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Kay Cooper

Kay cooper passed away 19 August 2013 if any body knew her would like you to contact me

Mon Mar 10

did you move to braybrook in the end? any thoughts on the area...we are now looking.

Sun Jun 10

did you move to east acton? i am currently looking to and I dont know much of the area....? any advice?

Sun Jun 10

what is east acton like?

what is it like living in east acton? by the park there are lots of nice houses. is it a nice neighbourhood? or is it mainly council houses? is there a community feel around there?

Sun Jun 10


do any body know of romal the guy who had the tank parked on his driveway on the western avenue just befor the the shops

Fri Jun 08


Parkside. East acton lane. London w3. 7lb

Mon Jun 27

Fri May 06

Fri May 06

Fri May 06

remove this posting

Fri May 06

I rememer Kay she had a feller called brian lived on the estate he called her lolly pop

Sat Mar 05

Any body remember Kay cooper meletuse street

dark hair very freindly liked the boys

Wed Mar 02

someone interested in practising E speaking?

Have come to UK recently. I would like to perfect my English communicative skills. Anyone shrare the same idea? I live near Iceland. Every afternoon and evening available. Thanks for your time

Thu Jul 29

Hi Sarah!

Hey Sarah! I live in east acton as well! I am 22 and single... wanna meet up go for a cup of coffee??? ;)

Thu Jul 22

bromyard secondary school

hi my name is margaret stewart i went to bromyard 56-59 anyone there remember me

Sun Apr 04


Thu Jul 02

RE: information on East Acton

East Acton is a great secret of London - it's got a great park - Wormwood Scrubs, which has beautifal sunsets, a kids baseball league, running track and even people flying mechanical planes. It is also a great places for getting into the centre of London - on central line in Zone 2 so it only takes 20 mins to get into Oxford Circus. The place generally feels really safe.

Just don't tell everyone as it is much cheaper than the rest of London at the moment as no-one has heard of the place so they assume it must be out in the suburbs.

Sat Jun 13

What is East Acton like?

I have found a really nice house with really nice housemates in East Acton but it's my first place in London and I just want to know about the area - I've heard of Camden, Shoreditch and Camden but never East Acton!

Sat Jun 13

ast acton

you lot.! ive lied n east acton for 13 Years almost 14 and your telling people THE NEGITIVE east acton it good end of

yah suck ouh

Fri Jun 12


plz what is andress thank

Wed Mar 11

Westway Surgery


I am looking for a good GP in East Acton. Can you tell me the Address and Phone number of the Westway Surgery!!! It would help me a lot as I can't find them in the Internet.

Fri Jan 30

Tue Oct 14

Thanks, could you send me the full address of the GP, pleas?

Tue Oct 14

Mon Oct 13

Fri Sep 12

Springfield (Acton) Bowls Club

Springfield (Acton) Bowls Club

between 25/27 Western Gardens



W5 3RS

Tel: (020) 8992 1810

New members required

Fri May 09

Acton Park Bowls Club

Acton Park Bowls Club

East Churchfield Road




Tel: (020) 8743 6552

New members required

Thu May 08

Information on the east acton area ???

I am currently living in fulham with my partner and our 2 children that are 7 and 10, but have been offered a 3 bedroom house in East Acton, but I don't really no the area that well and would like as much information as possible. Thank you. You can email me @

Fri Apr 11


Sun Dec 02

there bare shottas and livin here for twelve years turned me into a criminal oh yer you would live right next to a prision

Wed Nov 21


Mon Nov 05

Hi Yasmin

I did say that's not the only thing putting me off going there! The previous lady was good....what do you get done there? Hair or other stuff...are you still using it these days? I ain't been there for a long time or only do threading if I go there after a bad experience...what you told them about my above message? Who the manager? But do you know of any other local salons?

Sun Oct 14


what's a GP????

Tue Sep 18

Im so glad to hear that!

I am moving to The Green in East Acton in 2 months from the States, and I was reading all these posts about how many muggings there are and all kinds of negative stuff which started to put me off the idea of this area, but then I read what you had to say and really appreciated it. I am in my 20's so I am anxious to hear what kind of stuff there is to do in East Acton. Also, how do you feel abou the crime issue? I doubt it could be worse than the south side of Chicago, where I am coming from, and I have never had a problem in London, as long as you are aware of your surroundings and potential dangers where ever you are in the world, do you agree? Or, do you think that East Acton is particularly shady? please email me at

Tue Sep 18

East Acton Gardener/Garden Maintenance Services

I am looking for a gardener who would do a bit of maintenance work both in my front and back gardens i.e. weeding, lawn moving, removing dead heads from flowers, pruning, general winter preparation etc. It is a day's work. We live close to the East Acton tube station. Look forward to hearing from those interested. Please reply to

Thu Aug 30

massage on a regular basis

I am 58 Male and looking for a masage on a regular basis

male or female

this is a serious enquiry

Tue Aug 28

Salons in East Acton


I am replying to your message to say that I think you are being very unfair to complain about Station Salon especially as you have been using it for a while. Just because recently a new person has taken over the beauty side and you have not been happy, would it not have been more sensible to go and see the Owner and discuss your problem. This way you are giving the whole place a bad name and spoiling their very long standing good reputation. I have been going to Station Salon for more than 20 years and I have no complaint about the Salon and the proprietor at all. In fact the Proprietor is always willing to listen to any complaints very positively to improve standards.

So I suggest you go and see her and tell her what the problem is. She is expecting to happily have a chat with you. Please do go or telephone her.

Thu Jul 19

Looking for houseshare in east Acton


I am South African and looking for a single room with double bed in a House share with other South Africans/Aussies. Can anybody help me?


Wed Jul 18

Looking for South African/Aussie houseshare


I am living in Leyton and want to move to east Acton. I am looking for a South African/ Aussie houseshare. Budget is £90 per week all bills included. Something walking distance to the tube. Single room with double bed. Can anyone help me?



Tue Jul 17



Does any one know of any good salons in East Acton that do waxing aside from the Naz Station Salon (opposite East Acton Station) as I need to make trips to the salon a lot and have to traval a bit of of distence, I use to go Naz salon but recently they got a new lady who recently got wax stuck of me and could not get it off so that along with other things puts of me off that place! If someone could let me know of some, that would be great!

Wed Jun 13

James Fawkes

From 1983 till 2003 I used to have a pal named James Fawkes who used to live in Shilliker Court. James then had a couple of strokes and my health went into decline. We used to keep in touch by telephone and exchange Christmas cards. However, last Christmas I did not receive a card and I can not reach him by telephone. Since Jim must be in his late 70s by now, could anyone please tell me if he is still alive?

Tue Jun 05

Tara Camogie Club London

Tara Camogie Club, London are holding an Open Day on Saturday 14 April at Tir Chonaill Park, Greenford, from 11am to 3pm.

Camogie is the ladies version of Hurling and the session is open to complete beginners; past and experienced players alike.

Pre-booking is not essential but would be appreciated. If this is not possible – just turn up. Contact: Sheila – 0777 1957 341 or 020 8561 3544. Further details can be found at www.camogie.co.uk

Wed Mar 14


Hi Guys. London Nigerian Rugby Football Club are recruiting players and volunteers!



Wed Feb 28

Thu Jan 11

local gym with aerobics- pay as u go in East Acton?

I would like to know whether we have a nice gym with aerobics in the area, near bus stop for safe coming back home.

Thu Dec 28

local gym with aerobics- pay as u go in East Acton?

I would like to know whether we have a nice gym with aerobics in the area, near bus stop for safe coming back home.

Thu Dec 28

Hi J

There is a local Docs on Westway, off Brassie ave. Also one on near corner where the Dentist is on same side as Iceland.

Regards, K

Tue Dec 19

doctor in east acton


i'm looking for the nearest doctor in the east acton area; i live around the shop iceland. do you know any doctor in this area? it will help me a lot, thank you for your answer!

Tue Nov 14

The local council is Hammersmith and Fulham.

Fri Sep 01

hi i am planning to move to burlington danes accomodation of hammersmith hospitals in east acton.how is the area like,is it safe and is it ok to park car on the road.

Mon Jul 10


hi yaa

i like to play league cricket and i also want play for league cricker teams if any one know about this letter ple let me know thaz.

Thu Jun 22

Thinking of moving to East Acton

My partner and i are looking at renting a property in East Acton in Braybrook road,as i have no knowledge of the area could anyone tell me the good and bad of living here?

Sat Apr 29

I have lived in East Acton for five years and although it's rather depressing in terms of the local shops and some of the people wandering about I have never had any trouble whatsoever coming home late at night from the tube station. It's biggest pull is the location and I think sometime soon the cafes will move in and the prices will treble...The Green is the best spot...

Thu Mar 16

CASPER black & white cat still missing

casper is a black and white 5 year old male cat he went missing from norbroke st w12 on 26/05/05.we are still looking for him ! if you or know anyone who has been feeding a cat from this time please contact me.he looks just like the cat on the cat food adverts .he has a pink nose and all his feet are white but all his pads are pink .he has a white bib .reward offered no time wasters please . he may still come if you call his name ? contact me at

Sat Jan 21

Where is the gym exactly?

And whats is its name? Thanks. x

Tue Dec 13

Yes, we live just off the A40 near the East Acton tube and we find it quite dangerous. We have a group of kids who hang around the neighbourhood at all hours who are very noisy and quite intimitating, we had a problem once of one of them smashing our front door window while they were playing a game where they knock on people's doors then run away. Also we had a woman mugged at 7am during the summer which meant that it was broad daylight at the time.

Fri Dec 02

East Acton Acton mainline line station and around...

Have recently moved right by the A40 but nearer the North Acton part of the road.

Use the mainline and tube station myself and have never experienced any problems. The area can look a bit grubby at times but it is deceptively peaceful.

My fiancee is a nurse, and therefore often leaves very early and comes home very late at night, and she has never had any problems or felt threatened.

Tue Nov 08

hey , to be honest you can't risk coming home that late on your own.

East acton has had the worst crime rate over the past 5-10 years.. i wouldn't recommend buying in this area. already i have heard off mugging that happened couple of weeks ago for a mobile phone.

Sun Jul 03

kids dancing classes

hi does anyone know off weekend dance classes for kids aged 3yrs - 8yrs? in the est acton area?

please let me know when and where and what the fees are thankyou.

street dance and bollywood .

Sun Jul 03

car boot sales


anyone know off any car boot sales taking place on the week end near east acton? i know about the shepherds bush one... it is not as good as it used to be.

thanks for reading

mail me

Sun Jul 03


Hi, my husband is a huge cricket fan, and heard that indias cricket team came to play a match at the park club in east acton last week june 05. I want to find out wether other matches like this will be played in the future and if so when? so he can go watch. Please send me an email.. as we live not so far from e.acton.


Sun Jul 03

Sun Jun 05

Local Council

What is the local council for East Acton

Thu Apr 07


I love east acton, if your in the age group of 18-25 there are lots of things to do and many people to make friends with.

Tue Dec 14


And there's always delays!!

Tue Dec 14

Park Club and Virgin Active

Tue Dec 14

Park Club

My boyfriend plays for Acton FC (Park Club) They play every sunday, very friendly, there home games are at Park Club gym, you can go in the gym after the game as well. They are a good team, they won there league last season.

Tue Dec 14


Tue Dec 14


Yes i am with the GP on the Westway, it is called Westway surgery. They are very good, i've been going for 5yrs now and have never had a problem.

Tue Dec 14


I have lived in East Acton for 4years now, just by the station, i'm 20 and go out at all hours on my own or with friends and have never experienced any problems. Obvisously you are going to get little crimes in every area but i would recommend e.acton to any one!

Tue Dec 14

Is East Acton a safe area? (The Golf Roads)

I am looking to move there and am wondering if it is a safe area as I may be walking there after 8pm most nights (I am female). Thankfully the house is only 5 minutes from the tube.

Wed Oct 13


there is a gym withiin walkin distance it is called virgin

Sat Oct 02

GP in East Acton

I find the health centre in White City (Australia Rd.) to be most helpful as they cover a wide range of services. Also the staff are nice people. I didn't like the approach of the staff at the small surgery on the Westway.

Mon Jul 12

saint aidans

i would like the phone number or e-mail of saint aidans in east

Tue Apr 06

I am living in East Acton( it's near tube station) and I want to see a doctor but I am new here so I dont know who should I call.

Mon Feb 02

Is there a football club i can play for in east acton.

can you please send me all the information, like trials and contact numbers of all the football clubs in the east acton or acton area. thank you

Thu Jan 08


Could any one recommend a good GP in East Acton Area?

Fri Aug 15

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