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Central Street EC1

I lived at number 2 or 3 Central Street from late 40s to early 50s in a few rooms above a grocery/ general/shop run by a man called Morry, we used to have to go in through shop door to get upstairs to our rooms, it was always dark & he had a few cats that lay in wait for me amongst the boxes in th back hallway as we went to stairs, I also remember a friend I used to play with called Simon, also the bra 3 wheeler scammel tractor units that used to go up a sort of spiral multi story car park. My dad used to play for spurs reserve team, of course before it was well paid. If anyone remember any more my email is ronbirdip31@gmail.com

Sat Nov 21

J Reader; pawnbrokers

I know the family who worked and lived above the pawnbrokers during the WW2. Contact me... john_hartnett@hotmail.com

Sat Nov 14

Chadworth Buildings

All the posts regarding the Chadworth Buildings - what year were they posted? I can't see how recent they are, or if they are still relevant.

Thu Nov 12

Macclesfield st

My dad and family lived there from 1944 till late 60s when my nan and grandad moved to michael cliff,my dads name is ronnie nash, i arranged a get togeher with some of his friends from the area george stokes and others, if anyone wants to come along next time thay are welcome

Thu Oct 29

Birth certificate

My great grandmother was born in number 13 rahere street in 1898 Alice Caroline Watkinson, her parents were Arthur Edmund Watkinson and Alice Watkinson (formerly Halls)

Sun Oct 11

Chadworth Buildings

would appreciate any information on my school friends who lived in the Chadworth Buildings area during and after the war, namely Kathy Rowe, Lenny Tappin, Olive Durrant and Ron Gray. Did they get married, children etc. Please contact email charles.218@ talktalk.net.

Sun Sep 27

Finsbury 1945 1965

Im interested in hearing from anyone who lived near Lever St Finsbury since 1945 to 1965. I went to Moorfields school tthen Barnsbury . Stories about Ironmonger Row Baths , Gunners Butchers

Mon Sep 07

Kathy Ryan

Street Lived in spa Green estate Tunbridge house went to Saint Peters and Pauls primary school in I am well Street 1965 to 1961

Mon Jul 27

chadworth buildings NPW CHASWORTH HOUSE


CHARLES Any info on the people who you knew lived there,

especially the Durrants who lived over the

pawnshop. Contact me on

Thu Feb 06

chadworth buildings NoW CHAdWORTH HOUSE

my e/mail address is

Mon Feb 03

i knew of the Jones family who I believe lived at No 47. I lived in Chadworth Buildings which is sited corner of Lever St/Central St.

My best friend was David Jones who was one of the Jones family, I am in contact with his son.

Many times after school I went home to David's house and had bread and Jam, those were good days.

We moved from Finsbury in 1935 to SELondon, I joined the RAF in 142 eventually went on to Lancasters in the 2nd war as a wireless operator'

contact me od

Tue Jan 28

Fri Jan 17

chadworth buildings NOW CHASWORTH HOUSE

Micky Jones

I lived in Chadworth Buildings and went to Moreland Street School. Do you know of the people mentioned. Also do you remember the pawn shop corner of Lever street and Cenral Street.?

Tue Jan 14

chadworth buildings NPW CHASWORTH HOUSE

I knew ther Jones family who lived at 47 Rahere Street. I lived in CDid you know of anybody who lived ib Chadworth.chadworth Buildings and went to Morerland Street School

Tue Jan 14

chadworth buildings NPW CHASWORTH HOUSE

I knew ther Jones family who lived at 47 Rahere Street. I lived in CDid you know of anybody who lived ib Chadworth.chadworth Buildings and went to Morerland Street School

Tue Jan 14

Do you know of the names mentioned.

Tue Jan 14

Rahere street EC1

My great grandad and grandma lived a 11 Rahere St in 1912 any other people have relatives who lived there ?

Wed Nov 27

chadworth buildings NPW CHASWORTH HOUSE



Sun Jan 13

chadworth buildings

do you know what happened to yhe people who lived over the jewellers/pawnshop corner of central st and lever st.

chas e,mail

Sat Aug 11



I can fill in details about the Gray's from Chadworth Buildings as my Grandparents lived there with their five children.

Sun Jul 29

Friedns in the chadworth Buildins

I lived in Chadworth in 1935 and wonder if zny ov freinds of those days are srill with us. Kathy Rowe, Ron Gray, Len Tappin, Olive Durran, Betty Wilinson and famiy, If so would they [lease get in touch with me to chat old times.

Contact e'mail

Thu May 10

Finsbury Lever Street/Central Dt

I lived in Chadwoth Buildings until 1935. Knew the TAPPINS,

RrOWES, Graya and the Durrants who lved over the pawnbrokers.


Thu Apr 06

Fri Nov 20


Is there a I grew up in Finsbury facebook site?

Sun Apr 26

George Butler was offered terms by Spurs, but it was not a secure or lucrative occupation in 1937. He had a rough war, ending up in the Silesian coal mines, as a POW. He is survived by a daughter.

P Butler, nephew

Fri Jan 23

c Williams Chadworth

Please contact me on London Finsbury or mail me

Sun Oct 19

C Willam Chadworth Buildings

Have you has any luck with tyhe search for the Rowes and Tappins


Mon Aug 11

Micky Jones Chadworth

Contact me

Sat Aug 02

My Chadworth Buildings

Micky Jones you are seeking the same people as I who lived in Chadworth Bldgs. Have you had any luck also what is your interst in the search/

Contact me on My Finsbury or mail me on

Sat Aug 02

Finsbury Finsbury Search

Did you have any luck with your search. Also what are your connections with Chadworth Bldgs.

Let me know on E'mail or My Finsbury E'mail

Sat Aug 02

Chadworth Buildings

can anybody tell me what happened to the pawnshop on the corner of Lever Street and Central Street where the Hotel now stannds I lived in Chadworth Buildings up to 1935. Went to Moreland Street Schhool, Mr Farrant the Head.

Any info to any aspects of the areas, please communicare on e'mail

Tue Jul 22

Finsbury President Street c1900 photographs

Have discovered that these photo albums belonged to the ' Goosey ' family. After some research I have found out that Walter Alfred Goosey, 234, Goswell Road, E.C. was landlord of The Champion Public House in 1899.

Sat Jul 12

President Street Photographs c1900

Please contact me at

Sat Jul 12

President Street, E.C.

I am researching a photograph album c1900 with some views of President Street, E.C. Would be pleased to hear from anyone who may be able to identify any of the buildings and houses including a pub. One building in an adjacent road has a large sign saying ' Strohmenger Pianos '.

Tue Jul 08

Chadworth Buildings

No luck yet, though a Jim Leppard got in touch who knew what happened, but no further contact.

What is your interest? Please contact by e'mail

Sat Jun 28

Chadworth Buildings

No luck yet, though a Jim Leppard got in touch who knew what happened, but no further contact.

What is your interest? Please contact by e'mail

Sat Jun 28

Finsbury president street

President street ran from maccafield street where carta pattersons we're pass Sinclair house pass the kangaroo cafe onwards pass kings square and stopped at goswell road hope this helps people trying to identify the street where I grew up.

Sat Jun 07

Chadworth Buildings

Have you had any luck finding with the Rowes and Tappins.

Sat May 03

Tappins?Rowes Chadworth Buildings

My school friend was Len Tappin and we lived above the Rowes in Chadworth about 1934/35.

I wonder if any are still around.

Charles Bird

Sun Apr 06



Thu Feb 06

Finsbury Search

I've seen these adverts for Chafworth Buildings, I too would like to find out what happened to The Rowes and Tappins who lived there prior, during and post ww2.

Sun Sep 01

Chadowrh Buildings


Sun Aug 11

The Old Protector, it had a painting of Cromwell on the door, although it looked more like a hole in the wall.

Thu Aug 08

Finsbury Central Street/Lver ST

I am amazed that there appears there is nobody around who lived in Chadworth Buildings during and after WW2 or so it seems with the umpteen trequests appearing on my london Finsbury site.

Please someone answer or delete from the site.

Tue Aug 06

Moreland Street School Butler

Received your reply. I would have loved to seen George's medals. caps etc. Now live in Cambs. Age 88.

Went to Moreland Street school about 1934/35.

Lived in Chadworth Buildings.

Now in touch with relatives of the Jones a large family of about 8 who lived in Rahere St prior, during and after WW2. No doubt they would remember the names you mentioned.

Do you remember the pawnshop corner of Central St Lever St. Make contact on London My Finsbury

Sat May 11

Chadworth Buildings Jim Leppard

Any infor about the people mentioned Tappins gray and Rowe also the Durrants.

Reply to Chadworth Buildings or mail me

Mon May 06

Finsbury Central Street

Canyou help? seeking information on the PawnShop that was on the corner of Lever Street and Central Street prior and during WW2 and the occpants who lived above.

When last visited the area, many years ago, a hotel stands where it once was!

Mon Apr 29

Finsbury Central Street

What happened to the Pawnshop Reader's corner of Central St reet and Lever Street. Also any info on a George Butler who played for Enland Schoolboys, went to Moreland Street school, believe his father had a boot and shoe repair shop in Central Street.

Any info much appreciated.

Mail me

Sun Mar 24

Finsbury Chadworth Bldgs

I am giving up trying to find information re Chadworth Buildings and the Pawnshop. It appears that there is nobody left who lived there between 1935 and 1950.

The only person who had some knowledge of this time is Jim Lappard but he does not make contact.

Please delete all my messages re Chadworth Buildings except this ons. Many thanks mail me char;

Fri Mar 08

Finsbury Jim Lappard Chadworth Bldgs

Re Olive D and Ronnie Gray info appreciated

mail me

Sun Feb 24

Finsbury Jim Lappard

Hi Jim

Noted some time ago your message stated you knew Olive D. I have been given to understand that she masrried Ronnie Gray from Chadworth and they moved to the Tottenham area.

Is this correct/

Sun Feb 24

River street

River street .....any one live there 1955/65

Sun Jan 20

River Street

Anybody live there between 1955/65

Sat Jan 19

Finsbury Chadworth Bldgs

Still searching for details as to what happened to the pawnbrokers, J Reader, on the corner of Lever st and Central St and the people who lived above the shop/

please conarcr on e'mail -

Fri Jan 18

CHadworth Buildings

Is Jim Leppard still around, please let me know. Have been trying to make contact with him

please mail me

Sun Oct 14

Chadworth -Jim Leppard

Please make contact mail me

Tue Oct 09

Finsbury Chadworth Bldgs

I am looking for anybody who lived in Chadworth prior and during the war to chat about what hashpaaned to the area and the people who lived there.

Just call me.

Tue Oct 09

Finsbury Chadworth Bldgs

Is there nobody about who lived in Chadworth prior and during the war. If you around please mail me

Thu Sep 27

Finsbury Chadworth Buildings/House

Is there anybody arouind who lived inChadworth Bkdgs prior /during and after the war.

Wouldbe interested in the chadworth what happened during the war.

Sat Sep 15

Leppard Chadworth Buildings/House

Jim Leppard are you any relation to the Leppard family of Chadworth Bldgs?

Contact me on e'mail

Tue Aug 28

Rowes, Tappins, Grays Chadworth Bldgs

Contact me

Sun Aug 26

Tappins, Gray and Durrant

Please make contact info reuired for personal history

many thanks

Sat Aug 25

Finsbury Chadworth Bldgs

I lived there in the mid 30's and currently writing my life story. At present stuck about the years in Finsbury and Chadworth. Any news of the Tappins, Rowes, Gray's and the fasmily who lived over the pawnshop, also what happened to it as a hotel stands on the spot.

Any info would help.

Many thanks Mail me

Sun Aug 19

Chadworth Buildings Jim Leppard

Please make contact mail me;

Sat Aug 18

Finsbury Jim Lappard Chadworth Bldgs

Will contact My Finsbury each day for a message from you Jim Lappard

Thu Aug 16

Chadworth Bldgs Jim Leppard

Please make contact on e'mail

Sun Aug 12

Chadworth Buildings32/45

I have tried to find out what happened to the Tappins, Rowes, Grays who lived in Chadworth also the pawnshop that was on the corner of Lever st and Central St.

A Jim Leooard posted that he knew of these people but cannot trace any reply from hom. Do you know?

Sat Aug 11

Finsbury Jim Leppard

Please phone me with details of Chadworth Bldgs and the friends of my early days **** ****0

Mon Aug 06

Moreland St School Butler


I recall some of the names you mention of Rahere Street, wonder what has happened them?

I would love to have a copy of George Butlers medals, caps etc. I wonder if I could make contact with his daughter, a pity I never knew this years ago, I lived in Eltham only a stones throw from Bexley.

Sun Aug 05

Chadworth Buildings Jim Leppard

Hi Jim

PLease make contact on phone or e'mail with any info about Chadworth and the people.

Sun Aug 05

Finsbury Chadworth Buildingd

Where are all you people who lived in Chadworth Buildings now named Chadworth House.

I lived at No12 who lives there now.

Are the pawnbrokers still on the corner of Central and Lver Street?

Cmake contact my e'mail

Mon Jul 30

Chadworth Buildings Jim Leppard


Please make contact. Very interested in the Tappins and Grays, also the Rowes and Durrant.

E.Mail me

Sun Jul 22

Moreland Street School Butler

I also played football at Moreland Street, George Butler was a couple of years ahead of me.

Did George ever turn pro or whar did he do when he left school?

Would love to see some cuttings and his photo especially wearing his international cap.

Charles Mail me

Fri Jul 13

Moreland St School Butler

I wonder if you knew the Jones family of Rahere street and any history of the surrounding area, I lived in Chadworth Buildins until 1935. Mail ME

Wed Jul 11

Chadworth Buildings

Please make contact re the Tappins, Grays and Durrant.

Very interested to know about them.**** ****0

or mail me

Wed Jul 11

Jim Lappard Chadworth Buildings

Hi Jim

It is evident you know of the Tappins,Grays and the family who lived over the pawnbrokers corner of Lever Street/

Central Street. Woild like to know more Info.

Please make contact on e.mail or post.

Tue Jul 10

Jim Lappard

If you are still around or any body that knew you please contact me e'mail

Sun Jul 08

Jim Lappard

Please make contact to share memories of Chadworth Buildings, the Grays, Tappins and the pawnbrokers.


Sun Jul 08

Jim Leppard 13th May

Hi Jim

Wouild love to hear of the whereabouts of these people,especially what happend to those who lived over the pawnbrokers whenit was pulled down for the Hotel.

Please make contact

Wed Jul 04

Chadworth Buuildings now Chadworth House?Pawnshop Readers

Please make contact sa I would like to know ahet ghappened to these people duting and after the war. Iheard that Olive married Ron Gray.

contact e#mail

Tue Jul 03

Chjadworth Building /Pawnshop

charles.218@talktalk is waiting to hear from you.

Sun Jul 01

Readers - Pawnbrokers Lever Street/Central Street

If you knew the people who lived over the shop please make contact. Would like to know their whereabouts inc

Tappins, Grays and Rowes - what happened to them over the years. The Rowe family lived below us, we at No12.

Played football as a lad beside the R Gunner factory.

MY e'mail address is

Sat Jun 30

Finsbury Chadworth Buildings

I am so pleased that I have a reply and would like to know more about the people mentioned. Where are they now.

I did try to find out after the war but could not find any info. Alao many roads had been damaged, Rahere Street in particular. The pawnbrokers family would be of particular interest.

The last time I went to Chadworth a hotel was on the corner where the pawnbrokers were, in fact stayed in the hotel.

my e'mail address for contact

Sat Jun 30


Yes it is the sane Jones. Knew all the family including Mr & Mrs. Hsd tea with then many a time.

Sat Jun 30


I lived at no3 from 1952 and left 1961 aged 9. I would be very interested to see the old photos. There seemed to be a problem with the e mail link so if you could text it to ********1 I look forward to contacting you.

Tue May 15

Chadworth Buildings

I knew the Tappins, Grays both of these families lived in the corner block in Chad, also Olive Durrant, who lived over the pawnshop George Reader's on the corner of Lever and Central Streets. She was a friend of my sister Peggy.

Sun May 13


MY great uncle was a david jones living on Rahere street, he had loads of brothers and sisters? alf, bill, harry, rita etc..... hope its the same one as id love to hear stories of when he was a child.

Fri May 04

president street london ec1


I lived there as a young child for 10 years at no2

the street went from kings square upto goswell road

the victorian terrace houses were demolished in the early sixties as part of the slum clearance programe

there is a long block of flats exactly were the road was

now called president house, part of the King square estate which goes from Goswell road to Central streeet and Lever street to the south

Kings square park was retained [where all the local kids played] Also most children went to Moorland street primary school which was an old Victorian / edwardian school which again was demolished and a new school stands on the same site

Also there was an old public house named

`the champion`on the corner of president street and goswell road, the area was under Finsbury council until swallowed-up by the larger Islington council to the north of the borough

Thu Mar 08

Did you know the Rowe's, Tappins or the girl who lived over the pawnshop?


Sun Nov 06

Chadworth Buuildings now Chadworth House

In 1935 I lived in Chadworth Buildings No 12

I wonder what it is like now. I remember we had 2 bedrooms and a galley kitchen with the toilet on the small landing outside the kitchen

Had great fondness for the area with great school friends especially David Jones who lived in Rahere Street, we both went to Moreland Street school,

Mr Farrant the Head. Left the area late 35 moved to Brockley SE London.

Can any body recall Chadworth and Moreland Street Schhol. Would be pleased to hear.

Sat Oct 22

At 17 Rahere st was a pub called Berkley Castle and

opposite side of road was pub called The Protector, hope this is of some help.

I lived in Rahere St in 1948


Sun Oct 16

Rahere Street

Would anyone know the NAME of the Public House/Beer House that was situated at 63 Rahere Street. My Gt Grand Mother and my Grand Mother, Millicent Terry, as a young girl lived there between 1901 to 1909. I cannot find the Pubs NAME.


J Carnaby

Sun Sep 04

Chadworth Buildings

Is there anybody arounf who lived in Chadworth Buildingd 1933/1935 or who knew the following - Ron Gray, Les Tappin. Olive Durrant, Kath Rowe.

Please make contact

Tue Aug 23

Chadworth Buildings

Brings back memories of 1935 when I lived in No 12 Chadworth Buildings. There used to be a Pawnbrokers Shop on the corner of Lever St/Central Str - I wonder what happened to the people who lived there, I believe the name was Durrant or Durrance. Young girl called Olive!

Wed Aug 10


my step grandfather was mayor of finsbury in 1963-4 and i have his medallion. would the council be interested in it for a museum or such? we dont need it i we thought it should be returned. it was made by simpsons of kings cross. his name was arthur goldshaw.

Sat Jun 11

Hi in mid 50's lived in Seven sisters rd. was about 7 at time and found what looked like a skeleton. Only last year did my mum say it was a body another kids mum reported it. I thought over the years may have got it wrong. Anyone heard about this? was near a reservoir.

Fri Jul 30



I am 30 years old carpenter with 10 years of experience.

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Fri Apr 23


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Fri Jan 08

Moved childrens matial arts

Hi all well we are now into the new year 2010 we have moved from Bob Breens acadamy to a new place

still doing fun stuff Jkd and wresling getting fit and lots of games

Alex Livingstone Formally the senior instructor for children at the bob breen’s academy

be well and safe

Wed Jan 06

I lived from 1931 to 1935 in Chadworth Buildings and would like to know if the following people are still around who lived in the buildings or local : Ron Gray, Len Tappinn, Kath Rowe,

Olive Durrant (Durrance) or the Jones family who lived in Rahere Street. Any info where they are now?


Mon Sep 07

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