Welcome to London Castelnau

Castlenau has always been castle No

Castle No - comme en France. A bas les arrivistes.

Sun Jan 26

Any informationm on the Forty theives of Castelanu

Wed Aug 01

How to pronounce Castelnau

When I was a boy it was always "castle-no" but nowadays quite a few new people to the area call it "castle-now". It's a bit like the word "Holborn" - a lot of new Londoners don't realize that you don't pronounce the "L". And there seem to be dozens of was of saying "Marylebone"!

Thu Sep 14

Origin of the word Castelnau

At the beginning of the 18th Century, the 10th Baron of Castelnau and St Croix fled France (since he was persecuted for being a Huguenot) and his son bought land in North Barnes, the area and then main road through it therefore taking their name from Castelnau-le-Lez, near Montpellier.

Wed Sep 13

where does the word originate ?

I drive through castelnau almost every day but have no idea what it means or how it came to be called castelnau.

Tue Feb 28

Looking for a football team in Barnes area

My name is Peter. I'm new to the area and am looking for a football team to play for in the area. I'm looking for mainly a social team, but one of a decent standard.

Can anyone help me????

I can be contacted at

Mon Aug 15

Some say "Castle-nor" some say "Castle-now." I prefer "Castle-no!"

Wed Dec 15

How do you pronounce Castelnau

It seems to vary from person to person!

Wed Dec 01

Kickboxing Lessons anywhere near Mitcham?

Does anyone know where there are any kickboxing lessons being held anywhere near Mitcham/Croydon/Colliers Wood?

Tue Oct 12

The river and the pubs

THe river and the bridge are very nice and picturesque and all the trees and greenery make a nice change from the rest of London. If you like walking/running there is are long riverside paths running in both directions. Best of all are the pubs. In Castelnau there is the Bridge and the Black Lion further down towards Barnes there are several great places just across Hammersmith bridge along the river bank.

Wed Jan 08

Yes a small 24hr Tescos

Castelnau is'nt a big area but it does have a small Tesco's which is 24 hour. It is part of a petrol station and is'nt ideal for a big shopping trip as it is'nt that cheap. For that you should take a ten minute walk to the Tesco's in Hammersmith broadway.

Wed Jan 08

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