Welcome to London Earls Court

Cleaning for London

Dear Sir/Madam,

Our dynamic Putney-based company provides a quality cleaning and ironing service.

Our services include:

* Regular House Cleaning

* End of Tenancy Cleaning

* Spring Cleaning

* After-Builders Cleaning

* Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

* After Party Cleaning

* Office Cleaning

Please visit our website to see our rates and special offers.


Mon Sep 26


please provide details of courses, time and how to book

Sun Jun 19


Depends whether there is something on at the Exhibition Centre. Usually not if there is something on as temporary parking restrictions are put in place.

Sat Nov 20

Earls Court safety

The area where the Rushmore Hotel is (Trebovir Road and Nevern Square) is very safe. It is well lit and has the right kind of people moving around.

Sat Nov 20

north end road market

Sat Oct 09

Sports Club for children aged 6-11 in West London


Solidarity Sports charity is running a sports club every Saturday afternoon from 1 - 4 for children aged 6-11. Join us for drills, skills, and fun and games in a safe environment. Games played include football, kwik cricket, kick rounders and many more! Free lunch for every child!

EVERYBODY welcome!

All coaches are first-aid trained and CRB checked

£5 per child

Limited places available, please contact us in advance to book a place.

Location: St Cuthbert with St Matthias Primary School, Warwick Road, Earl's Court, London, SW5 9UE (2mins from Earl's Court tube station)


Sat May 01

Good GP Practise

Hi there,

Just moved to Earl's Court last weekend.

I am wondering if anybody would recommend a good GP practise in this area?

Many thanks

Mon Feb 08


Registered charity Solidarity Sports is running a new sports club every Saturday afternoon from 12 to 3 for children aged 7-11.

Games played include football, kwik cricket, kick rounders and many more, all in a safe environment.

£3 per child and lunch is included.

Location: St Cuthbert with St Matthias Primary School, Warwick Road, Earl's Court, London, SW5 9UE (2mins from Earl's Court tube station)

Limited places available, please contact us in advance to book a place:

**** 599 922 or email us:

Sat Mar 14

I live locally to the area an am interested in learning self defence. Please could you contact me on ********1. With times,dates. And cost.

Sat Mar 14

DHS Welcomed accomodation sought

Mature male, respecatable, seeks a room, flatshare or bedsit.

I can pay a deposit.

Please text or call: ****-601-524.



Thu Oct 23

Is Earls court area safe?

I am planning to be in London for Christmas. I've booked a hotel near Earl's Court Tube station. Is this area safe?

Does Rushmore Hotel means anything to someone?

Can anybody help me in this?

Tue Oct 21

Weekend fruit market at Earls Court

Hi! just moved in town and heard that there is a weekend fruit market near earls court where fruits are sold really cheap! Can anybody tell me where it is ?

Sun Oct 12

DHS accomodation sought

Single, Graduate male, clean, late 30's seeks a room bedist or flat share, that accepts DHS/HB.

I can pay a deposit.

Could you text or call on: ****-524-365.

Or email me at:

Thu Sep 18

aussie 24year old looking for a cheap small room in earls court

hi there im a fun outgoing girl that is wanting to move from clapham to a earls court. i enjoy going to the gym, a few quiet drinks, shopping but what girl doesn't. im full time nanny in se london which keeps me busy.

Wed Jul 30

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Sat Jul 26

Fitness mate - umer_acca@hotmail.com

I am living in Earls Court, a big thinker but lazy kind of a guy i am thinking of my fitnness which is not as good as i wish to have. I want some one to join me who is going to gym, or swimming pool for excercise. I am feeling tummy to be really big these days. Out of tough routine i can get some time to do some healthy activities.

Thu Mar 06

nanny part time

Hi everybody! I've just moved to Chelsea /Fulham and I'm looking for a part time job as a nanny during the week nights and the weekends. I'm 26 and I'm doing an ACCA professional accounting qualification . I've been working with children in a kindergarden as well as facilitating theatre sports in an ecovillage -ecologically sustainable living network- in India for 1 year and I love working with children. Call me or send an email! Thanks!! Manjot



Sun Dec 30



– Singing Lessons by a professional lyric tenor at your home in London.

– Lessons for all different singing styles.

- All ages and levels are welcome: beginners, intermediate or advanced singers.

e-mail me:

Thu Dec 13

Rent for 10 days

I would like to rent yr room for 10 days. I am from Malaysia, I will be there on official visit with mu own family from 29th Oct 2007

Mon Oct 22


Does anyone know why pizza@home is closed (opposite west brompton station)?

Will it reopen?


Tue Oct 09

hi i am looking for good gp near the earls court. i am student what documents should i bring to register there.

Tue Sep 11

AWOL Tattoo

AWOL Tattoo is opening on 01 August

266 Old Brompton Street

Earls Court



Fri Jul 27

AWOL Tattoo

AWOL Tattoo is opening on 01 August

266 Old Brompton Street

Earls Court



Fri Jul 27

earls court boxing

yes there are in shepards bush phone e mail

Mon Jul 23

Jogging in Hyde Park

I come from Hong Kong and will be staying near Earls Court in early August for one week. I am a marathon runner ( 4 hr 20 mins) and would like to find someone to run in the early morning (6am - 8am). Please email to me -

Tue Jul 03

High Street Kensington – from 70 pounds/p/w- Bedsit in double or shared room

Bedsits in double or shared rooms, from 70 pounds per week per person. All amenities clean and spacious lounge, sky TV, friendly environment, by Holland Park ,close to High Street Kensington tub station. Call: ********4, ********3, ********1

Wed Jun 06

do you want rent me your room in a shareflat for two weeks in july?


I'm Fabiana, an italian girl, and i'm going come to london in July attending course of business english. I would like rent, from 15/07 until 29/07, a room in shareflat or a single studio/flat in earl's court. Anyone who wants rent me its room or if somebody has news can email me.

Thu May 17

aerobics in Earls Court

Soho Gyms have fantastic classes, including body attack and body pump. You don't even have to be a member and pay per class (£8), if you would like to retain your current membership elsewhere, if any.

Soho Gyms are on Earl's Court Road, a few steps away from the tube station.

Good luck and see you at classes!


Fri Apr 27


Does anyone know of a good eyebrow threader in Earls court?

Fri Apr 27



Does anyone know of any good eyebrow threaders in Earls court?

Fri Apr 27

Well I suppose at first they will be fixed

I had braces years ago but then my wisdom teeth came out so they are a bit crooked, especially the lowers, so hopefully I won't need them fixed for too long.

Which ones did you like best? Did you see before and after pictures etc. I just want a good result, without them changing my face shape drastically, unless it's to make it better of course!

Oh yes please give details! Much appreciated!

Mon Apr 16

Fixed or removable braces?

Hi ... yes I am about to start ortho work too with full fixed upper and lowers. I looked around a lot as there is a big difference in price and some orthos seem to use different types of braces.

Mon Apr 16

Anybody Know of a Good Orthodontist in or around Earls Court

I'm an adult woman who would like to get my teeth straightened once and for all. Would really appreciate your recommendations and to hear from your experiences.

Wed Mar 28


Can anyone give me a contact e-mail address for the Earls Court Residents Assoc. I understand they have previously raised objections to Stanley Leisure's proposal to transfer one of their casinos from Kensington to Earls Court Exhibition Centre. I have some information regarding this that may be useful to their cause.

Tue Mar 13


Hi I'm from Australia and will be moving to Earls Court in late Jan. I need to look for a gym with aerobics classes with Les Mills programs such as Body Pump and Body Attack etc. It would be great if you could please provide me with the addresses.

Thanks for your time

Sun Dec 17


Om site clinic, or something similar,

it's just after the tube station, 20meters on your right after the pharmacy

It's not the best but it's not too bad

anyway, hope you don't need a doctor.


Tue Oct 24

Any good GP in Earls Court?


I have to register with a GP in Earls Court (or surroundings) and wonder if any of you could recommend a nice one. Do you also know how long is the waiting list?

Thanks in advance!

Fri Oct 20


I'm looking for boxing courses in Earl's Court area.

Please let me know.


Wed Oct 04

Also looking for a driving instructor

I am also looking for a driving instructor to requalify from US drivers licence to the UK.

Would appreciate if anyone could recommend one.

Many thanks,

Tue Sep 12

Hi - Groups or lessons in Earls Court

Hi I moved into ECourt 4 years ago and my job has had me travelling a lot but would like to hear of local groups or lessons. Especially interested in guitar - I play but lessons would be fun or singing - likewise. Really interested in all sorts of groups, or maybe to even learn a new language - i speak Cantonese and Indonesian with some French.

Wed Jul 19

north end road

i know that's fulham but its a good street market

Wed Jul 19

redcliffe surgery is excellent

They have a wesite with the same name.

Wed Jul 19

Hi i also jog round Earls Court

Hi - i run a fair bit (4hrs 5 mins in London Mara this year) but prefer to run with someone. i slowed down a bit recently so run at about 7 mph over say one hour. Carl.

Wed Jul 19

Jogging in Earls Court

Hi all, I'm Harry a long term resident in Earls Court, can I please join somebody's jogging group.

I'm a member at FITROOMS Gym in North End Road, Earls Court getting bored of the sugar-coated 'running' on a treadmill, stalled my progress so now want to start pounding the pavement while the weather is nice. I'm a beginner, bit overweight, bit of asthma and hayfever, wear glasses, etc so can only jog at a medium pace for about an hour to begin with. If I can join your clique perhaps with a view to training for a fun-run for charity or something to motivate myself, I can do weekdays/weekends/evenings or mornings to fit around the classes I do at FITROOMS Gym, many thanks.


Sun Jun 25

I need a cleaner

I've been very neglectful of my flat and need someone to come and 'blitz' it for a day then probably come weekly or fortnightly. If you would be interested please contact me on 7373 3181 or

Sat Apr 22

Earls Court Library

Yes the library is in Old Brompton Road, about 100m past the junction with Earls Court Road going towards South ken.

Mon Apr 03

is there a local library around here

Mon Apr 03

Fulham pools is on Lillie Road.

But they built a Holmes Places which is is membership only and way!! expensive. Stick to fulham pools for a good and cheap way to swim.

Fri Mar 31


Can I park for free on a Sunday near to the exhibition centre?

Mon Mar 20

Michael works at Predent Dental Surgery. The exact address is 15 Hogarth Place, SW5 0QT. Its just in the alley-way that leads to Kenway Road. Ph 0207 373 1022. Cheers.

Thu Dec 29

Did you get any replies re this??

Mon Nov 07

Did you get a reply ?

Hi, I'd like to find a driving school in Earls Court as well. Did you find a place finally ?


Thu Nov 03


Coming to Earls Court area on Monday PM. Not going to exhibition centre but does anyone know where the best/easiest place to park would be? Either NCP or metered or can I use Earls Court 1 or Seagrave Road facilities if not going to exhibition centre?

Thanks in advance

Tue Nov 01

sunday parking


Can I park for free on a Sunday near to the exhibition centre.


Sun Oct 30

Driving instructor in Earls Court

Hello does anyone know of a great driving instructor in Earls Court.

Many thanks

Steve Smith

Wed Oct 12

Evening tonite

Looking to go out tonite in Earls Court area. Ideally good music and great company. Am on my own this weekend, and as usual have not made any plans

Sat Oct 08

re Earls Court Exhibition Centres

Earls Court is about15 mins walk from Olympia. Earls Court 1 is directly opposite The Warwick Road Exit of Earls Court Tube Station (Picaddilli and District Lines.)

Tescos is at the North End of Warwick Road. Malaysian Airlines is that the North end of Earls Court Road. Hope this helps

Tue Sep 06

earls court 1

Hey anyone,

im working at earls court 1 on sunday... i keep getting confused with earls court1, 2 and olympia. CAn anyone tell me how to get to earls court 1? i kind of kno the area, points of referance are the malaysia airlines building and tescos both in the area, thanks

Tue Sep 06

Dentists in Earls Court

Mon Sep 05

fulham pools on the lily road

Mon Sep 05

Are there any boxing courses at Earls Court ?

Hi, I'm looking for beginner's boxing courses at or around earl's Court. Do you know if there are any ?


Sun Sep 04

Yes! There is library on old brompton rd,not far from earls court rd junction.If you walk up from earls court rd,turn left into old bropt.rd & its about 2min walk on yr right.

Much bigger library tho is the Kensington one,just north of high st ken.

Mon Jul 25

Writers group in Earls Court area?

Does anyone know of a Writers Group in the Earl's Court/ South Ken areas? I am a fledgling writer doing a Creative Writing course with the London School of Journalism and in the process of starting my first book. Would love to share ideas, give and receive feedback and keep the motivation up by meeting others in the area.


Wed Jul 06

Swimming Pool - A nice one @ Earls COurt


I would be happy to hear of a nice swimming pool (in door with few lanes) in the area of Earl's Court, that is open at night time.

Thanks, Ehud

Sat Jun 18

Looking for a resident lady to help disabled lady

I'm looking to employ a long-term resident of Earls Court for long-term part-time care - to do shopping and cleaning for approx 4 and a half hours a week- split into 3 sessions (mornings preferably) . The job is above board and would require references etc. I'm a friendly local lady, resident of 30 years, disbled and could do with people familiar with all the shops and post office as well as being unafraid to dive in to housework. The pay would be 10 per hour minus tax and national insurance, please email me for a chat about it, thank you- Liz

Sat Jun 04


between 6:30pm and 8:30am they will be able to park on a single yellow line or a parking meter (for free).

Fri Jun 03

Surgery in Earls Court

The Redcliffe Surgery in Redcliffe Street.

Tue May 31

Earls court recycling

There are recycling bins on Redcliffe Square (Redcliffe Gardens south of Old Brompton Road.

Fri May 27

planning permission earls court

Planning Department

Kensington & Chelsea Council

The Town Hall

Hornton Street

London W8 7NX

Fri May 27

I need one too...

Wed May 25

Does anyone know if there is a library near Earls Court?

Thu May 12

Parking at night time

A freinds needs to drive from outside London and stay with me next week, and because I don't own a car, I don't know if he will be able to park in the street after about 9pm. Can anyone help please. Thanks

Thu May 05

Joggin at weekend, anyone?

Hi Cristina, I like to jogg through kens/hyde too.

We could try together once.

mail to

Sat Apr 23

Jogging at weekends, anyone?


Just moved to Earls Court recently although I lived here some years ago. I like jogging at Kensington Grdns & Hyde Park at weekends and during the week if I have time. I jog for an hour, but at medium pace. Anyone interested to join me?

Thu Apr 07

Saim Sq

Great Thai. Just off Earls Court, just before Old Brompton Street. Best Thai - downstairs.

Sat Nov 20


The nearest place to run about is Brompton Cemetary (no I'm serious, people use it like a park!) If you don't like the sound of that, then the nearest is Kensington Gardens. At the North end of Kensington Gardens is a brilliant enclosed playground with a ship he can climb all over (you'll need a cab)

Fri Oct 29

lively toddlers


I'm coming to earls court this weekend for an exhibition at the Ibis Hotel on Lillie Rd, and have to bring my very lively 2 yr old son. I know he'll hate every minute of the exhibition, but can anyone suggest somewhere close by I can let him run off a bit of steam. i've never been to earls court before.

any helpful suggestions welcome. many thanks

Fri Oct 29


Brompton Library is just round the corner from Earls Court Road (I think it's called Old Brompton Road). They are open 6 days a week I think (closed Sundays)

Tue Oct 12


you'll be pushed to find a used car/caravan place in earls court - too central. look online on a trading post facility.

Wed Sep 29

re Earls Court Doctor

the one opposite Balhans corner of Earls Court Road and Old Brompton Road, called the Redcliffe or something, has a good reputation, but whether list is open or not, don't know I'm afraid.

Wed Sep 01

Earls Court Doctor

Does anyone know a good NHS GP in Earls Court - we've just moved! cheers

Tue Aug 31

Fulham Pools

Fulham pools are open but no in North End Road I don't remember the name of the road is the continuation of Old brompton road towards fulham, close to North end road. The price is 3£.

Thu Jul 29

Benito's in Earls Court Road. Italian restuarant reasonable prices & fantastic friendly service

Wed Jul 28

For a bar with a real difference & great variety ( well they say it's the spice of life!) Try the Philbeach Hotel on a Friday evening for a nice Chilled out relaxed time or on a Monday evening especially if you are very open minded !

Wed Jul 28

Fulham pools ( in Nortth End Road) closed many years ago. It's now called the 'Dance Attic'

Wed Jul 28

Fantastic market on North End Road - about 15 mins walk from Earls Court. Loads of good shops including one of the best butchers in area, always a queue. Go Saturdays

Tue Jul 27

Fruit and Veg Markets

Are there any fresh food Markets around SW3/5/7 aside from that silly little on in Pimlico please

Wed Jul 07


North end of Earls Court Road

Wed Jul 07

How successful are these supermarket singles nights?

I'm curious...

Mon Jul 05

Charity Shop

Does anyone know if their is a charity shop in Earls Court and where it is please ?

Thu Jun 24


Generally good apart from the Earls Court Road - many interesting shops off on side streets. Prices lower especially if heading more west but east & north high as in Kensington or Chelsea.


Tue May 11

Live in Earls Court

What are your opinions on the area? How do you think it is evolving? has it improved over the last years? Do you think it is a good place to buy a first flat or pay higher for a smaller place in w8 or south ken?

Tue May 11


Actually I think the nearest pools are 'The Fulham Pools' on the North End Road. Go West along The Old Brompton Road past the Cemetery and keep going, they're on your right. Haven't been there, just saw them this weekend.

Tue Apr 27


Actually I think the nearest pools are 'The Fulham Pools' on the North End Road. Go West along The Old Brompton Road past the Cemetery and keep going, they're on your right. Haven't been there, just saw them this weekend.

Tue Apr 27

Kenway Road

There is a good dentist in the allyway in Kenway road. First name Micheal but I can't remember his last name. Don't let that put you off! My teeth are far less holey than my memory!

Fri Apr 16

NHS Denstis

Could any one recommend a good dentist in Earls Court?

Wed Apr 14

Kensington and Chelsea

Thu Mar 11

This gym was calling earls court gymn. Long ago?

Thu Mar 11

Yup, turn left at the end of Earls Court road...it's not a bad library at all.

Wed Mar 10


Municipal pool is almost certainly the Chelsea one on the Kings Road. There are no cheap gymns !

Mon Mar 01

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