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Sun Nov 13

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Tue Apr 26

re Brompton

London is funny. i don't think anyone knows where 'Brompton' is anymore but clearly it did exist as an entity because there's Brompton Road, Old Brompton Road and Brompton Cemetery and West Brompton Station, so where the hell is Brompton ?

It's got a lot to do with the tube and a bit to do with estate agents ( I refuse to write 'estate agent' with capital letters anymore.)

Because London is so vast, everyone has to digest it via the tube map. So inevitably the 'centre' of anywhere in London is where the tube station is.

My hunch is that 'Brompton' is in fact 'South Kensington,' but try ringing Foxtons in South Ken and saying you're looking for £2m plus properties in 'Brompton' and only Brompton will do: They'll say you need you need to talk to their branch in Yorkshire, and that village has only the squire's estate at £0.8m, will that do ?

Thu Aug 31

I don't know much about Brompton, except that it is an extremely wealthy area of London, and is basically the same area as Knightsbridge. It is west London in the sense that it is marginally west of the West End. ie it is to the west of Mayfair/Hyde Park and to the east of Kensington.

Thu Aug 31

information on history and location of Brompton requested.

I love London and the entire UK. I am a United Methodist pastor in the State of Illinois and have visited London twice--1971 and again in 2001 when my wife and I attended the World Methodist Conference in Brighton. We have begun our first semester of the Alpha Ministry whose International Headquarters is Holy Trinity Brompton Church. We also worshiped at HTB in 2001. I wanted to know the something about the history of the Brompton Area of London. Also is Brompton in West London? Can anyone also share with me any of the history of Holy Trinity Brompton Church?

Mon Jan 19

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