Barnet area in the late 50's early 60's. My mum IRMA Isenschmid was REEVES wwould love to contact her again. Vicky would be in her early 60's. Her eldest son would be about 42. Anybody with information please get in touch at

Wed Jun 23


I am looking for a handy person who can come to my home in Friern Barnet and complete all the jobs that have been hanginga round for ages like:

Replace kitchen worktop

Fix leaking tap

Fix shelves

Replace back door

As I currently have a broken foot I will also need someone to get the materials for me as well as put them up?? Anybody got any reccomendations - email me on:

Sat Jun 19


The good thing about Friern Barnet is the public transport into Central London. You have the overground train from New Southgate, underground from Arnos Grove and the 134 or 43 buses from the Town Hall....so no problem when there is a tube strike!!!

Sat Jun 19


there is the Esporta gym in friern barnet and also a council run gym, sports facilities at the compton school on summers lane.

Sun Jun 06

Lord Finch?


I can't answer the question you asked, but I am working on my family history and that shows that one particular Finch family, William & Elizabeth moved from Burton on Trent to Friern Barnet in about 1872/3?. They

lived in Cromwell Rd initially and were House painters by trade. Do you

have any connection to them?


Colin Finch

Sun Jan 25

does anyone know if in Friern barnet in the saxon times if there was a lord by the name of finch in residence

Mon Oct 13

Princess Park Manor has a swimming pool / gym / tennis & squash facilities which is in N11 (New Southgate Train station)

Sun Aug 31

swimming pools?

Wed Jul 23

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