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Baseball Players wanted

Baseball Players wanted Ball players required for Croydon Pirates Amateur Baseball Team All skill levels welcome, men and women (Over 14's only) croydonpirates@gmail.com

Tue Oct 27


I thought I let you know I have a double room and a single room available and wonder if there is anyone out there who is looking for accommodation in CRAWLEY. If anyone is looking and would like to have more information please let me know. Date: 25 October 2020.

Sun Oct 25

Looking to create a female dance group- croydon

Hey to whoever’s reading this,

So basically I have a passion for dance and I am looking to set up a dance group/troupe for likeminded individuals in their 20s-30s like myself. Dance will incorporate contemporary/street/urban and various other styles. Must have a passion for dance. Croydon or surrounding areas. Male or female any race or age so long as your creative, dedicated and like to have fun!

For more details or register your interest please email me

Tue Oct 24

croydon much better than reputation

west croydon and thornton heath are not great. south croydon and east croydon are pleasant areas with very affordable unjustly maligned due to an exagerated reputation for crime based upon west croydon and a need for town centre regeneration. there are some very nice areas which with a new westfields and other surrounding central redevelopment are already looking very good value.

Sun Dec 22

South Croydon is a bargain

South Croydon is historically the nice side of town and nothing like West Croydon. It is actually a pleasant leafy suburban area for the most part, with good restaurants and pubs. Prices are lower than the area actually merits due to reputational issues with the Croydon name. Despite what some might say the reality is that Croydon doesn't even make the top 10 for dangerous London boroughs.

If you can see past the reputation then you can live on the nice side of town in a nice house for less than the cost of a studio flat in more dangerous boroughs closer into London, and with excellent fast train links get into Central London very quickly. Provided the Westfield centre goes ahead it should make a very good comparative investment too.

Croydon is much better than it's reputation. Have a look for yourself.

Sat Dec 21

Croydon - Carribean Female Seeking Friends


I am 30 and living in the Croydon area. Typical girl, love eating out , cocktails and trying new things .. Seeking fun, possible fitness buddy, outgoing female, doing all the usual stuff: shopping, wining and dinning, and errr, did i forget to say FUN!! :) . I am looking to restart my social life so seeking a lovely bestie or very small group of ladies for genuine long term friendships :)

Feel free to send a quick message


Sun Dec 15

Croydon Stimson

Hi Paul, tried e mailing you but can't get through why don't you see if you can get through to me,

Sat Nov 23


William Stimson was my great great great granddad born in beddington lane my name is Paul Stimson and we all are still in croydon contact me at

Fri Nov 22

South Croydon

South Croydon is absolutely fine with some very nice leafy residential areas. West Croydon not so great and probably best avoided. Shirley, areas of Purley etc very pleasant indeed. If you choose well you can get a very nice house in a very pleasant safe residential area with easy access to London train links for less than the price of a shoe box in a much more dangerous area at the other end of the line.

Sat Sep 07


My friends and I met u in jamica recently. Would like to visit call again we are from the us. Michelle brenda boo boo

Sun Aug 11

looking for

Found this site by accident . My friends and I met u in jamica.would like to come and u can show us around. Call again .from us......brenda michelle and boo boo...........

Sun Aug 11


Hey I'm from Croydon too. Are you still looking to make some new friends?

Sun Mar 17

Hi I'm interested in ur dance classes, cud u pls provide me wid more information. Eg. Prices, location, times and dates.

Thank you



Fri Jan 04

Genuine female friends wanted

Hi all

I'm a straight black female looking to make a few genuine female friends in Croydon and surrounding areas. Mail me if your interested.

Tue Nov 20


Hi all, i'm a straight black female, early thirties, looking to make female friends in South East London. Texting/ emailing if fine initially, but I want to make some 'real life' friends who are up for getting together on a regular basis, and develope the type of friendship that means that we'll be there for the good, bad and ugly of each others lives.

Love: dancing, Rnb, soca, long chats, girly nights in/out shopping, theatre, comedy shows, nice holidays and more...So get in touch and potentially make a life long friend :)

Mon Nov 12


contact me

Sun Nov 04

Woman 50s wants to make friends


I live in Coulsdon. I'm in my mid 50s and would like to make friends with other women 40s/50s for socialising, going places, etc.

I like music, art, reading, visiting interesting places and going to theatres, restaurants, etc. I'd like to meet someone equally as interested. Thanks.

Sat Nov 03

croydon is being helped by the goverment alot so there many benifits that will be handed out in croydon in the near future

Tue Oct 30

Ambitions to be a model?

I need to update my photography portfolio.

For your modeling time, I can offer you your own suite of some 100 professional pictures to take away on disc.

Contact me now


Mon Aug 06

hi.. i came across this tread by pure accident.. not sure how old it is even? but if ur still around message me back? im a single mother, 27 and i live outside croydon.. Hopefully hear from you soon?

Thu May 31



I am looking for ragga dance hall courses in croydon.

Do you propose this kind of courses ? if yes, when and how much is it??

Thank you in advance !

Sat May 19

Excellant Tennant

Hello thank you for taking the time to view my ad!

I am looking for a good quality flat to rent in East or South Croydon. The property needs to be furnished or part furnished. My maximum budget is up to £700; I have good references from my landlords and have always rented on long term agreements. I have refs and deposit. Please don't bother me with Western Union scams (419).

I am very house proud and have nice things and will take care of your property as if it were my own

If you have a property you feel may suit me please email me ASAP with description (flooring, entrance, gas or electric cooker and if parking is available)

PICTURES/POSTCODE also strongly appreciated as it would save a lot of time.

No fees please. I look forward to speaking to you

Thanks for reading


Mon May 14

Is Wingate Crescent a nice area to live?

Hi may be moving to wingate crescent and want to know alittle more about the area, schools, shopping, crime, parks and transport.

I would really appreaciate some info!!


Wed Mar 28

Tue Mar 27

20-40s Walking Group


I'm based in Selsdon (just outside of Croydon) and love to walk.

My email address is

Sat Mar 03



Thu Feb 16

looking for female friends in croydon area

Hi, new to the area and looking to make new female friends. i'm 32yr female working in the city mon-fri but looking for new friends to hang out with for a chat/coffee, cinama etc.

thanks for reading my email is

Sun Feb 12


i realy need partiner who can be very understanding,

plz if are intrested you can email me with wizydonald(at)yahoo.com, am waiting for you

thank you

Thu Jan 26

Tamil Female model wanted

Photographer seeks a Tamil Female for modeling work.

Aged 19-30.

London areas.

reply to:

Thu Jan 12

Hi, have beeen thinking along similar lines to you. Longing for more creative expression opportunities. Like you possibly to lead into commercial venture. Like to share ideas and experiences with you.

Sun Jan 08

Asian Female models wanted

Graduate photographer, seeks Asian Females for Glamour modeling!

Students or wannabe models

Aged 20-35 and from Croydon, or surroundng areas.

Fri Dec 23

Well you have seen from Tram White Racist, Emma West, what Croydon can be like.

Tue Dec 06

walking group

Hi Amanda,

i like walking can you please send me more details about your group.

I tried your link but it wasnot working.

contact me

Sat Dec 03

black female looking for friends

hi am a black female in late 20's looking to restart my social life and make some friends in my local area.

contact me

Sat Dec 03

Black Female looking to make friends in Croydon

Hi am a black female in my late 20's seeking friends of either sex I can hung out with go out partying wherever. I am currently single after a 6 year relationship so need to sort my social life out as its been neglected. mail me

Sat Dec 03

Living in high wycombe

Moving to high wycombe ,how safe it is to live there with kids

Sun Nov 27

hey, i thought i would reply to you, send me an email on

Mon Nov 07


can you please contact me

Tue Nov 01


can you please contact me

Tue Nov 01

Would like to join book club in CROYDON

Hi I've just moved to the area and would like to join a book club - mid 30's professionals would be great.

email me

Tue Sep 13

threading - croydon high street

try Helena McCrae (spelling?) hair salon, there is a lady in there who does threading very well.

Tue Sep 06

Tue Aug 16

Your post is racist

There are a united nation of gangs in Croydon

not just black gangs.

I guess that you are mentioning who you fear

most Max.

Cowardly people such as yourself give these gangs

power to terrorise because they sense your fear.

Fri Jun 17

Tennis partner required

I live in Woodside and have just completing a tennis course but really want someone to play with when done not competitive for fun and fitness if interested please call me on ********2 or email

Thu Jun 16

Room to rent in gorgeous house michellewall51@hotmail.co.uk

call Michelle on ********2 to discuss

Wed Jun 15

Sat Jun 04

katie baden.

hi, i have lived here all my life, it is a nice place to live and yes some parts a rough but over all its not bad all, your panaking to much, it is great here and sometimes u see famous people wizzing around the place, just relax and enjoy it whilst you can, thanks, katie.

Sun May 15

I am interested

Fri Apr 29

whats whitefield ave like to live in purley????

Hi every1!, I might b moving to purley very soon,just want to know what its like there day/night. Schools,shops,transport ect.thanks

Tue Apr 26

avoid croydon law centre?

who are you to know if a law centre is any good..?. you sound like an idiot who complains if they dont get what they want, i hope people ignore you, it will be a pity if someone does not get the advice or help they need because of your stupidity and nasty attitude.. ps i wont reply to you if you reply to this as i dont engage in debate with fools.. good luck if you need any advice..

Fri Apr 22

DO many people looking in Croydon use Moveflat?


I'l looking for new housemates, and wondering if people outside of Central London use this site. We're in Zone 5.

Any feedback much appreciated!

Wed Mar 09

hi im Katie, ive lived here all my life and its like home to me, the odd thing pops up on the news but its not bad at all, the only thing i reccomend it to be safe, you never know what might happen!

good luck camille xx Katie!

Sun Feb 06

Croydon, Do not live there

Croydon is dangerous...........



Tue Dec 21

Croydon unsafe.

Don't go live there

Lot's of WHITE Racists, Druggies, panaroids!

Tue Dec 21

I was smiling at the guy behind you.


Tue Dec 21

Asian Amatuer Female models wanted: p.pappa37@yahoo.co.uk

Graduate photographer seek amatuer,wanabe,Student : Asian/Indian females for glamour photography. Faces do not have to be shown.

Ages 20-40.

Discretion assured.

Please reply to:

Thu Dec 16

croydon film club

Did you manage to set up a local film club group in croydon as I would be interested


Sat Nov 13

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services




Mon Nov 08

I haven't tried them myself, but have a look at www.kungfuschools.co.uk.

Mon Nov 08

Id only go to east Croydon.

South Croydon is a bit chavvy. West Croydon (the area north of North End and Roman Way) is a crime-ridden slum. Stay away!

Mon Nov 08

Tracing gorgeous blonde outside Purley station

Hi, if u were the young blonde woman who smiled at me outside Purley station on Tuesday 27th October 2009, please

Mon Nov 08



Croydon 070 9204 0211

Wed Oct 20

Don't ever move to west croydon. Everyone thinks it's ok here because they drink and shop here all the time but when you live here it's not safe.

In fact I just saw an old lady die about an hour ago because a guy was trying to get away from a guy with a knife and knocked her down.

And stuff like this happens everyday here.

Don't come here

Mon Oct 04

im 24 with 2 children and im trying to move it not a nice area theres stabing gun crime and drugs every were cars are always being robed u wont the truth im leting u no

Sun Oct 03

ladies only thanks

Hi Lou i'm 42 live in south norwood,i'm looking for other woman too b friends with,also keep fit swimming, shopping ect

Sat Sep 04

loads of natural sunny light Newly Refurbished Flat

back from a main road in Purley, screened nicely by trees. Own access via external stairs on 3rd floor. The property is peaceful, clean and tidy and we expect all tenents (and their visitors) to help keep it this way.

Great transport links with bus stops towards Croydon/Streatham/Addington or Coulsdon/ Redhill/ Banstead outside. Purley A cosy, light, furnished flat in a converted 1920's house is now available. It retains much of its original character, including fireplaces, yet it is decorated in a modern fashion with central heating, double glazing and a shower room.

Located well train station is 15mins away and trains take around 20mins to London Bridge/Victoria. Also 15mins away are bus stops for Tooting/ Caterham.

Many local shops and a large Tesco nearby and a good selection of schools.

Suitable for flat sharing between professionals/ mature students or a couple with only one child over 5 years.

Rent: £750 per month + bills Dss or part Dss accepted.

Mon Aug 23


You will treasure it even more when

you can share it with someone special.

Tue Aug 17

theres bad places all over the world but dont let a couple of non factual opinions cloud your judgement. croydon has many nice decent areas e.g the windmill estate west croydon melfort rd thornton heath brigstock rd thornton heath fieldway new addington king henrys drive new addington and many more please look into these lovely honest neighborhoods before you make such a hasty decision about this lovely town that we call home nw lets hav three cheers for croydon amen

Wed Aug 11

Spanish & French evening classes

I'm running Spanish & French Beginner classes on Tuesdays from 7th September in Beckenham Public Hall (next to 'Ask' restaurant).

Spanish: 5.30-6.30pm

French: 6.30-7.30pm


0794 1839 882

Sat Jul 17

Spanish & French evening classes

I'm running Spanish & French Beginner classes on Tuesdays from 7th September in Beckenham Public Hall (next to 'Ask' restaurant).

Spanish: 5.30-6.30pm

French: 6.30-7.30pm


0794 1839 882

Sat Jul 17

Spanish and French evening classes

I'm running Spanish & French Beginner classes on Tuesdays from 7th September in Beckenham Public Hall (next to 'Ask' restaurant).

Spanish: 5.30-6.30pm

French: 6.30-7.30pm


0794 1839 882 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              0794 1839 882      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Sat Jul 17

Spanish and French evening classes


I'm running Spanish & French Beginner classes on Tuesdays from 7th September in Beckenham Public Hall (next to 'Ask' restaurant).

Spanish: 5.30-6.30pm

French: 6.30-7.30pm


0794 1839 882

Sat Jul 17

Various Electronic Items for sale

Due to moving, I have various Items for sale:

Canon IP6210D Photo printer, great photo quality, unopen, boxed, never used-£30.00

Toshiba Lobretta 110c, a classic mini-marvel,spare battery,floppy drive, no operating system-£50.00

Marantz CD5400 seperate, multi-bit D/A, rich sound, no remote, hence price of-£30.00.

Call or text Mike on: ****-451-597. Anytime.

Tue Jul 13

hi i am a cleaner looking for extra work. all domestic cleaning and i am reliable hard working and honest

pls call ********5

Mon Jul 12

need a helping hand

hi, as a working mother, i found it hard to keep on top of things, tinka bellz cleaners really helped me trustworthy local cleaner, run by a local mother, if u need help around the house, contact them, a great service, to help you. Hope you get as much from them as i did. You can contact a lovely lady called keira on ********7

Wed Jun 23

Wed Jun 16

martial arts school in Croydon

Hi, I've just started going to Chi Combat System martial arts school in Croydon, I really really love it. Does anyone have any martial arts tips they can share with me to help me improve?

Tue Jun 08

French in Croydon


I offer French lessons in Croydon, Beckenham & Bromley.

I teach GCSE/A level French as well as beginners/intermediate and advanced.

I'm a qualified and native French speaker.

Intensive tuition available.

From £18/hour

0794 1839 882


Sun May 30

cleaner available

i am a part time cleaner and looking for more work. i am reliable and trustworthy and hard working i can be contacted on

Tue May 18

French people in croydon??

Hi my name is Sonia, Im a french girl and I've moved in Croydon not longtime ago. I would like to know if there is french people somewhere in Croydon to meet up. E-mail me

Thu May 13

I have lived in south croydon for 9 years and really like it. There are nice pubs are lots of restaurants. There are also many parks. Good luck with your move!

Sun Apr 25

Phoenix kick boxing Croydon

Kick boxing classes on Thursdays start at 8pm. Normally finish around 9.15pm.

Great classes. :-)

Tue Mar 16

Phoenix Martial Arts Centre in Ledbury Road, South Croydon is great. Myself and my son have been training there for a number of years now and I am really pleased with the results.

The instructors are very welcoming and they are patient with the kids. As well as great skills my son has learnt great discipline. They even get to compete for the club across the country if they are up for it.

I'd definately recommend Phoenix.

Check out there website. www.pmakickboxing.com.

Well worth it.

Tue Mar 16

The pub is now called the Porter and Sorter

Mon Feb 15

Stay away from Croydon

There are no jobs or prospects in Croydon, with 500 people chasing every vacancy. The town is dirty, souless, and dated with grim dull 1960's buildings. Parts like West Croydon, Broad Green, New Addington, Portland Road, South Norwood High Street Gordon Crescent off Morland Road are violent and infested with crime. Glad I got out after watching the towns decline before my eyes over a space of 25 years.

Sat Jan 23

dance lessons for 3yr olds in south croydon

im looking in to getting my 3yr old daughter into dance classes but cant seem to find anywhere close does any one know any where in south croydon?

Fri Jan 15

hi dear

this is jawad

Wed Jan 13

Nice piano needs a new home

In South Croydon, a Murdoch upright, mahogany case, nice condition and in our family for years. Must dispose of it now owing to illness (not the piano's). Yours to take away.

Mon Jan 04


im kinda in the same situation moved to wallington its not a very lively area not far from croydon, im also a black female no kids, im 21 enjoy the usual like shopping films going out anything that includes having fun im outgoing and would like to meet down to earth females that can be real friends with not just raving buddies my name is flo & email is

Sun Dec 27


im kinda in the same situation moved to wallington its not a very lively area not far from croydon, im also a black female no kids, im 21 enjoy the usual like shopping films going out anything that includes having fun im outgoing and would like to meet down to earth females that can be real friends with not just raving buddies my name is flo & email is

Sun Dec 27


I wander if there will be possible to join to this voll. club. i played long time ago -school time and withe plesure will do this again :) could u let me know plz

My contact no: ********0 Thx

my e-mail:

Sun Nov 29

Moving to Croydon

I am thinking of buying a house in Croydon, but I am not very familiar with the area. Is South Croydon definitely better than East or West?

Any suggestions or any roads to avoid?

Any help or suggestions would be very welcome -

Sun Nov 22

Sounds interesting. Am in South Croydon...would love to meet up for tea or coffee.

Tue Oct 13

Live-in matured aupair/housekeeper wanted.

Hi I am in need of a matured person to live with me and my four kids... to help with getting ready for school drop -off 2/3 times a week pick up from school, 2/3 evening babysitting and general house chores...

Own room with tv...good locatin close to buses n trains...leisure centre and shops...generous allowance for the right candidate.

Tue Oct 13

what kind of sports? would it be appropriate for a 15 year old birthday girl and her friends?

Wed Sep 30

Try Debenhams in Centrale

Mon Sep 28


William Stimson was born in Beddington, Croydon in 1798, he had 7 children (5 boys) his children were also prolific breeders averaging 5 children each so there must be quite a few Stimsons dotted arround, some of which may still be in the Croydon area. It is not the most common of surnames so where are they all?

Fri Sep 25

How Croydon changed in past 20 years compared to now?

Fri Sep 25

Warning: Pedophile livng in the area!

This is a warning and a serious message.

It is not a joke:

There is a Pedophile living in the Croydon area.

He is a white male, aged 40's-30's and lives at the following address: Room 4, 96 St. James Road, Croydon. The house where he lives faces the Islamic Mosque.

His room Window, which faces the front of the house, is the top one, or the one which is above the Ground window room. Where other individuals live, and who are in on way associated with him!

They and the other tenants avoid him.

He is there because, a greedy Pakistani Landlord who cares nothing about who he allwows to live there, is only interested in making money.

Sun Sep 06

Please add me to your mailing list

Have tried to email you but address isn't working?

Mon Aug 24

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