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The Kids Workshop is private pre-school, Ofsted registered, Located at Elsie Marshall Memorial Hall, Blackheath Royal Standard, The Kids Workshop main aim is to provide the best possible care for your child, within a happy, homely environment. Age appropriate programs and a staff of dedicated professionals ensure a positive learning experience for your child.

Mon Sep 16

Hardworking cleaning services

Honest and reliable domestic cleaners for all your housework chores in homes, houses, flats and etc

Minimum of 2 hours

We offer

Regular domestic cleaning

One-off clean

After-party clean

No minimum contract. No fees Competitive pricing

Fri Aug 30

Little Heath, Charlton

Myself and my husband are hoping to move to a Victorian house in Little Heath, Charlton. Can you please let us know if this is area is a good area, good transport links, things to do etc? We have one small baby and like the ide of the parks there and also closeness to London Bridge. Is Little Heath nice or not a good area re crime, safety etc?. Is there a village close? How far from Greenwich village for example - could you walk there? We love Greenwich village. The houses and road in Little Heath look quite posh hence all the questions! (we hope it is!)

Mon Aug 19


Past or present.

Sat Jul 06

what bus takes me to matalan in charlton

Mon Jul 01


Any one on here from above ?

Tue May 21

Lazer teeth whitening, stretch mark removal semi permanent make up in the Charlton area

Hi I'm cassie an I'm in the Charlton area I do many types of cosmetic beauty,, from teeth whitening to tattoo removal find me at www.beautyperfections.co.uk or contact me on ********4 or

Wed Jan 30

Qualified plumber in Charlton and surrounding areas

I'm an experienced plumber just moved into the Charlton area, no job too small or large contact Jon on ********7 or

Wed Jan 30

Yoga teacher looking for venues/students

Hello Charlton! I am a yoga teacher in search of places in Charlton where I could teach yoga.

Please let me know of any suitable venue.

Thank you!

Fri Jan 25

Moving to Charlton


I am hoping to move to Elliscombe Road in Charlton. Please be honest - what is the area like?

Fri Jul 22

Vic Sehmi Plastering & Drywall Specialists

Local plastering company.

Affordable prices,

Friendly workers,

No job to small,

Call us for a free quote on **** 20 60 35

Thu Jul 14

Flat share in Charlton

A Room in a 2 bedroom flat is available in Charlton.

It is Champion House in Charlton Road.

500 per month for one person living in and includes all the bills.

Please contact me at ********4 or send email to me at

Fri Mar 04

Yes, he used to cut my hair! Sadly he died a few years ago.

Wed Mar 02

Yoga in Charlton / Blackheath

Hi - if you are still looking, I recently started 2 classes at Blackheath Complementary Health Centre on Westcombe Hill at the Standard.

6.30pm Beginners

7.45pm General

See www.experienceyoga.co.uk or e-mail

Tue Feb 01

Yoga in Charlton / Blackheath

Hello. If you're still looking, I have recently started teaching 2 x classes at Blackheath Complementary Health Centre at the Standard on Monday evenings

6.30pm Beginners / Gentle (1 hour)

7.45pm General Class (1.5 hours)

www.experienceyoga.co.uk for more info or e-mail me at

Tue Feb 01

Running Group


I've recently moved to London and have started running in the area. I was wondering if anyone knew of any running groups in the Charlton/Greenwich area that meets at the weekends?

You can contact me at

Thu Jan 06

i work in havey on the looms

i am 62 and used to work at harvey and i lived at atlas gardens anchor and hope lane

Thu Dec 30

handyman in charlton

hi i'm Tony, i've been running a handyman business in thr area for 10 years.

all work under taken in your home & garden

please mail me for futher information or to ask about work you need doing.

website & reff's available

Sun Dec 19

Busiest bus-shelter in the SE7 area

Can anyone tell me which is the busiest bus shelter in the SE7 postal area? Ideally closest to the Charlton Rail. Please email responses to

Wed Nov 17


I might be moving to Harold Gibbons Court in victoria way at Charlton, does anyone know this area or charlton ? is charlton a good place for kids?

Thanks !

Tue Aug 17

Hi im looking for a chilminder i leave in eltham road my email

Thu Aug 12


i leave in eltham road looking for a childminder thanks

Thu Aug 12

Dear Sir /Madam

I saw your advert about wanting to move to Charlton we are currently looking to move to Eltham and we are very interested in viewing your property, with the possibility of swapping with you.Could you please tell me what sort of property you are looking for as your advert does not say. We have a very recently decorated property which has two bedrooms and a balcony which looks directly into Hornfair parks tennis courts.

The reason for our exchange is to be near our family and friends that live in Eltham.

Thank you for your time.

Danny 0208 319 2461

Wed Jun 16



- OFSTED REGISTERED (completion due July 2010)

- MEMBER OF NCMA (as of July 2010)





- FLEXIBLE HOURS (full / part time / school runs / school holidays)



Thu Jun 10

people moving here or selling a flat to buy a house. Part 1

I looked in charlton initially and charlton is definately worth considering.

However the "shooters hill slopes" just the next place along to the east (the area from the east side of woolwich common and south of plumstead common - all the way up to shooters hill) is currently considerably cheaper and just as nice. A 3 bed victorian terraced house in a quiet leafy road surrounded by woolwich common, shrewsbury Park, Plumstead common and oxleas woods costs between £265 000 to £299 000 ( about £50 000 cheaper than Charlton equivalents). Crime is low in this area. Some of the schools are very good and it is close enough to Kent for kids to apply to the grammar schools. And if you have friends and family in charlton, it is just the other side of woolwich common. The roads I am talking about include Cantwell Road, Eglinton Hill, Brent Road, Nithdale Road, Plum Lane, Tuam road, Shrewsbury Lane and kinslet Road - and those immediatley surrounding them!

Wed Mar 17

people moving here or selling a flat to buy a house. Part 1

I looked in charlton initially and charlton is definately worth considering.

However the "shooters hill slopes" just the next place along to the east (the area from the east side of woolwich common and south of plumstead common - all the way up to shooters hill) is currently considerably cheaper and just as nice. A 3 bed victorian terraced house in a quiet leafy road surrounded by woolwich common, shrewsbury Park, Plumstead common and oxleas woods costs between £265 000 to £299 000 ( about £50 000 cheaper than Charlton equivalents). Crime is low in this area. Some of the schools are very good and it is close enough to Kent for kids to apply to the grammar schools. And if you have friends and family in charlton, it is just the other side of woolwich common. The roads I am talking about include Cantwell Road, Eglinton Hill, Brent Road, Nithdale Road, Plum Lane, Tuam road, Shrewsbury Lane and kinslet Road - and those immediatley surrounding them!

Wed Mar 17

Can this be right.

My daughter who lives in Charlton has just recieved notification from the council that she is to get out of her 2 bedroom flat, into a 1 bedroom flat. Because she is on her own, Can this be enforced. She has her children come to visit and also has her grandaughter of 3 yrs come to stay with her a few days. She did a mutual exchange from a 3 bedroom house, and has only been in this present flat for less than 6 months. Any advice would be very welcome.

Thu Feb 11

Greenbay road

Hi all, we're looking at a house in Greenbay road and are wondering what that street and the nearby area is like. Any trouble in particular that we should be aware of?

Any advice much appreciated!

Fri Sep 25

hey im interesting ********9

Sat Sep 19

Charlton Liberal Club

Charlton Liberal Club

59 Charlton Church Lane




Tel: (020) 8293 0599

New members required

Thu Jul 02

Hi Charlton is good area. My family have been in the area for over 30 years

Fri Jun 26


Iam registered with Ofsted can mind at my home in Eltham 7am until 6pm looking for under3's can start end of Aug 09 ********5

Fri May 15


I live in Eltham SE9 looking to mind under 4's in my own house 7am until 6pm, although flexible, ofsted reg and first aid trained

Fri May 15

Yoga classes Blackheath/Greenwich/Charlton

There is a yoga class at Humber Road Blackheath / Greenwich called Kindness Yoga

Fri May 01

Joan Heritige Charlton Manor and Sherrington Road schools

Hello to Charlton

although I now live in Essex I spent myfirst 25 years in the Charlton area and back when The football ground was just that the team used to get changed in my Grandmothers parlour and she washed their kit for the next game

Well that aside I am trying to contact anyone who attended either Charlton Manor or Sherrington Road School in the period 1935 to 1945 and may have known my cousin Iris Took or Joan Heritige her friend through these school days

If so please contact me as she is now in Australia and would love to hear from old friends

Thanks Roger L

Thu Apr 30

Hi there

I am also looking to run with a group of people. Please can you email me

Thu Apr 09

I have lived in Troughton Road for 5 years. Its a short walk to Asda and 'charlton experience' (our slightly fondly sarcastic name for it)- a row of shops such as Next (now with Costa Coffee!), H&M, New look etc. It has a slightly shabby selection of newsagents and fast food shops at one end (don't over look chu and chos though - its a lovely litle tapas place) but I have never felt unsafe here and the proximity to station is great!! only 4 minutes to blackheath and few more to greenwich. Also nice is the Library at top of Charlton Church rd which has a cafe and lovely gardens.

Sat Mar 14

I have seen two postings for a running club request I am also looking for a running club in charlton would it be worth the three of us joining together for a run?

local resident

Wed Jan 14

Ann Hargrave

Would anyone having any knowledge of the above Ann Hargrave married Andrew Clark 23rd Jan 1837 and sailed to New Zealand, please contact

Warren Clark in New Zealand email

Mon Nov 24

I worked in Harvey's factory in the Zinc Shop from 1943 to 1945 as an apprentice sheet metal worker. The foreman was a Mr Johnson. I left for medical reasons.

Sun Oct 26

Sherington Stay & Play Children Centre

Thursdays 9:30 to 11:30 term time

Stay & Play is open to all mums, dads, carers, grandparents and childminders of children under 5 years old.

Range of toys, games, craft, song time, stories, outdoor play area, snacks and refreshments

Sherington Road


London SE7 7JP

Wed Oct 15

flat swap west london for charlton.

Hi. i live in west london i want to move to charlton to be near my family. I have a big kitchen and bathroom with shower good size room. Load's of cuboard space and a store room. It's all on one level on the ground floor studio flat.On a nice street all shop's doctor's dentist hospital's all 5min walking distance. Load's of buse's and 3 tube st near by. If your interested please call on ********5. Thank you.

Mon Oct 13

my dad use to work for G.A.Harvey which was in charlton around the 1950`s but i cannot find any information about it. anyone got any knowledge please please

Sat Sep 27

Charlton is a great place to live

Hi there,

I live in Charlton with my 11 year old daughter and we love it. Its calm with parks around. The best primary school in my eyes is Thorntree. Its a small school and the teachers are brilliant! I couldnt say anything bad about Charlton in general. Its also ok for public transport with Charlton station and the O2 close. By the way if you have not found a place to live yet then would you be interested in sharing a place? My current flatmates (single mum with 4 year old) will move out and I am looking to move with someone else. to save some money etc. I am looking to live with another single mum or dad. Let me know if you are interested.

Sun Sep 07

Tennis or Jogging anyone!! onlybetween@yahoo.co.uk

Hi I'm new to Charlton and I'm looking for a tennis and jogging partner. Is there anyone out there that wants to get fit and have fun while doing this with me?

Sun Aug 31


Mon Jul 21

Homeschooling in Charlton

I'm looking for parents in Charlton or surrounding areas who are planning to or are homeschooling their children. My email address ist

Sun Jul 06

Hornfair Park

Is it true that the youths vandalised the pavilion near the bowling Green too? It is probably too sensible for the vandals to join a sports organisation and participate as they would probably get more enjoyment from it, whatever sport it might be. It is the difference between positive or negative.

When I was growing-up during the 1950s when Hornfair Park was great, my pals and I had tremendous fun from the facilities including swimming in the lido; playing football in the park; playing tennis; and in recent years' playing lawn bowls.

All this negativity by current day youths is one of the reasons why we have CCTV all over the place which imposes Big Brother on all of us. As you quite rightly point out these yobs are spoiling life for all of us; and as usual the innocent victims are the ones' who suffer.

Fri May 30

Hornfair Park

Yes, I forgot about the paddling pool. During the early 1950s one of my pals dashed into to paddling pool having forgot to remove his sandles and socks after changing into his swimming trunks. It was funny, but it could have happened to any of us.

I guess the bowls club is still there, eh! And what about the tennis courts? I understand that you are still there; and I hope you are well and healthy! With best wishes.

Tue May 20

Charlton Bowls Club

Charlton Bowls Club

Hornfair Park

Prince Henry Road




Tel: (020)

New members required

Tue May 20


Want to loose 600 calories in a hour here's your chance to do so wednesday nights at the millenium primary school 50 john harrison way se10 obg mixed circuit training boxercise and stomach work out fully qualified instructor ring **** 244 366 for more info

Tue May 06

Anyone wanna swap with me?

Im desperate to move to Charlton to be closer to family :(

I have a 3 bed cottage style house in eltham if anyone is interested............

Tue Mar 25


how to get to charlton stadium from central london = is it possible by underground

Fri Mar 21

Safe as houses

We lived in Troughton Road for two years about five years ago and it was fine. Great transport links, nice little newsagent/corner shop, near big supermarkets. If you like sports and sign up for Greenwich Council gym membership, you can use the gym at Charlton Athletic when the footballer are not using it. On match day you can hear the roar of the crowd from Troughton Road - it's quite nice.

Fri Mar 21

Good place to live

Charlton is a good place to live. Charlton is only 20 minutes by train to the City and West End. There are regular buses to near by North Greenwich Station on the Jubilee Line for Central London, Canary Wharf and Stratford. Blackheath Common and Greenwich Park are near by as is Blackheath Village and Greenwich Town Centre. There are local shops at Charlton Village, Blackheath Royal Standard, Bugsby Way and on the Greenwich Peninsula.

Sun Jan 27

Local Plasterers for Charlton- JNF Plastering Freephone 0800 0325 512

We would like to introduce our small but expanding family run plastering company. We are a team of professional, highly skilled plasterers working on all aspects of internal/external plastering in both the residential and commercial sectors.

JNF Plastering prides itself on offering a totally professional and personal service to the highest standard and we offer our skills at a very competitive rate. Please feel free to view our website at www.jnfplastering.co.uk. Alternatively you may contact us on

Mon Jan 14


Please take a moment to take a look at a Charlton House print I have listed on Ebay. This print has been signed by former members of the Welsh Society, and presented to your first Chairman on his retirement in 1972.

If you are not interested, I apologise for the intrusion.



Thu Dec 20

Living in Charlton

I am planning to move to Wellington garden in charlton soon. Can anyone let me know a bit about the area please?

Tue Nov 20

Charlton for kids

I am thinking of moving to Charlton with my daughter who is 9, want to know what its like bringing up kids there and what the local secondary schools are like.

Tue Nov 06

Good news Route 486 service increased

Route 486 North Greenwich Station (02 Arena) to Bexleyheath Shopping Centre. Via Charlton Station, Charlton Village, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Shooters Hill and Welling is being increased to every 12 minutes Monday to Saturday evenings and all day on Sundays from the 24th November 2007. Providing improved bus services to and from North Greenwich Station (02 Arena).

Sun Oct 28

Charlton Yoga kumarsrao@yahoo.com

In Charlton house they run the Beginners Yoga from 8pm to 9.pm on Tuesday for further details pls contact Charlton house, Charlton Road, SE7 8RE, Tel 0208 856 3951

Thu Oct 25

Fri Oct 19

Charlton Station Closing 23 December

Anyone have any more info on this? I looked on the list of planned engineering works on the nationalrail.co.uk web site and on southeasternrailway.co.uk and it's not listed.

Mon Oct 15

Improved late night travel Route 472 now 24 hour service

Route 472 North Greenwich Station (02 Arena) to Thamesmead Town Centre via Greenwich Peninsula, Lower Charlton, Woolwich and Thamesmead is now 24 hour service with buses operating every 30 minutes through out the night.

The Monday to Saturday evening and Sunday service as also been increased to every 10 minutes and the Monday to Saturday daytime service increased to every 6 minutes.

Sun Oct 07

Fantastic fishmonger in East Greenwich - opposite the Arches Leisure Centre - they also deliver locally - called The Fishmonger Ltd.

Thu Sep 27

Yoga classes?


Does anyone know of any cheap(ish) beginners yoga classes in Charlton, Greenwich or Blackheath in the evenings (post 6pm)?

Many thanks

Tue Sep 18

There is a poster up in Charlton Station (on the right hand side, trains to London), but no word on how long for. Boo :(

Tue Sep 18

Doctors Sugery

Dr Williamson at the Fairfield Grove Sugery is fine. She just does her job like any good GP.

Sun Sep 16

Our hearts go out to the mans family & friends

Our hearts go to to the family and friends of the man who was savagely beaten and kill in Charlton House Grounds earlier this week in the early evening. We hope the men responsible for this cowardly attack are caught as soon as possible. May the poor innocent man rest in peace. God bless him.

Sun Sep 16

Fairfield Grove Practice

Dr Williams is fine and a good doctor. She is just not for the work shy though and will issue medical certificates unless absolutely necessary.

Sun Sep 16

Hornfair Road

Hornfair Road is a very nice road in Charlton. The residents are nice. Charlton Village, Charlton and Hornfair parks are close by. Blackheath Common and Greenwich Park and Greenwich Town Centre are only a few minutes away by car. Nearby Charlton Village and Shooters Hill Road are well served by local bus routes including route 53/N53 to Whitehall (Horseguards) and routes 422 & 486 to North Greenwich Station.

Fri Sep 14

Hornfair Road

Hornfair Road is a nice Road. Residents tend to be friendly but keep themselves to themselves. It is very close to Charlton Village shops and several bus services.

Hornfair Road and Surrounding roads are fine.

Most of the problems tend to be on or around the two council estates at Cherry Orchard and Springfield Grove.

Thu Sep 13

Hornfair Road

My family and I have lived in Hornfair Road for 50 years next year and love it. The people are friendly and tend to keep themselves to themselves. Charlton Village local shops are near by and it is well served by local bus service in Charlton Village and Shooters Hill Road.

Thu Sep 13

Seeking advice on moving to Charlton

We are looking at moving to Hornfair Road in Charlton and would really like to know what the area is like. Is it safe? Are there any problems with anti social behaviour etc? Equally are there any great things to recommend about the area and its amenities?

We would really appreciate any feedback on this area.


Thu Sep 13

Charlton Station Closing 23 December

Yes I am very concerned that Charlton Station is closiing in December. Especially as no information has been given about this. I know Stations around New Cross, Rotherhithe and Bermondsey etc are closing for this work to be done.

Wed Sep 05

Replacement Bus Service

Is anyone else concerned with the Charlton train line closing from the 23rd December to extend the east london tube line? No info is given, except that there is replacement bus services in play, not even how long this is going to go on for.

Mon Sep 03

Look at Greenwich rather than Charlton. Meridian Primary on Old Woolwich Road is fantastic. The teachers are known by their first names, it's really artistic and the head is amazing. He's been there for over 18 years and there's a real sense of community. My two are there, going into their second year with the school and we've actually decided not to relocate just so we can keep them there. We're fairly alternative and everyone (including the harder kids) have taken us in their stride.

Fri Aug 31

Good news for route 161

From the 1st September 2007 route 161 Chislehurst to North Greenwich Station (02 Arena) via Greenwich Peninsula Sainsburys, Woolwich, Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Eltham is to have its frequency increased to every 12 minutes (5 buses an hour) on Monday to Saturday evenings and all day on Sundays. This is excellent news for local bus users in the area.

Sun Aug 19

Hornfair Park

Sadly Hornfair Park is not the great park it used to be. Large groups of youths are spoiling it for others. Vandalism attacks etc. It is the same problem in Charlton House Grounds and Charlton Park too.

Sun Aug 19

chris miller/hornfair park

it is still the same as you mentioned, the lido is open in the summer, swings are still there, the football pitches are still there and you forgot about the paddling pool. And im still here.

Sun Aug 12

108 bus to Charlton

I think the108 bus should come to Charlton so that the people living in Charlton can go to Bow and Stratford in quick time

Wed Aug 08

do you have contact details for handymanjoe?

Wed Jul 25


try handymanjoe,i am sure he covers your area,i've used him a few time for some of our properties,he has never let us down,his charges are great too

Wed Jul 18


Does anyone know of a reasonably priced plumber in the Troughton Road area?

Tue Jul 17

Hornfair Park

What is it like in Hornfair Park these days? During the 1950s and 1960s my pals and I grew up in this particular park. We used to go swimming in the Lido which was very popular; enjoy fun on the swings and roundabout in the children's playground; play soccer in the big field; and later played tennis when during our mid-teens; and about a decade ago I played Lawn Bowls against Charlton BC.

Thu Jul 05

Yeah, i think it's the entire line from london to Dartford, which involves Woolwich Arsenal. It better not be true - i don't fancy getting a bus then two tubes (at extra cost) to get to work!

can anyone confirm?

Thu Jul 05

Charlton House

Charlton House is Jacobean architecture with some history for the historians who are interested; and it makes a good photograph too. Charlton House is an attractive community centre with a library attached. The local community holds a variety of events and meetings therein. My Welsh Society used to have meetings before it had to fold because of declining support. I recommend that you actually visit Charlton House as the receptionist will provide a leaflet of the events taking place therein for those of us who are looking for an outlet.

Charlton House is on the 53 and 54 bus routes: maybe the 422 and 486 pass nearby, but you will have to check on that as I am not too sure.

Wed Jul 04

reply to train rumour

hi i have also heard this rumour, but i must ad i have heard it is also affecting abbeywood< Thamesmead and woolwich arsenal train station? I was told the reason isn't because charlton has works being done but because woolwich arsenal is having rail line replaced. Dont know how long for but i know the works being done now at woolwich are causing major probs.

hope it is just a rumour, but who knows :(

Tue Jul 03

Train route

I've heard a rumour that the train line from Charlton into London is going to be closed in December for a few months due to essential engineering works. Does anyone know if there is any truth in this?!

Tue Jul 03

Sat Jun 30

Bus route 472 to North Greenwich Station (02 Arena).

Bus route 472 North Greenwich Station (02 Arena) to Thamesmead via Lower Charlton and Woolwich will be operating 24 hours a day from Saturday 30 June 2007. Buses will operate every 30 minutes throughout the night every night of the week. Monday to Saturday evening and Sunday buses will also be increased to every 10 minutes.

Sat Jun 23

Charlton Stadium

If you mean the Valley Ground home of Charlton Athletic FC it is easy. Exit Charlton railway station, cross directly across the road (Charlton Church Lane), turn right, then take the first left into Floyd Road. Continue along Floyd Road which takes you to the Main Entrance and the club shop which sells memorabilia and souverniers relating to 'The Addicks'. The whole walk should take between 5-8 minutes from exiting the station to the Valley Ground main entrance.

Tue Jun 12


Do you mean the Lido in Hornfair Park? Is it open again as I thought it was closed years' ago because it was derelict. And what are the admission prices these days?

During the late 1950s when I was still at school and lived nearby, three pals and I used to go swimming at the Lido at 6 am because there was free admission before 7 am. The water temperature was really cold, but we enjoyed ourselves. We then returned home for breakfast and then went to our senior school.

The last time I swam in the Lidol was during the mid-1970s and later moved out of the area. I would like to go swimming again at the Lido so I too would like to know if the pool is open.

Tue Jun 12

Tue Jun 12


Has anyone been to the Charlton Lido (in the summer) or The Valley health and fitness place? Any good?

Thanks :-)

Wed May 30

Thanks Vicky, i'll check it out.

Wed May 30

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