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No 5 colwick street

Does anyone remember the Nash family that used to live at no 5 colwick street? They lived there from 1920 - when the terrace houses were pulled down in 1960 ish Grace and Bill Nash had 6 sons Bill,Tom,Ted, Charlie, Stanley and Gordon. Bill the eldest has died recently aged 100 Tom died a couple of years ago and Ted last year both in their nineties. Charlie , Stan and Gordon ( are still alive . They all had happy memories of Colwick street and Bill could remember the names of his neighbours at the end of his life . Happy memories for him.xx

Sun Jun 06

Harton street, did anyone live on this street around late 1940's

Hello there, i am writing this post for my mother who is now 82 years and lived on harton street, her name then was joan bennett and her parents were fred and constance and her brorhers, bill, alfred and sisters irene, constance (rita). We are trying to gather photos of harton street from 1940's but i cannot find anything, i think mum lived at no 46? Mum was evacuated as a small child to devon but returned after the war, don't know much about this street as it is difficult to find anything, just thought it would be nice for mum to relive any info, anybody who knows her or her family would be great. Or if you didn't any info at all, mum seems to think her house 46 was the only one left standing in rhe street after the war as the rest were bombed?. Thankyou in advance.

Sat May 22

Staples family

Hello, I'm looking for anyone that might remember Edward and Louisa Staples, they had a greengrocers in Deptford for many years. They had 7 boys and 2 girls. Would love to hear from you - contact Misshaven1992@yahoo.com - thank you!

Thu May 13

Jacks Shop, Trundleys Road

Does anyone remember this shop? It would be good if anyone can share anything about Jack or the shop? I was also informed that before it was a shop, the place was used as a milk dairy. It would be good if anyone has any information and / or pictures?

Sun Apr 04

where are you now Joanie Bombfield

Been away !!!!!! usual place !!. hope you are well stay safe and take care now 85 not long to go Jack

Sun Mar 28


I’m looking for anyone who knew my family in Hoopwick street where my grandadparents lived, Arthur Raggett and Daisy Raggett. They later moved to Desmond street until 1960.

Fri Feb 19

Sun Apr 26

Thu Oct 03

I did to live there in Speedwell house. At number 83. in your time. If you go on gettys images. you can see some pictures there. Alternatively. If you join Facebook. and then apply and join Deptford history. There's one of two pictures here as well. Good luck with hunting.

Sun Jul 01

Lily Hatt

Lily Hatt was my Great Grans sister, she was Sarah Ginno or Chris as the family called her. My Nan Pat was born at 2 Colwick Street

Tue Jan 23

If you google search...

Just who was Charlie the Tramp, you can see an item with photo posted in Sth London News report. I hope it helps.

Thu Jan 04

does anyone remember david wright from the childrens homes in the 1940 onwards lodging at carrington house and sometimes used the black and white cafe in downham i went in the army in 49 for n/s cme out went back in for 22 years held good position in army then worked in civil service, prior to that life was hard,painfull. bad, but nothing changes same old thing different people understand how the genuine dissadvantaged feel now,

Wed Jan 03

Hi Lorraine we called him Pete the tramp,I remember your name but can’t place your face,we lived in colwick terrace off of windmill lane in a prefab from 1954 till 1964 when they were demolished.my name is Michael grange and I have three brothers eddy Stephen and Mark,you mite remember us,nice to see your posting from that era.

Wed Nov 08

Charlie the tramp

He lived under the arches by Folkestone gardens and was really nice to our little gang of kids ,my name then was Lorraine Townsend ,and I had 2 brothers and a sister ,anyone remember me? Loribere@ talk21.com

Tue Nov 07

Hi i lived 21 Raleigh buildings for many year .

Mon Oct 09

Hi Brian, I wonder if you remember me. and my brother and sister. Elaine,Alan,Pat. we lived in Windmill Lane, next door to Fred cox. My very best friend was Sylvia Cork, I used to have sleep overs there all the time. My other friend was Doreen Hewitt. I worked with Coxie and made the bundles of wood, Remember his motorbike is was like a long box.I also used to run over to Fred get the lollies, and sweets. I knew the dines, Johnny Holland, Ray Rice,hey lived alongside Fred...Remember?

Mon Jul 31


I remember him I lived in Trundleys road as a child and always saw him

In Deptford park area

He used to stand near Charlie whitewoods wood yard which is where I used to live opposite Folkestone gardens which is now a park

My Dad gave him some old goats that my Dad did not need anymore

He never was nasty I think the police used to take him in and give him a clean now and then

Some people he was related to the prude fish people but not sure

I live in Rochester now and when I drive to work I don't recognise the area anymore

Sat May 20

I remember Bowleys very well. We lived in Ship St above the TV Repair Shop and opposite was Fred Lovedays Antique shop. I remember Joyce well, only allowed to buy cakes for my family every Friday. She was always very kind to us.

Sun Mar 12


My nan and grandad, uncle bill uncle Jim and aunt Rosie Orwell liived at 34 COLWICK street

Sat Mar 11

Charlie the tramp

There's a picture of Charlie on Facebook,

Sun Mar 05

Interesting to read this article as occupants of the prefab at 1 Colwick Terrace from 1943 to 1960 - then rehoused to 282 Rye Hill Park, Peckham. I am Michael Sheppard, son of John and Kate Sheppard. Not many Marcias in the world, but their prefab backed onto ours, her dad was Bill Cowling and she had two sisters, Lorraine and Dawn. I can add the Brabrooks to the list of Colwick Streetians, the Wilkins in Windmill Lane (still exchange Xmas Cards) Reeves Dairy and Fred's manky sweet shop. Happy memories - well some of them anyway. Though I think the Stricklands (also the Barrett's) were in Kempstone Street.

Mon Feb 20

Colwick Street

Hi my Great Grandmother Mrs Hackett lived at 33 Colwick Street. I think I have a photo of her somewhere.

Sun Feb 19

ellen cowburn

hello my name was ellen cowburn I lived in evelyn street I am now 71 years old be nice to hear from people I went to school with

Sun Nov 27

Sat Nov 12

Been in Australia for over 45 years, totally lost touch with people who I grew up with. Lived my early years in St Nicholas St off Tanners hill, went to Lucas Vale primary then on to Samuel Pepys in Brockley. Be interested in talking with any one who knew the family.

Mon Oct 10

St Josephs youth club 1940s

I wonder if anyone can help. I came across parts of a diary from 1943 handed down from my ex father in law Bill Grizzell, he used to live in Etta street. It's about a group of friends in the St Joseph's youth club. I'm trying to piece together stories of their lives. They are Arthur James, Susan Hickman, Betty Stork, Pat Stork, Esther Gummer, John Wren, John Grogan, Geral Donoghue, Joan Sharp,Dickie Boorman and David Westgate. They would have been 16 or 17 at the time the diary was written. Thanks

Wed Sep 07

new cross cottesbrooke street

anyone out there live in this little street in the 1950s 60s my old mates billy hudson, billy ward, and others whos names long forgotten we all used to run the streets together from new cross, to deptford park to greenwich, we all went to childeric road school, me being the youngest i started in 1958 i would love to know what hapend to all these mates

Sat Aug 27

Any body live in windmill lane or colwick street or nearby turnings in the 50s 60s.

Fri May 06

I had an uncle called Freddy Lloyd in Deptford - sister called Kitty and 2 other brothers Jimmy and Alfie - their mum was Catherine Mary

Wed Mar 23


Hi,im still looking for Fred Lloyd,Llombard House Deptford,last known address..

Thu Mar 10

Fri Feb 05

Fri Feb 05

Fri Feb 05



My nan and family lived at 34 COLWICK STREET, her family were named Orwell

I remember TERRY LYONS ,MY Uncle BIlly OrWell was friends of Terry LYons.

Doreen and Sylvie Dunkley lived in the prefabs at the top of Colwick street and her mum looked after my brother and me when my mother worked in the Wood yard behind the houses in COLWICK street. I went to DEPTFORD park school, Please ask Terry if he remembers Freds the sweet shop and the BARNES family, MY aunt Rose or My uncle Jim MY mothers name as MAggie ORwell please give Terry my best wishes and thanks for awakening loads of happy memories of life in COLWICK STREET love Vonnie xxxx

Yvonne Godwin. ,,,,,,,,now Yvonne Groombridge

scruff Barnes f

Fri Feb 05

Hanlon Street/Mark

Knew the Stacey's well. Are your mum and dad George and Mavis?.

Tue Feb 02

My mum,Dad, nan & grandad lived in Hanlon St from the 20s to 1960s the family name was Stacey my dad & Grandad both George My Nan Jess.when it was demolished

my nan moved to Berkley house flats in Grove St

Mon Feb 01

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Deptford Park people 1935/50

Hope you have had a super Christmas. Happy new year to all and everyone from deptford where ever you are.

Sat Jan 02

deptford park area 1935/50s

Hope everyone had a grand Christmas. Have good and healthy new year.

Wish the same for all Deptford people of this era.

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Fri Dec 04

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Fri Oct 16


I bought the stall from the jellied eel man in deptford and sold toiletries and other goods for a lot of years , My Mum had the secondhand shop at no 6 church st just opposite the odeon cinema just after the war and lived there till it was pulled down for road widenig,Remember all the places you are talking about,pie shop was Manzies.Pie and mash and eel liquer sixpence.Lovely grub. Remember bug huch cinema not far from pie shop. next door to us was the driuids Head pub no8 and the other side No 4 the barber shop. One and six for a haircut.

Thu Oct 15

Wed Oct 14

Yes I was one of those boys,we used to untie the barges and row them along the cannal,we at to watch out for the p.l.a ranger and then if he came along we would all jump off on the other side of the canal and run.do you remember reeves dairy on the corner of colewick terrace opposite coxes the old boy who used to make the little bundles of fire wood,he used to pay us two Bob to make up 100 bundles and tanner to chop a tin bath full of sticks for making the bundles.when he paid us we would go straight over Fred websters for ten weights and then go to the Chichester bomb site at the top of windmill lane and smoke them.we used to build our bonfires at the chit,opposite ennas cafe not far from floe's.great days no one had Mitch but we enjoyed them Mitch more than these youngsters do now A?

Tue Oct 13

Yes I was one of those boys,we used to untie the barges and row them along the cannal,we at to watch out for the p.l.a ranger and then if he came along we would all jump off on the other side of the canal and run.do you remember reeves dairy on the corner of colewick terrace opposite coxes the old boy who used to make the little bundles of fire wood,he used to pay us two Bob to make up 100 bundles and tanner to chop a tin bath full of sticks for making the bundles.when he paid us we would go straight over Fred websters for ten weights and then go to the Chichester bomb site at the top of windmill lane and smoke them.we used to build our bonfires at the chit,opposite ennas cafe not far from floe's.great days no one had Mitch but we enjoyed them Mitch more than these youngsters do now A?

Tue Oct 13


Hello Deptford man. Of course I rememberFreds my mum used to give me half a crown on my birthday to buy sweets to hand round, it felt like I'd got a lorry load. What about Flows greengrocer and her Parrott that nicely said hello and then told you to **** off. But she always gave you an apple. Were you one of the boys who used to tie drums to the side of a old tinbath and row up the canal, what a laugh, mind you were we barking mad or not. We wouldn't tell our kids or grandchildren half of we got up to would we. Look forward to reading more me ories. Take care.

Sat Oct 03

Wed Sep 30

the only way i seem to get on to this site is to

post something or am i doing something wrong

Thu Sep 24

Wed Sep 23

Mon Sep 21

Yes you are right they wiped out any trace of were we used to live,like you say no body had much in them days but I would give anything to have them back,do you remember Fred websters little shop in windmill lane you could go in ther with three pence and get sweets a bag of sherbet and an ice lolly.if you go along grove street from Evelyn's street you will come to the old bag wash building on your left,I'm sure you remember that alright as you know that is were Hanson St met grove street that small peice is still there but we're it went along a peice and then went right in front of the canal has gone and been built on,but they have left the old rought of the canal not built on so yoe can see were the cannal used to run,anyway hope this helps yoe any thing else I can help yoe with yoe know were to leave a message.

Mon Sep 21

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Fri Sep 11

folkestone gardens

hi i spoke to my step mum about you and yours and she tells me it was along time ago and she cant place you it may be she had moved by the time you lived there as i remember she moved away when she was about 14 this would have been around 1957 all that said i hope you have good times in your head as i do of the place and time never to come again what a shame a

Fri Sep 11



Thu Sep 10

Deptford Park area

Hi there, as far as I can remember Brian did eventually get his bass on HP. Hope some out there can verify this for you. Have you tried tracing the history of were we lived if you have and can give me any leads I would be grateful it seem we didn't exist. Even the canals filled in.

Tue Sep 08

Tue Sep 08

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Mon Aug 24

Hatt & Ginno

Lily Lockey was my nans Auntie, Doris & Sylvia are cousins. Nan was born at 2 Colwick Street, Pat Ginno and lived with her family at her Grandparents George & Annie Hatts house. At 22 Colwick Street lived cousins the Robinsons and there were also cousins the Worleys near by.

Sun Aug 23

Folkestone gardens Deptford

Does anyone remember the Townsend family that lived at 231 ? We now live in Margate and there are 29 of us , my name is Lorraine, my siblings are Malcolm,Louise,Andrew and Rhoda

Thu Aug 20

chubwothy street

its strange to think that your house may have been at the back of mine but i dont think we new each other it may be we went to different schools childeric and west greenwich boys for me, all that said i hope you have good memories of the streets of our child hood

Sun Aug 09

Thanks for that,do you remember

brocky Townsend he used to play in our little band ihe used to play the double base but it was a tea chest with a string tied to a stick in them days,great times.

Sun Aug 09

Friendly Street Sweet Shop

Pooles was one sweet shop in Friendly Street, where exactly is 51 ? My e mail is

Mon Aug 03

sort it out

i dont know who runs this web site but its a bit of a mess lots of things need to be deleted and im sure pages and dates should be in some kind of order or have you just lost intrest

Tue Jul 28



Mon Jul 27

Mon Jul 20


Hi i remember going to a shoeshop in deptford was your dads name Strat (not to sure on spelling)

Sat Jul 18



Thu Jul 16

Friendly street deptford

Hi I trying to find out what the name of the sweet shop was called at 51 friendly street . William Charles cole owned it with his mum , he had a daughter called Susan who moved with her mother judith away . Does anyone know what happened to him and his mum or the name of the shop .

Wed Jul 15


Why on earth would you want to reserect a tragedy that happened so long ago. You obviously didn't live in our street or you would know the facts instead of guessing. We all felt heart broken of Jonny W. death and as his best friend Brian P.was the best.

Sat Jul 11

re John Evelyn School

I have two photo's of 50s john evelyn and an old print of Grove St

Sat Jul 11

do yoe remember wynchi, i think potter was riding pilion when winchy got killed. mick.

Thu Jul 09

Thu Jul 02


remember this little street or did you live here in the 1950s my name in is tony forgham born in 1953 at number 26 i have some good memories of this street and the kids that i grew up with i wonder where they are all now it would be nice to know

Mon Jun 29


Fri Jun 26

Wed Jun 24

Hi my nan lived at 77 speedwell house deptford for many years. I was not born there but my sister was in 1948

Mon Jun 22


As a child in the 1950's I remember a pub which was in Brookmill Road, as you walked down Friendly Street to the bottom, to the right was the Park Stores next to Brookmill Park, if you looked to the left of the stores there were a few houses and then a gap where I remember a pub set back. The pub was opposite Sylva Cottages. Anyone remember it or remember its name ? E Mail me on

Wed Jun 17

do yoe remember fred websters the little sweet shop in windmill lane,yoe could buy an iced lolly and a bag of sherbert for tupence,good old days. mick

Thu Jun 11


Am i the only one on this web site there don't seem to be lot going on some one must remember this little street or am i the last one alive

Mon Jun 08

yes i new hanlon st,i lived just over the canal footbrige in cilwick terrace.moved in in 1953 moved out when they demolished everything in about 1964. mick .

Thu Jun 04

Deptford the REGAN/RAGAN family

Looking for my half brother who's mums maiden name was ALICE REGAN OR RAGAN and dads name Georgie Smith (my dad) he would now be in he's 60s I have never met him and would love to any info please thanks :- replies to

Thu May 14

Hi my dad is Richard Staples (vic) he had one brother Edward (Ted) and has 2 sisters Marge and Barb! Do these names mean anything to you only my dad says his grandad had a greengrocers in Debtford and his name was George staples.

My nan's name was Constance and I think her sister's name was Florence (Flo)

my email is

Wed Apr 22

Wed Mar 25

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