Welcome to London Fenchurch St

Karaoke Tomorrow

I'm involved in karaoke and there's a very good karaoke coming up tomorrow, for those of you in the Central/City London area starting at 6pm.


American Independence Day


(Nearest Station Liverpool Street 10 mins walk or v Bus Routes 40, 149 within 5 minutes)

Hope to see you there.


Tue Jul 03


Dear sir i see your Church website found the internet send me your membership form and i have a Youth and they all work to a currently issues . And i am offering you your Church

sap oncer to my youth .

please don't forget my letter .


Sun Apr 15

City worker seeking one bed flat in Fenchurch Street

City worker seeking one bed flat to rent in Fenchurch Street for region of £500-550 pcm if anyone knows of anything or has a flat please

Fri Jan 26

Fenchurch St station used to be called the misery line, now they have one of the best records for time keeping since they have had the C2C trains. and they are not packed in the mornings, or evening's

Thu Mar 23

Train from Fenchurch Street to Abbey Wood

Can you get a train from Fenchurch street to Abbey Wood and Vice Versa

Sun Oct 09


Yes, you can get a train to Southend Central from Fenchurch Street; they run at least once every half-hour and usually more frequently than that.

If you are travelling with children ask for a Family Ranger; this allows each adult to travel for £5 and each child under 16 to travel for £1 - this is actually a day rover ticket so you could also fit in a shopping trip to Basildon or Lakeside if you wanted. Otherwise you can get a cheap day return. There doesn't appear to be a ticket which also includes admission to the theme park.

For more info visit the rail company's website at: www.c2c-online.co.uk

Tue May 24


Can you get a train from Fenchurch St to South end on sea?

If so, do you do an all inclusive deal of travel fare and entrance to the theme park?

Tue May 24

Dial a Cab Black Taxis

Dial a Cab are a safe and reliable, black taxi company, you can book by credit card which helps......

0207 426 3420

Wed Apr 23

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