Welcome to London Clapton

Go to the Nightingale practice I found them really good. A Gp will ring prior to the appointment to find out what is the issue

Sat Nov 26

GP recommendation wanted

I am looking for a GP whose catchment area includes woodmill road (getting frustrated by the lack of catchment area info on practice websites). I am looking for someone who will listen to their patients. i have had a bad experience of a GP in the past (in a different area) who would bang on to me that I should go Swimming but would not accept that I didnt like swimming.

Mon Nov 24

Hi Steve

Sorry, I have been suffering computer problems. Yes I would like to have a look at the sign, would you be good enough to contact me at

Mon Feb 24


Hi JRS really sorry, I somehow overlooked your reply to my post. Yes please, I'd really like to see the article. Regards John C

Mon Dec 02

Living in Clapton

Hi There, I am about to buy a flat in Upper Clapton (Harrington Hill). Is it safe and is living near the River more dodgy than good? Any thought greatly appreciated.

Tue Oct 22

Come And Support The Newest Team In The Ryman North League

Come and support Barkingside Fc next season

Barkingside Fc finished runners up in the Essex Senior League and won the Essex Senior League league cup.

The team play there homes games at

The Oakside Stadium,

Station Road




literally behind Barkingside tube station

The Club are always looking for new supporters and sponsors.

Thu Jun 13

I Have photos of the Clyde Pub and I have infomation regarding Miiie & Fred

Fri May 03

I am sure the person ment Clapton way, as I have sat on those same steps myself when I was living @ 48 Clapton Way

Wed Apr 24

My Mum and my Sister used to work for Minnie & Fred Stubbs We live along the Street in Clapton way, the Clyde was On the corner of Rogate rd and Clapton WAY , on the other corner was Hookers Off Licence , I have a Photo Of both, you can contact me on Skype or Face book

Wed Apr 24

pilates in hackney

Hey Paula

I go to sunstone ladies only gym stokenewington. Its really comfortable and not too expensive.

Thu Mar 21

pilates in hackney

Hey Paula

I go to sunstone ladies only gym stokenewington. Its really comfortable and not too expensive.

Thu Mar 21


Hi there,

I'm a 33yo woman who has lived in Clapton for 5 years and never had any problems. I walk around at night on my own frequently. You shouldn't have to restrict your freedom because of a fear of being attacked.. But I'd just suggest sticking to well-lit parts, keeping your head held high and if you're in any doubt about someone, cross the road.

Mon Mar 18

gay place

Sat Dec 15

Bombed Glovers

Hi John C,

I have a copy of an article first printed in "Power Laundry" , which was a trade journal , dated 11th March 1944, giving details of the bombing of Glovers. If you do not already have it, I would be delighted to send you a copy.



Thu Aug 30


Mike, I wondered if you had any knowledge of the bombing of Glovers factory in February 1944? I understand that an air raid caused extensive fire damage in this part of Clapton. Any information would be of interest for a London blitz project I am working on.

Sun Jul 29

Pilates or similar in Clapton?

I'm looking for a pilates or tai chi or similar class or private session in Clapton.

Does anyone know if this is available?

Sun Jul 22

timpson family

am looking for long long friends of mine who use to live at 21 fletching road e5,does anyone remember them?does anyone knows where they are now?please get intouch or ask them to get intouch with me please?thanks

Sun Mar 25

un-named july 4th --brooke house

if you register on freinds reunited then open places ,,then secondary schools you will find BH ,from the time it opened up to sixth form college

happy hunting


Sun Feb 19

clapton ,like all of east london is not east london any more.I was brought up in elderfield road clapton and always thought of myself as an east ender ....but not any more clapton is dirty overflowing with immigrants ,,the only place to live in clapton is upper clapton which is near lea valley ...i moved out of east london 2years ago and dont regret it 1 iota ..nearly all east enders have moved to essex or kent which is the new east end i wouldnt advise any one to live in clapton

Thu Feb 02

good handymen wanted

Hi we rent out our flat in Clapton but live south of the river, so our great handymen there won't travel so far north, and our great handymen in Clapton have moved on.

Any recommendations? plumber and electrician also needed.

with thanks

Fri Sep 09

i lived in clapton from being born till i was 21 when i moved out it was going down hill with muggings and breakings think its still the same now

Mon Aug 08

2 Mosques (Masjids) in Clapton

There are 2 lovely masjids (Muslims go to pray). 1 on clapton round about and the other on Cazenove road, Both mosq are very friendly and if you would like to visit just turn up around 1.45 - 2 and ask that u would like to see the mosq. the people are fun friendly and helpful.

Wed Jun 15

Wasp Control Clapton E5

Wasp Control Specialist covering Clapton E5 area.

Call ********4


Sat Jun 04

hemsby holiday camp

Any body remember Madisons holiday camp who went there in the 50's

Wed Mar 16

Sorry - this is probably a bit late. I moved from London Fields to Upper Clapton in September myself. It's actually turned out better than I expected; of course there are problems with crime, like anywhere, but on the whole I find it a generally quiet place with access to lovely outdoor spaces (the Lee Valley River, parks) and Chatsworth Road are resurrecting their market a la Broadway market. It is an up and coming area with Clapton Station providing a very useful service to Liverpool St. The only downside is that obviously you are a bit further out, so getting to Dalston etc takes a bit longer.

Wed Dec 29


well im 45 and it took me 40 years 2 get out .if you have a choice dont move no 4 get that just dont go anywere hackney trust me

Tue Dec 21

Gallery for Hire


The Et Cetera Gallery 'The hidden gem of Hackney' is back!

We are pleased to announce that we are now taking bookings for 2011.

Special weekly/ daily rates.

Ideal facilities with a beautiful secret garden.


Mon Dec 20


I've got an enamel agents' sign; if interested I'll be prepared to part with it.

Sat Oct 30

Kool, trendy, hip, shabby chic, media nerds, skinny jeans...

,......big oversized fake spectacles, vintage,organic cafes, yummy mummy, charity shops,................

and I could go on and on!!! that's why everyone wants to move to the area!

what I do not understand is, why asking if it is safe when lots of people have already decided to move to E5???? should it not be the opposite - you check if it's safe first and then decide??? aaah, the trendiness is highly contagious...but definitely someone' s concern is how it is to walk around at 8pm, well, then you're not street wise enough people ..of course for Clapton (ironic of course) : ))

Sat Oct 09


Cheers David, I am thinking of moving to Clapton and your advice really made me smile. I will not be visiting that Chinese!

Sat Sep 04

I spent many a cold long night and day sitting on the steps of the Clyde in Clapton Way, think all us kids did at that time, got many a lemonade and bag of crisps from the tennants of Clyde.... 1949-1965

Tue Jul 27

is there any one on line that went to brook house school frpm the time it opened until 1962 the head master was mr harris the deputy head mr bulmer it was just as joseph preistly and mount pleasent joined

Sun Jul 04

I cant agree with you more I was born in hackney hospital in 1946 lived hackney ,clapton and stokenewington until1970 when i moved out to hertfordshire . now thinking of moving again for the same reasons .the london problems are moving out of london as well

Sat Jul 03

Should I move to Clapton??

I'm a 27 year old single femal and I've found a house share on Durlston Road in Clapton which is very good value. After hearing all the negative views on the area I'm really not sure I should more there. It is near Upper Clapton Road which I've heard is dodgy. Should I forget the place and move somewhere else??

Sat Jun 26

Love it here

I've lived in clapton for the past year and I love it. I have a lot of friends in the area and none of us have personally been victims of crime and we are often on the streets late at night walking alone from each other's houses.

The area is poor though and with that comes the odd shooting, but this is internal gang related crime and shouldn't be a problem for your son. Only last week there was a shooting in the chinese on Chatsworth Road (beside homerton hospital...has a good patisserie and cafe) but nobody died, well except maybe from food poisoning - the chinese is pretty rough!

I love hackney!

Fri Feb 26

Clapton is honking

Don't take any notice of that Bill Wood character. He is a property shark in Clapton and tried to rent a horrible place to me. The area is honking. I saw better holes back in Glasgow.

Mon Feb 08

Urban Fox Control North & East London areas

Pest - Go Limited are recognised in North & East London for professional urban fox control. Please visit our website for more information. www.pestgo4u.com

Tue Dec 15

Glovers dyers & cleaners

Dear JRS

Thanks for your message. Please contact me at

Fri Nov 27


My opinion in this is, there are risks, like crime, theft etc, however shouldn't stop you from doing what you want, at least give it a try, I've lived in places where they are know to be dangerous but have survive, actually the crime rate is declining around the area and there's always police around, so please don't be discoursged by people with no purpose in life but to destroy others, I'll be also moving around that area soon, and I'm a single woman I'm not scared of these hooligans they not going to stop me. Good luck

Wed Nov 25

Biddle Brothers

Fantastic bar on Lower Clapton Road. It's kind of touch to find, it's easily overlooked, but try to find it. Opposite the Jet garage.

Fri Nov 06

Check your facts!

Murder mile is nothing to do with Homerton!

Its is Upper and Lower Clapton Rd, and earned this name during a spate of killings in 2001.

Tue Oct 06

Is Upper Clapton Safe?

I am thinking of moving to Upper Clapton from London Fields as we have been priced out of the market to buy a whole house. Does anyone have any good advice as to what the area around the station is like and should I be jumping at the house of our dreams or running for my life?

Mon Sep 28

Mount Pleasant Hill

I've been living on this street for 5 years and despite multiple warnings of gang tension etec etc .. I have never been threatened let alone mugged or attacked. I wouldn't advise walking around the area alone after dark if you are female though. Get a bicycle.

Tue Aug 25

is it safe to get the bus at night in Clapton?

Hi there,

My boyfriend and I are considering moving to E5 but he is a policeman, and would need to travel back from Kentish Town on the night bus quite regularly. I'm really worried that that won't be safe. Any thoughts?

Wed Jun 17


Me and my husband are looking to swap our 2 bedroom flat with a big garden.

our flat is situated in queensbridge road, its a very nice clean and quiet estate full of people from all diffrent backgrounds.

we are looking for a 3 bedroom flat or house in clapton area if possible detmold road, if anyone is intrested please email me and let me know as soon as possible.

my email address is:

Sun Jun 14

Hi, I don't know when you posted this or if you have had any luck, I came across your message and know that there was a beautiful 'orphans asylum' just off Lower Clapton Road which might not be the one your grandmother stayed in as it's not as far up as Clapton Common. It has been turned into some kind of college and cleaned up which to me makes it look far less atractive but at least it's been brought to life again. Up until it was done up it had a Martin Creed light installation saying "everything is going to be alright" on the side, which was quite incredible situated on a neglected former orphans asylum. It's on Linscott Rd E5 if you want to take a look. Good luck!

Tue Jun 09

KO kick boxing

I've been there and it's a very good club. Would highly recommend. It's hard work but beginners aren't expected to smash each others faces in. No sparring for beginners and it seemed like a decent crowd. You do get your hardcore fighters but they won't be there to intimidate, just support.

Go for it and good luck, it's knackering


Thu Jun 04

KO kick boxing

I've been there and it's a very good club. Would highly recommend. It's hard work but beginners aren't expected to smash each others faces in. No sparring for beginners and it seemed like a decent crowd. You do get your hardcore fighters but they won't be there to intimidate, just support.

Go for it and good luck, it's knackering


Thu Jun 04

Having lived on the border between Lower Clapton and Homerton for 10 years the area as a whole has changed greatly,and for the most part much improved during that time. Regarding its reputation for crime etc, whilst not crime free it is certainly no worse( in my experience ) than the rest of London - the advantages of this area FAR outweigh the disadvantages. Hackney as a borough is a much better place to live in than "they" would have us believe - there are a huge variety of green open spaces , good & improving transportation links , a vibrant / diverse community , interesting independant shops ,restaurants to suit all tastes & budgets, not to mention the nightlife of Shoreditch & the newly cool Dalston, plus the Olympics to come. Check it out whilst its still relatively affordable

Sun Apr 05

nuns orphanage

I lived in Clapton 1945 to 1952 and this may have been the Mothers hospital later Salvation army hospital I cant remember anything more, sorry.

Thu Mar 26

Motorcycle Storage or Garage

Hi, I am looking to buy a new sports bike, but due to the vandalism and attempted thefts I have experienced on my old one, I want to keep it in a secure garage or storage place. Are there any availabe around the Hackney Downs/Lower Clapton Road area? I would happily rent a bit of shared garage space or something like that. Any ideas? Thanks Dom

Tue Mar 24

Moving to Clapton


My son and his partner are really interested in buying one of the Altius Wimpey homes , in Mount PLeasant, but know nothing about this part of London. From all the blurb it seems as if one day the area will be rejuvenated not least because of the Olympics and Stratford Station. But, is it a good place to live. My sons partner will be working at Homerton Hospital. There seems to be mixed reports about crime and Im wondering if any of you have recently moved into the area or have lived there for a while and would share their views with me. Many Thanks

Sun Feb 22

crime in clapton is just like anywhere these days, but generally stay away from the bookies on clapton pond and the cricketeers arms just around the corner, full od drug dealers, thats where most of them hang out and do thier deals. Most people inthe area are hard working god fearing people though, with a mix of cultures from black, to muslim, to turkish and Irish

Sat Feb 14

St Michaels is very good, actually but its really up to you. I have sent both my children there.

Fri Nov 14

oh dear...

I might be moving to Clapton - the part that's closer to Stamford Hill than Homerton - and it really does not seem promising. The whole 'murder mile' thing gets to me as I'm a 23 year old female who likes to go out and see friends at night.

And I was going past the area on the bus the other day and it seemed pretty desolate - nothing going on except churches, council estates and big Victorian houses. What about the libraries, leisure centres, cafes, shops, markets? Looks like I'll have to fulfil those needs in Stoke Newington, or better yet, don't move at all... but I need to save the money in this uncertain economic climate.

Sun Oct 26

Sgt Gerard John Head - WW2

I am researching the crew of a RAF Halifax Bomber who were killed 25/04/44. One of the crew Gerard John Head lived in the Clapton / Leytonstone area. I am looking to contact any family relatives who may be able to help with information or a photograph of him.



Tue Oct 21


We need a spacious flat/house on the 7th, 8th and 9th of November 2008. It can be a loft, a warehouse or a spacious flat. It doesn’t need more than one bedroom, but the open space or the living room should be spacious.

Due to low budget we are only able to offer £100 for the the three days and a copy of the film once completed.

If interested, get in touch for further information.

Wed Sep 17

Moving to Blurton Road

Hi, does anyone know anything about the area round Blurton Road? Safety seems to be a big discussion point and while I never really thought it would be that more dangerous than where I am now (off Balls Pond Road), I am now a bit more tentative. What do you think? It's pretty quiet and pleasant in the day time?

Tue Aug 26

Running Club in Clapton?

Does anyone know of a current running club around the E5 area? Any info would be much appreciated.

Mon Aug 18

Go on the UpMyStreet website. It will give you detailed information on the area and council tax prices.

Sun Jun 01

Council Tax

Any idea what's the average council tax for 4 bedroom houses around Clapton?

Sun Jun 01

LATHAM YARD E5 is it a safe place

I am thinking of moving to Latham Yard E5. I like the new flats and the transport system from Clapton Station to the City, but am scared of the crime, incase their is any in the area. I need advise about the area, the flats are very big for the new build. The Safer Neighbourhood Team in Clapton are they visible, and show a visible presence in the area

Thu Apr 10

Clapton safety

I'm thinking of buying a flat in a new development on Kenninghall Road, about 5-10 mins from Rectory Road St. and same again from Clapton st. The flat is great and affordable but I'm really not sure about the area and its safety. Any advice welcome.

Pls. use

Mon Feb 04

Home of the Holy Child?

My Grandmother used to live in an orphanage in Clapton Common, number 19 I think, this would be in the 1930's. It was run by nuns. Does anyone have any information about the place please? I heard that it might have been bombed in the war

Tue Jan 22


If this isn't a joke then why would any decent person want to come here?

Wed Jan 16

Kick-boxing club in Clapton


does anyone here use the kick-boxing centre next to Clapton pond? I am thinking of going but I've never done it before (in fact, never done sport before!!) and female - I was wondering if it was just for people who are more serious about it? Anyone know how welcoming it is there?


Fri Jan 04

Dont you worry people

There are two great places to go out for coffies and food on Chatsworth rd.

L'epicerie and Venisia Cafe opposite. Absolutely fab places to sit down for a nice drink and french food!!!!

Strongly recomend,

Local E5

Sat Nov 24

Genius. The intent of the message is to be reassuring. Its effect is the opposite.

Sat Nov 03


no its not dodgy at all i live there the only things the youths are intrested in are gettin at each ova if ur not frm da same area and sellin drugs 2 make a bit of money ... they really wont touch u as long as u mind ur own buisness ... and yh theres guns and so on but they aiint out 4 u and they wont rob u or anyfing they rob each ova lol .... sme 4 da stabbins n shootins ... deyre not intrested in you as far as theyre concenred ur just anova passer by who lives there .... WE DONT CARE ABOUT YOU

Mon Oct 08

Wrens Park House, Warwick Grove


I'm thinking of buying in Wrens Park House, Upper Clapton - nayone got any insight into what it's really like to live there / in the area?

Many thanks,


Wed Sep 19

I wouldn't consider this are if i were you! Racial tension and violence have been a prominant factor for at least 20 years. I've lost track of the murders rapes and muggings that have occurred opver the years and I was never one to read the local newspapers so what i am aware of is by word of mouth and is propbably just the tip of the ice-berg. Ps you'll be kept awake at night by emergency sirens!

Sun Jul 15

Saturday School

Does anyone know of any Saturday schools being run in the Hackney area. I am particularly interested in a Saturday school/activity group, for children, that I heard about in the Powerscroft road area of Clapton. I would appreciate any details/contact/addresses that you could give please. Thanks.

Fri Jul 13

Saturday Schools

Does anyone know of any Saturday schools being run in the Hackney area. I am particularly interested in a Saturday school/activity group, for children, that I heard about in the Powerscroft road area of Clapton. I would appreciate any details/contact/addresses that you could give please. Thanks.

Fri Jul 13

1 Garden Flat in Clapton (Zone 2) For Sale

I have a 1 garden flat in Riverside Close for sale. It is set within a modern development in Riverside Close next to the River Lee, canal and Walthamstow/Leyton marshes - a large meadow, bags of wildlife, footpaths and picnic spots. Within a cycling distance of where Olympics will be held in 2012 and also near to a horse riding centre and Lee Valley Ice Skating Centre on the Lea Bridge Road.

With easy access to shops, amenities and Clapton BR station (Zone 2). 15 minutes train journey to the city (Liverpool Street station). Well situated to the nearby Lea Bridge Road where 48, 55 and 56 buses all run along. Within a driving distance to main Leyton shopping areas including Asda, Next, B&Q etc.

Ideal purchase for first time buyers or buy-to-let investors. If interested, please email me on

Sun Jun 17


Hi Mike ,

My father worked for many years at Glovers, I would like to make contact with you to share info.

Is your e-mail address correct because I keep getting rejected.



Fri Apr 20

Local boozers and restaurants

Hello to those of you who've been wise enough to settle in Clapton. I love the area and as such have just bought a flat 2 minutes from the Pond. Can anyone advise me of their favourite/local drinking establishments? Also any restaurants you may like to frequent?

Thanks for any information you can provide (I'm clearly getting my priorities straight!)

Wed Mar 28

The Lord Clyde Clapton Way

Sorry MLH, we are not related to Andrew Dempster and have never heard of him. Please note that the Lord Clyde that I am refering to was in Clapton Way not Clapham. If you do come across any info on this public house I would be very pleased to share it with you.

Best wishes


Mon Mar 26

Checking on my birthplace

Hi there

My grandparents bought one of those old victorian houses in Clapton at the turn of the 19th century. My mother and her brothers were born there in the 20's and my brothers and I were born there in the 50's.

I have not seen the place in many years and when I did it looked very sad.

Could someone please let me know how it is fairing

1, Mildenhall Road, Clapton



Thu Mar 22

Glovers Dyers & Cleaners

I dont have any memorobilia but I am related to the Glovers who owned this business and would be interested in any information about it that you may have. I can help with the names of some of the family.

Thu Feb 08

are u lot crazy

ill garantee dat if u live here ANYONE for more than five years and reguarly walk street. you will

a. witness a shooting, get shot

b get mugged, raped, robbed

c get ur house robbed

d get on drugz

AVOID Clapton pond and hommerton like the plague.

And has for raising kids here lmaoo DO NOT move here.

If u wish to buy then purchase and rent it to someone else then its their problem. p.s a clever person will take my advice. if u like drivebys jamaican yardie killings and drug culture peedoes freeks robbers then come here by all means just read the link lmao that was like 5 years ago now its muchhhh worse .GOODBYE

Mon Feb 05


Would JRS who said that their parents had the Lord Clyde in Clapham Way till 1958 let me know if they are any relation to, or know of an Andrew Dempster (a Scotsman). He is listed in the London phone book in 1944 with this pub's address. He is my great uncle and I would love to know if he had any descendants that I could try to trace. Any help or clues would be appreciated.

Tue Jan 30


I would like to hire out a venue for my 18th birthday -- preferably in the hackney area near to clapton.

It would be great to get somewhere that isn''t over 18s because a lot of my friends will still be 17.

Does anyone know of any good places? reasonably cheap (around the £200 mark) for the capacity of around 150-200 people? would be grateful if you could

Tue Jan 09

Glovers, 2a Lea Bridge Rd.


If you scroll down this page to the last of 3 posts regarding the Lord Clyde pub, the chap who posted it told me that his parents had something to do with the business. I have 2 photos which I took about 1969/70 of the Lea Bridge/Lower & Upper Clapton junction before they demolished all the shops to make way for the round-a-bout. My dad was also the postman for Lea Bridge for several years.


Thu Dec 14

Glovers Dyers & Cleaners

Does anybody recall this factory which used to be at the top end of Lea Bridge Road in the 1950s & 60s.

Are there any pictures,adverts or other memorabilia available anywhere ?


Mon Dec 04

Was you aware that your aunt & uncle , Minnie and Fred Stubbs prior to taking over The Lord Clyde which was at 62 Clapton Way, were proprietors of the Duke of Edingburgh public house South Woodford. They took The Cyde over in about 1958 from my parents.

To my great regret, unbelievably ,none of us in the family have any photo's of the pub.

Sat Nov 25

Mon Nov 20


You’d be surprised by the number of professionals living in Clapton – university lecturers; film and TV people; psychologists; educators etc. They all have one thing in common – they’re NOT BORING! - just like this vibrant area. Clapton’s professionals are secure in their own trendiness – they don’t need to have it confirmed by twee surroundings.

Clapton’s Victorian houses are bigger, deeper and more substantial. It has the River Lea and Springfield Park It’s close to the city. It’s a multi-cultural haven with Jews and Moslems living peacefully side by side. We’ve lived here safely for 9 years – people mind their own business and don’t interfere. All Clapton needs is a cash injection in the main shopping parade (are you listening Hackney Council?) and the red route removed so that local shopkeepers can flourish.

Sun Nov 12

Lower Clapton is the best-Gilpin Square

i do think clapton is a violent place but is also a nice place to be especially in the summer. if people do think clapton is too dangerous to hang out at night times then they should stay in. because no one has faulsed them to stay out at night especially the youngsta's out there. im reppin E.5 4lyf, Clapton is a lovely area, but too much littering!!!

Tue Nov 07

Gutter Repair

Does anyone know someone with a long ladder who can repair a gutter?

Tue Oct 31

Clapton Muggings

You have as much chance of being mugged at night as during the day, as happened to my wife one lunchtime several years ago.

We moved out to Lincolnshire and love the tranquill village life here.

Can highly recomend it.

Tue Oct 10

The Lord Clyde

Where in Lower Clapton Road was this pub?

As the only pub of this name that I can remember was in Clapton Way.

I have a photo of this one taken before it's demolition in the late 60's.

Tue Oct 10

The Lounge, The Nightingale Centre

Mon Oct 02

this is NOT murder mile

Murder mile is Homerton High Street, not the Upper Clapton Road.

Sun Aug 20

Mount Pleasant Lane Upper Clapton

My boyfriend and I have seen a flat that we've fallen in love with on Mount Pleasant Lane - the street seems quiet and safe but we have only been there during the day. I am a little worried about the reputation of crime in the area and just wondering if anyone can share their experiences - we're worried it might get dodgy at night but I can't see how as it just seems so lovely and quiet...Thanks!

Fri Jul 28

clapton the eclipse pub

not very good any longer........

Tue Jun 27

hope and anker public house

near bakers hill brilliant pub and customers

Tue Jun 27

Clapton is fine

I live near the pond and have a two year old and can really say there's no problem safety wise so long as you're good at dodging the traffic and don't wander around really late at night alone - even that is probably fine, but I would be a bit cautious. Since they recently closed down the nightclub permanently, it should hopefully lose the name murder mile soon too. It was the club that attracted most of the violence.

Thu Jun 08

Is Clapton Pond ok?


I have found a lovely room in a beautiful restored Victorian house in Clapton Pond and I'm moving in next week.

The street seemed quiet and safe to me... but I realise it's near Upper Clapton Rd, ie "Murder Mile"!

The reviews of Clapton here seem quite mixed.

If you make sure you don't walk around after dark, is it fine living around Upper Clapton?

Please reply here if you have any advice.


Tue May 02

The ultimate move...

I've just swapped my small flat in posh Kensington for a huge grand Victorian villa in Clapton....what a difference.

Clapton is cool, the people are nicer, the restaurants more interesting, the green spaces less crowded and the communte to town a breeze.

Don't think twice about moving to Clapton, choose a nice street, make friends with your neighbours and you'll feel part of a real community where everyone is accepted. Much better than Kensington!

Sun Apr 23


I used to live with a PETE BRUNO brought up in Hackney I think with an italian mother and Hungarian father. he lives in italy now but i have his email address.....any use?

Tue Apr 18

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