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mahoney family bromley by bow

I am related to the abo ve family, my father was arthur norman mah0ney, who was killed in greece 1941. walter and ada mahoney were my grandparents. my name is david arthur mahoney.

Sat Mar 06

mahoney family bromley by bow

I am related to the abo ve family, my father was arthur norman mah0ney, who was killed in greece 1941. walter and ada mahoney were my grandparents. my name is david arthur mahoney.

Sat Mar 06

My name was Doreen Hale

I lived on top of the undertakers corner of Willis street (I think) name of street not sure. I went to Hay currie secondary school. Do you know me or my sister Frances ?

Sun Jan 10

Does anyone know The Blaney's?

Apparently there might be a connection between my 2x Great Grandfather (Henry Blaney) and a public house in this area (St Leonards Street, Coventry Cross). 1871 after his ship sank it looks as though he took on the licence of the pub. Anyone have more info so i can make sure it was him?

Wed Jan 06

39 Marner street in 1904

Anybody out there have any information regarding Stephen Atkins who lived at 39 Marner street in 1904 and was also in contact by mail with 61 Marner street in 1897.

Fri Dec 18

Sumnr house

Does anybody remember Sumner house , and Knapp road school from just after the war

Sat Nov 21

St.Leonards street

In 1901 my great grandfather (joseph jaggers) lived at 171 St.Leonards street, he wasa Mast and block maker and may have worked at Bow Creek nearby. by coincidence my othe great grandfather had a pork butchers shop in the Bow road.

Fri Jul 31

We lived in the little row of terraced houses opposite Twelvetrees at no 66 my Mum and Dad my brother Ken sister Eileen and me Carole, my Mum was born in the house in 1906 and remained there till they were pulled down in 1968

Wed Jun 19

I remember you Valerie and also Betty Weinglass who at one time sat next to me in Mariner school. I also remember your mum who worked at the school. My name is Eric Chilvers and I lived at no.62. My dad worked at Lustys. I also remember Harry Tyne and his shop. My friend was Tony Clark who lived near you on Coventry Cross.

Sat Feb 23

My great, great grandfather and his family, lived at 7 Jefferson Street from around 1886 till 1912 when he died.

Thu Jan 10

I worked at Fraser and Fraser / Brown and Tawse boiler makers during the 1950s as an apprentice plater,. My plater was called Bob White I think from Southend. I lived in Rainham Essex at the time.

Fri Dec 21

Fri Nov 02


Thu Nov 01

Hi my name is Len West. UNICORN3000@BTINTERNET.COM

I worked at Fraser and Fraser / Brown and Tawse boiler makers during the 1950s as an apprentice plater,. My plater was called Bob White I think from Southend. I lived in Rainham Essex at the time.

Thu Sep 20

Fri Aug 10

Bromley house, Rest center Email joanperry123@hotmail.co.uk

I lived in the rest center with my mother and brother, men were not allowed to stay so my dad had to get lodgings near by. I wen to Marner Street school then we were re housed to Harold Hill, Romford Essex. I'm not sure of any dates as parents are no longer living along with any other relatives. Can anyone help with any dates. My parents name were Joan + Norman Palmer

Mon Feb 19

The bakers shop was called bartons

Sat Feb 10

Gayton House, Knapp Road 1964 to 71

lost touch with Colin Downer his father owned an electrical shop in knapp Road, not far fro the school earlier in the 60s.

Also associated with larger group in area,

Anyone remember......

Thu Dec 28

Doreen Finley

Hello Barbara,

I've come across your post quite by accident when researching information about Spey Street - Doreen, her sister Margaret and brother Bill all lived in Spey Street, as did Doreen's best friend Pat - they remained friends until Pat's death this year (2017). Doreen is my mother...

Mon Nov 20

The horses trough...

....I remember that well. The sand hills in Devons Rd next St.Andrews. Yallops and Lustys famous for their basket weave chairs. And perfectly round island of terraced houses thro' the railway arch at the end of Purdy Street.

Thu Nov 02


Sun May 28

Twelevetrees house

My nan lived on the top floor of twelvetrees house the end near the railway

Tue Apr 11

Was born in number 7 Coventry cross 1943 also went to marner street school

Thu Dec 08

Raverley st was off devons rd oppersite talwin st

Tue Sep 27

The man with the funny eye was Sam he came from poplar

Tue Sep 27

Jefferson street

My great nan is now 99 and lived in Jefferson street bow, her parents and siblings were all killed by the doodlebug. She still tells me the stories about it. Does anyone have any photos or so the remember her family , Florence Lucas and after marriage Florence Priestley

Wed Aug 03

Jefferson street

My great nan is now 99 and lived in Jefferson street bow, her parents and siblings were all killed by the doodlebug. She still tells me the stories about it. Does anyone have any photos or does anyone remember her or her family , Florence Lucas and after marriage Florence Priestley

Wed Aug 03

Thu Jul 28

Sun Nov 08

Thu Oct 29

Alma Molden

My mother in law Alma Molden lived in Jefferson Street and went to these two schools too! She was born in 1927. Do you recognise her name?

Mon Aug 31

hi Jean

you were in my sister's class Brenda Bushen at Marner Street

Thu Aug 13

yes I remember that man, my mum used to buy her veg from him. I went to Marner Street School from 1952 - 1959.

Very wicked but us kids used to call him Wonk Eye. Wicked isn't it, but kids are like that. I now live in Wanstead.


Thu Aug 13

Brenda Bushen


I am Maureen, Benda's sister. I am just going to email this to her I am sure she will be in touch

Thu Aug 13

Looking for friends

I lived in Coventry Cross in the 1970's, we lived next to a Pakistani family with whom I was good friends with, remember playing on the grass near the canal which was at the back of our house. There was an explosion in one of the factories which blew all the windows out. Went to Marner School have really good memories, remember when the canal flooded and all us children playing in the water. Anyone rember these times.

Tue Jun 23

Looking for friend

I lived in the Alton House flats opposite the Old Palace School around 1933 I was seven then. Went to Marner street until nine years of age-then to Old Palace school. Had a dear and best friend named Edna Green. Then came WW11 and we were both evacuated to a little village in Oxfordshire called Wiggington! Have always thought about my friend and hope someone MIGHT know her where abouts. Enjoy reading others texts too.

Fri May 22

Fri Feb 06

My maternal grandparents lived at Coventry cross and moved to dagenham in 1935 as my uncle had a heart condition and they were advised to move to the country!!! They're names were Beat (Beatrice) and Bill Crane

Sat Oct 25

Coventry cross

I lived at number 181 first block Pardoe family Ron Ted Tom and me george Went to mariner st in the 1950s we were given half of school because we were Catholics and kept separate from the c o e pupils but most of my friends were C o e we got on well I am still in contact with some c cross friends

Fri Jun 13

Anne, I knew the family of Humphreys, I think they lived next door to my nan in Spey Street. I remember walking to the top of the street one day and there was a side gate to the house on the corner. I was horrified to see crabs walking about!!!! I remember a girl called Hazel Pereira and the twinny browns who lived a bit further down. There was a family who lived opposite called the Whites, I think there may have been about 11 kids!!! Often wondered what happened to them. Such wonderful times.

Wed Feb 19

Twelve trees

Hi I lived in twelve trees house from 1953 and was born in st Andrews hospital,I lived at no1 with my parents, grandparents (Evans)and brother and sister.

We all went to Marner primary and I'm trying to contact a teacher called Sanders or Saunders who taught there in the 1960's .She did marry and moved to Aden,but I wondered if anyone knew of her?


Thu Feb 13

Twelve trees

Hi I was born in st Andrews hospital and lived at No 1 Twelve trees house with my parents,grandparents and brother and sister from 1953.

Thu Feb 13

Bromley by Bow Spey Street

Hi so glad someone remembers Spey Street. Do you remember John Humphreys we were in the same class at Marner Street School. Do you also the man named Sid who lived in the corner house at the top of the street. He had a barrow and on Sunday went round the streets selling shrimps, winkles etc. I had my wedding reception in the Cherry Tree pub long long time ago. Some of the teachers at Marner Street were Mr.Thompson, Mr Fowler, Mr Chapman and Mr Young was the Head Master. Do any if these ring a bell.

Tue Feb 04

Hi good to know someone remembers Spey Street. Did you know Joan Humphreys we were in the same class at Marner a Street school. I also remember Sid who lived at the top of the street who sold seafood from a barrow going round the streets. I had my wedding reception in the Cherry Tree Pub.

Tue Feb 04

Eleanor Street

Hi This is a long shot! I was born at home on 31 Dec 1961 @ 41 Eleanor Street Bromley By Bow, I know the address is now a derelict ex jean factory and dry cleaners. I was wondering does anyone have any pictures of the houses in Eleanor Street (Particularly 41) This was my Nan's house her name was Ethel Humphreys/Patten I know one of the neighbouring families was Sprackling. I have never ever seen the house (as it was) that I was born in. contact me

Sat Feb 01


I had to do country dancing with stanly as he was tall I was jean rayner

Sun Jan 26

Brenda Bushen

I was at school with Brenda Bushen I thought she lived in Bow Rd very good at art my name is Jean Rayner my mum also at the school working would love to hear from some one as I have some old pictures I think his name was Tony banks and others and the head mistress Miss Harvey jharvey05@hotmail,com

Sun Jan 26

marner st school

I also went to Marner st school happy days do you remember down devons rd a man who sold fruit and veg with a funny eye poor man

Sun Jan 26

June.... the name Posthumus is ringing bells with me even though I was a little kid when I lived at Coventry Cross. I seem to remember someone called Annie Posthumus...... I think we lived at 112 Coventry Cross (though the number could be wrong) I lived with my mum Rose Double and nan and grandad. I was born at St Andrews in 1960 and we lived at Coventry Cross until we moved to Limehouse in about 1968.

Sat Jan 18

Anne, my Aunt May Williamson lived at No.66 Spey Street and I remember the Kibbles. My nan was Bella Cross and she lived there as well. Another aunt was Winnie Purkiss at No. 56 Spey and she had 4 kids then moved to Heather House in Ettrick Street. Happy hours were spent on the bomb site opposite the Fire Station and the Emu!

Mon Jan 06

I was born in St. Andrews Hospital in 1949 and first of all lived in Teviot Street, so I was very interested in reading your message. Many members of my family lived in Spey Street and many areas of Poplar were my "home" when I was a child. Growing up there was completely different to how it is now. I get a shock every time I venture into the area. One of my cousins lives in Canada (he used to work in Classic Radio at the top of St. leonards Road, right opposite the church - incidentally where I was christened) and I took some photos of the area as it is now. He couldn't believe it. But there, that's progress, so they say. The Council considered Spey Street, Venue Street, Teviot Street and all the area leading up to the Blackwall Tunnel "slums" but I could never understand why the Council didn't spend money on refurbishing the houses, putting in bathrooms etc. They were wonderful houses and really big. My nan lived downstairs and my Aunt May lived upstairs at No.66. Another a

Mon Jan 06

Bromley by Bow

Not sure if I have the right Doreen Finlay but did she have a sister named Peggy. My sister-in-law lived in Spey Street almost opposite a family called Finlay. Her name was Joan Kibble and she had a twin sister called Jean. My brother was Albert Dodd. He was friends with Peter Joseph.Joan was about six years older than me but I do remember some of the families that lived there. I remember the fire station, the library and also the Emu Wine Co where my Mum worked. Hope some of this is of interest.

Sat Jan 04

Bromley by Bow

Hi Valerie I lived at No.72 Coventry Cross which was the middle block over looking the river. I also remember your Mum. I remember you, Iris and Betty who I also worked with for a time in the City. My elder Brother Bert went to George Greens School with Betty's Brother Stanley. Do your remember Dolly who ran the Sunday School in the Clinic at the front. You mention Harry's sweet shop do you remember Maude and Ted's where you could buy a Tizer drink. Also am I right that your Mum worked in the Cleaners. I loved my time living there. We eventually moved to the flats opposite Marner Street School. I did marry a lighterman and moved to Rainham. Remember so much could go on forever. By the way my name is Anne Lapworth (called Felicity at school by the teachers).

Sun Dec 01

hi my name is Len worked at the factory at 15 years old as the deferred period prior to my apprenticeship in 1956

Tue Sep 03

I lived in Three Mill Lane I was evacuated from Marmer st school in 1939 to Somerset when the war started I was there for 3 years

Sat Aug 24

hi i lived at 182 coventry cross,the carter family,billy terry me mick and sisters eileen and kathleen

Sat Aug 17

Twelve Trees House

Hello my family lived in Twelve Trees House from 1926 untill 1969 ,many happy memories

Sat Jul 13

i lived in old ford rd near bow church.

my first school was Fairfield school , not very long, 1941 and then orther schools, I am r/c/ that is why, I lived there from 1937 until 1960,the best time of my live I wish could go back that time.

Fri Jun 28

i lived at 182 coventry cross name of michael carter,went to marner street school,was there in 1943

Sun Jun 23

i lived at 182 coventry cross from 1943

Sun Jun 23

hi my names valerie abbott i lived in 132 coventry cross frm 1945 1963 my nan katie holland lived at 131 my freind was betty weinglass also my friend was iris adams do anyone remember harry tyne sweet shop films2u @hotmail.com

Sat Jun 22


Would like to contact any persons who were resident in Twelvetrees House [1926 on] prior to it's demolition.

Fri Jun 21

I cannot believe what I am reading on this site about B-B-B---I honestly can't. I lived in Twelvetrees House [now demolished] from 1926/7 untl I was called to the colours in 1943. I went to Marner Street school infants and juniors, then on to Old Palace. Lusty's/Llyod Loom was the start of my industrial life. Never did we ever expirience the dread that Im reading of now. Shame.

Tue Jun 18

Hello there,

I'm now going to test your memory and take you back a very long time ago !

Do you remember that old School on the corner of Bromley High St, and Devons Road, facing "The Rose & Crown" Pub, bye the Horse's watering Trough ???,

If you do,

then I,m going to test you even more !

Do you remember when that old vacant school was used as a government Public Dinner Centre, to provide very cheap meals for the Locals ?

Do you remember Bacon's Electrical shop next to the school,

Do you remember the Bakers shop on the corner of Bruce Road in Devons Road,

Do you remember going to the best place in the world !

The Regal Cinema in Bow Road, where I remember seeing the very first film in Cinamascope -------it was called " Quo Vadis "

I used to go to Marner Street School, and looking back, they were the happiest days of my life, the sad thing, is that I never knew that at the time !!!!

Best wishe's , Tom Old

Wed May 15

hi id`e like to try and help im barry payne, born in st andrews in 1970 . you say you went to devons rd school!!? could this be, st agnes.. old palace,, clara grant?? maybe opp butlers fish shop,shadys sweet shop? would love to help as " im trying to find lots of info myself,, i have some interesting info of this area as my family lived in this area for many years.. i wish you all the best ,

Sun Apr 21

i lived at 16a franklin street from 1944-1952 my name was iris robinson i went to boltoph road school and then to robert montefiore in whitechapel any one remembers me . my friends were rita cook ,pat becker ,doris bush barbara victory,connie hanchard and maureen coote does this ring any bells for any one please post back x

Sun Nov 18

Bromley maps

My father was born at Lingen Street Bromley by Bow and I found Booth maps from the time with the street on it. They were maps that charted poverty and employment in the area.

Sat Sep 29

I lived at 58 Bromley High Street, from 1945 to 1954. My friends were Carol Cook, Jean Hornsby.

Sheila Leech

Sat Jul 28

i used to live at 10 jefferson street when the street was prefabs. lived there from 1954 until 1963. kids who lived in the street, Kathleen and Carol Bowen, Kathleen Edinburgh, Alan Curtis, Jeffrey and Crissy Newman, Jimmy and Jeanie Cooper. anyone know these people now?

maureen reid July 2012

Fri Jul 20

Jefferson Street

I was looking too - my parents lived there about 70 years ago: Dennis and Pat Cooke.

Tue Apr 10

Derek Posthumus/peterson

Hi june, I have been doing some reserch on coventry cross I was hopeing to see some old photos but to no avail. Can you help?

Hope to see you soon


Wed Feb 15

what happened to Jefferson street??

Im just doing some ancestry research and relatives lived at Jefferson street but i can seem to find it !! Has it been knocked down for the A12? or something similar?

Sat Jan 14

I lived at 119 coventry cross an also went to Marner st school my name was june posthumus

Sat Jan 14

Coventry Cross

I used to live at 119 Coventry Cross 1954 to when they were modenised in the mid 70,s my name was June Posthumus.

Sat Jan 14

i used to go to Marner Street Primary School. i went friends with Joyce Barnes and Janet Veres from Broxbourne House. I lived in Jefferson Street. my names was Maureen Bushen. Have a sister Brenda. She went friends with Brenda Munday.

Mon Sep 12

i went to Marner Primary School and lived in Jefferson Street and used to go mates with joyce Barnes and Janet Veres. my name is Maureen Bushen.

Mon Sep 12

old palace school

1956-1965 I lived at 36 Bromley high street, next 2 John Dors, my name was Sandra McDermott.

Thu Aug 04

City Arms, 134, Devons Road

Looking for information/photographs of above pub now long gone. Was once run by a distant cousin. Can be contacted at

Sat Jul 16

Swain family

do any body know of the swain family who moved from Wicklow Street King cross to tower hamerlets in the 60's

Tue Mar 15

looking for Brian Dempsey

I am looking for a Brian Dempsey who used to work on the Evening News at Kensal Green harrow road in the fifties and used to own a BMW notor bike Tall lad and his farther used to run the working mans club in Bromley any body who knows the man ask him if he remenbers the blond chap wko worked on the star ant the green

Sun Mar 13

RE:- Cottage Place - 1866

HI meech, Valerie et al,

I typed a long explanation of how I got this info but this server somehow mangled it!

Anyway Cottage Place was between Crown Place/Terrace and Church Row and my guess is that it was between Bromley High Street and Three Mills La. on St. Leonard Street (to the east).

The southern part of this was Bromley House which looks like a small manor on 1861 map, though it had some buildings on St. Leonard St.

Best guess is on the corner of the old church plot of St. Leonard Street and Dyers Row (later Priory St.)

Bad news is the church got bombed in WW2 and the approach road did the rest - `pave para-dise aaaaaaaaand put up a paaarking lot!` - nothing left but the churchyard gate.

Hope this helps - Tony

Fri Aug 13

just read this & have spoken to kenny collingbourne the other day, to inform him of my dads death, MY dad was ROY ELLIOTT & worked with kenny & maybe yourself!!

Sun Aug 08





Wed Mar 31

Coventry Cross

Iuse to live at 119 Coventry Cross, i went to marners st school, i had twin brothers micheal and derek, and a younger sister angela i was born in 1954

Thu Mar 11

Coventry Cross 1954-1968

I used to live at 119 Coventry Cross My name was June Posthumus, I went to Marner St and then on to St Pauls Way My Sister was called Angels, I had Twin brother Micheal and Derek

Thu Mar 11

Fri Jan 22

Mon Jan 18




Wed Jan 06


hi i live in brombley-by-bow i went to marner primary schooli really miss marner schooli had some bad memeroys but overall iu had my best frends over there like reshma begum sabbha and nargis and more i really miss those days

Wed Dec 16


l used to live in broxbourne house, devas street, went to marner school.and cant believe what l have been reading about the place, it was never that bad, and when l was a teenager coming home late at night was never afraid.

Mon Dec 14

Jefferson Street (pre 1950)

Dont suppose any older residents have any pictures of this street, I think it was hit by a Doodlebug in WW2 and was certainly torn down in redevelopment.

Fri Dec 11

names from the fifties

by the way there are few names i remember that lived in that block flats 1 the Calders (ground floor) 2 the Mersh's (top floor) 3 the Wickards (middle floor)

Sun Nov 01

Wed Sep 02

Book Club for East London

Hoping to form a club which will meet minutes from the South Woodford underground station, 12 mins from Mile End on the Central line or 15 minutes up the the A12 from the Bow flyover. We'll be reading books at least 50 years old - after all sometimes it's interesting to read a book a bit different from what's on the bestsellers list.

The idea is to meet on the 1st Sunday morning of every month at 11 for chat about the book and life the universe and everything over a coffee/ drink/ brunch/ whatever. I have a regular venue in mind (near tube, roomy, cheapish, hopefully not noisy.)

For more information e-mail me

Thu Aug 20

Arden House

I have just put an offer on a flat in Arden House. What is the area like and will it be safe to walk home at night? The flat is lovely and big and airly although it is very near the slip road from the Blackwall tunnel

Thu Feb 12

I am trying to find Raverley Street and came apon your letter , my mums family lived at 62 Bruce Road their name was Warne

Tue Sep 30

Yoga Practice Bromley-by-Bow Maltings Close

Are you interested in forming a new group for practicing Yoga and meditation in Bromley-by-Bow area. I would lead it in the beginning with basic postures. Then together we can decide how to move forward.

Pls e

Wed Jun 25

30 years in BBB

I lived in BBB for 30 years between 1962 & 1992, I remember the area even before the dual-carriageway cut through everything. Looking back, things started to go downhill when the established families were forced to move from the victorian terraces (Spey St, Teviot Street) which were demolished to make way for modern maisonettes, etc. I have some happy memories of the early days, but couldn't leave quick enough at the end. 15+ years later, I often wonder what has become of the area now.

Sun Apr 27

Moving to BBB

I'm considering buying a flat near BBB station and not being from lon and a first time buyer, not sure whether I should go for it. Been told the area is not safe but I'll be working at the royal lon hosp in whitechapel and will be taking the tube late at night at times for work. How safe is the area for a young woman then?

Mon Mar 03

Colin Street/Empson Street

I am trying to find Photo's of Colin Street and Empson Street, befor they built the printing works.

Our Family lived in both of these Streets till 1911.

Grandfather James Taylor was an Engine Driver so maybe Colin Street were railway houses.

Any one who could give me information on any of this I would be grateful.

Thank you

Mon Dec 31

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