Welcome to London Forest Gate

Thu Jun 28

Excellent GP practice rpaton4857@aol.com

I recommend Claremont Clinic on the Romford Road on left opposite Police Station try Dr Joyce he is s a star

Wed Apr 18

Hi Elaine >did you live along the woodford road at some point , i lived in Horace road

Mon Feb 05

Forest Gate has been colonised by the new yuppies

I have lived in Forest Gate all my life but its now gone downhill thanks to a yuppie invasion. I cannot sell my house in CLAREMONTROAD as I will only sell to a working class family and not to yuppies. Lets join together and retake the streets in the name of the working class. Matt Harrington

Wed Jan 10

Thu Dec 21

My name Martin spencer woodfordroad ring any bells

Thu Oct 26

42 Woodford road tony Gregory john humphries to name but a few

Thu Oct 26

I too worked for Tom Yarrow

I think I was one of the very first veterinary nurses to work for Tom - long long ago. I can't really say he was grumpy just a very interesting person!!! but I can say out of ALL the vets I have ever worked with he was the very best surgeon I ever met. He was a genius and no doubt still is - and that might explain his idiosyncracies>>>>

Tue Oct 24

Hampton Road

Hi again Angie

There used to be a family named Gregory and had a daughter Lorraine her father used to be the goalkeeper forWest Ham. Do you remember them?

Best wishes Elaine.

Thu Sep 07

Hello Angie

Just started again to look at messages. We used to live at no 34 did you live at the back of Lovibonds Off Licence and have a brother named John? Thank you any how for your response. Best wishes Elaine. Enjoy your day!!

Thu Sep 07

Hi Carol

Forgot to say if you can email me on

Thu Sep 07

Elaine there was a Janice in our class . She was Janice Watson and she lived in Lorne Road

Thu Aug 31

Elaine i have started several letters to you over the past few years

none of which I have finished and posted . We were at school together , even sometimes sitting together . We used to go to one another homes . I loved your double fronted house and the bear rug both frightened and enthralled me at the same time . Your brother Andrew gave me his fur Davy Crockett hat for my Robin Hood hat . I certainly got the best of that

swap . Sadly it is one of the things I no longer have .

Thu Aug 31

I lived in Godwin Road too

between 1946 until 1969 when I got married. We lived at 59 , and I remember Raymond Sparkes and Gary Smith . You would not remember me , but you would probably remember my sister Daphne Barrett

Thu Aug 31

Chester Barnes gran lived just down the road from me in Godwin Road , and we were in the same class at both Primary and Secondary School . We all called him George . Anyone want his aged 11 autograph ?

Thu Aug 31

Hi I used to know a Janice in my class. My name was then

elaine Kurtis. I used to live in Hampton Road and I went to Whitehall and Godwin Road schools.

Sylvia Bishop used to be in my class.

Fri Jul 14

I knew Ken Hilton

Sat Mar 11

What was your wifename

Mon Jan 30

Chester barnes used to liv above garage chapel road I used to live Woodford road

Thu Jan 19

Wed Nov 16

Who do remember

Wed Oct 19

I was a the Uppercut in 1967 to watch the Stax road show starring Otis Redding!

Wed Feb 04

I worked for tom too before best friends group took over and he is a genius a fabulous vet with maybe not a good bedside manner but he certainly will always be remembered . They were some if the best years of my life until best friends took over and it all was ruined from then on

Thu Jan 22

If you attended Forest High School between 1966 and 1972 please contact me by e-mail:

Fri Dec 05

Fred Sherlock

Hi Fred, Dave Colton here, we once spent 2 weeks shifting a mountain of coal in Forest Lane for the Forest Gate Laundry hoping to get a van boy's job with them, I believe your mother worked there 1954/55. Hope you've had a good life in Australia. Last time I heard of Richard Fletcher was in 1962, I think he worked for Smiths Clocks in Ley Street, Ilford. I still live in Godwin Road, sad isn't it? only joking.

Sun Nov 30



Wed Nov 05

I was born in shestnut ave in 1932 and went to Godwin Rd school I am now 82 and still have a photograph of my class, I think my teachers name was a miss torkinson. my grandfather had a boot and shoe shop on the corner of chestnut ave across from wansted park station. after all these years and world travel I still call Forest Gate my home town.good luck with your book

Sun Sep 07


Wed Jul 02

Looking for a property

Hi All

Me and my partner are looking to buy a property in the area,

We have been using estate agents but to date have not found anything.

I was just wondering if anyone is selling a property ?

We are looking for a 2/3 three bed flat or house in the conservation area, we have our finances arranged.

If you can help in any way please email me

Wed Mar 12

hiya Bob. i live in forest gate it's about 15min walk to green street .and yes the house is still there it's a end of terrace house google the address then you can see yourself..all the best mags:)

Fri Aug 30

Come And Support Barkingside Fc

Come and support Barkingside Fc in the 1st ever Ryman League North game

Saturday 10th August

Barkingside Fc v Cheshunt Fc 3pm Kick off

All support welcome

The team play there homes games at

The Oakside Stadium,

Station Road




literally behind Barkingside tube station

The Club are always looking for new supporters

Tue Aug 06

Yoga in Forest Gate

Hi Ella,

Not sure if you found somewhere yet for yoga but I've just started teaching at the Methodist Church on Woodgrange Road (opp. Abbey National) - Tuesdays at 7pm. The class is suitable for all levels and beginners are very welcome. Please drop me an email if you'd like to get in touch!

Tue Jul 23


New email

Sun Jul 21

Still hope to hear from anyone about this soldier

Sun Jul 21

Forest Gate isnt like this

Concrete mess..no its almost 100% Victorian

Dodgy looking people..all people can look dodgey, anywhere

What about the amazing hidden treasure of the Wanstead Flats Park.

Most people who live here are interesting whatever their Creed.

Unlike further out areas like Woodford, where its all about what you earn.

Its a bit like Hackney in the late 80s

Wed Jul 10

Come And Support The Newest Team In The Ryman North League

Come and support Barkingside Fc next season

Barkingside Fc finished runners up in the Essex Senior League and won the Essex Senior League league cup.

The team play there homes games at

The Oakside Stadium,

Station Road




literally behind Barkingside tube station

The Club are always looking for new supporters and sponsors.

Mon Jun 10

park sectional company

does anybody remember this company in forest gate in the 1960's think it was called park sectional it made asbestos piping and lagging.

Thu May 23

went every time it was open and saw the who on opening night

Thu Mar 28

I lived in Claremont road from 1960 till the 70s and didn't know linda privatt and I knew nearly everyone. I went to Whitehall school until 1965

Thu Mar 28

hampton rd forest gate

my name is angie i lived at the top through all at the back of the shops.i went godwin rd sch. do you remeber me.

Wed Mar 13

hey i think i remember you i lived top of hampton rd behind boxes my name angie gubbins.

hav brother called dean. chk me on fb.

Fri Mar 01

hi was you in peregrins childrens home, my names angie your name rings a bell i lived forest gate from 1958 to 1984

Thu Feb 28

hey do you remember me and my bro i lived top hampton, angie and dean,

Thu Feb 28

hi janice i remember lola and linda privett do you remember me angela i lived top of hampton rd and my brother dean, we went to godwin school lola died of cancer in child birth. kathleen sippett i remember her name,

Thu Feb 28

Still helping animals

Hi Nicola macdonald here!i was a veterinary Nurse at Mr Yarrows surgery,I went on to take an Environmental Science degree and a PGCE certificate.I worked for the RSPCA and saw a alot of cruelty towards animals so after taking my teaching qualification I spent the next 15 years teaching children about animals/science(and 8 other subjects!) and how to treat them.I am an animal advocate,demonstrating,petition writing and attempting to get the laws changed to help protact animals.much love to you all Nicky x

Mon Jan 14

Billys Baked Spuds

Owned by Billy Walker, boxer, who also owned the Upper Cut Club

Fri Dec 28

Mr Tom Yarrow, my first boss

Hi Tom, this is Sarah Pennington-noakes not sur if you will remember me, I worked for you as a nurse for 13 years on and off at Forest Gate and Mile End. Yes you were bad tempered but without you teaching me everything I know I wouldn't have had such an enjoyable 27 year career as a VN. I worked with you when Sue, Chris, Jan,Nick and Cathy were with you over the years and many more. You were and still are a genius as far as I am concerned and in my final nursing years I worked with some of the Vets and Nurses at Goddards that I had worked with at Yarrows and Citivet and all say the same, you got us to we're we are today and I thank you for that. I am retired rather early the expected due to chronic arthritis but still feel very proud to have acheived what I have career wise because you were my first boss. Hope you are well and again Thank You. Sarah.

Wed Nov 14

does any know Daphne Wallis

I am trying to find Daphne Wallis who used to live in the Waggon & Horses, Romford Road, Forest Gate in 1947-1948. Does anyone know anything about her please.

My email address is

Mon Oct 08

Hampton Road Forest Gate


My name is Elaine we used to live in Hampton Road Forest Gate

I knew someone called Sylvia Bishop dont know if Pearl is a relative or not.

I used to go to Whitehall School and before Godwin Road

Email me on

Fri Sep 21

Green Street

I lived in the Green St area until I left UK, so that was 60's and 70's. Lived from the age of 14 in Green St opposite the ABC Cinema (My parents had a shop) We sold China, Glass and parrafin (Probably wouldn't be allowed now). I remember the Upper Cut, and there was a roller skating rink opposite. I seem to remember the boxer Billy Walker had something to do with that. Princess Alice was on the corner of Woodgrange Rd and there was a cinema opposite on Romford Rd.

Been to the area a couple of times recently, but its highly depressing.

Thu Aug 16

Hi there, I am considering teaching at this school.. Could you please give me some feedback on the school?

Wed Aug 15

Gliksten in Carpenters Road

My dad worked at Glikstens Timber till 1957 or thereabouts.

I used to go there with him some Saturdays. Everything seemd huge then.

Memories eh? All thats left of that place now.

Bryan Huggins

Tue Jul 10

Old school pals forest gate high

My name is Janice Gregory used to live in woodford road forest gate still keep in touch with Linda privett who lived in Claremont road cannot remember many names but there was Kathleen sippett, Lola Carnegie, Malcolm can't remember surname, Paul Weinberg, Tracy, pearl bishop many more wish I could remember names do you remember me my email

Tue Jul 10

re forest gate

Mr yarrow


i married susan callinan and we have always had the greatest respect for you

apparently it was best to duck if it looked like you were about to throw a scapel into the wall

neil fteeman

Thu May 10

hey my name is mariam i would like to find out what road is this kickboxing gym is and who is the trainer is?

Mon Mar 05

hello if u want to know something about mantis kickboxing club pls call ********0

Tue Feb 07

google street view

Try google street view and have a wander around the place while sitting in your own home.

Sun Jan 22

Never thought of myself as being particularly bad tempered

but I am still alive - probably fitter now then when I was working.

Al I would say I was very fortunate with those who worked for me and two of the vets are now in the area of world famous - these being Wayne McIlwraith who is now probably the best known equine surgeon in the world and Nick Jeffery now professor ex Cambridge vet school and now in charge of the Neurology department at Iowa State University, one of the oldest US vet schools.

I am still in contact with some of the nurses that worked for me

Kind regards to all those who recall me for my temper and skill?

Tom Yarrow

Sun Dec 04

Never ever live here!!

When I first saw the area, I wasnt too worried. As a student, I was happy at first because I got lots of freedom and was walking around on my own. I got told by everyone in my work and uni not to walk around atall on my own in forest gate, and after my parents saw it they didnt even wanted me to leave uni and move back to manchester, but at first I didnt think it was that bad. But I was extremely nieve! My friends came to my flat alot because it was near university, after a few months me and my friends realised how bad it was after some of us got attacked and saw things we will never forget. I also worked on the edge of statford and forest gate, and this made me see exactly how it was. It is full of drugs, prostutes, perverts and criminals, most areas are dirty and its so expensive to live there. Canary walf that is a couple of stops on the DLR is the most amazing place and you can find some cheap places if you know where to look. I will never live there again, and advice that if you a

Sun Dec 04


Does anyone know the name of the jacket potatoe placein forest gate in the 60's

Mon Nov 21

You should ask online at the Newham recorder site because everyone in Newham reads that

Sun Nov 20

Hi, ramdomly looking at websites and come across this post. I used to work for tom yarrow as a vet nurse. He definatly was bad tempered but a good vet! None on his sons were ever vets, they helped with the maintenance of the surgerys and refitting. He sold the 4 surgeries he had, forest gate, dagenham, mile end and isle of dogs, to the best friends group. Most of his staff left shortly after as everything jus became way too commercial working for a big group.

I believe tom still practices, still performing ortopedic operations. He must be very old now, and i cant image what people make of his grumpyness nowadays. That said, he was a very good boss and i enjoyed working with him!!

Mon Dec 06


hi,i was born in forestgate 1973,but moved very soon after,i'm searching for information about my grandad bill thomas and my father bryan thomas,they used to live in haldane rd,bill died in 1973,his wife jessie(nee oatley),remained there for a while later,hoping to find some photos of them somewhere,i dont own any,anyone has any suggestions please?


Thu Sep 09

hi,i was born in forestgate 1973,but moved very soon after,i'm searching for information about my grandad bill thomas and my father bryan thomas,they used to live in haldane rd,bill died in 1973,his wife jessie(nee oatley),remained there for a while later,hoping to find some photos of them somewhere,i dont own any,anyone has any suggestions please?


Thu Sep 09

hi,i was born in forestgate 1973,but moved very soon after,i'm searching for information about my grandad bill thomas and my father bryan thomas,they used to live in haldane rd,bill died in 1973,his wife jessie(nee oatley),remained there for a while later,hoping to find some photos of them somewhere,i dont own any,anyone has any suggestions please?

Thu Sep 09

Forest Gate Nursing Home

I think it must have been Forest Gate Maternity Hospital, which was in Forest Lane. The main building is still there - now, in Magpie Close.

Thu Aug 26



for what reason do you think im trying to assume your identity??

strange!! just posted a comment thats all!!

what you doing tonight learning ethnic lace making no doubt!!

Wed Aug 25

so what, its now a dump???

Wed Aug 25

Hi, RIDLEY RD , 1970-1976

I am hopeing to find an old close friend she lived with her

family at no 89 Ridley rd , all i know is her name is Lyn

she was a dentists assistant . Came from a family of

boxers named " Day " It would be great to get contact with her again. I would appreciate it if anyone who knows her

could help me find her. my Email address is

Wed Aug 25

Forest gate is just like any other area, i've lived here for 17 years now and i've had no trouble. Trouble only occurs if you go looking for it or step on the wrong toes. These people who claim that Forest Gate is bad and crap are wrong!

Sat Jul 03

Dont even think about it

I have lived in that area for 8 years, it is very dangerous at night has there are prostitutes and muggers/druggies, my advise is dont do it

Thu Jun 10

The Fox and Hounds is a good pub i used to work at the forest gate hotel that used to be good but its gone down the pan its now crap and there all back stabbers

Sat Jun 05

Dunno about idyllic, but...

Capel Road. Overlooks Wanstead Flats and has draconian traffic-slowing measures, which keep it nice and quiet.

Mon Apr 05

OMG - where is this dead body found?

Tue Mar 30

go to Woodgrange Medical Practice on Woodgrange Road, state of the Art, well nearly...

Tue Mar 30

What would you say is the most idillic road in forest gate?

Tue Mar 30

great area

i dont think you should have anything to worry about, apart from the foxes that wander about, its quiet and safe and a nice part of forest gate called the forest gate villiage..

Tue Mar 30

cafe @ 48

48 upton lane cheap good food ,( it used to be the golden lion ,its now kfc) , and moved to 48 upton lane

Tue Mar 30

b bs

its open again but dont know when the jazz nites happening again, every one what wants the jazz nites back go there and ask for mark and tell him hes the new bossother wise get back to me with a list of people and ill put it to him,

Tue Mar 30

forestgate oh forestgate

i have lived in forestgate for 25 years now, today 30/04/2010 at 5,30ish, 30 yards to the left of my house lay a dead body, yet to find out what happend,no end of nieghbours moaning about brakings, im sick to death of my motors being broke into ,fly tipping opposite my house, idots with mega watt sound systems parking up smoking skunk, they only do this of a nite though , crack heads get rumped in daylight aswell, and guess wot i live in the posh part, a quiet bit of the woodgrange estate

Tue Mar 30

the best thing about forest gate is when you leave it a sh*t hole i lived there from 1951 untill 1975 it was great then but now crap

Sat Mar 27

arni lived on the romford road

Sat Mar 27

Hi In Stratford area there is several places, pop in Stratford library or look in newham Recorder, or the free paper which should come through your door about whats on in Newham. In Manor Park at Froud Centre Romford Road, E12 they do it on a Friday look them up, if you pop in Stratford Town Hall there have lots of leaflets as you go in the door way you should find more information there about places there are a few and reasonable price.

Mon Feb 22

In relation to the question about pubs i forgot to mention that the Railway tavern and the one next door is opposite Forest gate station, and Golden Fleece is Capel Road. Once you go there there a lots of others near by

Mon Feb 22

RailWay Tavern and the one next to it are great and lots of entertainment at both throughout the weeka nd at weekends.

Golden Fleece is the cheapest one I have visited and very quite, ordinary looking inside though depends on what you are looking for. Weatherspoon is on Upton lane very nice pub also chekc them out you are bound to like at least two of them enjoy

Mon Feb 22

You are moving to a lovely desirable road, very scenic and nice road. lots of open space, pond and other delightful things to see.

I have lived near there since 1981 and now live down Chestnut Avenue which is off capel road, you will enjoy living there

Mon Feb 22

About 5 shops from forest gate station when you come out and turn right is a cafe which does nice food, and further down is a I think Spanish or Turkish one which also does nice food. If you want Thai food turn left walk straight up woodgrange road not far is a nice little restaurant very popular. Caribbean flaror is accross from that they do take away with small space to eat in

Mon Feb 22

the uppercut club

hello ,,,in response to your mail,,i played at the uppercut club a few times in a group from dagenham called the Avalons ,,if i remember ,,we played acouple of times on a sunday as the sounds of the future promo,,and were then booked there with booker tee and hendrix,,,my wife danced up in the gantry that hung from the cieling.

Thu Feb 11

Do it

I've been here 10 years now and this place is changing rapidly.

It's a tough old high street but great efforts have been put in to make it look better. It needs new investment and some decent shops... oh, for a good coffee shop... but it will get there. Even Tesco don't move in for nothing, and it has opened a Metro. Beyond the shopping you've got what I think are pretty good transport links, and so much greenery close by. Pubs are okay, restaurants scarce, but the Thai cafe is wonderful - good food and nicely run. But you're only a short bus ride to Wanstead which has some nice eateries, and 12 minutes from Liverpool Street, so there's all the nice places there too.

Thu Feb 11

Sat Jan 23

Sat Jan 23

Forest Gate Town Centre Supplementary Planning Guidance

Take a look at this document on Newham Council's website as it will change Forest Gate significantly. It went to the Cabinet on 21st Jan. Major parts of the Conservation Area and town centre will be demolished and rebuilt to provide blocks of housing - mainly flats. High rise, high density - very like the Eagle and Child site and will involve compulsory purchase orders to 'site assemble'.

Fri Jan 22

Missing small Terrier cross. reward given

Have you seen my missing dog? He is a small Lakeland terrier/cross . He is small and is red/ginger in colour and has a short tail and black mask (mouth area). His eyes are dark and his fur is short and very slightly wiry. only slightly.

Someone phoned me and said he has been spotted in Forrest Gate Area. He has been missing from 17/07/09 from London N7. Someone may have picked him up thinking he was a stray.

He is registered missing with doglost and Battersea are aware also. If you know anything please call dog lost in the strictest confidence on 0844 800 3220 quoting **** or ********2

Sat Jan 09

Upper Cut 1966 -67

Hi ...

We would like to talk to anyone that went to the Upper Cut Club owned by Billy Walker on woodgrange rd Forest Gate around 1966 - 67.

Please contact

Thu Dec 17

res (to Mike at Forest Gate CAPEL RD) The Upper Cut

I read your post - 17 oct re: The Upper Cut we are doing local histroy research on Forest Gate and would like to talk to you about the Club and maybe some of your experiences you had there.

Please contact on

Thu Dec 17

This is definately not my view on forest gate.

And i don't know what the person was trying to gain from pretending to be me.

Mon Dec 14

I don't know who wrote this, but it is not me.

I would just like to clarify that.

Furthermore i have lived in forest gate for near 11 years now and i love the place.

I have no quarrel with the person that is assuming my identity, but could you please stop pretending to be me :)

thank you

Mon Dec 14

My name is Janice Gregory and I lived in Forest Gate with My mum and dad Victor and Doris, Brothers Clive Tony and Victor and Sister Susan. Do you remember us? My sister Susan worked at The Uppercut when it was a Bingo Hall and I use to help in the kitchen making sandwiches. We all went to Godwin Road Primary School - Clive went to Sandringham School and the rest Forest Gate High. My email is

Sun Dec 06

i used to live in forest gate in 1967 and used to go to school at lake house school . i am from malta and i wish to contuct school mates of that era. my old mates, edward porter, kieth barrel. roger moss. the twins heraia and neraia, pet dweitt,susan toylor, tichy, katrine cox ,

Tue Nov 24

forest gate help m8 reconciliation

nd2get in tch wid aisha begum 4rm park rd forest gate nt pikn up da 4n she is.sme1help

Sun Nov 22

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