Welcome to London Crofton Park

Salehurst Rd

I lived in Salehurst Rd for 20 years and can recommend the area,local shops and plenty of green spaces.


Thu Feb 09

Crofton Park

I grew up in Crofton park. It seems to be undergoing gentrification - some would call it social cleansing) now that I have moved back after 34 years. I think that there is still a good balance of locals but I fear that wont be for much longer. Wont use the Brockley Jack though as my father was politely asked to leave at the age of 81. just before he passed away, (for singing) although it was not annoying anyone. It was his local pub in the 60's-70' and he was their darts champion.

Fri Nov 15

Rivoli Crofton Park

Brockley Central School Old Scholars reunions now moved from the Rivoli to Brockley Social Club

Further information please mail me

Sat Feb 23

my god how rude are you,iv lived in crofton park rd for 35 years you are just a snob and give this multi culture decent debtople both home owners and council tennants a bad name its the likes of you that causes the drifts between people how dare you say that prof people and home owners are different from anyone else as if we are some kind of different species,i pay rent for over 40 years in this area,what makes you so different so you this council tennants turn to crime because we want what you have,i assure you we dont,as for owning your homes your more then likely have more debt then i ever will i dont owe the bank hundreds of thousands both my husband and 5 children all work and are good decent people so get your nose out of your back side,

Tue Oct 04

Brian Pepplar

Does anyone know Brian Pepplar who lives (lived) in Crofton Park? Would like to invite him to a reunion.

Please e mail

Sat Sep 10

I'm originally from North London and lived in East London for a few years too but recently moved to Crofton Park and i love it. It's subarban (in terms of the greenery & parks and trees) without the distance from the centre of town, theres great transport links (its just not as easy as the tube, you need to know where and how you should travel around). Great little bars, cafes, theatres, pubs along with the usual convenience stores, hardware, car mechanics etc all on your doorstep.

Sat Sep 11

Life drawing Tank Gallery

Two further dates Life drawing 7 - 9 pm Wednesday 17 & 24 June

£6 - some materials available(no easels or boards though)

Tank Gallery

Ladywell Tavern

80 Ladywell Rd

London, SE13

Sat Jun 13

Life drawing Tank Gallery Ladywell Tavern 10 June

Life drawing 7 - 9 pm Wednesday 10 June

£6 - some materials avilable(no easels or boards though)

Tank Gallery

Ladywell Tavern

80 Ladywell Rd

London, SE13

Mon Jun 08

Good gardener with reasonable rates needed

Hi could anyone recommend a good gardener that charges reasonable rates. I desperately need to get my garden sorted out but i cant afford to pay extortionate prices.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

Tue Apr 07

Acupuncture and Therapeutic Massage

Hi my name is Jo Ellen Wisnosky. I offer acupuncture and therapeutic massage at the Sunflower Centre, 81 Tressillian Road Brockley SUNDAYS 11am to 3pm and by appointment. Please contact me ****.217.133 directly or via the Sunflower Centre 0208.694.2714 Acupuncture and Massage may help: Tension release

Post-natal recovery

Fertility concerns

Relaxation/improved well-being

Injury rehabilitation

Digestive Problems and more

Thu Feb 12

Family Houseshare

Are you interested in communal family living?

We are looking for two other families with young children to get together and rent a house. We have one son who will be 3yrs old in May. We would like to experience living in a co-operative, communal environment, benefitting everyone involved:

-children can play together and learn from each other

-parents can share skills and childcare

-bigger living space and garden

-more economical consumption

The idea is to rent a 6 or 7 bedroom house so that everyone can have their own space while also having communal areas. Ideally, we would like to live in Brockley/New Cross but we are flexible.

This is clearly a long-term plan as we would have to get to know one another and discuss our expectations, so we are in no hurry to move and everything would be very informal to begin with. If you are interested please email

Wed Feb 11

Youre welcome to train with us


Mon Jan 12

Crofton Park FC


I would like to introduce myself and our football club, Crofton Park FC, to the community. As a local club our aim is to forge close links within our community and to help whenever possible with making our community a safer, more attractive and more sociable place for all who live within it. We have a website which carries more information about us www.croftonparkfc.com and we look forward to creating and maintaining close ties with all people and organisations within the area. If you fancy supporting a real football team without all the marketing, expense and hype of the big boys come and watch our amateur games on a sunday. Its a great place to meet new people and enjoy competitive sport.

Kind regards,

Akay Mustafa


Mon Jan 12

party no attitude just good vibes

Hi im a 28 year old male and relatively new to london. Moved here for a promotion. Have just brought a large but empty house with a female friend and want to meet new friends and christen it.

I and a few friends (male and female) have decided to hold a bash. If your free on Fri 21st or Sun 23rd and feel like lstening to some hot beats getting down and dirty and generally having a good time come down. Hot beats, some food and drink will be provided..Just bring a bottle/s and fun friends. Details: fri 10pm ,sun 9.30pm. 54 Bellingham rd, Catford SE6 2PT. LEAVE YOUR ATTITUDE AT HOME STRICTLY GOOD VIBES mail me for more detail

Wed Mar 19


hi i would like to no how much it is to hire the mirrored room per hour.

Sun Jan 27

Rivoli Ballroom granted listed status protection. See Brockley Central blog for details.

Fri Jan 04

Life Drawing Classes

Community Education Lewisham (CEL) Used to do very good life drawing classes at their Brockley Rise Centre on Brockley Rise SE23, Classes should be starting soon so check out their prospectus. The Lewisham Art House is also very good and a great place to meet like minded Artists.

Sat Sep 01

Local Sports teams.

I'm looking for a sports team to join in the local area. I used to play football, but willing to try new things too! Ps I am female!!!

Wed Aug 22


I'm sure you can get a bus to Sydenham, or forest hill. Both these places have Sainsbury's and are a lot closer and nicer than the Old Kent rd or Elephant and Castle. Hope tis makes your shopping trips more pleasent.

Wed Aug 22

Crofton Park Leisure Centre burnt down!!

I too spent a long time roming the streets trying to find the leisure centre. In the end I went and asked in the school. Here I was shown to the building work going on at the back of the school, then told a science experiment went wrong!! I'm not sure but I think it was april '08 when it was due to re-open, but don't quote me on that one. Hope that helps.

Wed Aug 22


Kempo takes place at

St Hilda's Church Hall

Courtrai Road

Crofton Park



For details, tel: **** ****2

Mon Aug 06

Classic Car Club

Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of month at the address shown below:-

Crofton Park Baptist Church

Brockley Grove

Crofton Park



Tel: (020) 8291 3095

Fri Aug 03

Re- cleaner required


Yes,my cleaner called Ade, i can give u her full recommendation, shes reliabe, honest and punctual.

you can contact her on ********6.

Thu Aug 02

Cleaner required

Anyone know of a reliable cleaner in the Crofton Park area? I need someone for a 'spring clean' but may be interested in having someone regularly if finances allow!

Thu Aug 02



We run 8 teams that play in loacl sunday league -if your boy/girls wants quality training with FA approved coaches with CRB checks - come to Honor Oak Park saturdays all year 10 -12 .

All welcome - for more infor ********4

Mon Jul 23

Life Drawing

Lewisham Arthouse classes are great and Steve the tutor is lovely. The area is full of artists so just hang around the cafes in Brockley and get chatting.

Mon Jul 09

Sun Jul 01

art house is great!

but set nothing up arising from forum yet - lacking space (& numbers yet! - but they are out there i knows it)

nice places to drop in cafe neu - moonbow jakes up towards adelaide avenue!

some life drawing saturday in wapping if interested!

Wed Jun 13

life drawing

Hey ! there has been alot of talk about life drawing - i am v. interested in doing an evening class, have you set up yet? or does anyone know what the lewisham arthouse life drawing class is like ?

also me and my other half moved here a year ago and doent know anyone in the area - know of anywhere else we can meet like minded peeps?



Mon Jun 11

life drawing

Wondering about setting up small life drawing group in crofton park. Would anyone be interested? Or do you know of any possible spaces to use? PS Already thought of Brockley Jack but no joy!

Sat Jun 09


Sat Jun 09

White Stripes playing at...

The ????

I can't remember the place name.

Fri Jun 08

please help

i'm going to london this monday and i've got that adress: Crofton Park Road, Catford, and i don't know anything about this place, and if it's somwhere near centrum...please tell me sth about this place. oh, and i don't know how much money should I take, i'll be there 4 days and I want buy some clothes or sth like that...?

Thu Apr 12

Artists Studio Available (SE4)

Artists studio space available in Brockley, 1-2 mins walk from Brockley station and 484 bus stop directly outside.

To share with 2 others at £100pcm. Located within Brockley Cross Business Centre, very safe and secure. 24hr access. Up on mezzanine level with lots of natural light and power points. Access to sink/kitchen area/WC on ground level. Good parking/access directly outside the unit. Local convenience store opposite the business centre.

Currently can guarantee 6 months stay, may increase to 1 year in which case may be suitable as a temporary stop gap space or storage for artwork and materials, etc.

Please contact me

Mon Mar 26

Personal Trainer

Am trying to find personal trainers that would train on Hilly Fields. Anyone know anybody? Thanks

Thu Feb 22

Nearest/ best garage anyone

I have been using Kar Klink for a year now but wanted try someone else as they have failed to spot problems on our car which has cost us alot of money. We need anouther local one thats walkable/ish, we live near crofton park station, anyone??

Sun Feb 11


Please can anyone recommend a good playgroup in the SE4 area.

Thank you

Wed Jan 03

Shopping & NHS

Where is the nearest place to buy groceries and where is the NHS.

Wed Nov 29

lived here 15 years & love it

Fri Oct 06

Oh dear, how wrong

This is just pure snobbery. I think you will find that Putney and Richmond are not "10", despite being white and middle-class (which is what you mean). Putney seems often to be packed with marauding aggressive thugs having a night out and Richmond has atrocious levels of car crime. I live in a leafy, lovely place with beautiful Victorian houses where I always feel safe. It's called Peckham. Well well well.

Mon Oct 02


no success finding venue yet - when is your production just for ref?? theatre venue only for acting stuff at moment!

Sat Sep 23

wrong number

The telephone number posted for your new bar is unavailable

Could you send me the corect one?

Tue Aug 29

What about the Brockley Jack? tel 0208 291 1206

I am not connected with them but am thinking of putting a production on there called "The Problem with being Suzy". If I do would you like to advertize your life classes in my programme?

Tue Aug 29

moving to crofton park

I'm thinking of buying a house near crofton park station, off Salehurst Rd . Is it safe/friendly?( as far as London can be !) I've had a look at the shops /cafes nearby, seems pleasant enough.


Sun Aug 20


I can recommend Daneby Roofing 0208 313 1100, they are based in Bromley, probably not the cheapest you'll find but very, very professional.

Fri Jun 02


could anyone recommend a honest / reliable roofer they have used in the past.. am struggling.

thank you.

Thu May 04

life drawing

Wondering about setting up small life drawing group in crofton park. Would anyone be interested? Or do you know of any possible spaces to use?

Sat Apr 15

doctors etc

Hilly Fields Medical Centre Adelaide Avenue!

Sat Apr 15

Dr Who?

Am about to move to Crofton Park and really keen to find out more about good doctors and other ante natal classes etc as I'm pregnant. Any recommendations?

Thu Apr 06

Nope, not sure why it closed at all.

Sat Apr 01

Casa Tequila

Anyone know why this closed down and if it is scheduled to re-open some time?

Thu Mar 09


Did you ever find a football team? I need a new amateur team since I moved here too.

Sat Mar 04

thanks for the Reply Edgar

Wed Mar 01

compost and topsoil crofton park

Does anybody know where I can get some cheap (or free) compost and topsoil in the area?


Sun Feb 19

The garage down by the Barge always doe's mine. Nice bunch of guys who know their stuff.

Edgar E

Tue Feb 14

Hi Ronski

I've lived in brockley/crofton park for 6yrs now. I find the area quite good really, few chav's here and their. Food shopping isn't great, a few small essential shops that stock most things.

The place is a clean area, it's just a pity you have some right old scummers that live their also. I see a road sweeper who makes my street crystal clean every morning. However, by the next morning it's littered with rubbish again.

Hope you've found this useful.

Edgar E

Tue Feb 14

Rate Crofton Park as an Area


we're thinking of maybe buying a place in Crofton Park, what do people think of the area there?

Is it safe around the station & are the trains reliable?

What's it like for food shopping, do you have to travel elsewhere? What are the green spaces like around there, does it feel clean/dirty in general?

many thanks!

Thu Feb 09

couldnt you just get a train to Blackfriars change at Elephant & Castle & get the Bakerloo line straight there in 35mins or so?

Thu Feb 09

Route ot Oxford Circus

I would walk down to Brockley and get the train to London Bridge and then on to Charing Cross. Then I would walk up through Leceister Square and Regent's Street as I will get to see the Christmas lights.

Thu Dec 22


I have just bought a house with my partner in Crofton Park and I feel really safe. I really love the sense of community in our street.

Thu Dec 22


I think their mains are very reasonable from £7 or £8 and the Chef can cook like the devil. if your are that tight - they do bar snacks - delicious at under £4. They also have a free bottle of wine deal for early birds

Thu Dec 15

Honor Oak Tandoori

Cheaper and as well cooked as Babur - no ponsy indian "Boulabaise" - just good food in a nice environment.

Thu Dec 15

The bus stop

there was not a proper seating area at lawrences the tables were on the footpath to which some people seemed to object

Tue Nov 29

gp crofton park

brockley road surgery

49? brockley road


Mon Nov 28


Can anyone suggest a local garage that does repairs and MOT's and that may be open Saturdays. I don't have an email address but can view on my computer at work.

Tue Nov 01

Casa Tequila

Or Thursday's - there is live music there every Thursday fro 9-11


Fri Oct 28

The Alpha Club was open until about two or three years ago.

Someone was killed outside it, and it shut shortly after that.

Thu Sep 08

The train service is quite good.And they are not as packed as trainsrunning to LOndon Bridge via Honor Oak Park. It all depends on what time you travel though

Wed Aug 31

Best indian ever?

....is the Royal Tandoori takeaway, just opposite the Ballroom; it's so good, I'm off down there right now....REALLY!!!

Fri Aug 12

hilly fields medical practice

they are very helpful, call in the morning and they will

give you an appointment that afternoon, very responsive and i am very happy as the waiting time is less than 10 minutes.


Thu Aug 11

Crofton Park Leisure Centre - does it exist?

I have cycled backwards and forwards, following the signs/arrows on the roads, looking for Crofton Park Leisure Centre. And I can't find it. Asked lots of locals and they didn't know either. There's a school and that's it, I think. Anybody know if it stil exists?

Sat Jul 30

Travel to Oxford Circus

Hi , What's the best route to take and how long is the journey ?

Fri Jul 22

crofton park

i live in crofton park for over 20yrs and it is really safe. It is like a mid- money area where the surrounding areas are mid- poor. I think what makes an area high crime is when you have housing association people living side by side with professionals/ owner occupiers, and there isn't much h.a here.

Wed Jul 20

The grub is amazing...

I have been there a few times and everytime it has been fantastic. Try Wednesday for the quiz!

Wed Jun 22


Just make sure the food is affordable! Red room and Equal are good but too expensive to just pop in for a bite to eat with your mates on the way home. Mains around the £7.50 - £12.50 would be cool and blackthorn on tap!!

Tue May 10


The Alpha Club has been empty for as long as I have known it.

Sat Apr 30

Re: Casa

What is the grub like?

Fri Apr 29

try Casa tequila bar

Casa tequila has been open a couple of months on brockley rise. It is chilled and more freindly than some in the area...there is a great restaurant at the back too

Fri Apr 29

Crofton Leisure Centre

Yes, there's the leisure centre next to Crofton School. I think the entrance is on Manwood Rd. I know they have football on a Friday evening.

Thu Jun 03

Yes, move that bus stop!

Why did they think outside a cafe with an outside seating area was the best place for a bus stop, rather than outside a train station? Now, not only is the lovely Mr Lawrence's messed up, but if you are carrying heavy bags from the station, you've got to trudge quite a way. While they're at it, they should move the stop on the other side back where it was, for more or less the same reason.

Thu Jun 03

I love hackney

hackney213 english tall man 7'2 feet

Tue May 18


Mon Apr 19

Thu Mar 04


safety level -

if Putney and Richmond are 10

and Peckham and Hackney are 0

I'd give Crofton Park a 5 and a half

Wed Feb 11

Babur. Mr Lawrence, Rivoli, Equal, Red Room, Trains to Blackfriars

are so much more relaxed than trains to London Bridge - you can get a seat in rush hour!

Fri Jan 16

L Ziman,

just past Crofton Park station towards Brockley. I've been going there since I was a kid.

Fri Jan 16

The Babur restaurant

is possibly the best Indian restaurant ever - once you eaten there, everything else pales by comparison. Their take away's are fab too. And for late night drinking - go to Mr Lawrence's, but you have to be inside before closing time.

Fri Jan 16

Hilly Field Medical Centre is really good doctor's surgery. Located on Adelaide Avenue opposite Hilly Fields

Sat Jan 10

I am thinking of buying in Crofton Park, but don't really know the area. My primary concern is safety and crime - what is it like?

Mon Dec 08

Crofton Park Taxis


Tel: 0208 692 2222

Tel: 0208 691 8282

Tue Nov 04

What's good?

1. The Library - nice building

2. The Rivoli Ballroom - fantastic interior

3. Two Indian Takeaways and 1 Chinese Takeaway and a Fish and Chip shop. Also a Thai restaurant , an Italian, a Vietnamese/Oriental restaurant (very good - The Long Time Cafe) in Brockley and a Thai restaurant at Brockley Rise.

4. Mr Lawrences Wine Bar (and off-licence)and Moon Bow Jakes down the road

5. The Brockley Jack Theatre if it ever gets round to re-opening

6. The handy new co-op supermarket (when it finally opens).

7. There is a local post office

8. Close to Crofton Park train station and not far from Brockley or Nunhead Stations. Plenty of buses too.

9. Spike Milligan once lived down the road

10. The Horniman Museum is nearby in Forest Hill

11. Hilly Fields Park with its own stone circle.

Tue Nov 04

Mr Lawrences is good although beers are a bit pricey. Moonbow Jakes towards Brockley Cross is good too. There is also the Brockley Jack however this has been spoilt by the company that took it over - it has now lost all its character.

By the way if the council is reading this, please move the bus shelter that has just been plonked outside Mr Lawrences wine bar and move the refuse bins that have been put nearby too. There used to be outside tables at Mr Lawrences but the shortsightedness of the local councillors meant that this inapropraitely placed bus stop has somewhat spoilt this venue.

Mon Nov 03

Please could it be a nice civilised restaurant rather than a noisy bar that keeps the neighbours awake at all hours and has fights outside like the old Alpha Club.

Mon Nov 03

I dont think so!

I have got a much better idea! If you are a bloke be at the local supermarket and attach as many £50 notes as you can to your clothing and stand by the salad bar! If i can't make it to meet you I am sure there will lots of people who will be really interested in talking to you and taking your details. Just think of it as you wearing SE4 Bling!

Sun Nov 02


I have lived here for two and half years now and have shared my home with 3 families of foxes.

These animals have no shame!

They laze in my garden;Play catch with any object you lob at them to ward them off, and chew through everything. I have given up thinking I actually own the garden and now I am grateful that they let me have free run of it in winter!

Thu Oct 30

Please Please Please

Great to hear the Alpha Club is being done up. A few requests for my benefit!

Please! Please !don't put a big screen TV in the bar!!!!

Please !Please !Please!- do have a cool dance night- preferably Friday for me- I would like some Old skool Garage once a month and some Indy from the 90s on one of the other weekends.

While you're at it - I love a cocktail now and again- so if you could arrange a cocktatil menu which includes Caipirinhas and singapore slings I'll be a regular.

Finally - A nice leather armchair or two reserved for me in a focal point where I can obviously observe the hordes of male talent that will be swarming to your venue from behind my copy of the Independent/cocktail umbrella!


Thu Oct 30

Lundies, Mr. Lawrences, The Rivoli, Baburs, The Old Bank, & my neighbours

Mon Oct 27

Hilly Fields med. centre is OK

...but don't accept every diagnosis without some scrutiny. In this day & age, where cash is King, I've found it best to question the doctor & have on several occassions found them to be not as "sure" about things as they make out!

Mon Oct 27

Dont forget Baburs Indian restaurant - Its an extraordinary culinary experience

The take-away is a seperate establishment with a different menu (although, I believe they're connected) but isn't a patch on the restaurant! - as good as it gets for curry with a difference!

Mon Oct 27

Mr Lawrences

Mon Oct 27

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