Welcome to London Dalston

one BEDROOM FLAT WANTED in Angel islington higbury islington Canobury Dalston Haggerston London field

Hi Everyone, Moving Date: 28/08 or anytime in september.

Me and my boyfriend are looking for 1 bed room flat to rent.

i am working in fashion age 23, my boyfriend works as an art lecturer and sunglasses designer age 28.

we are interested renting a flat in angel islington, highbury islington, canabury and haggerston dalston areas.

our budget max. 300 pw. and i would be able to pay 6 months upfront.

we both love taking care of our living spaces and clean.

Please get in touch if you got anything.

Priority to Private landlord.

Mon Aug 03



I just saw your ad about cleaner and i would like to tell you that i can help you

for that. I am 3years experienced housekeeper. I am honest, relible, enthusiastic, energy, honest and punctual person.Minimum 2 hours. I am available at anytime.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in ********3

Many thanks. Regards, maggie

Sun May 25

new girly friends :)

Hi, I'm a female and i'm looking for some new girly friends, who love trap/rap/hip hop/dancehall/reggae music! :) so if you are into same music as me and live in london write me and let's go out this weekend cos there is a good party going on! :) x email me at:

Wed Mar 05

Is the shop still to let

Fri Jun 15

I just moved to Dalston because I heard it was the new up and coming area with lots of nightlife. I thought it was reasonably safe until I heard about crime and that the estate close to me (Hawthorne Close) is not the friendliest of places. Should I be moving or is it just London-life? Also, if I was walking down Kingsland or Balls Pond Road with my husband late at night, would we be safe?

Thu Aug 04

the man outside dalston tube - monmouth coffee very good.

Thu Jul 21

Try Dalston emporium, they just opened recently. They are near rio cinema.

Fri Jul 15


Does anyone know anything about this gym? Cant really see much from the outside

Mon May 09

Dalston Girlies

Hi! I'm a 30 year old professional female who recently moved to Sandringham Road with my boyfriend. I'm loving it so far but really haven't had a chance to explore yet. I don't know the area at all so I'm hoping to find a new girly friend or two who can show me the hidden gems. I have friends living in London but most of them are male and not really close enough for an impromptu bottle of red and gossip on a Friday night. ;-) Drop me a line if interested!

Mon May 09

New to the area and seeking some local girly mates

I'm a 30 year old professional female who recently moved to Sandringham Road with my boyfriend. I'm loving it so far but really haven't had a chance to explore yet. I don't know the area at all so I'm hoping to find a new girly friend or two who can show me the hidden gems. I have friends living in London but most of them are male and not really close enough for an impromptu bottle of red and gossip on a Friday night. ;-) Drop me a line if interested!

Thu May 05

try boons at camden town

Tue Feb 22


Hi i'm a girl and I'm looking for some more female friends in my area for going out to Brick Lane, etc.. :) If you live near Brick Lane write me soon and we can meet up this weekend! :) Please note I'm looking for female friends ONLY, thanks :)

Sat Feb 19


Hi i'm a girl and I'm looking for some more female friends in my area for going out to Brick Lane, etc.. :) If you live near Brick Lane write me soon and we can meet up this weekend! :) Please note I'm looking for female friends ONLY, thanks :)

Wed Dec 01


This place ripped me off don't touch them

Fri Oct 22

What a load of rubbish...

Really the person that wrote this is so out of touch, you have to ask yourself why property in this area of hackney rose between 29-59% last year and why so many families are moving into the area, because its unsafe an dangerous or more so than other areas of London. Really don't be so naive and purile, you obvisoulsy don't like the area because you either don't understand it or you don't fit in, in which case stop bleating and and find somewhere you do, simple really, go an enjoy life.

Wed Aug 25

Tue Aug 17

The caribbean cafe opposite the rio does good coffee, so do the turkish cafes on the same side as the rio

Mon May 17

i've used the MOT place in Bohemia place too a couple of times - they were nice

Mon May 17

if you are on facebook theres i grew up in east london site , theres lots of photos and ppl old and new

Sun Feb 14

Cleaner in Dalston

Hello Sue,

I can recommend my cleaner to you, she is very trustworthy and I've not had a single problems with her for the past 8 months she's been with me. Her rate is also reasonable. Her number is ********2. Any more questions, pls write me a

Fri Jan 15


Can anyone recommend a good cleaner, I just moved to dalston and need a reasonable cleaner.

Thank you.

Thu Jan 14

Doing your hair for Christmas?

Hair Extentions (Human Hair) £15 18"


I am an international wholesaler and at the moment promoting Human Hair for weaving. Colours: Black, Brown (X2). Brand FashionUK and Premium now. Call while stocks last: ********2.

Wed Dec 16


How uninsightful. Dalston has a lot more to offer than intimidation. Look past your personal issues and you'll find great restaurants, quaint clubs and great people.

I recommend going to BG's Nightclub. I think there is a disco night called Cure Your Ills on this Friday. Looks quite good.

Thu Sep 10

Dalston: Just like the Mission neighborhood in San Francisco

Except cleaner and safer. I've been staying with a friend who lives in Dalston and I LOVE IT. Maybe it's because I live in the Mission neighborhood in SF where a few years ago, it was just like Dalston ("up and coming"). Well, the time's come and my hood is trendy, expensive...but still dirty and dangerous. I get hassled on a daily basis. Dalston makes my neighborhood back home look like a joke. I like that culture, the grittiness to it and that it's so easy to get into Central London. If I can walk around Dalston without getting hassled or feeling scared/threatened like I do in my own neighborhood back home...Dalston wins.

Thu May 28

Any good art galleries


Does anyone know of good art studios or galleries that you can look around in the dalston area.

Sun May 24

doctor in Dalston

I really like the Dalston Practice, on Medinah Road. It is open on Saturday mornings too, which is useful and seems to have an easy appointments system.

Mon May 11

Fri May 08

Arts lovers outings...

Would like to set up a regular arts group in the area for people who would enjoy visits to local galleries,theatres and anything else of interest that comes along.

Do mail me if you would like to get involved.


Fri May 08

Friendly Doctor Dalston / Stoke Newington

Hello I recently mover to Dalston, up near the beginning of Stoke Newington High Road and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good doctor round here? I've had some bad experiences with Docotrs before so would much rather go to one that has a good track record from locals.

Many thanks.

Thu Apr 30

absolute piffle dash

This is a response to the 'NOTHING!' post, as I felt it unjustly harsh on the vibrant multicultural lovelyness that is Dalston. I have never felt threatened in the 1 year and a few months that I have resided here. For people of a nervous disposition perhaps this is so. When I first moved to London I had this ill concieved view that I would be happier in a place that felt familiar and comfortable, typically for me that would have been South West/West London. Now South West London is cool (West is just dull) it has nice eateries, bars etc. But its expensive, and I couldn't afford to live there. So I moved to East London, first to Greenwich, now to Dalston. By a long way its cheaper, both accomodation, but most importantly for going out, generally has friendlier people (perhaps I'm biased) and just as many good eateries, bars and probably more music venues. Anyway before I make this an essay, come visit the place before you make your mind up.

Fri Mar 20

Are you aged between 10 and 25, live in Islington

Are you aged between 10 and 25, live in Islington or N16 and want to show off your talent?

Whether it’s doing cultural performance somersaults, tap-dancing, rapping or some thing really different, this is your chance to showcase your skills to the at Newington Green fun day “Let’s get together”.

Lets get together will be held o 5th July 2009 at newington green pak n16. We are looking for young people to take part on the day

if that is you please contact us 0207 704 6019 leaving your name and a contact number we welcome everyone.

lets make this world a better place by joining together as one community

Tue Feb 24

Life Drawing in Dalston on Wednesday nights

60 yards from Dalston Kingsland station there is a place where you can Draw, Draw and draw for about £5 a head for 3 hours. As long as I bring a few friends sometime and nothing else because we share the cost. Yesterday the model was a formidable Brazilian curvy and flexible model, the music was so relaxing, tony was so attentive and helpful, people so friendly, poses amazing and bring your own drink policy, I simply wonder if It wasn't a dream. Today I went to meetup.com/lifedrawingsociety and it wasn't they do it everywhere in London in absolutely perfect locations.

I had to let you know, let's bring our pencils and change the world to a better one.

Mon Jan 19

Wanted:male walking partner 35+ for weekend walking excursions/days out

I'm looking to hook up with a sociable bloke 35+ for weekend escapes out of london to the countryside to do a bit of walking somewhere beautiful with and check out a local pub or two.Someone with a car is preferable and i would be more than happy to share petrol expenses.Do get in touch if this sounds like your kind of thing.


Sun Sep 28

Combat spirituel church ( maman olangi) it's in edmonton. two street afetr LIDL on the same side under the bridge turn left go to the end of the street then turn right third or forth street look for a big waherouse

Wed Sep 17

Yes, Austin Motors just of Sandringham road, tel 0207 241 1143 and Skingles Garage on Dalston lane by Hackney downs Staion for MOTs been using them for years dont have No as on my door step.

Sun Aug 31

I've never heard such scaredy-pants rot in all my life. Dalston is hilarious, kind, has a unique charm and is the future of urban (perhaps not urbane) living. I've been here for years and there's always something brilliant and/or appalling happening every single day; there's never a dull moment. The writer clearly has no imagination or ability to decode a neighbourhood that's full to the brim of excitement, absurdity and comedy. Mind you, the secret is out - I heard two seemingly ultra-cool stylists waxing lyrical about how Dalston was "totally a cool place, yeah? Like gives me like total inspiration, yeah? I like sooo love it here? It's like, sooo real?" Get a grip - everywhere is real for God's sake, yeah?

Tue Jul 29

Professional photographer seeks models for Londoners project

I am working on a personal portrait project of Londoners and am looking especially for models with a skinny build to take part.

You would receive free prints in return and travel expenses. I am not specifically looking for professional models, if you can send a full length photo I will send you web links to my work.

Sun Jul 27

Looking for flat mate!?!

hi guys, ive been living in dalston for a few years now and im sure its one of the most developing borough in london we're getting a tube soon haraay!!! its can be a little dawnting on the streets at night and thats understandable ; however, recently there has been many changes to the area with culture flooding through the door step friendly people and a sense of community from people of all back grounds and travel experiences ... i am looking to rent a double room in a three bedroom flat, a fun loving house, attractive with good people, 5 mins from kingsland station station, midnight BBQ £550 pcm, give me a shout love to hear from ya!!!

Tue Jul 22

Re your dalston book club

hi i am having problems with the link.

please would you post time/place/ book details of your next meeting or an email address i can contact you on.



Sun Jul 20

Film Locations needed in Dalston

I'm looking for two flats that can be used in a film as locations. Both properties are needed for a few days between 23rd and 28th June. There are only 2 actors in each scene and the crew is relatively small so there would be no disruption or changes made to the flats.

What we are looking for is:

Property 1

1 or 2 bedroom flat, preferably sparsely furnished, on Kingsland Road (between Dalston Cross and Stoke Newington). Needs to have a window looking over Kingsland Road.

Property 2

Traditional Turkish Home on Ridley Road.

Please email me if you have anything suitable.

Thank you.

Wed May 28

Dalston book group

Hallo there,

newly formed and budding book group in Dalston seeking members to bolster its ranks. We're reading 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' this month, meeting in approx four weeks. If anyone is interested,

Thu May 01

2 Polish delis in Dalston

One is on Balls Pond Road, about 100 m towards Highbury from Kingsland High Road, the other on Dalston Lane, about 200m towards Hackney from the end of Ridley Road. Both sell Polish packaged products, frozen foods and cold meats...

Fri Apr 25


Sat Feb 23

lamb and beans

where can i buy authentic Turkish food in late night Dalston?

Tue Feb 05

on Kingsland road i have spotted a timber yard if you want a few planks of wood cheap also myou cannot see the wood for the tree's there quite fun really if you can see past the squirrells regards

Tue Feb 05

Middleton road is lovely, although there is a dodgy bit just on the corner with Kinglsand Rd - the odd crack dealer (big guys in black coats at all hours of the night - although, to be fair, unless you're looking for trouble, they will ignore you) and the entrance to the estate just at the start of the road (Freshfield close or something) wher thee are usually big gangs of teenagers hanging out and an unrepentant smell of skunk. Once past that (the evangelical church is the watershed) it feels pretty much like Islo. Lovely houses.

Thu Jan 31

late night venue

i am looking for a venue to have my 40th birthday. to finish late after 4am. Any ideas as long as its in London. Thanks

Thu Jan 31

Thanks for all the replies, everyone - the house is just off Kingsland Road, around Middleton Road.

Mon Jan 21

Daslton IS safe

Where abouts is the house?

My fiancee and I have lived here for 3 and a half years and have NEVER EVER had a problem - not so much as a glance or a comment let alone any agro or anything like a mugging.... I think the area is really quite safe as long as you know the area and walk around with some conviction!!

I'm sure a lot of dodgy stuff goes on behind the scenes but for the average person on the street, you've nothing to worry about. We love the area - it s AMAZING!

Fri Jan 18

Dalston is reasonably safe, as safe as anywhere in inner London (in fact better than some places), but you just have to follow basic precautions....don't cut through any estates, be aware of your surroundings ie who's in front and behind you in the street, walk assertively and stay in busy, well lit streets.

Frankly though, I'm not personally happy about any one walking alone, unnecessarily, anywhere in inner London after 11pm (and also very early weekend mornings, there's a lot of violent crime at these times).

Mon Jan 14

no way

well i wouldnt fancy it my mum lived there not a nice area for women of a night and it hasnt changed got worse if anything

Thu Jan 03

Dalston Kingsland


we're thinking of moving to Dalston, and the house we're looking at is a 10 min walk from Dalston Kingsland station. Is the area safe (within reason) for lone females at around 11pm at night on weekdays? Thanks for any comments.

Thu Jan 03

Dalston, the new hype jam4t@yahoo.com

Don't believ it! There is nothing here, and its not 10mins from the City, it takes more like 20 on the bus.

Fri Dec 07

anyone want a laugh

go to the Battersea site and start posting

Tue Nov 20

no its not,it sucks arse.

Sun Oct 14

Fish Shop to Let - Ridley Road Market

Lock up shop available from 1st Nov. Middle of market, good location, all services and freezer/fridge, good potential starter business. 12 yrs remaining lease, and rent of £250 pw. Premium for lease negotiable - around £20,000.

Post reply on site for reply.

Sat Oct 13


for sale or to let....please reply.

Sun Oct 07

Shacklewell Lane Action Partnership

Tue Sep 11

Can anyone recommend a "man with a van" for local small house removal?

I am looking for a man with a van to move me and my furniture across Dalston....has anyone any positive experience of Hackney removals firms, or is able to steer me towards someone, good, cheap and reliable?

Mon Sep 03


is soo good! ive been there loads...really nice food and atmosphere! kind of weird and eclectic but in a very good way! apparently theres another one opened near clerkenwell...should be cool. but i hear its not a good idea to go into the toliets since there is some "adult" art on the walls from what i hear.

Fri Jun 22

By 9 a.m its reasonably quiet - my girlfriend gets the 8.30 train and its packed to Highbry and Islington, but earlier or later and it improves....

Thu Jun 07


Can anyone tell me if commuting on the silverlink heading west is a nightmare at 9am?

Fri Jun 01

Cleaner available - Dalston area

Reliable, trustworthy, hadworking English woman available as a cleaner.

Non smoker and references available.

Reasonable rates charged.

Please get in touch if interested, including your location and number of hours needed per week.

Many Thanks.

Sun May 20

Not yet, but its on my to-do list! (Along with Buene Aire and Armadillo on Broadway market - supposed to be very good)

Thu Mar 29

Any builders/decorators recommended in Dalston area?

Looking for a builder to do some outside rendering and inside decorating - removal of paper, plastering etc.

Any recommendations?

Thu Mar 29

Think the pub, the Salisbury on Balls Pond road does Salsa classes. Its a few hundred yards west of the cross roads on the right....

Mon Mar 26

Drop me an email and we can try and play one weekday evening now that it is lighter at night

I am on

Mon Mar 26

Tennis partner london fields

I am looking for someone to play tennis with at london fileds, but during the weekdays,- i pretty good but still serve like a beginner

Tue Mar 13

help me please

I am looking for a newspaper distribution network. i am the manager of a romanian newspaper and i intend to sell the newspaper in London. I do not know who i must contact for this ! thank you for any information!

Thu Feb 15


Yep, Faulkners is excellent and Usha is v good for curry, a few doors down

Wed Jan 24


best chippie in london. told all my mates about it!

been to LMNT on queensbridge road? best restaurant in the universe and they dont charge an arm and a leg!

Fri Jan 19

i like it!!!!

do you know what i kinda like the mess at ridley road market although yes it is totally gross its kind of homey i cant think of the market without the mess and no offence but its kinda old skool east end/ hackney well thats my opinion anyway!!!

Thu Dec 14

I did my MOT for 24.30

and they were quite honest. At Burning tires by the firestation off kingsland Road...

Fri Dec 01

How do i go about renting a market stall in ridley road dalston. please help me

Mon Nov 27

Combat Spirituel Church


I am looking for a Combat Spirituel Church in London.

Can anybody please help me to know the address, website or contact information?

All the best,

Thank you very much,

Thu Nov 02

The opening of Gillett Square will be on 10 November with Andy Sheppard's Saxophone Massive.

Mon Oct 30

Hackney Service Centre in Bohemia Place off Mare Street are good - MOT testing station next door

Wed Oct 11


I had a very good experience at S&A Motors at 732 Seven Sisters Road

Sun Oct 08

MOT Testing

Does anyone know of a garage in or near Dalston that wont rip me off for an MOT and service?

Tue Oct 03

Salsa lesson

We are interested in learning/practicing Salsa dance near Dalston. Please let us know if there are any venues or groups (hopefully for free/ at cheap fee).


Sat Sep 30

pentecostal church

there's one on commercial road london n18 near white hart lane train station

Mon Aug 21

I couldn't agree more! The place is a disgrace and needs urgent sorting out. They are talking about regenerating the area by putting up tower blocks, they should restore the market first. I have never seen a market so filthy, something is not quite right surely. I think the state of that market alone is a good enough reason for a self respecting stall holder to move to another market.

Tue Aug 15

I think it's time that this part of London gets a decent gym. I am quite surprised that none of the big chains opened up a branch in anywhere around this area. I go to Fitness First in Old Street but would've been nice to have a gym closer to home. Perhaps the future shopping centre on top of Dalston Junction station will have one in. It's a shame about those tower blocks though.

Tue Aug 15

Coffee Corner

I would definately recommend "Coffee Corner" opposite Butterfield Green on Wordsworth Road. It's a very friendly neighbourhood coffee shop with cosmopolitan clientele.

Tue Aug 15

Dalston - Gillett Square

Gillett Square is likely to be complete towards the end of September / beginning of October.

Mon Aug 07

Dalston - Looking for a Tennis partner

Does anyone in the area play tennis and fancy getting together weekday evenings. Can play London Fields/Hackney Downs, Springfield Park, Highbury Fields or Islington Tennis centre......


Mon Jul 17

yes I agree

Looking for the same

Sat Jun 03

hopefully it doesnt stay there long enough

to attract pests...or does it? Its anyway very ugly to look at, and you really want to be carefull where you walk. To be honest, those merchants seem to have a pretty tough life, and that's the kind of thing that keeps the street alive, and the neighbourhood friendly..., but yes, if the rubbish problem could be solved, it would be a plus.

A balanced comment...

Sat Jun 03


St. Mark's Church is offering her 3 large halls for community use. If you need a space for your meeting, workshop, after school activities or some form of celebration then you have got one. We have a kitchen to handle your catering services and a copmuter and photocopier for your secretarial services. We are a non-profit organisation so our charges are minimal. Please give us a call on 0207 241 1771

Wed Apr 26

Gillet Square

Does anyone know when the Gillett square development is going to be finished - and for that matter how they're going to stop the winos taking over when it is complete?

Tue Apr 11

I need a parking space as the flat I am buying in Dalston has a 106 notice e.g. I will be banned from ever being able to buy a parking permit ever! Apparently Dalston is initiating a 'green' policy and will not let my development buy the flats with parking. So if you have a parking space that is surperfluous to your own requirements I would like to either buy it outright or rent it for a year at a time. Please contact me at

Fri Apr 07

Looking for Maman Olangi combat spirituel church


I have been living in London for years and been looking for a church. I heard that the combat spirit. church is somewhere in London.

Please tell me where it is.

God bless you,

Thu Mar 30

I agree with everything

you've just written. get a petition going and i'll sign it. how about a piece of direct action against litterbugs? personally i'd like to see the whole market moved to a purpose-built site in the area and the street redeveloped as a pedestrian zone to take the strain off the creaking high street. but that's just me.

Mon Mar 13

Guinean Community in Dalston?


Are you Guinean? Do you speak Soussou?

Is there a Guinean community in Dalston please?

If you know about it please tell me, thank you

Sat Feb 25


to whoever answered my parking query - it's snowing in Dorset !

Thu Feb 23


Saturday, you'll need her to get some visitors vouchers for you (£8 for 10 from council) or else have to try and find a meter. restrcited hrs between 7 and 7

Sunday you can park anywhere you want!

Wed Feb 22

Help where do I park?

Visiting my lovely daughter in Colvestone Crescent this weekend have to bring car with loads of her stuff - what is parking availability/restrictions/cost please Sat/Sun - many thanks

Tue Feb 21

Good Hairdressers

Whch butchers in particular would you recommend?

Mon Feb 13


What is a polish doctor?

Someone who polishes you when you need a good shine??

OK... you probably mean Polish. But Why?


Tue Feb 07

Good hairdressers


There is a good butchers that do good cheap cuts also the local kebab shops are doing special deals.

Not quite Toni & Guy but you will get a good cut. A lot better than sweeny tod.

Sun Jan 29

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