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LOST! Silver necklace with pink cube, silver heart, elephant & key charm

Lost in Covent Garden! A silver necklace with a pink cube, an elephant and a key charm attached. Very special to the owner, lost at the Nuffield Covent garden gym! If anyone can help it's very special!

Many thanks :) please email:

Thu Jan 22


I am looking for ironing job in private houses. If you need iron your work shirts or all clothes I am available to come once per week or whenever you would need me.

My name is Evie. Please contact me by text on 0787 1440 394 or email

Tue Jan 21

5 or 7-a-side Indoor football pitch needed

Hi All,

I'm desperately trying to locate an indoor facility for football to accommodate a 7-a-side game but 5-a-side could also work? Ideally close to Covent Garden with shower facilities.

Can someone please get back to me with some suggestions on;

y a k s 2 3 AT gmail dot com



Wed Nov 07

Your local WI

Did you know that there is a Women's Institute (WI) here in Bloomsbury that meets monthly on the third Tuesday of the month?

6:30 - 8:30pm

For more details visit www.londonwestendwi.blogspot.com

Or email us at

Fri Mar 23

Do you own your own house or flat in the area and want to earn money?


Be our host…

…and we’ll be your guests

Do you own your own house or flat in the area?

Are you a good cook and love entertaining occasionally?

If you are friendly, flexible and enjoy meeting people, please get in touch for further details


Sun May 24

Life drawing in Covent Garden

60 yards from covent garden station there is a place where you can Draw, Draw and draw for about £5 a head for 3 hours. As long as I bring a few friends sometime and nothing else because we share the cost. Yesterday the model was a formidable Brazilian curvy and flexible model, the music was so relaxing, tony was so attentive and helpful, people so friendly, poses amazing and beer on the tap, I simply wonder if It wasn't a dream. Today I went to meetup.com/lifedrawingsociety and it wasn't they do it everywhere in London in absolutely perfect locations.

I had to let you know, let's bring our pencils and change the world to a better one.

Mon Jan 19


this guy is excellent used him on wednesday very reasonable rates name is Aky 0n **** ****1

or web site is www.aquaplumbingservices.co.uk

Sat Dec 06

Hi There

i am a 26y/o single female works in investment baking too and looking to move into a flat in covent garden/ holborn area- would you fancy looking for a flat together?

i need to move out by the 9th August- it would be good if we could meet up and perhaps talk about what options we might have?

i am looking for somewhere that has enough space to store my shoe collection as well as have a living room to chill out in...

be great to hear from you and a little about yourself



**** 135 945

Thu Jun 26


Have you seen this great new mum gift called the cosy shopper. You can view the idea at www.thecosyshopper.co.uk or email

Mon Jun 02


there was a woman who was looking for a tarot reader in covent gardens some months back. i was told about a lady in jubilee market. my friend had a reading with her back in aug and it was good. my friend was a sceptic but she had the reading anyway - well now the things she was told are now falling into place as the tarot lady predicted. the tarot reader is call GENEVIEVE and she is at jubiliee market from tues to fri only. i am having a reading this week. i will let you know how it went.

Mon Nov 12

Looking for accomodation in Covent Garden

I'm 23, female and work for an Investment Bank. Looking to flatshare in Covent Garden. I can move in immediately. Please let me know if you are looking for a flatmate. Thanks.

Fri Sep 28

Swede looking for a flatshare


I am 26, male and Swedish. I will be starting to work in Covent Garden and would like to live in a small room closeby. I do not smoke, keep things tidy and is nice to hang around :)

If you have a room to spare in the area, please let me know!

Peter Arvidsson

Tue Jul 31

Flooring solutions - Quality Workmanship at Affordable Prices





CALL US TODAY! M: 079 1035 5179



Thu Jul 19

pubs closing time

when in London last year found that pubs were closing at 11.00pm, are there any that stay open later ?

Sat Jun 23

Looking for a flat share in Covent Garden

Hi, I'm a female and I've been looking for a room in Covent Garden. I work in Piccadilly Circus and in my free time, I go to ballet lessons. I don't smoke. Please contact me if you have a spare room to let.

Tue Nov 28


Hi does anoone know of a vegitarian restaurant that wil be open on boxing day

Tue Nov 21

A week near Covent Garden, any foosball table?

Well, I'm 17, I'm from Spain and I'll spend a week near Covent Garden in February 2007. I am very interested in knowing if there is any pub or playing place where there are foosball tables. If someone can help I will be very happy.

Thank you.


My email:

Fri Nov 17


Open to the public....not your average gym @ all.....Plenty of CV equip,free weights...excellent classes...v friendly staff and brilliant personal trainers at affordable prices.....Recommend Natasha Green.....Oooh! Also have live DJ's playing weekday nights......V cool urban,unpretentious gym with flexi membership...Hope that's of help!!!!!!!

Tue Aug 01



I am looking to move to the Covent Garden area. If you know of any nice accommodation that is not too expensive then please

Sat Jun 10

Looking to live in Covent Garden


Female, mid-twenties looking to move to the WC2 area in order to be closer to work (film). Am interested in flatshare (4 people max.) with people who are clean, considerate and sociable. Please send an email if you know of any availabilities.


Wed Feb 01

I live in Covent Garden and it's the safest place I've ever lived in. There are always lots of people around, and there are loads of police. I've never had any problems here and I feel totally safe walking round late at night (even after a night in the pub).

Sat Jul 09

Plumbers in Covent Garden

Could anyone recommend a plumber that would be willing to come to Covent Garden/Holborn area to provide a free quote? Thanks

Wed Jul 06

amazing!!! benn here for 16 yrs and im never gona leave!!!

Tue Jun 14

Looking for info on a big issue seller called mojo

Would anyone know or be able to help me find a Big Issue seller i met selling his big issues right opposite covent garden tube station? His name is Mojo, and he has long hair, probably in dredd locks, and he was a bit scruffy looking (!) but i helped him out with something and want to find out whether his luck has changed for the better as a result! He was wearing an old army surplus jacket and had a black rucksack, and was feeling pretty down-and-out when i stopped to chat to him (but i hope i cheered him up a bit!)

Please, if anyone knows anything or has seen him anywhere, i'd like to find be able to find out that he's ok and enjoying life... Im leaving england on wed to go travelling but my email is

Tue Jun 14

try ferozasbeauty.co.uk

Thu Jun 09

Buses to Covent Garden

Yes, the 13 runs all the way there; alight along the Strand, or at the last stop at Aldwych. Make sure you get one that is going all the way through to Aldwych, though, as some buses may turn short.

Mon Apr 25

Buses to Covent Garden

Is there a bus that runs from Goders Green to copvent Garden?

Mon Apr 25

Could someone please recommend a good GP pratice in the area??

Hey guys, I'm need to find a reputable GP in Covent garden. Hopefully one without a huge waitlist and nice doctors. Thanks!

Please email me at

Mon Jan 31

Swim ? Only one place

'Oasis', Endell Street, with both indoor and outdoor pools heated to comfortable temperature all year round. Even snow no obstacle to outdoor swimming ! Do try it.

Wed Oct 27

To Neha

Dear Neha,

I assume you live in Covent Garden, could you please advise me on how safe the area is at night for a single fem, around the piatza area?

Thank you.

Sun Oct 10



I recently found a flat near the piatza, but am not sure wheather to take it or not - since I dont know much about safety in the area.

I know therez lots of bars, and people prob do get drunk. How safe is the area at night, and would you advise students to live there, especially if they are alone?

Sun Oct 10

looking for a big space and giant wall in the area to play tennis

currently learning tennis and cant seem to find a wall big enough, long enough to hit against. Ideally with a big space. Dont suppose anyone could recomend somewhere

Wed Sep 22


Does anyone know where I can get threading (not waxing) done at a decent price?

Wed Sep 08


Organising a hen night in Covent garden for 10 people from 10pm onwards , any suggestions, looking for guest lists also ??

Sat Aug 07

Looking for really good GP in Covent Garden area

I have recently moved to the neighbourhood and I am looking for a good GP in the area. Can you help ?

Wed Jul 14

Neighborhoods near the LSE

I'm a student from the US going to the LSE for postgrad. I'm looking for a flat but I'm having a hard time with figuring how far apart everything is in terms of travel time. What are the names of some nearby neighborhoods, within 30 minutes walking or an easy tube trip to the LSE? It seems like Fitzrovia, Notting Hill, etc. are too far for an easy commute. Any suggestions?

Thu May 27

Not too bad in the morning

I come in on the picadilly line from Earls court around 8am, and I almost always get a seat.

They are terribly packed on the way out at 6pm however - almost always overcrowded.

Fri Apr 23

Looking for gp practice in Covent Garden

We're two Canadians, just arrived in London and living in Covent Garden. We're looking for a GPs, one male one female, confidence-inspiring and user-friendly. Suggestions?

Mon Feb 09

Covent garden


i'm a 16 years old girl and I'm from Austria. In 3 weeks our class will come to london for a week and we must work now for projects. I hope you can help me, because I must find informations about Covent garden and I don't know what Covent garden is!?! Is it a city or a place, or a market?? please write me back!! It's very important for me and my marks at school!! Thanks! Verena

Thu Jan 15

romance find

please tell me next singles supermatrket,in west end??

Wed Jan 07

i am looking for a very good goalkeeper

amateur football club looking for a very good keeper

Sun Dec 21


The Roadhouse is the buisest and most lively bar in Covent Garden located on the southeast corner of the Piazza. It features live bands every night and occasionally big name bands. There is an entry charge after 9pm on Friday and 7:30pm on Saturday. The Porterhouse is another large busy bar to the south of the Piazza near the Strand on Maiden Lane that gets very busy at weekends. Most of the other bars in the area are not very good though.

Mon Oct 20


Okay, a lot of the bars on the piazza are tourist traps, but the following are good - retox (basement bar, a lot of fun) and belushi's (raucous, but a good place to have some cheap drinks). also gardening club, but this can get a little packed. avoid the walkabout, los locos and anything that is being flyered like the plague. better quieter bars are further up neal street, including detroit (shorts gardens), the box (cool little gay place) and freud (just on shaftsbury av at the top of neal st). the crown on seven dials is a classic pub and isn't quite as hectic as the rest of the pubs in the area.

Wed Aug 27



Fri Apr 11

a couple options

there is holmes place on the strand (if you have quite a bit of extra cash, but it's beautiful and somewhat worth it)...other than that either the gym at jubillee in the market, or fitness first on the way to the strand (just past tesco). the cheapest option is byfar oasis on shaftsbury with its rooftop pool.

Wed Mar 26

c tax

it depends which district the flat you are looking at falls in...if westminster expect around £1500 a year, but if camden (where i was lucky enough to fall--top end of neal street), that figure is more like £450pp py. good luck!

Wed Mar 26

HK Dinner or HI Sushi

I lik eto eat good and cheap i recommend both of these I use them alot. HK is on wardour st between Gerrard and newport and if you look at chinese menu there is one item with 3 chinese figures to it the item below is curried beef with rice its a good meal on its own for £4. also the fired aubergine is great. HI sushi fun place they do a all u can eat for £12 its mad how much food you get and its real good the lady in htere treat me so good mind u I have gone for years. Fun to eat with friends downstairs and bento boxes are good to. oh thats in frith st b4 you get to compton on left hand side.

Thu Mar 13

both supermarkets.

Sainsburys on Southampton st. and a Tesco on Bedford st, the tesco is bigger and the sainsburys mainly caters for convenience shopping. There is a bigger Sainsburys in Holborn but it is a 10 min walk.

Sat Jan 04

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