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Hi, does anyone know who owned this shop in the 80s?

Fri Jun 17


Best Ice cream ever made Someone must have the recipe Born 1958 so eat lots.

Thu Oct 28


When I was a kid Murkoffs was my favourite shop I loved the ice cream never forgot the flavours I wished I had the recipe later in my life become an ice cream man with my ice cream van in Newcastle haha and told alot of my customer about Murkoffs the best ice cream shop in London

Fri Nov 03

Happy Days!

We used to travel up to poplar on the bus and always stopped off on the way for a Murkoff's ice cream. It was the best ice-cream i have ever tasted. Never had anything like it since.

Mon Oct 02

So does a recipe for the ice cream still exist

Sun Jul 02

Hi i will never forget the taste of the Murkoff ice cream it was and still is the best we have ever tasted. I was hoping we could still buy it from somewhere.All my family still talk about it, its a shame my children will never have this to talk about

Tue May 16

Pretoria rd school

Albert Goldsmith played for the football team does anyone remember him lived in Shepard street

Sat Apr 15

Baron Road

Can anyone tell me anything about Baron Rd? It used to be between Ordnance Rd and Clifton Rd before it was pulled down. I remember visiting my grandad there when I was young.

Fri Mar 31


Murkoff’s ice cream shop,best ice cream shop ever miss it so much

Sat Feb 04

Sat Feb 04


Tue Nov 29


Can you send me the phone number and address to the Turkish baths in Canning town please.

Kind Regards


Sat Nov 26

Sat Nov 19

looking for relatives

I lived in Liverpool Road until 1963 and my Nan lived in Gage Road and then in Comyns Close. I know I had an Uncle Alf who was born in 1910 and his wife was Elsie . I know that they had some children and I would love to get in touch with anyone related to them.

There name was Dorrington.


Tue Nov 08

The anchor

Wed Oct 26

Pretoria Road School- Now Eastlea

Hi I'm The Current Vice Principal at Eastlea community school and I'm very interested in researching the history of Pretoria boys and girls secondary school, how the buildings were organised, reminisces about the school and what happened when Hilda road school was amalgamated to Pretoria (1963?) Does any one remember when it became Eastlea Community school?

Unfortunately we've lost a lot of history and need to get it back before it disappears for ever!

Fri Oct 07

St Lukes

Hi- did you go to st Lukes?

My name is Steve Bates I was born in 1967

And attended the school. I remember only

A few teachers...mr Cameron

Mrs Shepard was the dinner lady- my mum Rose was close

A dinner lady

Anyone remember ???

Thu Sep 01

Father Goose

I attended St Luke's primary school and sung in the church choir in the 1970s and father Goose was still there. I remember Mr and Mrs Balmer ( not sure on spelling) who were the head teachers.

Thu Sep 01

Poyser Family Canning Town

My Poysers were present in Canning Town for over 150 years, showing on Wilberforce Street and Forty Acre Lane for many years in the 19th and early 20th century. Then I have Sarah Street, Boyd Rd, Florence Street and others. Again though, Rathbone Street figures strongly in my early 20th century family history.

Samuel Poyser is my great grandfather and he apparently was a wheelwright who worked out of a "yard" off of Fox Street. Apparently, he made the wheels for the costers barrows, which were stored in the yard overnights. The yard was rented from a lady named Rachel Lee, who had a daughter, Clara, who worked the market.

Sam's sister, Minnie, worked in Wicks shop.

I would love to see photos of Sam's wheelright "yard", also of Wicks, and any photos of "his" Poyser siblings.

I'd also love to contact descendants of Sam's siblings, and his other children.

Wed Jul 27

Sun Jan 17

Yes,I was in the photo,holding the cupwith albert edwards,who was your husband? I m malcolm biggs,good team good memories

Fri Jan 15

Wed Dec 23

Bill sansom


Remember you and your brother Denis you were friends with my sister pat. I was a year below you at school, great times. We had some great footballers.

Fri Dec 18

what year was clifton road built

Fri Nov 13

Hello, the boys Olly & George were my step Dads nephews. Unfortunately Olly passed away 3 years ago and George last month Oct 2015.

Thu Nov 05

Thu Oct 29

I would like yo say I was talking to my husband I said I miss the ice cream shop at canning town I my self moved out of lonfon to southend but came back to fill my frezer with ice cream my children loved it I do miss the wonderful ice cream and would pay good money to have it back iam so sorry I did not no why the shop shut till today my best wishes to your family would have loved to give the ice cream yo my grandson best wishes carol

Sun Sep 20


The best ice cream in the world

Thu Aug 06

i am 66 years old dose anyone on here go to pretoria girls school about the time i went threre

email imin247@HOT MAIL.CO.UK

Sun Jul 26

Sun Jul 05

Best ice cream ever

I miss this ice cream never tasted anything close to it. I now live in Scotland but remember shopping trips to raffie market with a stop at murkoffs on the way home

Tue Jun 30

Fri May 29

Eddie Payne


I think I worked with your Dad

I was just a lad working for a painting firm in London many years ago.

Did you have 2 uncles on the same firm, Jimmy and Dicky

Ed De'Ath

Wed Apr 22


does anyone remember the herberts they lived in liverpool road.my grandad was fred his mother was called ruth he had a brother arthur.im going back along way. idont know anything much about them would love to know any living relatives

Wed Mar 25

158 trinity gardens

does anyone remember the name of the family that lived here in about 1960 my email is

Thu Mar 19

boyd road

Does anyone remember the Wicks family at Boyd Road, Canning Town. My nan was known as Lizzie and her mother was Sarah

Wed Mar 11

Murkoffs Ice Cream

I remember this in the 60's. Your brother should start it over again would be a big hit and probably as they do now days sell it in supermarkets. Go on Dragons Den I would love to have the recipe, miss it sooooo much xx

Tue Feb 10

I was a friend of your husband robert /bobby fackerell

Fri Feb 06

Driscolls left?

Hi, im 23 years old & my family (grandparents) came from canning town. Dennis Driscoll & nancy who was originally from glasgow. Does anybody still live in the area and remember my grandparents? Cheers!

Fri Nov 14

I was at 81 Malmesbury Road from 1957 to 1967

Sun Nov 09

victoria dock mission

im trying to find chris smith son of rev alex smith...Victoria dock mission around 1969...I know he went to reading but lost contact

Sat Nov 01

Thu Oct 02


The best ice cream i ever tasted.There was a chap in the old Rathbone Street Market who used to sell homemade Ginger Beer,Dandelion & Burdock etc well worth the journey from Southend!

Thu Jul 24

I too rember that delicious ice cream. Now and again I dream that Im goinh to taste it, but unfortuately I wake up before I get it in my mouth. I now live in Sweden butwould seriously consider a flight over if I had the chance to taste it again! That recept is worth a fortune. The stronest 'taste memory" in my life. Im now 50 years of age , so thats quite an achievment

Sun Jul 20

I too rember that delicious ice cream. Now and again I dream that Im goinh to taste it, but unfortuately I wake up before I get it in my mouth. I now live in Sweden butwould seriously consider a flight over if I had the chance to taste it again! That recept is worth a fortune. The stronest 'taste memory" in my life. Im now 50 years of age , so thats quite an achievment

Sun Jul 20

I too rember that delicious ice cream. Now and again I dream that Im goinh to taste it, but unfortuately I wake up before I get it in my mouth. I now live in Sweden butwould seriously consider a flight over if I had the chance to taste it again! That recept is worth a fortune. The stronest 'taste memory" in my life. Im now 50 years of age , so thats quite an achievment

Sun Jul 20

percy road

Hi Val

sorry we lost touch if you can give a contact no. I'll call you

best wishes


Thu Jul 17

Hi Sarah, my grandfather ( Goreham) and his siblings ( when they were only 10 -15 )lived on Martindale road unfortunately around 1912. they migrated to Aus. Another leg of the family stayed until 1923 migrated to Australia. Have you photos of Martindale Road?

Thu May 29

1 gumdrops 234 @ gmail. Com

I beleive my stepfather Fred Ryder lived there he married my mum Mary McDermott in 1974

Tue Apr 22


Hello Ken, we were in touch quite a few years ago but I lost your details.

I have read your poems about Canning Town and especially like the one called Percy Road. Hope you are well.

Fri Apr 18

doggy hair doo s

UP FOR ALWAYS JIMMY ?HOPE NOBODY KNOCKS ON MY DOOR old son some of my hair cuts where a bit doggy especially if Sergent poltney the M P was around ,if i hurt any body's romances with a short one ,i apologize but the brill cream was free ?????????

Fri Apr 18

Coal Yard 41 Mary Street

I remember "Coalie Rose" when I was a school boy in the late 40s-50s. I lived at No 13 Mary street in the lower half of the house, and Rose was a friend of our up stairs neighbour Emily Ellis. During summer she spent time sitting outside our house gossiping to all and sundry. At that time she still delivered coal from house to house and I remember her as a large lady with an apron and a flat peaked cap.The coal yard at that time was a series of tin roofed out-buildings, adjacent to a bomb site with a constant flow of customers. The Burkets had 2 sons,Derek a friend of mine and Eddie who was a successful amateur boxer.One personal memory was that Rose was a very kind person and often gave us boys loose change from the cash bag she wore at her waist

PS she always had an Aspidistra plant in her front window

Fri Apr 18


hi jimmy myers ,thanks for call out no mate not past it fare from it /no hard feelings but as you say time passes quickly seems like only yesterday i was being hollowed at or having a army meal -not to bad actually loved the shooting still get to do a bit where i live its allowed with a permit still miss the lads and a bit of fighting with the royal Berkshires below our barracks will see if i can dig some pics out think i have one in barber shop doing Davy Crockett on new recruit for a laugh with my best friend vic BOTTOMS UP OLD LAD

Fri Apr 18

KRRC photos

Put your old Rifleman photos up on You Tube . There is a great interest on there for all things Rifles. Get a kid to help you as you may be past it a bit! Don't lose this stuff, once it's up, it's up for always. Take care and Get Some In! Jimmy Myers

Fri Apr 18

my uncle and my mum and dad drunk in there for years we lived at 110 Liverpool road had some great times in there I only drunk orange juice then I was boxing and training in the royal oak my uncle reg used to be potman in the anchor there were great familys living in canning town in the 50s and 60s I have some great memeryes every one new one and other and help one and other my mums name was mary veness she married again and was mrs Williams her husbands nick name was winkle.there is so much I could write aboute old canning town,perhaps one day I will try and write a book of my life as a boy growing up in old canning town.

Wed Apr 09

Sun Mar 30

Vic Dock Road

Kath, your Email doesn't work . Sort it out! Jimmy

Sun Mar 23

Victoria Dock Road

This road ran alongside the very busy Railway to the Docks, Tate and Lyle ending at Woolwhich. It was a very unpleasant place to live and I guess the ADRESS is above one of the few shops. My Uncle Bill had a pub there, The Duke of Cambridge, still standing. Hope this is a little help . Jimmy Myers

Sun Mar 23

old K R R

hj jimmy in k r r s 1955-57 winchester great time town has changed a lot still have my old mucker from barber shop Vic poppy dont live in england but still keep in touch ,dont think my old uniform fits me any more , think beer was one & sixpence a pint and a hot pie from the pie stall was one shilling after coming from London town was quite a change still have some old pictures

Fri Mar 21

Kings Royal Rifle Corps Rifle Brigade 1954 1956

I jimmy Myers . I have posted 4 videos on YouTube showing Canning Town Boys in action in front of the Queen . Look up Bi Centenary Parade of The Kings Royal rifle Corps you might be among the 300 Canning Town Boys on parade that day! Jimmy Myers

Wed Mar 19

Im the Jimmy Myers you mentioned .Dad was same name

I remember your Dad and Uncle well. I met one of them again in my shop in Basildon. He said the other Brother had died. It was a very pleasant reunion till one of my Staff asked him what was I like as akid. He was a Right Bastard!! Was his honest answer.! Although there was never a cross word between our two families. The Brothers spent a year building an Armstrong Siddeley Wooden Shooting Brake. When it was finished my Dad bought it . We found the Drvers door was too small to use.Worse still it had no reverse! A young Travelling boy named Albert Smith loved it . My Dad showed him the faults but he still bought it ! Jimmy Myers The Boys From Rathbone Street

Wed Mar 19

Baranowski family

Yes, that's right. I left Pretoria in 1968 and june was in class 4b i think, while I was in 4a. Happy days.

Wed Mar 19


My father lived in Rathbone Street until or just after WWII the surname was Matheson. I know his parents moved to Essex, He lived at the end of the Street by the Dipth. Hospital. There surname was Matheson

Tue Mar 18

Baron Road Canning Town

My Dad and his brothers and sisters lived at 26 Baron Road...the Hare family. Grandad Joseph Hare worked for G.E.R. My Dad, Lloyd George, but known as George, was 6 in 1914 when his Dad contracted TB and his mother abandoned the family, and Grandad had to place Dad's youngest brother and sister with Barnado's. What schools would Dad have gone to? It's the only part of his life between 1914 and 1925 that I know nothing about. I don't think he had a good time and chose not to speak about it.

Thu Mar 06


I was Valerie Jones at 7 Ernest road canning town and went to Pretoria road school for a while. I am now living in Devon.

Wed Mar 05

Crane family, 19 Cliff Street, Canning Town

I have found this address for my great-uncle and his family in the 1911 Census. The head of household, Charles Crane, (hairdreesser) and his wife Sarah, daughters Alma, Ada and sons Archibald Stanley and Frank. Would anyone know what happened to them ?

Fri Feb 28

Star Lane 1955 - 1961?

Hi, I lived at No 5 Liverpool Road for 21 years, Roger Gossett. Had some really happy times in goog ole Canning Town and remember many of my Primary School mates. There was Brian Bolter, Jimmy Smith, Margaret Smith, Anne (sorry about the fly in the match box!), and many more. Anybody remember me? I now live in East Ham. I remember Mr Davey and Mr Dunlop - great teachers and fondly remembered.

Tue Feb 25

Barlow, Elton, Crisp

To add to what I wrote before, I hope someone will see this and put me in touch with Trish as I tried to email her and it came back to me. Fingers crossed!


Fri Feb 07

Barlow, Elton, Crisp Family

My mum was an Elton of Cundy road. What would you like to know? She'll soon be 90 but she's sharp as a tack!

Fri Feb 07

canning town

Hi Ken

Sorry for delay in getting back to you,I would love to talk to you give me a ring on ********4 if you get a chance Mick Grainger

Sun Feb 02

The other kid was Mickie Adams.

Tue Jan 28

whats all that about

Thu Jan 23

Mon Jan 20

Hi I was born in Fulton street and as a child remember living next door to a Jimmy Myers. my maiden name was Smith... dad Tom (Thomas) mum (Edie) my uncle Dick use to live upstairs.

Fri Jan 17

Micky Gluxtad

Micky Gluxtad. Does he still live around here?

Fri Jan 17

Pub closed

It was the Anchor

Wed Jan 15

look on f b i have photos on their

Fri Jan 03

Dave the milkman

Hi i remember dave when i was young,funny thing is ,i was on a bus going towards barking from dagenham a few years ago,and looked out the window to see dave,he was still a milkman,coulnt beleive it,he was a caracter and a gentleman,i used to live in malmesbury rd,in 60s and early seventies,good man dave,,

Mon Dec 30

88 Victoria Dock Road, Canning Town

Hi Kathryn, I'm afraid there are only new flats at this location now.

If you have access to a computer go on Google Earth, type the address and you will see.

Best wishes,

Sun Dec 22

Yep. I remember. I was the same school year as Frank but i went to Hilda Rd School a few streets away. My brother went to Star Lane school albeit 4 years below Frank

Thu Dec 19

My Mum was born (1920) in 29 Ordnance Rd

Thu Dec 19

Hi Jennifer

I remember you I was Valerie Taylor

Thu Dec 05

Snobby and Custard

I recently read of a man who had an adventures day with a Coster named Snobby and a yellow Mare called Custard . Snobbies real name was James Ried .He was the Lodger of my Grandad, Bill Myers in Nelson Street ,Tidal Basin till the stables and street was obliterated by a German Land Mine .We survived by running to shelter in the Arches,the Silvertown viaduct. Custard was inherited by my Dad .

We also inherited Snobby who moved into 24 Fulton street with us. Snobby used Custard free till he died,selling Winkles and Shimps on Sundays and buying old Wrags through the week. Men who earned their living by their wits with horses and later ,lorries called themselves Johnny Os. Thanks Jimmy Myers

Sun Nov 24

The East End we Lost

Please View FIRE a CANNON. On YouTube. With Fred Smellie . Plenty of Canning Town and Custom House Photos Thank You. Jimmy Myers

Sun Nov 24

hi Ken nice to hear from you, I live in a small village just outside Colchester.Sad to say my sister Maureen passed away many years ago,and I have lost touch with my brother david. I would love hear from you my phone no is ********4 look forward to hearing from you or any one else that remember us

Sat Nov 23


Does anybody out there have any photographs of the Victoria Dock Mission and or Mr Reeves who ran it in the 50s and 60s?

The Mission was on the corner of Tarling Road and Victoria Dock Road

Many thanks

Thu Nov 21

Just found a old football pic of my late husband it's 1956/7 star county primary central league champions one of the players is a very young Frankie Lampard and someone I think called Farrell? Any one else remember

Tue Nov 19

I to remember all what you said I remember miss whyte she was a bit scarey I used to live in Florence st and remember hermit shops with great fondest do you remember popkins fish shop and jointers the corner shop canning town will never be the same we had the best of it

Tue Nov 19

Think the pub was called the anchor done most of my courting in there to my husband terry lovett Monica Lovett @sky .com

Mon Nov 18


Hi does anyone remember a chris o'connor at all he was born 1960 in canning town or any o Connors? Please contact

Mon Nov 04

star park building

if you mean the one opposite star school with the scaffolding round . it used to be a pub but i cant remember the name of it at the moment. i used to live in ordnance rd and went to star lane school

Fri Sep 27

pretoria rd school

pretoria rd school..is now called eastlea...the name changed in 1972 when i started there and left in 77. its still there and running

Fri Sep 27


My nan and grandad William & Sarah Mountain lived in Clifton Rd until it was demolished in the 70's

Sun Sep 15

Baron road- Ball family

Does anyone remember Agnes & Peter Ball they had 2 boys & 1 girl?

Thu Sep 05

I miss that ice cream... Do you have the recipe?

Sun Aug 25

any imformation regarding the coal yard opposite 41 mary street my granmother was rosetta bond and had two son's my father james william bond and albert bond who married eva calldorrie next door the shelldrakes the opposite the berkett's.

been looking for many years no such luck in finding them.

I am the only son left of jimmy Bond and I live in queensland Australia.

Sun Aug 25


Anyone remember PAT`s GREENGROCERS I think was on the corner of STAR LANE and DURHAM RD

Mon Aug 12

Allens the Shoe Shop Rathbone Street

I am trying to find out any info on my Dad's family. They owned Allen's Shie Shop in Rathbone Street for as far back as I can remember as I was born in 1955. My grandparents passed away, my grandad William Allen before I was born and his wife in the 1950's. the shop was then run by my Uncle George. My Dad John Allen has sisters Alice, May, Lily and Doris and brothers George and Harry. I remember very well going to the shoe shop as a child and spending many Christmas's there, the shoe shop was then knocked down when the whole of Rathbone Street was demolished for flats and new estates. Anyone remember the Allen's and the shoe shop please. Thanks.

Sun Aug 11

Curly hair blonde chris

Hi does anyone know of a chris in canning town in the 80s maybe earlier he was a builder with e red pick up touch long blonde curly hair and a mate called dave long shot I know but if anyone knows a surname or frien or school he went to please reply desperately seeking would change my life

Sat Aug 10


Anyone know the whereabouts of Patrick Harris late of Malmesbury road and Pats Greengrocers of Star Lane, please contact

Thu Aug 01

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