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I have a smokers wooden pipe stamped RADFORD- FLEET STREET, it sits in a large nosed character . It is more than likely that it came from your ancestors tobacconist shop.

Sun May 08

any body still about who worked on the london evening newspapers

looking for old work mates who worked on the london evening news papers in the 50's and 60's my names del stehens i worked on the star

Sat Jul 13

Nigeria Chancery 68 fleet srteet

Sun Mar 17



My Great great great grandfather was Francis radford. I am trying to research my family tree and I found your post which clearly relates to me. At the turn of last century Alfred Radford ( Francis's son) changed our name by adding Moor to our surname. Thus we became Moor-Radford. I have tried to find out why he added the Moor to our name and where it came from, but I have been unsuccessful. Your surname is Moore therefore is there any connection?

All the best

Jeremy Moor-Radford

PS my email address is

Fri Mar 26

68 Fleet Street

FYI: I'm trying to identify the age of a book and note it was published by the Homeland Association Ltd, Whitefriars House, 68 Fleet Street, London EC 4. Founded 1896.

The book may have been published circa late 1920s-early 1930s.

Wed Jul 09

New Middle East Publishing Co. Ltd., 68 Fleet Street, London. E.C.4.

Tue Jun 10

as far as i know :

New Middle East Publishing Co. Ltd., 68 Fleet Street, London. E.C.4.

Tue Jun 10

Hi trying to trace family history The name is Obeney and the family lived at Queens Head Public House which was given as No1 Fleet street. Cannot find any ref to the public house or the address any help at all 1826 and upwards

Tue Feb 26

Have a look at www.fcservices.co.uk web site. In their family research section, it contains details of a Radford Family Tree and local history from the area of that branch of the family (Kentisbeare, Devon).

Wed Jun 13

My family tree includes Radfords. My grandmother was Flora Bessie Radford, born in Somerset. Her family includes two brothers Francis and WIlliam Radford who between them build Holland Park and properties at Pembridge in the late 1800s. I am trying to find out more about the whole Radford family. Contact me

Tue Jan 10

Fri Dec 23

fleet street tobacconists

My ancestors, called Radford, had a tobacconists for many years at 146 Fleet Street, now the Car Phone Warehouse. I notice that on the opposite side of the road at no. 61, there is a newsagents with a Radfords sign above it. I am wondering whether this was their shop also. Does anyone have any information please?

Fri Aug 19

Press Photo Agencies in Fleet Street

I am trying to trace any reference to Press Photo Agencies operating in Fleet Street between 1910 - 1980.

Looking for; addresses, company letterheads, name plates, staff photographers lists, memories.


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Thu Feb 10


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Wed Nov 26


Can anyone tell me what Colorama's building used to be, it has what looks like remains of being a London underground station or similar.



Wed Nov 05

68 Fleet Street

My GGGrandfather had a furrier business at 68 Fleet Street in 1820. Does anyone know please if No. 68 still exists. If not, what building now stands on this site?

Any information at all gratefully received.

Thank you. Penelope

Sun Sep 28

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