Welcome to London Earlsfield

Grew up on Aboyne Estate in late 1960s

I lived on the Aboyne Estate in the late 60-70's. I loved it. I am now an old fart living Australia but I never forgot my roots. My school was Smallwood Primary and then later the old Hillcroft School (Now Ernest Bevin).

Council estates were great then.

Tue Nov 01

Algurn Cycles

Wed Aug 03

Tue May 17

Hi,Does anybody remember E HARVERSON and Sons Builder Marchants

on Garrett lane in the 50 60 and 70s

Tue May 10


In 1951 the Carshalton Unity Wheelers based at Rose Hill mainly had their bicycle frames made by Higgins based at South Norwood but after one guy called Reg Skinner had a frame made by Algurney's many more followed.....still have photos of Reg riding his Algurn up the Salt Box, Kent in the club Hill Climb event.......great frames..........H Loydds have just introduced their decals..............riding over to that fantastic shop must bring back good memories to any club cyclist who experienced it at that time

Mon Dec 07


I attended Earlsfield Junior School probably from 1954/5 having been to Beartix Potter Primary School first, & then went on to the brand new Garratt Green Comprehensive School. Don't remember much about Earsfield Junior except the big open fires in winter & the only teacher I remember was Mrs Goulding, a short lady who wore very bright fitted suits & had a very large ring on one hand. She was quite scary I seem to remember & we were all scared of her. I lived opposite the girls entrance at 7 Tranmere Road & used to wait to hear the bell in the morning & then run over to the playground. Is there anyone who was there at around the same time? Pauline Mc Donald, Josephine Hartwell & Christine Soper are all people I went to school with. I also moved out in 1968 to get married. I would love to hear from anyone who goes back that far!!

Kathy Chambers nee ~Duckett

Thu Oct 15

Henry prince estate

Hi can anyone give me some information on the Henry prince estate? I am considering an flat exchange but have heard bad things about it, are they true?

Thank you in advance

Thu Sep 03

Interested in your cycle "..... My son purchased an Algurn in the 1970's. He is currently having the frame refurbished as he is 50 this year.

I cannot find much out about Algurn .. I was told that he was an Italian and that his name was in fact Algurney.

I would like pictures of your bike if possible ... And would willingly send pictures of my sons cycle.

Mon Jun 08

language exchange

Hi, im a woman from Spain, im30 and i would like to meet people to have a walk or a coffe arround Earlsfield. Im interested in practique English and I can teach you Spanish in Exchange.

Tue Aug 05

language exchange

Hi, im a woman from Spain, im30 and i would like to meet people to have a walk or a coffe arround Earlsfield. Im interested in practique English and I can teach you Spanish in Exchange.

Tue Aug 05

language exchange Spanish for English

Hi I live in Earlsfield and I would like to practice my English. If you are British, you have patience and you would like to have a walk or a tea and have a conversation I will be pleased and also I can teach you Spanish in exchange. I´m 32 from Madrid. thanks!!

Mon Jul 21

Algurns bike frame makers 1951

In 1951 I ordered my lightweight bike frame from Algurns, in Garratt Lane. The shop had steps down into the cellar where the frames were made and my frame had super hand filed lugs, Reynolds 531 tubing and the angle of the saddle stem was constructed to my height and specifications. Being just 15 with a delivery job after school, the frame was purchased by paying 5 shillings a week and when I collected the frame one of the two brothers offered to drive me home up Penwith Road to Southfields, no doubt to confirm the address I had given on the purchase terms.

Mon Jun 23

Algurns cycle engineers

It may amuse to know that I recently acquired an Algurn bike frame. It came from the fellow who had originally commissioned its manufacture: he gave me its specification sheet from them, dated Jan 1950. He had raced and toured on it for years afterwards, as had his son subsequently, and then, rather unusually, stuck it in his shed to collect dust. It was from there that it was retrieved last weekend, and presented to me, and I have built it up and use it everyday to go to work. It is a lovely frame, a road-track affair, with fancy hand-cut lugs, not as ornate as Hetchins or Gillotts, but simpler, with distinctive long tangs on the head tube. I’m now its second owner, the first having had it from 1950 to 2014.

Wed Feb 12

Algurns cycle engineers

Wed Feb 12

Fitness/cardio class

Hi there, just wondering if anyone knew of a good fitness class in Earlsfield?

Sat Feb 01

I cannot supply photos but grew up there as a child in Vanderbilt road

Mon Oct 21

I cannot supply photos but grew up there as a child in Vanderbilt road

Mon Oct 21

Wildflower yoga peadaromaolbheatha@yahoo.co.uk

I have a flier for Wildflower yoga who have started at ProPhysiotherapy near the station in Earlsfield. The first session is free (don't think you have to have the flier for that to happen! - They didn't ask me!)

Seem pretty good.

Just rock up seemingly on a Monday at 6.30 or 8 (or I think there's a Sunday morning one)

Hope that helps

Fri Sep 13


Hi I can do ironing for you on weekly basis or whenever you would need it.

I do ironing for people around south London area.

Looking forward to hear from you.


pls text me on 0787 1440 394

Tue Jul 30

Hairdressing Station

440 Garratt lane SW18 4HN


Tue Jul 09

Group Pilates Mat class

New EARLSFIELD PILATES group mat class starting Thursday 1st August at 7.15pm at Earlsfield Library. The library is less than 1 minute around the corner from Earlsfield station.

This Open group class is aimed is suitable for both beginners and those with experience! Pilates aims to address postural habits and body alignment in order to achieve ease of movement with an emphasis on muscle length rather than muscle bulk.

Special offer of your first class for just £5 but you must reserve a spot - Book your space now!

&#****;Reserve your space now by emailing

Wed Jul 03

Earlsfield Pilates.

Hi, I teach one-on-one Pilates in Earlsfield if you are still looking for a teacher. I trained with the Pilates Foundation, and have 6 years experience. You can find more about me at www.earlsfieldpilates.co.uk

If you have any questions please let me know via the website or on ********3,



Tue Jun 18

Pilates in Earlsfield

Pilates is the perfect exercise for all shapes and sizes, all age groups and all levels of fitness! At EARLSFIELD PILATES we tailor every class to match your requirements and aims.

Whether you are expecting a baby, training for a marathon or looking for a natural way to relieve stress our team will ensure that you receive the most appropriate level of training and guidance.

Classes are based on the latest Pilates&#****; equipment in order provide a range of flexible exercises best suited to your fitness regime.


If you have been thinking about Pilates, but you are not sure if it is right for you, why not call us and have a chat so we can explain it a little more?

Call us on ********3 or email

Wed May 08


Hi there

I'm hoping somebody might be kind enough to give me some insider local info on Earlsfield. We're looking to buy a house in the area between Openview and Swaby Road as it seems like a lovely, quiet residential area. Does anybody have any experience to the contrary or think there are any good or bad points about living there? Any info or advice would be really appreciated!

Thank you,


Thu Mar 14

Earlsfield is a very safe and pleasant part of London. Wandsworth is a great Borough generally - areas like Wandsworth Town, Putney, Southfields, Clapham and Wimbledon are all nice and close to Earlsfield.

Sat Nov 03


The area is really nice. Those flats are great but the ones on the right side are even better.

Sat Nov 03


Hi found a wallet corner of Duntshill Road and Garratt Lane this morning. Only photos and a couple of bank cards left, does anyone know a Clare M Smith who lives in Earsfield. Thinks she must live in the area, card for Bar 366 in the wallet also.

Sat Sep 29

Art Classes

I'm looking too...

I was thinking of putting an add up at the comedy venue (mini theatre) or getting in touch with Wandsworth council.

A group of 4-6 pupils and a retired art teacher for example, that would like to earn some extra cash.

Mon Aug 06

Im looking too

I was thinking of putting an add up at the comedy venue (mini theatre) or getting in touch with Wandsworth council.

A group of 4-6 pupils and a retired art teacher for example, that would like to earn some extra cash.

Mon Aug 06


Does anyone know of a good barber in Earlsfield?

Sun May 20


Hello - I have just seen your posting. We live on Earlsfield Road and have the most amazing cleaner. She's been with us for 7 years now and is reliable, very hard working, thorough, intelligent (ie, self starting if she's got free time she'll sort out other stuff in the house), completely honest, what more could you ask for.

PM me on aj_thomson at hotmail dot com if you're interested.

Tue May 08

Are you looking for a good local cleaner?

Based In Earlsfield we are a local cleaning company that offers a reliable and professional service in London primarily to the SW1-SW20 postcodes. Started in 1999 we have many long standing clients who appreciate our attention to detail and flexible service. We provide a professional & personally tailored regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning and ironing service plus one off spring cleans to domestic & commercial clients. Our cleaners are thoroughly vetted, comprehensively insured and fully trained to clean clients' homes or business premises to your specific requirements. What makes us so different? We always turn up, we always do what we say we are going to do and we care! If you would like to know more please call us on 0800 783 9370 or take a look at our website www.lightcleaning.co.uk or email us

Tue Mar 06

Henry Prince

Who was Henry Prince that the Henry Prince Estate was named after?

Mon Mar 05


Hi Amy,

I am moving to Earlsfield in the next 3 weels or so and will also be looking for a club/sports or other to go . Did you manage to find one? Or anything else that helped to meet new people in the area?

I'm 30, soon to be 31 and work in London

Mon Feb 27

New builds near Aboyne estate

Hi all

I am thinking of renting a place in the new builds next to the Abnoyne estate - can anyone tell me, is it safe round there?


Tue Jan 31


Hi there

I am considering renting one of the new flats next to the Aboyne estate - did you get an asnwer on this at all?

All the best


Tue Jan 31


Nazims trying to find your phone number to order some food can you help

Sat Dec 03

Advice on living in earlsfield road.

Nov 2011.


I am thinking of moving to earlsfield road from Manchester, the flats on the left side. Could any one tell me what the area is like to live in????.

Wed Nov 09

Hedge cutters Earlsfield

Hey - I wondered if anyone knew of mobile gardener or hedge cutter that they can recommend? We have quite a large hedge and have been quoted hundreds of pounds by professional gardeners?

Thank you

Mon Oct 24

Physio recommendation

I have tried two locally.

The westover house up on Earlsfield Rd. Very nice place (swish) but I couldn't use my BUPA cover with them so just had 1 session.

And more recently, ProPhysiotherapy in Smith's Yard, Summerley st. Behind the bank. Excellent friendly girl treated me. Just needed 2 sessions and I was done. Did exactly what I wanted - got back to the gym.

That's all I've got!

Good luck

Wed Jul 13

Anyone know a good physio in Earlsfield?

About a billion physios come up when you google them. Just wondering if anyone had heard of a good one. Preferably one near the station and not operating out of their garage!

Either post it here or my email is

Mon Jul 11

Need a Plumber/heating engineer?



Plumbing & Heating

Here at PP Plumbing and Heating Services. We offer a full range of services to domestic homeowners and commerical. Our company has an excellent reputation and prides itself on word of mouth recommendations. We pride ourself on the quality of work carried out, without the heavy charge.

Our team consists of highly skilled and qualified engineers working in London areas. All of our engineers are on call 24 hours a day and can be contacted at anytime. And no call out charge.


Mon Jul 04

Try Christophers, Plough Lane. Next to Wimbledon Dog Track.

It's also a Squash Club but you don't have to play.

It has a good Gym with free weights and machines. Gym only membership is pretty cheap.

Sat Apr 30

kds party

catholic churh by henry prince estate or the hall that belongs to the phone wandsworth council

Sat Dec 25

Pilates in Earlsfield SW18


Found this note on line. I'm looking for a good class. I've heard this one is good too! What's their name? I suppose I could just call in...

Tue Oct 26

Anyone know of a hall for hire for a kids disco in Earlsfield

Need a hall for a small kids party/disco in November, Earlsfield station area down to Burntwood Lane area ideally. Thanks

Sat Oct 09

I remember them - my parents bought my first bike there for my 5th birthday. There were two brothers - both a bit weird now I remember, I was always afraid going in there to get the bike repaired.

Wed Jul 21

anyone remember openview in the 60s?

Wed Jul 21

didn't they live at number 22? Anyway, I seem to remember Paul Radford was on friendsreunited.com. try there. Good luck!!

Wed Jul 21


Hi, I'm looking into getting driving lessons, but I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a company that they found were good. I've checked out all the websites but obviously they're going to say they're good. Any recommendations?????

Fri Jun 18

Best Indian in SW18

All my curry lovers friends please try this place before making up your mind about best curry house in SW18 forget about the big names:please remember you are judging the quality of food and the standards of service.

Rajnagar Spice

103 East Hill


London SW18 2QB


Wed Mar 31

Best Indian in SW18

All my curry lovers friends please try this place before making up your mind about best curry house in SW18 forget about the big names:please remember you are judging the quality of food and the standards of service.

Rajnagar Spice

!03 East Hill


London SW18 2QB


Wed Mar 31

Best Indian in SW18

All my curry lovers friends please try this place before making up your mind about best curry house in SW18 forget about the big names:please remember you are judging the quality of food and the standards of service.

Rajnagar Spice

!03 East Hill


London SW18 2QB


Wed Mar 31

New Kickboxing Class for Beginners Opens Tuesday 6th April

There is a new Kickboxing Class coming to Earlsfield, at Henry Prince Community Centre.

Class Every Tuesday night starting at 8pm

Book today, first class for Beginners only, pre book and get your first class for free.

Class is mainly for adults, contact Liz at

Tue Mar 30

Best Indian in SW18

All curry lovers please try this place before making up your mind about best curry house in SW18:

Rajnagar Spice

!03 East Hill


London SW18 2QB


Tue Mar 30

Best Indian in SW18

All curry lovers please try this place before making up your mind about best curry house in SW18:

Rajnagar Spice

!03 East Hill


London SW18 2QB


Tue Mar 30

Best Indian in SW18

All curry lovers please try this place before making up your mind about best curry house in SW18:

Rajnagar Spice

!03 East Hill


London SW18 2QB


Tue Mar 30

fish chips in earlsfield

Thinking of opening one in earlsfield. Any thoughts?

Wed Mar 24

hi i was born in henry prince estate in 1939 we still have the flat

Wed Mar 03

i was born in henr

y prince e



27 2 1939 the first baby

Wed Mar 03

Hi somebody out there, I'm 70 years of age and once upon a time I lived in Earlsfield

Let me see On one side the big Cemetary up the hill was Wandsworth Prison across the road was the Common on the other side was the Asyllum " The Lunny Bin"" I cannot remeber the name though

We used to live in Tilehurst road about the middle of Tilehurst Road was a little park with a steel fence around it

I started off at the Primary School then later at the High school just behind the Baptist Church

does any of this still exist

I'm talking about 1950's we left in 1958 for Australia

and boy it's been a great life

Sat Feb 06

Shops in Earlsfield

Earlsfiels once had all the shops you needed. before the arndale centre was built there was no need to travel.

There were no estate agent at all.

I dont recognise it anymore !! I lived on henry Prince Estate from 1963- 1977 It had a bad reputation but I have many happy memories !!

The shool clothing shop De-Costas was haunted, Im not sure what the building is used for now? Probly yet another estate agent.

email me at

Tue Dec 08


Wendlesworth estate ( Bembridge house ) is still there and looking good! lots of nice plants,and bushes making it look nice.

I lived at Domelton house next to Bembridge 77-97


Tue Dec 08

good dentist in Wandworth or as near as poss.

I need a dentist who knows their job and comes with good reviews.

Wed Nov 18

good dentist in Wandworth or as near as poss.

Wed Nov 18

Bec School History

Some of the posters above may remember the former headmaster W H (Wilf) Hore. I saw him about three years ago looking very frail - he was in his 90s. Sadly he died about a year ago. There was a decent turnout of Bec old boys - and staff - at his memorial service in Cranleigh though and despite the sad occasion it was certainly a jollier event than the excruciating "Inter Sixth Form Society" dances with Rosa Bassett - girls at one end of the hall, boys at the other. Nobody danced.

Sun Nov 01

Bec School Mural

This was Room Q I think. The story goes that the faces on the mural were those of the staff at the time it was painted. I think it was there because this room was used for sixth-form English Lit.

The navy blue school cap also had silver rings on it making it ideal for target practice by Hillcroft pupils.

Sun Nov 01


Algurns was next to St. Andrews Church and its sole proprietor was permanently dressed in an oily grey warehouse-type coat. The place looked a mess but he knew where everything was and although being a rather sullen character he was friendly and helpful underneath. I often went in there as a kid for the odd bolt or nut and he never charged me.

Hugh M

Sun Nov 01

Bec School Alumni

Bec was indeed a well-provisioned school for its size and a significant number of its enthusiastic teaching staff were former pupils - right up to its demise and merger with neighbouring Hillcroft.

One correction though, Sir William Armstrong was never Chancellor of the Exchequer - or indeed a politician. He was a career civil servant who spent a long period at the Treasury as PPS to several chancellors including Hugh Gaitskell, RAB Butler and Stafford Cripps and later became Permanent Secretary. However, he is best known for being Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service under Wilson and Heath and later chairman of the Midland Bank. Bec old boys may best remember him as being the first name on the honours board in the school hall as he was the first Bec pupil to win a place at Oxford.

Sun Nov 01

there is one in a bar called The Rise in Clapham Junction - Tues eve at 7.45. I'm starting it on Tues this wk!

Sun Oct 25

Earlsfields runners

Hi - I like to do short runs in the evenings and wondered if anyone fancied starting a small running club. My pace is quite slow 11 min miles generally so I would prefer to start the club off with similar runners until we have lots of members. If you fancy this let me know!

Sun Oct 25

Henry Prince Estate

On the previous page there is a comment about it in response to a question dated 24 October.

Fri Oct 16

Earlsfield Osteopath

I live in Earlsfield and use a practice at 21 Replingham Road, Southfields which is about 15 minutes walk from me. It was recommended to me by my GP about five years ago. Since then I've been back on a number of occasions with different complaints and am quite satisfied with the treatment. They have a website: southfieldsosteopaths. (I'm not sure if this system allows me to post the full URL but I daresay you know where to add the dotcom.)

Best wishes.

Fri Oct 16

The Wandgas

When I moved to my present address in 1988 a neighbour referred to a nearby derelict site as the Gas Board Recreation Centre. The club house had fallen into disrepair and was set alight at one point, probably by youngsters up to mischief. Eventually, the site was sold. Part of it was absorbed into King George's Park and part was built on. The new estate is called Arragon Road, a mixture of flats and houses. I think they're Housing Association property. Arragon Road is off Bodmin Street, which in turn is off Merton Road.

I hope this helps.

Fri Oct 16

The Bec school was a grammar school in Beechcroft Road. It amalgamated with another school and became a comprehensive, now Ernest Bevin College in Beechcroft Road. Some of the teachers, such as Ray Nash I believe, transferred from Bec to Ernest Bevin and Ernest Bevin still have some memorabilia from Bec. My cousin, Bob Hiller, went to Bec and his father, who lost an arm, worked there as a school keeper at some point.

Thu Oct 01

Looking for a good, reliable carpenter

Hi all,

I am looking for a good, reliable carpenter who will be able to do a small job for me. I live in rented accommodation so it's really important the work is done neatly and finished well. It's a very small job that needs doing so I don't want to be charged a fortune either.

Any recommendations?

Wed Aug 26

nazmins rocks

yes Nazmin's still rocks!!!

Tue Aug 25


They do classes up at wandsworth common and in Wimbledon Park, both near Earlsfield

Tue Jul 21

fab pilates teacher

I've been going to a great class behind barclays in smith's yard in a physio clinic.

The numbers are small and they make sure you perform the exercise properly. Best teacheris Genine but sarah and michelle good too!

Wed Jul 15

Wed Jun 24

Bec School Tooting 1950 - 1955

I have plenty of memories of this school. I was a pupil 1950 -1955. I have been trying to do some research particularly tracing some of the old fellow pupils. I have photos of the building.....a staff photo (year unknown) and a coloured picture of the painted mural with details that used to adorn old man Lees's room.

Mon Jun 22

loft extension

hi there, my wife and i used south london lofts although they may now be known as build london as they were in the process of merging when they did our loft. they were the best of five quotes by quite a margin and the standard of the work was exceptional, my brother is a quantity surveyor and saw it at various stages of build and was very impressed with their work. if anyone wants they can happily come round and see the work they did email me on

Tue Jun 16

Please support me!

Hi,my name is Clare and amongst other things, I try to fund raise as much as possible for Cancer Research, having, I am sure, like many of you, lost many dear friends and relatives to this deadly disease. But I don't run, jog or do sponsored activities. In collaboration with my 82 year old father who is a talented artist, I have a very unique watercolour print entitled Walks On Wandsworth Common which is for sale at £55, proceeds going to the above. For those of you living in Earlsfield,. you may have already seen it hanging in the Common Ground Cafe, the County Arms or at the art exhibition at St Mary Magdalene. It is not only a unique view of a much loved area, but has also been bought as Xmas and birthday presents! If you are interested and would like more information or to view it, please do get in touch. It is for SUCH a good cause! my number is **** ****0

Wed Jun 10



I'm a local dance teacher and looking to set up dance classes for pre-schoolers in the Earlsfield area. I run 2 dance programmes for children - Ballet Fairies and Hip-Hop Tots.

Please do contact me if you are interested in either programme as I hope to start these classes as soon as there is enough solid interest. You can email me at

Thu Apr 30

Strands is really good too!

Tue Apr 28

You can easily get a train from Earsfield to Vauxhall or Waterloo which are both well connected for tubes all over London. Also the train to Wimbledon will take to you access more tube lines. There's a train every 3 mins from Earlsfield to all these places. There are three bus lines that go through Earlsfield.

Tue Apr 28


wot is prince sayin doe

shit hole??

add me younkay..ps3 name

Thu Apr 02

Cheap gym in or near Earlsfield?

I'm finding it impossible to locate a cheaper gym (£20-30/month membership) in or around Earlsfield, Tooting, Clapham, Wandsworth area. Just a simple gym with free weights and machines. No pool, no personal trainers, no classes, or anything like that. Does anyone know of such a place??

Mon Mar 09


HI everyone i have lived in earlsfield for 3 years now and being a guy i feel there is not many shops that are for us or women.I feel the area needs some new shops and business's there.

Does anyone agree if so what do you feel the area needs?

My wife reckons a good hairdressers for women.

But im not to sure what for men.

And also i good cafe for breakfast and luch especially on weekends

Thu Mar 05


Well there are a few quiet pubs up towards the Southside end but the main area is the other end past the station. whilst there are not that many pubs the best ones are : Halfway House, Mels and The Leather Bottle [huge beer garden for summer]

Thu Feb 26

looking for a cleaner sw18

hi there

can anyone recommend a good cleaner for southfields area - if so pls email me on

Tue Feb 10

New to Earlsfield!

Looking for some exercise classes in Earlsfield, and also where is good to go out? x

Wed Feb 04

Best Pizza in South London!!!!!

So good I had to share it with you. Fat Toni's Pizza in Wandsworth delivers amazing pizza. Don't take my word for it, try for yourself. 0208 877 9991 or online on hungryhouse.co.uk

Sun Jan 25

2 dbl bed plus study House available to rent

This is a truly beautiful house located 5min walk from Earlsfield train station.

The house has recently been renovated and has a private garden.

Any queries, pls email

Wed Jan 14

I was born in Earlsfield Road in 1945 and went to school in Swaffield Road, the classrooms then were warmed by open fires kept going by the hard working caretaker, you cooked in the front row and froze at the back of the class. I then went to Trafalgar Road before going to the new Secondary Moden school in Burntwood Lane called Garratt Green Girls. While growing up there were many places down Earlsfield Road where houses were bombed during the war we used to play in these much to our parents protests about it being dangerous. There was very little traffic then so playing in the streets with all the kids of the area was an everyday occurance. I moved out of the area in l968 when I got married but still have fond memories of that time in my life.

Tue Dec 30

Earlsfieldhub.co.uk - The new community forum for Earlsfield

Hi there

Just wanted to let everyone know that we've launched a discussion forum for the Earlsfield area. Visit it at www.earlsfieldhub.co.uk

Hope you can join in the chatter!!

Mon Dec 01

Discovering Earlsfield?

I have just come across this site and noticed a posting from someone who has just moved to Earlsfield and is overwhelmed with what the area has to offer; I am very pleased for that person. I now live in Cardiff (also a great City), and the Earlsfield I grew up in during the 1970's and 80's had literally 'everything' and was quite a suburban 'paradise' with a fantastic community.

Unfortunately it has now changed, but may I suggest to anyone living in Earlsfield to go to the library (I guess it is still in Magdalen Road??) and have a look at the records and archives; it just may surprise you.


Sun Nov 16

Seeking family

Hi Joy, Did you know the Radford's who lived at No. 3 Openview in the 1960's. Do you know where they are now as my niece is trying to contact them. Regards

Sat Nov 08

Established Yoga Classes in Earlsfield

Well established Yoga classes of varying mixed ability from beginner to advanced. www.whyoga.com


Earlsfield Library, 276 Magdalen Road SW18 3NY

7.00 - 8.00pm Pregnancy Yoga

8.00 - 9.30pm General Yoga Class

£92.50 per 8 week course

£140.00 for those attending both Monday and Wednesday evening courses save £45.

£14.00 for drop-in

Taught by Vicky Oliver RYT500, Vicky also runs teacher training courses.

Mon Oct 20

Age of 51, Beechfield Road

I'm researching my late great grandfather's life. He lived at 51, Beechfield Road, Upper Tooting from at least 1925 until his death in 1942. I'd really like to know when the house was built - was he the first owner? I'd be grateful for any thoughts please.

Mon Oct 06

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