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I have been clearing out and came across a wooden hanger with a label attached - 14-18 Walworth Rd SE17 would anyone local like it as a momento?

Sat Nov 21

Remember going there 63. 64. After the scene kicked out 6am. Having a soft drink. Then walk back to Lewisham. Fuckin brilliant.

Wed Mar 27


I used to go there in 1965. It has a great juke box and a pinball you could shake and never tilt! There were a lot of petty criminals there involved in all sorts of crimes. People would disappear and reappear with amazing regularity as they served out their time. There was some drug dealing there but only things like purple hearts. I believe it got raided by police and they closed it down. Probably for the best.

Sat Nov 03


I used to go there in 1965. It has a great juke box and a pinball you could shake and never tilt! There were a lot of petty criminals there involved in all sorts of crimes. People would disappear and reappear with amazing regularity as they served out their time. There was some drug dealing there but only things like purple hearts. I believe it got raided by police and they closed it down. Probably for the best.

Sat Nov 03

The Blue Rooms

Blue Rooms in Walworth Road, few doors up from the original Baldwins Sarsparella shop, was run by Bill, a Cypriot. Very steep stairs opened out to a small dark basement, with the counter directly at the foot of the stairs. It was a well known hangout for Mods in the early 1960's. Always open late into the night and early mornings. Bill also ran the Rodney Cafe (not sure of the dates but around mid sixties). Earlier was a Rockers meeting place, where Ritchie Almond (spelling?), known as The Bear, would lean flat over the petrol tank as held the bars (clip ons?) he drove away!

Sun Jun 11


I have an hanger also...it`s very special, i had a few suites made there in 64/65 really nice.

Do you have any photos of the main shop front?


Wed Jun 01

Dear searcher for A. Levy Tailoring at the Elephant & Castle

It had a big ship front on a cornor 16- 18 Walworth Rd . it was established in 1873 by A Levy when he died he left the bussiness to Dave Lyons the manager. I am 83 and my father new Dave Lyons and had his suites made there.We lived near Camberwell, I can email a photo of a suite hanger that I have with the name on it, with a few more details.

Thu Aug 21

The Blue Rooms

Anyone remember The Blue Rooms Cafe in the Walworth Road During the 1960's?

Good for dancing downstairs, also great table football

Also The Rodney Cafe in Rodney Road. Used by Rockers mainly

Thu Jul 11

Double Room for Rent in Elephant and Castle!!!

Furnished double room in a top floor (3rd) 3 bedroom flat; all bills included; lively street with amenities; excellent connection to city centre and around London (buses 12,35,40,45,68,171,176,148,468 - elephant and castle and kennington tube stations within a 5 - 10 min walk); roof terrace; £680 a month. Couples accepted.

Do not hesitate to contact me

Tue Apr 23

Elephant & Castle Levy

Can anybody remember Leve's the tailors at the E&C.

I always had my suits made there, absolutely first class.

What happened to the as the last time I visited E&C they were no longer there?

Whe a youngster lived in Councillor St and grandparents lived in Royal Terrace off Hillingdon St.

Now all changed!!

Wed Jan 30

charlie chaplin pub

can anybody remember the name of a west indian singer who used to sing in the chaplin reguarly in the 1970s, he was there for a long time

Thu Jul 21

Need a Plumber/heating engineer?



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Mon Jul 04

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Mon Feb 22

Recycling Workshop

Saturday 21 November

Smart Shopping

11am to 3pm

Avoid pointless packaging, banish plastic bags and learn how to shop smart to make the most of your food and avoid waste. Our friendly staff will be on hand with all the tips and tricks to making a trip top the shops as green as possible.

Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre

Elephant & Castle,

London, SE1 6TE

Fri Oct 30

Walking my Walworth

Hi there.

I have recently come across a book called Walking my Walworth, it's about a young girl living in Walworth during the sixties, it gives a real insight into the area etc for anyone that might be interested.

Sun May 03

Charity Clothes Sale

Emmaus is a Homeless Charity based at 9a Knights Hill

West Norwood. Are holding aCharity Clothes Sale on Saturday 15th November 9.30 - Noon. New coats, Jeans, hat and glove sets. Limited stock of designer clothes such as Warehouse/ John Rocha / Next New Hand bags/ Ornaments and much more. All Items are new most are still in their original packaging with their original price lables.All the proceeds from this sale go towards supporting the work we do with the homeless.

Free addmission and refreshments available.

Thu Oct 23

Charity New to You clothes sale

Emmaus South Lambeth which is a community for homeless people is holding a New to You clothing sale on Saturday 15th November from 9.30am -12.

We have a limited supply of designer lables such as John Rocha / Next / Debenhams/ Warehouse. Most of these items are in their original packaging with their price lables attatched

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Sat Oct 18

The Hollies childrens home reunion

There is a reunion for people that were in the Hollies Childrens home Sidcup,its on Sept 13th for further info contact Martin

Sat Aug 23

TV Pilot seeks Amateur cooks

I am making a TV pilot and am looking for anyone who is talented in the kitchen.

I am looking for any keen cooks who would be willing to cook for a food critic on television. The most outstanding cooks will win an award. We are looking for amateur cooks rather than professionals to take part.

If you are interested or may know anyone who may be interested (at this stage this is for a pilot show). Please email me on

Tue Aug 19

What is Elephant and Castle really like?

Im a young professional looking about living in Elephant and Castle. Ive seen a flat on Falmouth Road, its a private flat but there are predominantly council flats in the block.

Ive been told to stay away from Elephant and Castle but can it really be that bad?

If anyone has any knowledge or comments they would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

Wed Mar 19

Who owned the Elephant and Castle? Was this the one that got hit 3 times during the war?

Does anyone have a picture?

Fri Feb 01

The Hollies Childrens Home Sidcup

I was brought up in south london untill I was 9 then due to my family splitting up I was sent to the Hollies childrens home in Sidcup run by the Southwark council was you or anyone you know in the Hollies,,We hold reunions every year so get in touch

Mon Jan 21

domestic cleaner

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Sat Oct 06



I've just moved to old kent road and am looking for some ballet, contemporary, street dance, or yoga classes near by???

If anyone knows of any if you could email me on annadowns3@ hotmail . com that would be great!!



Wed Sep 19

experiaced cleaner

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Sat Sep 08

Catholic Church

Is there one on the Aylesbury / Heygates

Anyone know if it is a friendly one?


Tue Jul 31

Henshaw Arms Elephant & Castle London

Not sure if the Henshaw Arms is still there at the Elephant and Castle, however my great Aunt Maud Lersh was the wartime landlady who kept it open through the war WW2 for the locals and the firemen and medical staff during the heavy bombing of the area.

She was one of the few female licenced landladies of the time and is remembered fondly for her character and determination If anyone has more info let us know

Sun Jul 08

Looking for old friend from Elephant and Castle


I am in Canada and used to have a friend named Sal that worked at the Elephant and Castle Pub in Newington. This was in 1996. I am looking for him and would appreciate it if anyone has know or knows how to get ahold of him, Thanks.

Sat May 19

childcare provider in se15 and local area

hi to all, im a registered childminder in se15, i have two vancanies for 2 children aged 1 year + i attend a local childminders/ toddlers nursey on a tuesday morning, whilst still searching for others. i do activites with children in my own home and outdoors with a range of FUN yet educational...


Wed May 16

There's also a pub called the Nags Head in Camberwell Road.

Sun Apr 29

Bhangra Aerobics, Bollywood Kick & Kebab Disco

Fast & Furious dance aerobics to World Music.

Mobilise. Energise. Kick it! Shake it! Tone. Stretch. Relax.

Then go home & reward yourself with a massive curry.

Each bhangra-aerobics class will set you back by at least 500 cal

Classes in Mon-Sat London SE



Thu Mar 08

hello my name is lina I would really like to go at this kind of meeting but Im not really sure if I can becouse Im not english Im from bolivia and my english is not so good, ok I just want to know your opinion... anyway Im very friendly and I would like to know some people here in london ok see you then, thanks, bye

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Wed Jan 03


Mon Dec 04

Fake person

I think you are a fake person. If you're not, please tell me about your life. What's your favourite colour?

Mon Dec 04

There's a Nag's Head in Peckham, about 300 yards or so from Peckham Rye station. Not sure if that is the one you were thinking of.

Fri Oct 20

pet friendly flats/houses

Please do not use an agency to find a flat or house.

75% of the people never get their deposit back.

I lost £760 last time I rented a flat to an agency!!!

Sun Jun 18

Where is the pub called The Nags Head? Is it in the Elephant?

Fri Apr 21

Pet Friendly Flats/Houses

I am looking to let a flat with my husband that allows pets, as we are looking to get a puppy. Does anyone know of any agencies that have "pet friendly" properties? Thanks.

Fri Jan 13

dear Sir

I live in Marlborough Close/near elephant & castle.

Pls advise nearest GP in that area.

Sun Nov 20


No its been demolished and replaced with a small block of flats

Thu Nov 10

swimming pool

no not no more dont think ??

Sat Oct 15

good docters

falmouth road doc are good

Sat Oct 15

The Henshaw Arms

Is the Henshaw Arms pub still there.

It was in Henshaw street, down the road from the elephant and castle.

Thu Sep 22

Manor Place Surgery, 1 Manor Place, SE17. A very good surgery.

Tue Sep 20

Looking for a gym?

Hi there, there is a private gym just up the road from E&C. It's on Lower Marsh, just round the corner from Waterloo. It's got a pool, sauna,exercise area etc.

Sat Nov 13


Does anyone know a good doctor around SE1? Thanks

Fri Sep 17

Boring but excellent location and safe enough

Elephant and Castle won't win any prizes for architecture, nightlife or shopping, but if you want to get anywhere in London then I would say it's the best transport hub in the whole city. And although the area has a reputation for being rough, if you're sensible and act as though you know where you're going (admittedly a challenge in E&C's labyrinthine subways) then it's no more sketchy than Old Street, Brixton or Hackney. And this comes from a boy who grew up on the West Wales coast where the nearest town was a 30 minutes walk !

Tue Aug 10

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